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B30 Pit tramways
Babylon, Raven Crag
Bachelor Crack, Gimmer Crag
Back Balk, Howgill Fells
Backbarrow (Buckbarrow Crag, Longsleddale)
Backbarrow, Haverthwaite
Backbarrow Bridge, River Leven
Backbarrow Cotton Mill (Backbarrow Mill, Backbarrow)
Backbarrow Cotton Spinning Mills (Backbarrow Mill, Backbarrow)
Backbarrow Furnace (Backbarrow Ironworks, Backbarrow)
Backbarrow Ironworks, Backbarrow
Backbarrow Mill, Backbarrow
Backbarrow Mills (Backbarrow Mill, Backbarrow)
Backbarrow, Old (Old Backbarrow, Backbarrow)
Backbone of England (Pennines, The, Cumbria)
Back Burn, Nicholforest
Back Dike, Farlam
Back Garth, Alston
Back Gill, Dent
Back Gill, North Yorkshire
Back Gill Head, Dent
Back Gutter, Winton
Back Lane, Sedbergh
Back of the Napes, The Napes
Back Side (Mountain View, Ravenstonedale)
Backside (Mountain View, Ravenstonedale)
Backside, Matterdale
Backside Beck, Ravenstonedale
Backstone Beck, Cumbria boundary
Backstone Edge, Dufton Fell
Backstonegill, Dentdale
Backstone Gill Bridge, Dentdale
Backstone Gill Cottage, Dent
Backstone Gill Houses (Backstone Gill Cottage, Dent)
Backstone Gill Houses (East Backstone Gill, Dentdale)
Baddeley Clock, Windermere
Badger Bar (Glen Rothey Hotel, Rydal)
Badger Dub, Garsdale
Badger Dub Cottage, Badger Dub
Badgerdub Cottage (Badger Dub Cottage, Badger Dub)
Badgerdub House (Badger Dub, Garsdale)
Badger Gate, Hutton Roof
Badger Rock, Kentmere
Badgetwath, Rosgill
Baedersgarth, Round Hill
Baggarah, Nether Denton
Baggra Yeat, Ireby
Baggrow, Allhallows
Baggrow Station, Maryport and Carlisle Railway
Baguette Bar, The, Carlisle
Baie de Morecambe (Morecambe Bay, Aldingham)
Baikstonlyes (Backstonelees, )
Bailey (Baileytown, Arthuret)
Bailey, Bewcastle
Bailey Head (Baileyhead, Kershope Forest)
Baileyhead, Kershope Forest
Bailey Mill, Bailey Water
Bailey School (Bewcastle School, Bewcastle)
Baileytown, Arthuret
Bailey Township, Bewcastle
Bailey Water, Bewcastle
Bailie, Ye (Bailey, Bewcastle)
Bailiff Ground, Kirkby Ireleth
Bainbridge (Bainbridge Gate, Clifton)
Bainbridge Gate, Clifton
Bainbridge Inscriptions, Appleby-in-Westmorland
Bainsbank (Bainsbank Farm, Middleton)
Bainsbank Farm, Middleton
Bainton Parva (Little Bampton, Kirkbampton)
Baird's Line (Rowrah and Kelton Fell Railway, Arlecdon and Frizington)
bakehouse, the, Arnside
Bakerstead, Miterdale
Bakestall, Bassenthwaite
Bakestones, High (High Bakestones, Scandale)
Bakeston Gill (Baxton Gill, Nicholforest)
Bakstonleis (Backstonelees, )
Balcony Barn, Mansergh
Bald Busk, Middleton
Balder's Buttress, Bowder Crag
Balder's Crack, Bowder Crag
Bald How (Baldhow, Matterdale)
Bald How (Beldoo Hill, Cumbria boundary)
Baldhow, Matterdale
Bald Howe (Baldhow, Matterdale)
Baldmire, Whicham
Baldwinholme, Orton N
Baldwin Holme Township, Orton N
Baldwin House, Dalton-in-Furness
Bale Hill, Musgrave
Balihead (Baileyhead, Kershope Forest)
Balladoyle, Holme Low
Balla Wray, Claife
Ball Hall, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Balmire Well, Nettle Crags
Balmoral Hotel, Silloth
Balrog, The, Dow Crag
Bamad, Gouther Crag
Bamhead (St Bees Head, St Bees)
Bampton parish (once Westmorland)
Bampton parish (once Westmorland)
Bampton (Bampton Grange, Bampton)
Bampton, Bampton
Bampton Beck, Aikton
Bamptonbeck Bridge (Bampton Bridge, Bampton Beck)
Bampton Brewery (brewery, Bampton, Mardale Inn)
Bampton Bridge, Bampton Beck
Bampton Bridge, Bampton Beck
Bampton Chapel (Wesleyan Chapel, Bampton)
Bampton Church (St Patrick's Church, Bampton Grange)
Bampton Common, Bampton
Bampton Cross (cross, Bampton, Bampton Grange)
Bampton Endowed School, Bampton
Bampton Fells (Swindale Common, Swindale)
Bampton Grammar School, Bampton Grange
Bampton Grange, Bampton
Bampton Hall, Bampton
Bampton, Little (Little Bampton, Kirkbampton)
Bampton Memorial Hall, Bampton
Bampton Mill (mill, Bampton, Howes Beck)
Bampton, New (New Bampton, Kirkbampton)
Bampton Pattricke parish (Bampton parish)
Bampton Township, Bampton
Bampton Township, Little (Little Bampton Township, Kirkbampton)
Bampton Towtop Kirk (Towtop Kirk, Cawdale)
Bampton Village Store, Bampton
Bamton Grange (Bampton Grange, Bampton)
Banderbeck (Lune, River, Durham)
Banderkarth Hill (Iron Band, Stainmore)
