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Oak Bank (Aikbank, Beetham)
Oak Bank (Oakbank, Firbank)
Oak Bank (Oakbank, Skelsmergh)
Oak Bank, Aiketgate
Oak Bank, Newbiggin
Oakbank, Crook
Oakbank, Firbank
Oakbank, Kirkandrews
Oakbank, Scotby
Oakbank, Skelsmergh
Oakbank, Stainmore
Oakbank House, Skelsmergh
Oak Bank Mill, Skelsmergh
Oakbank Mill (Oak Bank Mill, Skelsmergh)
Oak Bank Terrace, Whitehaven
Oak Cottage (Appleby-in-Westmorland: Boroughgate, 60 and 62, Appleby-in-Westmorland)
Oak Cottage, Keswick
Oak Cottage, Rosthwaite
Oakdene, Dalton-in-Furness
Oaker Lodge, Sowerby Row
Oakhaw (Oakshaw, Bewcastle)
Oak Head, Staveley-in-Cartmel
Oak Hill, High Lorton
Oak House, Great Corby
Oak House, Stanwix Rural
Oakhow (Oak Howe, Lakes)
Oak Howe, Lakes
Oak Howe Crag (Oakhowe Crag, Oak Howe)
Oakhowe Crag, Oak Howe
Oak Howe Needle, Oakhowe Crag
Oakland, Windermere
Oakland House, St Cuthbert Without
Oaklands, Barrow-in-Furness
Oak Lea Junction, Furness Railway
Oaklea Junction (Oak Lea Junction, Furness Railway)
Oak Lodge, Low Lorton
Oak Rigg End (Kendal: Burneside Road, 109, Kendal)
Oaks, Castle Sowerby
Oaks, Hawksdale
Oaks, Loughrigg
Oaks Farm (Oaks, Loughrigg)
Oaks Farm (Oaks, The, Ambleside)
Oaks Farm, The, Millom Without
Oakshaw, Bewcastle
Oakshaw Ford, Black Lyne
Oakshawford Bridge, Black Lyne
Oakshaw Hill, Arthuret
Oakshawhill (Oakshaw Hill, Arthuret)
Oaks, High (High Oaks, Sedbergh)
Oaks, The (Oaks, Hawksdale)
Oaks, The, Ambleside
Oakstock, Askerton
Oaktree (Oaktree Farm, Barbon)
Oak Tree Cottages, Kirkby Thore
Oaktree Farm, Barbon
Oaktree Hall, Castle Carrock
Oak Tree House, Kirkby Thore
Oak Tree Wall, Raven Crag
Oak Tree Wall, Sergeant's Crag
Oak Vale, Penny Bridge
Oakwood, Brampton
oak, Wragmire Moss
Oath Hill, Great (Great Oath Hill, Egton with Newland)
Oatlands, Distington
Oatlands Station, Cleator and Workington Junction Railway
Oat Lane (New Shambles, Kendal)
Obelisk, The (St Mary's Church, Kirkby Lonsdale)
Obituary Grooves, Black Crag
Oblique Chimney, Gable Crag
OB Sailing, Ferry Nab
observatory, Arnside
Obsession, Walla Crag
Obverse Route, The, Napes Needle
Oceanus (Irish Sea, )
Ockbank (Oakbank, Stainmore)
October Slab, Red Crag
October Slab Continuation, Red Crag
Oddelden (Oddendale, Crosby Ravensworth)
Oddendale (house, Oddendale, Oddendale)
Oddendale, Crosby Ravensworth
Oddendale Hall, Crosby Ravensworth
Oddendale Knab (Oddendale Nab, Shap Fells)
Oddendale Nab, Shap Fells
Oddendale Old Hall, Crosby Ravensworth
Oddendale Stone Circle, Oddendale
Oddfellows Arms, Bolton Low Houses
Oddfellows Arms, Caldbeck
Oddfellows Arms, Keswick
Oddfellows Arms, The, Kendal
Oddfellows Hall, Brough
Oddfellows Hall, Ulverston
Oddfellows Hall, Whitehaven
Oddleden (Oddendale, Crosby Ravensworth)
Odin, Great Blake Rigg
Odyssey, The, Green Crag
Office Cottage, Farlam
Oglebird Cottages, Brougham
Oglebird Plantation, Brougham
Old Almshouses, The, Isel
Old Anthony's Chair
Old Appleby (Bongate, Appleby-in-Westmorland)
Old Backbarrow, Backbarrow
Old Bakery, The, Kirkby Lonsdale
Old Bank Cottage (Glenlea and Aysgarth, Burton-in-Kendal)
Old Bank House, Cartmel
Old Bank, The, Bank Chambers
Old Barn Cottage, Cartmel
Old Barn Studios, Ruthwaite
Old Barrow (Barrow Island, Barrow-in-Furness)
Old Beetham Post Office, Beetham
Old Belfield (Belfield, Bowness-on-Windermere)
Old Bobbin Mill, Satterthwaite
Old Brandelhow, Brandelhow
Old Brandlehow Mine (Old Brandley Mine, Skelgill Bank)
Old Brandley Mine, Skelgill Bank
Old Brathay, Brathay
Old Brewery (Castle Brewery, Cockermouth)
Old Brewery (Geltsdale, Brampton)