Band Knotts, Kentmere
Bandley Bridge, Hoff Beck
Bandley Wood, Appleby-in-Westmorland
Bandrake Head, Colton
Bandscale (Bonscale, Martindale)
bandstand, Grange-over-Sands
Band, The, Great End
Band, The, Langdale Fell
Baneriggs, Rydal
Banesdale Horse (Bannisdale, Fawcett Forest)
Ban Garth Mine, Eskdale Valley
Banisdale Beck (Bannisdale Beck, Whitwell and Selside)
Banisdale Head (Bannisdale Head, Bannisdale)
Banister, The, Scafell Crag
Bank (Bank House, Howtown)
Bank (Bank, The, Crosby Ravensworth)
Bank (Banks, Ravenstonedale)
Bank (High Bank Ground, Bank Ground)
Bank (Low Bank Ground, Bank Ground)
Bank (Swarthbank, Martindale)
Bank, Little Strickland
Bank, Mansergh
Bank, Matterdale
Bank Barn (Bank, Mansergh)
Bank Bridge, Lyvennet Beck
Bank Chambers, Barrow-in-Furness
Bank Chambers, Barrow-in-Furness
Bank Court (Market Cross Cottage, Cartmel)
Bank Court (Martins Bank, Cartmel)
Bank Court, Brampton
Bankdale Park, St Cuthbert Without
Bank End (Hallbank, Town End)
Bank End, Broughton
Bank End, Grizebeck
Bank End, Hartsop
Bank End, Maryport
Bank End, Murton
Bank End, Torver
Bankend, Aikton
Bankend, Bewcastle
Bankend, Castle Sowerby
Bankend, Kingmoor
Bankend, Lamplugh
Bankend, Thursby
Bank End Bridge, Grize Beck
Bankend Cemetery (Maryport Cemetery, Bank End)
Bank End, Far (Far Bank End, Bank End)
Bank End Farm (Bank End, Torver)
Bank End Farm, Bank End
Bank End, High (Far Bank End, Bank End)
Bank End, Low (Low Bank End, Bank End)
Bank End, Middle (Middle Bank End, Bank End)
Bankend Quarries, St Bees
Bankend Quarry, Maryport
Bankes Memorial, Fitz Parks
Bank, Far (Far Bank, Waberthwaite)
Bank Farm, Eaglesfield
Bank Farm, Low (Low Bank Farm, Low Lorton)
Bankfield, Millom Without
Bank Fold, Fawcett Forest
Bankfoot, Alston
Bankfoot, Newton Reigny
Bank, Great (Great Bank, Eskdale)
Bank Ground (Bank Ground, Coniston, Coniston)
Bank Ground (Low Bank Ground, Bank Ground)
Bank Ground boat house (boat house, High Bank Ground, High Bank Ground)
Bank Ground Farm (High Bank Ground, Bank Ground)
Bank Ground Farm (Low Bank Ground, Bank Ground)
Bank Ground, High (High Bank Ground, Bank Ground)
Bank Ground, Low (Low Bank Ground, Bank Ground)
Bank Ground Wood, Bank Ground
Bank Hall, Culgaith
Bank Head, Crosby Ravensworth
Bank Head, Kirkandrews
Bank Head, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield
Bankhead, Bewcastle
Bankhead, Blindcrake
Bankhead, Dundraw
Bankhead, Irthington
Bank Head Farm (Bank Head, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield)
Bank, High (High Bank, Blindbothel)
Bank, High (High Bank, Mallerstang Common)
Bankhill, High (High Bankhill, Kirkoswald)
Bank House (Sharrow Cottages, Barton)
Bank House, Angerton
Bank House, Appleby-in-Westmorland
Bank House, Brampton
Bank House, Brough
Bank House, Dalton-in-Furness
Bank House, Dent
Bank House, Eaglesfield
Bank House, Hesket
Bank House, Howtown
Bank House, Kendal
Bank House, Kirkbampton
Bank House, Matterdale End
Bank House, Mawbray Bank
Bank House, Millom Without
Bank House, Mungrisdale
Bank House, Newbiggin
Bank House, Penrith
Bank House, Whitwell and Selside
Bank House Farm (Bank House, Matterdale End)
Bank House Farm, Gosforth
Bank House, High (High Bank House, Banneriggs Brow)
Bank House, High (High Bank House, Kirkby Ireleth)
Bank House, Low (Low Bank House, Barbon)
Bank House Moor, Kirkby Ireleth
Bank, Low (Low Bank, Buttermere)
Bank, Middle (Middle Bank, Waberthwaite)
Bank Moor, Crosby Ravensworth
Bank, Near (Near Bank, Waberthwaite)
Banks, Alston Moor
Banks, Bewcastle
Banks, Burtholme
Banks, Castle Sowerby
Banks, Dentdale
Banks, Garsdale
Banks, Ravenstonedale
Banks Bridge, Clough River
Banks Brows, South Lord's Land
Banks Burn, Waterhead
Banks East Turret (turret 52A, Waterhead, Hadrian's Wall)
Banks Farm (Banks, Garsdale)
Banks Farm, High (High Banks Farm, Milton)
Banks Foot, Burtholme
Banks Gate, Stainmore
Bankshead, Waterhead
Banks House, Burtholme
Bank Side, Dentdale
Bankside, Millom Without
Bankside, Penruddock
Bank Side Farm (Bankside, Penruddock)
Bank Side, High (High Bank Side, Lower Allithwaite)
Bank Side, Low (Low Bank Side, Lower Holker)
Banks Point, Bassenthwaite Lake
Bankspring, Millom Without
Bankspring Brewery (Bankspring, Millom Without)
Banks, The (Beast Banks, Kendal)
Bank Street, Carlisle
Bank Tavern, Keswick
Bank, The, Crosby Ravensworth
Banktop House, Lazonby
Bank Well, Langrigg
Bank Wells, Kelleth
Bank Wood (Bankwood, Warcop)
Bank Wood, Kirkoswald
Bankwood, Murton
Bankwood, Warcop
Banley Gill, Lamplugh
Banna (Old Rectory, The, Bewcastle)
Banna (roman fort, Birdoswald, Hadrian's Wall)
Banna Fell, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Bannel Head, Strickland Ketel
Bannerdale, Martindale Common
Bannerdale, Mungrisdale
Bannerdale Beck, Martindale
Bannerdale Beck, Mungrisdale
Bannerdale Crags, Bannerdale
Bannerdale Mine, Bannerdale Crags
Bannerdale View, Mungrisdale
Bannerigg (Bannerigg Farm, Windermere)
Bannerigg Farm, Windermere
Banner Rigg, Windermere
Bannest Hill, Caldbeck
Banney River (Barney Beck, North Yorkshire)
Bannisdale, Fawcett Forest
Bannisdale, Whinfell
Bannisdale Beck, Whitwell and Selside
Bannisdale Fell, Fawcett Forest
Bannisdale Gate (toll house, Fawcett Forest, Kendal to Shap road)
Bannisdale Head, Bannisdale
Bannisdale High Bridge, Bannisdale Beck
Bannisdale Horse (Bannisdale, Fawcett Forest)
Bannisdale Low Bridge, Bannisdale Beck
Bannisdale New Bridge (Bannisdale Low Bridge, Bannisdale Beck)
Bannisdale Old Bridge (Bannisdale High Bridge, Bannisdale Beck)
Banniside Stone Circle, Coniston
Bannockburn, Grey Crag
Bannock Stone Bridge, Yewdale Beck
Bannow Fell (Banna Fell, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Banton (Bampton Grange, Bampton)
Banton (Bampton, Bampton)
Banton (Barton, Barton)
Banton Kirk (Kirkbampton, Kirkbampton)
Banton Parva (Little Bampton, Kirkbampton)
Banty Beck, Great Salkeld
Banty Ghyll (Brantyghyll, Howgill)
Bar 6, Ulverston
Barabbas, Cove Crag
Barbadoes Lodge, Appleby-in-Westmorland
Barbara Crag (Barbary Crag, Strickland Ketel)
Barbary Crag, Strickland Ketel
Barbary Cragg (Barbary Crag, Strickland Ketel)
Barbary Fold, Matterdale Common
Barbary Plains, Langwathby
Barbary Plantation, Carleton
Barber Green, Staveley-in-Cartmel
Barbican, The, Castle Rock
Barbon parish (once Westmorland)
Barbon (St Bartholomew's Church, Barbon)
Barbon, Barbon
Barbon Beacon (Thorn Moor, Middleton)
Barbon Beacon, Thorn Moor
Barbon Beck, Barbon
Barbon Chapel (St Bartholomew's Church, Barbon)
Barbon Chapelry, Kirkby Lonsdale
Barbon Church (St Bartholomew's Church, Barbon)
Barbon Cross (Cross Stone, Casterton)
Barbondale, Barbon
Barbon Fell (Middleton Fell, Middleton)
Barbon Fell (Thorn Moor, Middleton)
Barbon High Fell, Barbon
Barboniaco (roman fort, Burwens, Burwens)
Barbon Inn, Barbon
Barbon Limekiln, Barbondale
Barbon Low Fell, Barbon
Barbon Manor, Barbon
Barbon Park, Barbon
Barbon Station, Low Gill and Ingleton branch railway
Barbon Township (Barbon Chapelry, Kirkby Lonsdale)
Barbon Wesleyan Chapel, Barbon
Barborn Chapel (St Bartholomew's Church, Barbon)
Barborne Chapel (Barbon, Barbon)
Barborne Chappell (St Bartholomew's Church, Barbon)
Barclays Bank (Beatrix Potter Gallery, Hawkshead)
Barclays Bank (Carlisle and Cumberland Bank, Alston)
Barclays Bank, Ambleside
Barclays Bank, Barrow-in-Furness
Barclays Bank, Brampton
Barclays Bank, Broughtono in Furness
Barclays Bank, Carlisle
Barclays Bank, Cockermouth
Barclays Bank, Grange-over-Sands
Barclays Bank, Keswick
Barclays Bank, Kirkby Stephen
Barclays Bank, Milnthorpe
Barclays Bank, Sedbergh
Barclays Bank, Ulverston
Barclays Bank, Whitehaven
Barclays Bank, Wigton
Barclays Bank, Windermere
Barclay's Bank (Penrith: Barclay's Bank, Penrith)
Barclay's Bank, Appleby-in-Westmorland
Barclose, Scaleby
Barco Hill, Penrith
Barco Lodge, Penrith
Bar Cottage, Cummersdale
Bar Cottages (Bar Cottage, Cummersdale)
Barden Mills (Bardon Mill, Northumberland)
Bardon House, Appleby-in-Westmorland
Bardon Mill, Northumberland
Bardsay Hall (Bardsea Hall, Bardsea)
Bardsea, Urswick
Bardsea Branch (Conishead Priory branch railway, Egton with Newland)
Bardsea Branch (Furness Railway, Lindal and Marton)
Bardsea Church (Holy Trinity Church, Bardsea)
Bardsea Hall, Bardsea
Bardsea Monument, Bardsea Park
Bardsea School (school, Bardsea, Bardesa)
Bardsey Green, Urswick
Bardsey Hall (Pardshaw Hall, Dean)
Barefoot Wives Hole (Braithwaite Wife Hole, Ingleborough)
Barefoot Wives' Hole (Braithwaite Wife Hole, Ingleborough)