Old Brewery (Old Brewery, The, Keswick)
Old Brewery, Appleby-in-Westmorland
Old Brewery, Caldbeck
Old Brewery, Carlisle
Old Brewery, Ulverston
Old Brewery, Whitehaven
Old Brewery, The, Kendal
Old Brewery, The, Keswick
Old Bridge (Killington New Bridge, River Lune)
Old Bridge, River Derwent
Old Bridge, River Ehen
Oldbridge, Broughton
Old Bridge, Milnthorpe
Old Bridge, The, River Lickle
Old Butchers Barn, Long Marton
Old Carlile (roman fort, Old Carlisle, Old Carlisle)
Old Carlisle (roman fort, Old Carlisle, Old Carlisle)
Old Carlisle, Westward
Old Castle, Patterdale
Old Castle, The (Voreda, Old Penrith)
Old Castleton, Castleton
Old Chapel, Wetheral
Old Chapel House, Tirril
Old Chapel, The, Dacre
Old Chapel, The, Hill, The
Old Chapel, The, Knock
Old Chapel, The, Storth
Old Chapel, The, Ulcat Row
Old Church (Oldchurch, Matterdale)
Old Church, Brampton
Oldchurch, Matterdale
Oldchurch Bay, Ullswater
Old Church Farm, Brampton
Old Church House, Tirril
Old Church, The (St Bridget's Church, Beckermet)
Old Close, Loughrigg
Old Coach House, Road Head
Old Coach Road, Dockray
Old Cobblers Shop, Dent
Old Cock, The (Cock, The, Ambleside)
Old College, The (College, The, Tirril)
Old Corpse Road, Selside Pike
Old Cottage, The, Colton
Old Cottage, THe, Hawkshead
Old Court House (Old Courthouse, Cockermouth)
Old Court House, Bowness-on-Windermere
Old Court House, Kirkby Stephen
Old Courthouse, Cockermouth
Old Crag Fell Iron Mine (Crag Fell Iron Mines, Ennerdale Fells)
Old Croft, Old Hutton and Holmescales
Old Crow Brow Quarry (Kirkby Slate Quarries, Furness Railway)
Old Crown, Hesket Newmarket
Old Curiosity Shop, The, Ulverston
Old Custom House, Whitehaven
Old Daltongate House, Ulverston
Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel, Great Langdale
Old Eating House, Cartmel
Olde Bath House, Ye, Bowness -on-Windermere
Olde Blue Bell, The, Heversham
Olde Dairy Cottage (Dairy Cottage, Gate)
Olde Fighting Cocks, Ye, Arnside
Olde Fleece Inn, Ye, Kendal
Olde Friars, Ye, Keswick
Olde Golden Lion Inn, Ye, Keswick
Olde Grey Goat Inn, Ye (Grey Goat Inn, Cockermouth)
Old Elleray, Windermere
Olde New Griffin, Ye, Frizington
Old England (Old England Hotel, Bowness-on-Windermere)
Old England Hotel, Bowness-on-Windermere
Old England Hotel, The (Old England Hotel, Bowness-on-Windermere)
Old Fallbarrow, Windermere
Old Farm, Lower Holker
Old Farm, Skelwith
Old Farm Cottage (Old Farm, Skelwith)
Old Farm Cottage, Elterwater
Old Farm House, Scales
Old Farm House, Tottlebank
Old Farm House, The, Braithwaite
Old Farm Pottery, Carlisle
Oldfield, Docker
Oldfield, Greysouthen
Oldfield Bridge, Mill Beck
Oldfield Bridge, River Marron
Old Field End, Whinfell
Oldfield End (Old Field End, Whinfell)
Oldfield Mill, Greysouthen
Oldfield Wath (Oldfield Bridge, River Marron)
Old Fort (fort, Whitehaven, Whitehaven Harbour)
Old Foundry, Carlisle
Old Friends, Ulverston
Old Friends Inn (Old Friends, Ulverston)
Old Gang Beck (Mill Gill, North Yorkshire)
Old Gaol (Carlisle Gaol, Carlisle, Carlisle)
Old General Post Office (Post Office, Carlisle)
Old Girdle Traverse, The, Gowder Crag
Old Glover's Row (Glover's Row, Carlisle)
Old Gowrey, Casterton
Old Grammar School (Dent Grammer School, Dent)
Old Grammar School (school, Sedbergh (2), Sedbergh)
Old Grammar School, The, Dalston
Old Grammar School, The, Heversham
Old Granary, The, Warcop
Old Green, Legburthwaite
Old Greyhound Inn, Ye (Greyhound Inn, Bromfield)
Oldgrove, Stanwix Rural
Old Guesthouse, the (Priory Guesthouse, Cartmel)
Old Hall (Graythwaite Old Hall, Satterthwaite)