Barepot, Workington
Bare Syke, Backbarrow
Bare Syke House (Bare Syke, Backbarrow)
Barf, Above Derwent
Barff (Barf, Above Derwent)
Barffs Wood, Greystoke
Barfield, Whicham
Barfield Tarn, Whicham
Barf Mines, Barf
Barford Cottage (Orchard Cottage, Papcastle)
Barf's Quarries, Distington
Bargate, Loweswater
Bargeat Wath, Dyer's Beck
Barkbeth, Barkbethdale
Barkbethdale, Bassenthwaite
Barkbeth Farm (Barkbeth, Barkbethdale)
Barkbooth, Crosthwaite and Lyth
Barker Knott, Crook
Barker Knott Farm, Crook
Barker Scar, Lower Allithwaite
Bark House, Slate Hill
Barkhouse, Ruddings
Bark House Bridge, Langholme Beck
Barkhouse, High (High Barkhouse, Ruddings)
Barkhouse, Low (Barkhouse, Ruddings)
Bark House Wood, Satterthwaite
Barkin, Barbondale
Barkin Beck
Barkin Beck, Barbon
Barkinbeck Bridge, Barkin Beck
Barkin House, Preston Patrick
Barkin House, Preston Patrick
Barkin Lodge, Barkin House
Barkin Top, Middleton Fell
Bark Mill (barn, Temple Sowerby, Old Tannery)
Bark Mill, Stock Ghyll
Barley Bridge, River Kent
Barley Bridge Fish Pass, River Kent
Barley Bridge Weir (weir, Over Staveley, River Kent)
Barley Stack, Brampton
Barley Stack Inn (Barley Stack, Brampton)
Barn (Low Foulshaw, Witherslack)
Barn, Helsington
Barnaby Rudge Tavern, Tebay
barn, Ambleside
barn, Appleby-in-Westmorland
barn, Appleby-in-Westmorland (2)
Barnard Castle, Durham
Barnardo's charity shop, Kendal
barn, Bampton
barn, Bampton (2)
barn, Bampton (3)
barn, Bolton
barn, Bowness
barn, Bowscale
barn, Bridekirk
barn, Broughton West
barn, Brownber
barn, Busk
barn, Caldbeck
barn, Caldbeck (2)
barn, Cartmel Fell
barn, Castle Carrock
barn, Coniston (2)
Barn Cottage (Cottage, The, Windermere lake)
Barncroft, Great Strickland
barn, Crosby Garrett
barn, Crosby Garrett (2)
barn, Crosby Ravensworth (2)
barn, Cumrew
barn, Cumwhinton
barn, Dalston
barn, Dean
barn, Dean (2)
barn, Deepdale
barn, Dent
barn, Dent (2)
barn, Dent (3)
Barn Deviott (Burn Divot, Northumberland)
Barn Door, The, Eagle Crag
barn, Dufton
Barn End (Outgate, Hawkshead)
Barn End, Sockbridge
Barn End Flat (Castle etc, The, Near Sawrey)
Barnes (Borrans Farm, New Hutton)
Barnes, The (Barns House, Naworth)
barn, Esthwaite Hall
Barnetrigg, Westward
Barney Beck, North Yorkshire
Barney Buttress, Gable Crag
Barney River (Barney Beck, North Yorkshire)
Barney's flowers and fruit (Barrow-in-Furness: Barney's, Barrow-in-Furness)
barn, Farleton
Barn Farm, Strickland Ketel
barn, Gamblesby
barn, Garsdale
Barn Garth Cottage, Cartmel
Barngates Brewery, Drunken Duck Inn
Barn Gates Inn (Drunken Duck Inn, Hawkshead)
Barngates Inn (Drunken Duck Inn, Hawkshead)
barn, Gawthrop
Barn Gill, Castle Sowerby
Barngill House, Distington
barn, Gilts
Barngliesh (Barnglies, )
Barnglishe (Barnglies, )
barn, Gosforth
barn, Great Ormside
barn, Great Salkeld
barn, Great Salkeld (2)
barn, Green Farm
barn, Greenside
barn, Grisedale
barn, Haile
barn, Hartley
barn, Hartley (2)
barn, Helbeck
barn, Hesket
barn, Hesket (2)
barn, Hesket (3)
Barn Hey (Barn Hey Farm, Lower Allithwaite)
Barn Hey Cottage, Lower Allithwaite
Barn Hey Farm, Lower Allithwaite
Barn, High (High Barn, Asby)
Barn, High (High Barn, Grayrigg)
Barn, High (High Barn, Langwathby)
barn, High Bendrigg
barn, Hoff
barn, Hoff (2)
barn, Holme Low
Barn House, High (High Barn House, Bothel)
barn, Ings
barn, Ireby
barn, Kaber
barn, Kentmere
barn, Kentmere (2)
barn, Killington
barn, Kirkby Ireleth
barn, Kirkby Stephen
barn, Langdale
barn, Little Blencow
barn, Long Marton
barn, Long Rigg Farm
barn, Longsleddale
barn, Longsleddale (5)
barn, Longsleddale (8)
barn, Longsleddale (9)
barn, Longsleddale (10)
barn, Loughrigg
Barn, Low (Low Barn, Blindcrake)
Barn, Low (Low Barn, Dentdale)
Barn, Low (Low Barn, Murton)
barn, Loweswater
barn, Loweswater (3)
barn, Lowther
barn, Mallerstang
barn, Mansergh
barn, Martindale
barn, Maulds Meaburn
barn, Milburn
barn, Near Sawrey
barn, Newbiggin-on-Lune
barn, Newby
barn, Newton Reigny
barn, Ormathwaite
barn, Orton S
barn, Otterkeld
barn, Patterdale
barn, Patterdale (2)
barn, Penruddock
barn, Pool Bank
barn, Rash
barn, Ravenstonedale
barn, Ravenstonedale (2)
barn, Reagill
barn, Roosecote
barn, Rosgill
barn, Rosthwaite
Barns, Lonning Head
Barns, Walton
Barn Scar, Burr Sand
Barnscar, Birker Moor
Barnsdale, Strickland Roger
barn, Seathwaite
barn, Seathwaite (2)
barn, Sedbergh
barn, Sedbergh (2)
barn, Sedbergh (3)
barn, Sedbergh (4)
barn, Setmurthy
barn, Shap Rural
Barns, High (High Barns, Hincaster)
Barns House, Naworth
Barnside (Burneside, Strickland Ketel)
barn, Silecroft
Barnskew, Crosby Ravensworth
Barnskew Farm (Barnskew, Crosby Ravensworth)
Barns, New (New Barns, Arnside)
Barnspike Crags (Barron's Pike, Askerton)
barn, Stainmore
barn, Stainton
barn, St Bees
barn, St Cuthbert Without
barn, Stennerskeugh
barn, Swindale
Barn, The, Bridge End
Barn, The, New House Farm
barn, Tirril
barn, Tirril (2)
barn, Tirril (3)
barn, Torver
barn, Townend
barn, Townend: Steven Campbell
barn, Troutbeck
barn, Upper Allithwaite
barn, Walney Island
barn, Walney Island (2)
barn, Watendlath
barn, Watendlath (2)
barn, Westward
barn, Whicham
barn, Whitbeck
barn, Windermere
barn, Witherslack
Barobon (Barbon, Barbon)
Baron's Cross Quarry, Stainton
Baron's Dike, Bleatarn
Baron's Dyke (Baron's Dike, Bleatarn)
Baron Wood, Lazonby
Baronwood, Lazonby
Baron Wood No.1 Tunnel, Settle and Carlisle Railway
Baron Wood No.2 Tunnel, Settle and Carlisle Railway
Baronwood Park, Lazonby
Baron Wood Siding, Settle and Carlisle Railway
Barony of Allerdale, Cumbria
Barony of Allerdale above Derwent (Barony of Copeland, Cumbria)
Barony of Allerdale below Derwent (Barony of Allerdale, Cumbria)
Barony of Appleby, Cumbria
Barony of Burgh (Barony of Burgh by Sands, Cumbria)
Barony of Burgh by Sands, Cumbria
Barony of Copeland, Cumbria
Barony of Copeland and Derwent Fells (Barony of Copeland, Cumbria)
Barony of Egremont (Barony of Copeland, Cumbria)
Barony of Gillesland (Barony of Gilsland, Cumbria)
Barony of Gilsland, Cumbria
Barony of Graystock, Cumbria
Barony of Greystocke (Barony of Graystock, Cumbria)
Barony of Greystoke (Barony of Graystock, Cumbria)
Barony of Kendal, Cumbria
Barony of Kirklevington (Barony of Levington, Cumbria)
Barony of Kirklinton (Barony of Levington, Cumbria)
Barony of Levington, Cumbria
Barony of Liddell (Barony of Lyddale, Cumbria)
Barony of Lyddale, Cumbria
Barony of Westmorland (Barony of Appleby, Cumbria)
Barony of Wigton, Cumbria
Baroow fl. (Borrow Beck, Whinfell)
Barou Wood (Baronwood Park, Lazonby)
Barph (High Barugh, Barugh)
Barph (Low Barugh, Barugh)
Barque Street Tenements, Barrow-in-Furness
Barra (Barrow-in-Furness, Barrow-in-Furness)
Barracks, Stapleton
Barracks House, Glasson
Barracks Mill, Whitehaven
Barra Jacks, Whitehaven
Barras, Stainmore
Barras Green (Barrows Green, Stainton)
Barras Hotel (Barras Station, South Durham and Lancashire Union Railway)
Barras House, Gawthrop
Barras Station, South Durham and Lancashire Union Railway
Barras Top, Burtholme
Barras to Tanhill Collieries, Cumbria
Barras Tree, Hawksdale
Barren Fell, Boltons
Barren Point Scar, Aldingham
Barrenthwaite Hall, Stainmore
Barren Wode Park (Baronwood Park, Lazonby)
Barrenwode Park (Baronwood Park, Lazonby)
Barren Wood Park (Baronwood Park, Lazonby)
Barrock, Hesket
Barrock End, Hesket
Barrock Fell, Hesket
Barrock Gill, Hesket
Barrock Lodge (Barrock Park, Hesket)
Barrock Park, Hesket
Barrock Side, Hesket
Barrockside (Barrock Side, Hesket)
Barrockstown, Westlinton
Barron Field (Barrowfield, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield)
Barrons (Borwens, Middleton)
Barrons (Borwens, Whitwell and Selside)
Barrons (High Borrans, Windermere)
Barron's Pike, Askerton
Barron Wood Park (Baronwood Park, Lazonby)
Barrow (Barf, Above Derwent)
Barrow (Barrow House, Barrow)
Barrow (Barrow-in-Furness, Barrow-in-Furness)
Barrow, Above Derwent
Barrow, Borrowdale
Barrow Aerodrome (Walney Island Airfield, Walney Island)
Barrow and Uzzicar Lead Mine (Barrow Mine, Barrow)
Barrow Arms, Barrow-in-Furness
Barrow Bay, Derwent Water
Barrow Beck, Borrowdale
Barrow Beck, Mungrisdale
Barrow Bridge (Low Borrow Bridge, Borrow Beck)
Barrow Bridge Inn (Low Borrow Bridge Inn, Low Borrowbridge)
Barrow Cascade, Barrow Beck
Barrow Cascade Hall (Barrow House, Barrow)
Barrow Central Station, Furness Railway
Barrow Docks, Barrow-in-Furness
Barrow Engineering Works (Devonshire Dock Hall, Barrow-in-Furness)
Barrow Engine Shed (engine shed, Barrow-in-Furness (2), Furness Railway)