Old Hall (Old Hall Farm, Colton)
Old Hall (Old Hall Restaurant, Egremont)
Old Hall, Appleby-in-Westmorland
Old Hall, Burton-in-Kendal
Old Hall, Castletown
Old Hall, Cleator Moor
Old Hall, Nicholforest
Old Hall, Old Hall Farm
Old Hall, Oughterside
Old Hall, Preston Richard
Old Hall Brewery, Hawkshead
Old Hall Bridge, Lancaster Canal
Oldhall Bridge (Old Hall Bridge, Lancaster Canal)
Old Hall Farm (Old Hall, Nicholforest)
Old Hall Farm, Colton
Old Hall Farm, Glassonby
Old Hall Farm, Osmotherley
Old Hall Farm, Ulpha
Old Hall Farmhouse (Old Hall, Appleby-in-Westmorland)
Old Hall Restaurant, Egremont
Old Hall, The (Hawkshead Courthouse, Hawkshead)
Old Hall, The (Hesket Hall, Hesket Newmarket)
Old Hall, The, Appleby-in-Westmorland
Old Harbour, Maryport Harbour
Old Hermitage, The, Bolton
Old High, Whinfell
Old Holbeck, Aldingham
Old Hollow Tree, The, Wharton Hall
Old Hotel (Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel, Great Langdale)
Old House (Old House, The, Troutbeck Bridge)
Old House, Ambleside
Old House at Home, The, Dalton-in-Furness
Old House at the Hill, The, Sedbergh
Old House, The, Troutbeck Bridge
Old Hutton parish (Old Hutton and Holmescales parish)
Old Hutton, Old Hutton and Holmescales
Old Hutton and Holmescales parish (once Westmorland)
Old Hutton and Holmescale Township (Old Hutton Chapelry, Kendal)
Old Hutton Chapelry, Kendal
Old Hutton Church (St John's Church, Old Hutton)
Old Hutton CofE Primary School, Old Hutton
Old Hyton, Bootle
Old Ing, North Yorkshire
Old John Peel Inn, The, Bowness-on-Windermere
Old Joinery, The, Garsdale
Oldkiln, Holme St Cuthbert
Old Kings Arms (Kings Arms House, Dalston)
Old King's Head, Broughton in Furness
Old Ladies, The, Ambleside
old Land (Audlands Park, Preston Patrick)
Old Lane Mill, Wigton
Old Loft (Jessamine Cottage, Hawkshead)
Old Man (Old Man of Coniston, The, Coniston Fells)
Old Man, Longsleddale
Old Man - Coniston Fell (Old Man of Coniston, The, Coniston Fells)
Old Man of Coniston, The, Coniston Fells
Old Manor (Old Manor House, Little Braithwaite)
Old Manor, High Casterton
Old Manor House, Kirkby Lonsdale
Old Manor House, Little Braithwaite
Old Manor House, Skelwith Fold
Old Man's Chair
Old Manse, Threlkeld
Old Mansion House (Eamont Bridge House, Eamont Bridge)
Old Man, The (Old Man of Coniston, The, Coniston Fells)
Old Map Shop, The, Toothill
Old Mawboro (Mawbray, Holme St Cuthbert)
Old Mawborow (Mawbray, Holme St Cuthbert)
Old Mawbray (Mawbray, Holme St Cuthbert)
Old Mawbray School (school, Mawbray, Mawbray)
Old Meeting House (Old Church House, Tirril)
Old Midtown Farm, Great Strickland
Old Mill (Cornmill, The, Kirkoswald)
Old Mill (High Mill, River Winster)
Old Mill, Nenthead
Old Mill, River Kent
Old Mill, Waverton
Old Mill Cottage, Combe Gill
Old Millflat (Old Mill Flatt Farm, Sleagill)
Old Mill Flatt (Old Mill Flatt Farm, Sleagill)
Old Mill Flatt Farm, Sleagill
Old Mill Studios, Ambleside
Old Mill Tea Room (New Mill, Stock Ghyll)
Old Mill, The (New Mill, Stock Ghyll)
Old Mill, The, Workington
Old New Quay, Whitehaven Harbour
Old Oak Cottage (Dalton-in-Furness: Market Street, 2 and 4, Dalton-in-Furness)
Old Oak Cottage, Ambleside
Old Park (Isel Old Park, Isel)
Old Park, Killington
Old Park, Lower Allithwaite
Old Park, Matterdale
Old Park, Stainmore
Oldpark (Old Park, Matterdale)
Old Park Farm, Far (Far Old Park Farm, Askam and Ireleth)
Old Park Limekiln, Old Park
Old Park, Near (Near Old Park, Ireleth)
Old Parks, Kirkoswald
Old Park Wood, Lower Allithwaite
Old Parsonage, Dent