Barrow Engine Shed (engine shed, Barrow-in-Furness (3), Furness Railway)
Barrow Engine Shed (engine shed, Barrow-in-Furness, Furness Railway)
Barrow Fall (Barrow Cascade, Barrow Beck)
Barrow Falls (Barrow Cascade, Barrow Beck)
Barrowfield, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield
Barrowfield Wood, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield
Barrow Fire Station (Barrow Fire Station, Barrow-in-Furness, Barrow-in-Furness)
Barrow Flu. (Borrow Beck, Whinfell)
Barrow flu. (Borrow Beck, Whinfell)
Barrow Flud (Borrow Beck, Whinfell)
Barrow flud (Borrow Beck, Whinfell)
Barrow Fold, Staveley-in-Cartmel
Barrowgate, Borrowdale
Barrow Gill, Above Derwent
Barrow, Great (Great Barrow, Eskdale)
Barrow Haematite Iron and Steel Works, Barrow-in-Furness
Barrow Head (Barrow-in-Furness, Barrow-in-Furness)
Barrow Head, Barrow-in-Furness
Barrow Hollin, Upper Allithwaite
Barrow House, Barrow
Barrow in Furness (Barrow-in-Furness, Barrow-in-Furness)
Barrow-in-Furness parish (once Lancashire)
Barrow-in-Furness, Barrow-in-Furness
Barrow-in-Furness: Abbey Road, 298
Barrow-in-Furness Church (St Aidan's Church, Barrow-in-Furness)
Barrow-in-Furness Church (St Francis's Church, Barrow-in-Furness)
Barrow-in-Furness Church (St George's Church, Barrow-in-Furness)
Barrow-in-Furness Church (St James's Church, Barrow-in-Furness)
Barrow-in-Furness Church (St John's Church, Barrow-in-Furness)
Barrow-in-Furness Church (St Luke's Church, Barrow-in-Furness)
Barrow-in-Furness Church (St Mark's Church, Barrow-in-Furness)
Barrow-in-Furness Church (St Mark's Church, Barrow-in-Furness)
Barrow-in-Furness Church (St Mary's Church, Walney Island)
Barrow-in-Furness Church (St Matthew's Church, Barrow-in-Furness)
Barrow-in-Furness Church (St Paul's Church, Newbarns)
Barrow-in-Furness: Cross Lane, 12
Barrow-in-Furness: Dalton Road, 36
Barrow-in-Furness: Duke Street, 4
Barrow-in-Furness: Duke Street, 63 to 67
Barrow-in-Furness: Duke Street, 77 and 79
Barrow-in-Furness: Duke Street, 81 to 89
Barrow-in-Furness: Duke Street, 111 to 119
Barrow-in-Furness: Duke Street, 125
Barrow-in-Furness: Duke Street, 127 to 131
Barrow-in-Furness: Hollow Lane, 19
Barrow-in-Furness: Keith Street
Barrow-in-Furness Meeting House, Barrow-in-Furness
Barrow-in-Furness: Parade Street
Barrow-in-Furness: Park Drive, 1
Barrow-in-Furness: Rawlinson Street, 113 to 119
Barrow-in-Furness: Roanhead Lane
Barrow-in-Furness: Roanhead Lane, 17
Barrow-in-Furness: Robert Street, 32
Barrow-in-Furness: Salthouse Road
Barrow-in-Furness: Salthouse Road, 14 to 20
Barrow-in-Furness: Salthouse Road, 143
Barrow-in-Furness: Salthouse Road, 145 and 147
Barrow-in-Furness: Salthouse Road, 151
Barrow-in-Furness: Salthouse Road, 153
Barrow-in-Furness: Sandylands Lane, 4
Barrow-in-Furness: School Street
Barrow-in-Furness Signal Box, Furness Railway
Barrow-in-Furness Station (Barrow Central Station, Furness Railway)
Barrow-in-Furness: St Georges Square, 1
Barrow Island, Barrow-in-Furness
Barrow Library, Barrow-in-Furness
Barrow Lifeboat Station, Roa Island
Barrow Ling, Hesket
Barrow Market, Barrow-in-Furness
Barrow Mill, River Petteril
Barrow Mine, Barrow
Barrow Monument (Sir John Barrow Monument, Hoad Hill)
Barrowmoor, Colby
Barrowmouth, Whitehaven
Barrow Park, Barrow-in-Furness
Barrow Point, Derwent Water
Barrow Police Station, Barrow-in-Furness
Barrow Railway Rolling Stock Works, Barrow-in-Furness
Barrow River (Borrow Beck, Whinfell)
Barrowscale Quarry, Blennerhasset and Torpenhow
Barrows Green, Stainton
Barrows Green, Low (Low Barrows Green, Stainton)
Barrow Side, Borrowdale
Barrowside (Barrow Side, Borrowdale)
Barrow's Monument (Sir John Barrow Monument, Hoad Hill)
Barrow Station (Rabbit Hill Station, Furness Railway)
Barrow to Lindal railway (Barrow to Lindal railway, Barrow-in-Furness)
Barrow Town Station, Furness Railway
Barrow Water (Barrow Beck, Mungrisdale)
Barrow Wife (meeting house, Height, Height)
Barrow Wife, Upper Allithwaite
Barrow Workhouse (workhouse, Barrow-in-Furness, Roose)
Barry's Traverse, Gimmer Crag
Barth, Dent
Barth Barn, High (High Barth Barn, High Barth)
Barth Bridge, River Dee
Bar, The, Solway Firth
Barth, High (High Barth, Barth)
Barth, Low (Low Barth, Barth)
Bartiestown, Solport
Bartin parish (Barton parish)
Bartle's Hill, Bewcastle
Barton parish (once Westmorland)
Barton parish (once Westmorland)
Barton, Barton
Barton above the Church parish (Barton parish)
Barton Bridge (Pooley Bridge, River Eamont)
Barton Church (Barton Church Farm, Barton)
Barton Church (St Michael's Church, Barton)
Barton Church Farm, Barton
Barton Fell, Barton
Barton Green (Barrows Green, Stainton)
Barton Hall, Barton
Barton House, Barton
Barton Kirk (Barton Church Farm, Barton)
Barton Kirk (St Michael's Church, Barton)
Barton Kirk Farm (Barton Church Farm, Barton)
Barton Park, Barton
Barton School (school, Barton, Barton)
Barton School House (school, Barton, Barton)
Barton's Farm, Skelton
Barton Township, Barton
Barugh, Orton S
Barugh, Waverton
Barugh Bridge, Rais Beck
Barugh Cottages, Ainstable
Barugh, High (High Barugh, Barugh)
Barugh House, Barugh
Barugh, Low (Low Barugh, Barugh)
Barughsyke, Waverton
Barwick Hall (Borwick Hall, Lancashire)
Barwick Hall, Middleton
Barwick Inn, Ambleside
Barwise Hall, Hoff
Bascodyke, Ainstable
Bascodyke Foot, Ainstable
Bascodyke Head, Ainstable
Base Brown, Borrowdale
Basil Busk, Dent
Basingill Gunpowder Mills (Bassinghyll Gunpowder Mills, River Kent)
Basingill Mill (Bassinghyll Gunpowder Mills, River Kent)
Basingthwaite Lake (Bassenthwaite Lake, Bassenthwaite)
Basinthavate (Bassenthwaite, Bassenthwaite)
Basinthwait (Bassenthwaite, Bassenthwaite)
Basinthwait (Broadness, Bassenthwaite)
Basinthwait (Mirehouse, Bassenthwaite)
Basinthwate (Bassenthwaite, Bassenthwaite)
Baskerville, Raven Crag
Bason Crag, Bampton
Bassen Beck, Dalston
Bassenbeck Bridge, Bassen Beck
Bassenfell, Bassenthwaite
Bassenfell Manor (Bassenfell, Bassenthwaite)
Bassenthat (Bassenthwaite, Bassenthwaite)
Bassenthwaite parish (once Cumberland)
Bassenthwaite parish (once Cumberland)
Bassenthwaite (Bassenthwaite Lake, Bassenthwaite)
Bassenthwaite (St Bega's Church, Bassenthwaite)
Bassenthwaite, Bassenthwaite
Bassenthwaite, Derwent Ward
Bassenthwaite Chapel (Bassenthwaite Church Room, Chapel)
Bassenthwaite Church (St Bega's Church, Bassenthwaite)
Bassenthwaite Church (St John's Church, Bassenthwaite)
Bassenthwaite Church Room, Chapel
Bassenthwaite Common, Bassenthwaite
Bassenthwaite Halls (Bassenthwaite, Bassenthwaite)
Bassenthwaite Lake, Bassenthwaite
Bassenthwaite Lake Station, Keswick and Penrith Railway Cockermouth
Bassenthwaite Methodist Chapel (Methodist Chapel, Bassenthwaite)
Bassenthwaite Parish Room, Bassenthwaite
Bassenthwaite Sandbed, Wythop
Bassenthwaite School (school, Bassenthwaite, Bassenthwaite)
Bassenthwaite School, Bassenthwaite
Bassenthwaite to Skinburness Canal (Skinburness to Keswick Canal, Skinburness)
Bassenthwaite Water (Bassenthwaite Lake, Bassenthwaite)
Bassentwhaite (Bassenthwaite, Bassenthwaite)
Bass How, Claife
Bassinghyll Gunpowder Mills, River Kent
Bassingill Gunpowder Mills (Bassinghyll Gunpowder Mills, River Kent)
Bassingthwate (Bassenthwaite, Bassenthwaite)
Bassingwate (Bassenthwaite, Bassenthwaite)
Bassinwaite Water (Bassenthwaite Lake, Bassenthwaite)
Bass Pool, Barrow-in-Furness
Bass Rock, Windermere lake
Bastifell, Winton Fell
bastle, Bewcastle
bastle house, Askerton
Batable Ground (Debatable Land, Kirkandrews)
Batamoor Currick (Three Pikes, Cumbria boundary)
Bateman Fold, Crook
Batenbush, Kirkandrews
Batey's Cave (Loweswater Mines, Loweswater)
Bather River (Rawthey, River, Sedbergh)
Bath House, Whitehaven
Baths (Arcade, Green, The)
batle site, Sollom Moss (Battle of Solway Moss, Solway Moss)
Batling Tree, Crosby Ravensworth
Batsmoor Currick, Three Pikes
Battail Place, The (Bowling Fell, Kendal)
Battery, Greystoke Park
Battery, The (Senhouse Roman Museum, Maryport)
Battery Well, Kendal
Battle Barrow (Battlebarrow, Battlebarrow)
Battlebarrow, Battlebarrow
Battlebarrow House, Appleby-in-Westmorland
Battle burrow street (Battlebarrow, Battlebarrow)
Battle of Sollome Mosse (Battle of Solway Moss, Solway Moss)
Battle of Sollom Moss (Battle of Solway Moss, Solway Moss)
Battle of Solway Moss, Solway Moss
battle site, Clifton Moor
battle site, Douglas Ing
battle site, Great Salkeld
battle site, Penrith
Batty Green Station (Ribblehead Station, Settle and Carlisle Railway)
Batty Moss Viaduct (Ribblehead Viaduct, Settle and Carlisle Railway)