Old Parsonage Farmhouse (Parsonage Farm, Beetham)
Old Pele (Rectory Farm, Ainstable)
Old Penistone, Stainmore
Old Penrith (Voreda, Old Penrith)
Old Petterill, Hesket
Old Plough (Plough Farm, Whitwell and Selside)
Old Plough, Whitwell and Selside
Old Police House, Clifton
Old Police House, Garsdale
Old Police House, High Lorton
Old Police House, Levens
Old Police House, Plumpton
Old Police House, The, Bassenthwaite
Old Police House, The, Grasmere
Old Police House, The, Maulds Meaburn
Old Police House, The, Muncaster
Old Police House, The, Patterdale
Old Police Station, Cartmel
Old Post Cottage, Arthuret
Old Posting House, Deanscales
Old Post Office (Cartmel Village Shop, Cartmel)
Old Post Office, Dent
Old Post Office, Fisher Place
Old Post Office, Great Blencow
Old Post Office, Hayton and Mealo
Old Post Office, Heversham
Old Post Office, Kendal
Old Post Office, Kirkoswald
Old Post Office, Newbiggin
Old Post Office, Troutbeck Bridge
Old Post Office, The (Gillerthwaite, Loweswater)
Old Post Office, The, Applethwaite
Old Post Office, The, Blindcrake
Old Post Office, The, Flookborough
Old Post Office, The, Great Salkeld
Old Post Office, The, Hawkshead
Old Post Office, The, Santon Bridge
Old Post Office, The, Sedgwick
Old Post Office, The, Tirril
Old Post Office, The, Winster
Old Potts Gill Copper Mine (Hay Gill Mines, Caldbeck Fells)
Old Potts Gill Mine (Caldbeck Fells Barytes Mines, Caldbeck Fells)
Old Print Works, Wigton
Old Pump House, Goat
Old Quay, Whitehaven Harbour
Old Quay Lighthouse (Watchtower, The, Whitehaven Harbour)
Old Reading Room, Bassenthwaite
Old Rectory (Bowness-on-Solway Tower, Bowness-on-Solway)
Old Rectory (Clifton Rectory, Clifton)
Old Rectory (Rectory Farm, Brougham)
Old Rectory, Asby
Old Rectory, Caldbeck
Old Rectory, Churchtown
Old Rectory, Great Ormside
Old Rectory, Torver
Old Rectory Oak (Old Rectory Oak, Bowness-on-Windermere, Old Rectory)
Old Rectory, The (Plains, The, Wetheral)
Old Rectory, The (Rectory, The, Dean)
Old Rectory, The, Aldingham
Old Rectory, The, Bewcastle
Old Rectory, The, Crosby Garrett
Old Rectory, The, Greystoke
Old Red House, Workington
Old Riggs, Dacre
Old Sandsfield, Burgh by Sands
Old Scales, Wythop
Old School (school, Hutton Roof (3), Hutton Roof)
Old School, Armathwaite
Old School, Askham
Old School, Dent
Old School, Greenholme
Old School, Howe, The
Old School, Langwathby
Old School, Little Strickland
Old School, Long Marton
Old School House (Old School House, The, Hawkshead)
Old School House (school, Allithwaite, Lower Allithwaite)
Old School House, Ambleside
Old School House, Cartmel CofE Primary School
Old School House, Finsthwaite
Old School House, High Ullermire
Old School House, Kirkbride
Old School House, Little Blencow
Old School House, Lupton
Old School House, Melmerby
Old School House, Orton
Old School House, Selside
Old School House, Uldale
Old School House, Walney Island
Old Schoolhouse, Kirkandrews
Old School House, The (school, Stanwix, Stanwix)
Old School House, The, Edenhall
Old School House, The, Flookburgh
Old School House, The, Hawkshead
Old School House, The, Heversham
Old School House, The, Isel
Old School House, The, Natland
Old School House, The, Nenthall
Old School House, The, Patterdale CofE Primary School
Old Schoolhouse, The, Stanwix Rural
Old Schoolroom, The, Millom Castle
Old School, The (Croglin Toys, Lazonby)
Old School, The (school, Sedbergh (2), Sedbergh)
Old School, The, Abbey Town
Old School, The, Blawith
Old School, The, Bothel
Old School, The, Broughton in Furness
Old School, The, Drumburgh
Old School, The, Dufton
Old School, The, Great Strickland
Old School, The, Heversham
Old School, The, Irton with Santon
Old School, The, Longdale
Old School, The, Newbiggin
Old School, The, Oulton
Old School, The, Sedbergh
Old School, The, Tebay
Old School, The, Underbarrow
Old Scool, The (Badgetwath, Rosgill)
Old Sedgwick Gunpowder Mills (Sedgwick Gunpowder Mills, River Kent)
Old Shambles, Kendal
Old Ship Inn, The, Ireleth
Old Smithy, Colton
Old Smithy, Culgaith
Old Smithy, Sampool
Old Smithy, The, Cartmel
Old Smithy, The, Middleton
Old Spital, Durham
Old Spital, The (Old Spital, Durham)
Old Station House (Kirkbride Station, Carlisle and Silloth Bay Railway)
Old Station House (Scotby Station, Newcastle and Carlisle Railway)
Old Station Inn, Burton and Holme Station
Old Station, The (Dent Station, Settle and Carlisle Railway)
Old St Nicholas, Carlisle
Old Sun Inn, Skirwith
Old Syke House, Broughton in Furness
Old Tannery, 1, Old Tannery
Old Tebay, Tebay
Old Tithe Barn, The (tithe barn, Carlisle, Carlisle)
Old Toll Bar, Kirkby Lonsdale to Settle road
Old Tower, The, Hesket
Old Town, High Hesket
Old Town, Mansergh
Old Town Hall (Town Hall, Carlisle)
Old Town Hall, Dalton-in-Furness
Old Turnpike Bridge (Tewitfield Turnpike Bridge, Lancaster Canal)
Old Vicarage (Old Parsonage, Dent)
Old Vicarage (Old Vicarage, The, Dalston)
Old Vicarage (Vicarage, The, Burton-in-Kendal)
Old Vicarage, Brigham
Old Vicarage, Burgh by Sands
Old Vicarage, Buttermere
Old Vicarage, Carlisle
Old Vicarage, Castle Sowerby
Old Vicarage, Edenhall
Old Vicarage, Ivegill
Old Vicarage, Martindale
Old Vicarage, Mungrisdale
Old Vicarage, Satterthwaite
Old Vicarage, Skirwith
Old Vicarage, St Columba's Church
Old Vicarage, Stanwix Rural
Old Vicarage, Thursby
Old Vicarage, Upper Denton
Old Vicarage, The, Dalston
Old Vicarage, The, Great Crosthwaite
Old Vicarage, The, Haile
Old Vicarage, The, Irton
Old Vicarage, The, Sedbergh
Old Vicarage, The, Winster
Old Village Shop, The, Cumwhinton
Oldwall, Irthington
Old Wall Farm, Irthington
Old Water, Geltsdale
Old West Head (West Head, Wythburn)
Old Windebrowe, Underskiddaw
Old Windmill (windmill, Hodbarrow, Hodbarrow Point)
Old Woman Cowering, The, Helm Crag
Old Woman Playing the Organ, The (Old Woman Cowering, The, Helm Crag)
Old Wythes Wood, Greystoke
Old Yew, The, Yew Tree Farm
Ole Croft, Bowness
Olenacum (Linstock Castle, Linstock)
Olenacum (roman fort, Maryport, Maryport)
Olenacum (roman fort, Old Carlisle, Old Carlisle)
Olive, dress shop (Ulverston: Olive, Ulverston)
Oliver Beck (Oliver Gill, Gawthrop)
Oliver Bridge, Oliver Gill
Oliver Gill, Gawthrop
Oliverson's Variation and Lyon's Crawl, Gimmer Crag
Olive's (Dearham: Olive's, Dearham)
Olmonds, Gawthrop
Ommadawn, Dove Crag
Ompol (Elm Pot, Fell End)
Ompot (Elm Pot, Fell End)
Ona Ash, Kirkoswald
One Pitch, Ling Crag
One-stop Shop (Village Stores, Brough)
One Wath (Yanwath, Yanwath and Eamont Bridge)
Onnum, Hadrian's Wall
Onset, High (High Onset, Bewcastle)
Oooston (Ulverston, Ulverston)
Oostan (Ulverston, Ulverston)
Open All Hours, Keswick
Open Cast, Greatend Crag
Orange Tree Hotel, Kirkby Lonsdale
Orchard Brow, Haile
Orchard Close, Hunsonby
Orchard Cottage, Bassenthwaite
Orchard Cottage, Hesket
Orchard Cottage, Little Salkeld
Orchard Cottage, Papcastle
Orchard Cottage, Underskiddaw
Orchard Head, Broughton West
Orchard House, Beaumont
Orchard House, Burgh by Sands
Orchard House, Carlisle
Orchard House, Dean
Orchard House, Eaglesfield
Orchard House, Gilsland
Orchard House, Great Corby
Orchard House, Holme Low
Orchard House, Holme St Cuthbert
Orchard House, Irthington
Orchard House, Routenbeck
Orchard House, Scotby
Orchard House, St Bees
Orchard House, St Cuthbert Without
Orchard House, Townfoot
Orchard House, Walton
Orchard House, Wetheral
Orchard House Farm, Bowness
Orchard Lodge, Great Corby
Orchard Rise, Lower Allithwaite
Orchid, Tarn Crag
Orchid Restaurant, Arlecdon
Orc, The, Cam Spout Crag
Ordinary Route C, Dow Crag
Ordinary Route D, Dow Crag
Ore Gap, pass
Orest (Near Orrest, Windermere)
Orest Hall (Orrest Head House, Windermere)
Orest Head (Orrest Head, Windermere)
Orgill, Egremont
Orgrave Gates Iron Mines, Dalton Town with Newton
Orgrave Mill Iron Works, Dalton Town with Newton
Original Route, Eagle Crag
Original Route, Great How Crags
Original Route, Quayfoot Buttress
Original Route, Woden's Face
Original Route, Yewdale Crag
Original Route, The, Raven Crag
Ormandy House, Crosthwaite
Ormathwaite, Underskiddaw
Ormathwaite Green (Ormathwaite, Underskiddaw)
Ormathwaite Hall, Ormathwaite
Ormathwaite Hall Farm, Ormathwaite
Ormeshead, Great (Great Ormside, Ormside)
Ormeshead, Little (Little Ormside, Ormside)
Ormeshead Moor (Great Ormside Moor, Ormside)
Ormeside (Great Ormside, Ormside)
Ormesidemag (Great Ormside, Ormside)
Ormeside mage (Great Ormside, Ormside)
Ormeside Magna (Great Ormside, Ormside)
Ormeside Parva (Little Ormside, Ormside)
Ormsgill, Barrow-in-Furness
Ormsgill Farm, Ormsgill
Ormsgill Hall (Ormsgill Farm, Ormsgill)
Ormsgill Junction, Furness Railway
Ormside parish (once Westmorland)
Ormside parish (once Westmorland)
Ormside (Great Ormside, Ormside)
Ormside (Little Ormside, Ormside)
Ormside Chapel (Wesleyan Chapel, Ormside)
Ormside Church (St James's Church, Great Ormside)
Ormside, Great (Great Ormside, Ormside)
Ormside Hall (Great Ormside Hall, Great Ormside)
Ormside Hall, Great (Great Ormside Hall, Great Ormside)
Ormside, Little (Little Ormside, Ormside)
Ormside Moor, Great (Great Ormside Moor, Ormside)
Ormside Moor, Little (Little Ormside Moor, Ormside)
Ormside Motte (motte, Crosby-on-Eden, Great Ormside)
Ormside Station, Settle and Carlisle Railway
Ormside Viaduct, Settle and Carlisle Railway
Ormsted Hill (Brougham Hall Stone Circle, Penrith)
Ornamental Gardens, Grange-over-Sands
Ornithology, Raven Crag
Orrest (Far Orrest, Windermere)
Orrest, Far (Far Orrest, Windermere)
Orrest Head (Orrest Head House, Windermere)
Orrest Head, Windermere
Orrest Head, Windermere
Orresthead (Orrest Head, Windermere)
Orrest Head Farm (Orrest Head, Windermere)
Orrest Head House, Windermere
Orrest Hill (Orrest Head, Windermere)
Orrest, Near (Near Orrest, Windermere)
Orthang, Lining Crag
Orthwaite (Orthwaite Hall, Orthwaite)
Orthwaite, Ireby
Orthwaite Farm, Orthwaite
Orthwaite Hall, Orthwaite
Orton parish (once Cumberland)
Orton parish (once Westmorland)
Orton (Great Orton, Orton N)
Orton (Oulton, Woodside)
Orton (roman fort, Watercrook, Watercrook)
Orton, Orton S
Orton Beacon (Beacon Hill, Orton S)
Orton Beacon, Beacon Hill
Orton Church (All Saints Church, Orton)
Orton Common, Orton S
Orton Craigs (Orton Scar, Orton S)
Orton, Great (Great Orton, Orton N)
Orton Hall, Orton
Orton Liberal Club, Orton
Orton, Little (Little Orton, Orton N)
Orton Magna (Great Orton, Orton N)
Orton Methodist Church, Orton
Orton Moor (Gaythorne Plain, Crosby Ravensworth)
Orton Moss, Orton N
Orton N parish (once Cumberland)
Orton N parish (once Cumberland)
Orton Old Hall (Petty Hall, Orton)
Orton Park, Orton N
Ortonpark, Orton N
Orton Parke (Park, Orton S)
Ortonpark Farm, Orton N
Orton Primary School (school, Nicholforest (3), Orton)
Orton Rigg, Orton N
Orton S parish (once Westmorland)
Orton S parish (once Westmorland)
Orton Scar, Orton S
Orton Scarr (Orton Scar, Orton S)
Orton Stone Circle (Gamelands, Orton S)
Orton to Shap, Cumbria
Orton Towne (Orton, Orton S)
Orton Township, Orton S
Orton Township, Great (Great Orton Township, Orton N)
Ort, River (Irt, River, Irton with Santon)
Osmotherley parish (once Lancashire)
Osmotherley, Osmotherley
Osmotherley Church (St John's Church, Osmotherley)
Osmotherley Moor, Osmotherley
Osmotherley School, Osmotherley
Ossick (Great Urswick, Urswick)
Ostle House, Holme St Cuthbert
Otley, West Yorkshire
Otley's Well, Keswick
Otter Bank, Skelsmergh
Otterbield Bay, Derwent Water
Otterbield Island, Derwent Water
Otter Island, Derwent Water
Otter Isle (Otter Island, Derwent Water)
Otterstone (Auterstone, Barton)
Oubas Hill, Ulverston
Oubis Hill (Oubas Hill, Ulverston)
Oughterby, Kirkbampton
Oughterby School (school, Ploughlands, Ploughlands)
Oughterby Township, Kirkbampton
Oughterside, Oughterside and Allerby
Oughterside and Allerby parish (once Cumberland)
Oughterside and Allerby Township, Aspatria
Oughterside Hall (Old Hall, Oughterside)
Oughterside Mill, Oughterside and Allerby
Oulton, Woodside
Oulton House, Brampton
Oulton House, Oulton
Oulton School (Old School, The, Oulton)
Oulton Township, Wigton
Oupha, Witherslacke, Meadopp and parish (Meathop and Ulpha parish)
Our Lady and St Michael, Workington
Our Lady and St Patrick's Community Centre (Convent, The, Maryport)
Our Lady and St Wilfrid's Church, Warwick Bridge
Our Lady's School (Crosslands Convent, Barrow-in-Furness)
Ousby parish (once Cumberland)
Ousby parish (once Cumberland)
Ousby, Ousby
Ousby Church (St Luke's Church, Row)
Ousby Community Centre, Ousby
Ousbye (Ousby, Ousby)
Ousby Fell, Ousby
Ousby Moor, Ousby
Ousby School (Ousby Community Centre, Ousby)
Ouse Bridge, Ouse Bridge
Ouse Bridge, River Derwent
Ousebridge (house, Ouse Bridge, Ouse Bridge)
Ousebridge (Ouse Bridge, Ouse Bridge)
Ousebridge Dub (Bassenthwaite Lake, Bassenthwaite)
Ouse Bridge Inn, Ouse Bridge
Ousebridge Inn (Ouse Bridge Inn, Ouse Bridge)
Ouseby (Ousby, Ousby)
Ousemere (Ullswater, Matterdale)
Ousen Stand (Ousenstand Bridge, River Eden)
Ousen Stand, Bolton
Ousenstand Bridge, River Eden
Ouston, Northumberland
Outcast Bridge, Outcast
Out Dubs (Out Dubs Tarn, Claife)
Out Dubs Tarn, Claife
Outer Barrier, Hodbarrow
Outerby (Oughterby, Kirkbampton)
Outerbye (Oughterby, Kirkbampton)
Outer Light, Whitehaven Harbour
Outerside, Above Derwent
Outerthwaite, Lower Allithwaite
Outer Ward (Carlisle Castle, Carlisle)
Outgang, Pardshaw
Outgang Farm (Outgang, Pardshaw)
Out Gate (Outgate, Hawkshead)
Outgate, Hawkshead
Outgate Inn, Outgate
Outhgill, Mallerstang
Outhgill Beck, Outhgill
Outhgill Church (St Mary's Chapel, Outhgill)
Outhgill Pinfold, Outhgill
Outhgill Wesleyan Chapel (chapel, Outhgill, Outhgill)
Outhwaite, Kirkoswald
Outlaw Crag, Shap Rural
Out Marsh, Lower Allithwaite
Out Park, Kirkby Ireleth
Outrake Foot, Deepdale
Outrigg Place, St Bees
Outrigg Quarries, St Bees
Outrun Nook, Nether Staveley
Out Scar, Thrimby
Outside Edge, High Stile
Outside Route, Dovenest Crag
Outward Bound Mountain School (Hallsteads, Matterdale)
Outward Bound School (Hallsteads, Matterdale)
Outward Bound School, Eskdale Green
Outwood, Penrith
Out Wood, Low (Low Out Wood, Hartley)
Out Yate (Outgate, Hawkshead)
Out Yeat (Outgate, Hawkshead)
Ouzebridge (house, Ouse Bridge, Ouse Bridge)
Ouzebridge (Ouse Bridge, Ouse Bridge)
Ouzemire (Eusemere, Pooley Bridge)
Ovah, Witherslacke Meatha and parish (Meathop and Ulpha parish)
Oven Bottom, Windermere Lake
Over Beck, Nether Wasdale
Over Beck Bridge (Overbeck Bridge, Nether Wasdale, Over Beck)
Overbeck Bridge (Overbeck Bridge, Nether Wasdale, Over Beck)
Overbeck Bridge, Nether Wasdale
Overbeck Buttress, Dropping Crag
Over Blease, Old Hutton and Holmescales
Overboro (Calacum, Over Burrow)
Overborough (Brocavum, Brougham Castle)
Overborough (Over Burrow, Lancashire)
Overborough Hall (Burrow Hall, Over Burrow)
Over Burrow, Lancashire
Overburrow (Over Burrow, Lancashire)
Overby, Holme St Cuthbert
Overcluegill, Tebay Fell
Over Cove, Kentmere
Over Denton (Upper Denton, Upper Denton)
Over Denton Church (church, Upper Denton, Upper Denton)
Overend, Greysouthen
Overend, Kentmere
Overend Farm (Overend, Kentmere)
Overend House, Greysouthen
Overend Limeworks (Overend Quarry, Overend)
Overend Quarry, Overend
Overgate (Overgates, Bothel and Threapland)
Overgates, Bothel and Threapland
Overhal (Over Hall, Northumberland)
Over Hall, Foulshaw
Over Hall, Northumberland
Overhall (Over Hall, Northumberland)
Overhanging Bastion, Castle Rock
Overhanging Grooves, The, East Buttress
Overhanging Slab Climb, Black Crag
Overhanging Wall, East Buttress
Overhang Pitch, The, Dow Crag
Over Kellet (Over Kellett, Lancashire)
Over Kellet, Lancashire
Over Kellett, Lancashire
Over Lee House, Alston Moor
Over Ridge, Lower Allithwaite
Over Staveley parish (once Westmorland)
Over Staveley Township, Kendal
Overthwaite, Beetham
Overton (Orton, Orton S)
Overton, Lancashire
Overton Church (All Saints Church, Orton)
Over Water, Ireby
Overwater, Nenthead
Overwater Hall, Ireby
Overwater Moat (moat, Ireby, Overwater Hall)
Owd Ratty (Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway, Muncaster)
Owe Bank (Ewebank, Old Hutton and Holmescales)
Ower Watter (Over Water, Ireby)
Owesby (Ousby, Ousby)
Owler Hall (Houkler Hall, Blawith and Subberthwaite)
Owlet Hall, Oughterside and Allerby
Owlethirst, Solport
Owsen Fell, Lamplugh
Owshaw Hill, Firbank Fell
Owterside (Oughterside, Oughterside and Allerby)
Owton (Great Orton, Orton N)
Owton (Oulton, Woodside)
Oxcliff (Oxcliffe, Lancashire)
Oxcliffe, Lancashire
Oxenbows, Millom
Oxenbrow Wood, Waitby
Oxendale, Lakes
Oxendale Beck, Oxendale
Oxen Fell, Skelwith
Oxenfell (Oxen Fell, Skelwith)
Oxen Fell Cross (Oxen Fell, Skelwith)
Oxenfell Cross (Oxen Fell, Skelwith)
Oxen Fell Farm, High (High Oxen Fell Farm, Skelwith)
Oxen Fell, High (High Oxen Fell Farm, Skelwith)
Oxen Fell High Cross, Skelwith
Oxen Fell, Low (Low Oxen Fell, Skelwith)
Oxen Holm (Oxenholme Farm, Oxenholme)
Oxenholme, Kendal
Oxenholme Engine Shed (engine shed, Kendal (4), Lancaster and Carlisle Railway)
Oxenholme Farm, Oxenholme
Oxenholme Junction (Oxenholme Station, Lancaster and Carlisle Railway)
Oxenholme Lake District Station (Oxenholme Station, Lancaster and Carlisle Railway)
Oxenholme Road, Kendal
Oxenholme Station, Lancaster and Carlisle Railway
Oxen House, Blawith and Subberthwaite
Oxen House Bay, Coniston Water
Oxen Houses (Oxen House, Blawith and Subberthwaite)
Oxen Park (High Stott Park, High Stott Park)
Oxen Park, Colton
Oxenriggs, St John Beckermet
Oxenthwaite, Stainmore
Oxenthwaite Bridge, River Belah
Oxfam (Ulverston: King Street, 1, Ulverston)
Oxfam, Ambleside
Oxford and Cambridge Direct Route, Grey Crags
Oxford and Cambridge Ordinary Route, Grey Crags
Oxford Chambers, Barrow-in-Furness
Oxley's (Underscar, Ormathwaite)
Oxness (Oxen House, Blawith and Subberthwaite)
Oxness River (Torver Beck, Torver)
Oxrigg, Westward