Bauderskarth Hill (Beldoo Hill, Cumbria boundary)
Baugh Fell, Garsdale
Baugh Fell Coal Pits, Garsdale
Baugh Fell, East (East Baugh Fell, Baugh Fell)
Baugh Fell Quarry, Baugh Fell
Baugh Fell, West (West Baugh Fell, Baugh Fell)
Bauldersthwaite (Bowderthwaite, Mardale)
Bauton (Bampton, Bampton)
Bawd Hall, Above Derwent
Baw'l (Bothel, Bothel and Threapland)
Bawsdale Horse (Bannisdale, Fawcett Forest)
Baxton Gill, Nicholforest
Bay (Derwent Bay, Above Derwent)
Baycliff, Aldingham
Baycliffe House (Baycliff, Aldingham)
Bay, Great (Great Bay, Derwent Water)
Bay Hall (Bay Villa, Grange-over-Sands)
Bay Horse (Hucks Bridge Inn, Fawcett Forest)
Bay Horse, Canal Foot
Bay Horse, Ingleton
Bay Horse, Ravenglass
Bay Horse, Winton
Bay Horse Inn (Bay Horse Inn, Maulds Meaburn, Maulds Meaburn)
Bay Horse Inn (Bay Horse, Winton)
Bay Horse Inn, Megson Brow
Bayles, Alston Moor
Bayley Lane Crossing, Ulverstone and Lancaster Railway
Bayley Lane Pier, Promenade, The
Bay of Morecambe (Morecambe Bay, Aldingham)
Bays Brown (Base Brown, Borrowdale)
Bays Brown (Baysbrown, Lakes)
Baysbrown, Lakes
Baystone Bank, Whicham
Baystone Bank Reservoir, Whicham
Baystones, Lakes
bay, Storrs
Bay Tree Cafe, Appleby-in-Westmorland
Bay Villa, Grange-over-Sands
B B Corner, Flat Crags
B Buttress Variations, Dow Crag
B Chimney, Dropping Crag
Bdora (Forth, River, )
Beacham Spring, Beacham
Beach Barn (Roachburn, Northumberland)
Beach Hill (Beech Hill, Cartmel Fell)
Beach Hill (Beech Hill, Longsleddale)
Beacon (beacon, Caer Mote, Caer Mote)
Beacon, Blawith Fells
Beacon, Wythburn Fells
beacon, Askam and Ireleth
Beacon Bank, Penrith
beacon, Binsey
beacon, Blennerhasset and Torpenhow
Beacon Brow, Walney Island
beacon, Caer Mote
beacon, Carrock Fell
Beacon Crack, Helm Crag
beacon, Furness Abbey
beacon, Grasmoor
beacon, Grey Hill
beacon, High Pike
Beacon Hill, Aldingham
Beacon Hill, Aspatria
Beacon Hill, Barrow-in-Furness
Beacon Hill, Lowick
Beacon Hill, Nettle Hill
Beacon Hill, Orton S
Beacon Hill, Penrith
Beacon Hill, Skelton
Beacon Hill Farm, Skelton
beacon, Hugh Seat
beacon, Ingleborough
beacon, Muncaster
Beacon Plantation, Penrith
beacon, Rampside
Beacon Rib, Helm Crag
beacon, Sheffield Pike
Beaconside, Skelton
beacon, Skiddaw
beacon, Stainton
Beacon Stone Circle (Beacon, The, Knapperthaw Farm)
Beacon Tarn, Blawith Fells
Beacon Tarn, Lowick Common
Beacon, The (Gillalees Beacon, Askerton)
Beacon, The (Orton Beacon, Beacon Hill)
Beacon, The (Penrith Beacon, Beacon Hill)
Beacon, The, Gillalees Beacon
Beacon, The, Knapperthaw Farm
Beacon, The, Whitehaven
Beacon Tower (Penrith Beacon, Beacon Hill)
Beacon View, Newbiggin
beacon, Walney Island
beacon, Warton
beacon, Windermere
beacon, Workington
Beald Fold, Dent
Beamond (Beaumont, Beaumont)
Beamont (Beaumont, Beaumont)
Beanlands Park, Irthington
Beanthwaite, Kirkby Ireleth
Beanthwaite End, Grayrigg
Beanthwaite Well, Kirkby Lonsdale
Bean Well, Aldingham
Bear and Ragged Staff Inn (Kendal: Highgate, 130, Kendal)
Bearpot Ironworks, Workington
Beasgill Hall (Raisgill Hall, Raisgill)
Beast Bank, Low (Beast Banks, Kendal)
Beast Bank Post Office (Old Post Office, Kendal)
Beast Banks, Kendal
Beast Banks Post Office (Old Post Office, Kendal)
Beathom and Arnesyde parish (Arnside parish)
Beathom and Arnesyde parish (Beetham parish)
Beathwaite Green (Levens, Levens)
Beatrix Potter Gallery (office, Hawkshead, Hawkshead)
Beatrix Potter Gallery, Hawkshead
Beaucastle (Fanum Cocidi, Bewcastle)
Beauhill, Penrith
Beauleas Cake Studio (Bowness-on-Windermere: Beauleas Cake Studio, Bowness-on-Windermere)
Beaumont parish (once Cumberland)
Beaumont parish (once Cumberland)
Beaumont, Beaumont
Beaumont Church (St Mary's Church, Beaumont)
Beaumont Currick, Great Blacklaw Hill
Beaumont House, Beaumont
Beaumont Motte (motte, Beaumont, Beaumont)
Beaumont Parish Hall, Kirkandrews upon Eden
Beauthorn, Matterdale
Beautiful Loosers, Raven Crag
Beaver Farm, Carlisle
Beck (Beck Houses, Grasmere)
Beck (Belle Vue, Lakes)
Beck (Broughton Beck, Osmotherley)
Beck, Ainstable
Beck, Farlam
Beck, Irthington
Beck, Kirkandrews
Beck, Lamplugh
Beck Bank (Buckbank, Sedbergh)
Beckbank, Great Salkeld
Beckbank Farm (Beckbank, Great Salkeld)
Beck Bottom, Lowick
Beckbottom, Westward
Beck Bridge, Pow Maughan
Beck Brow, Ainstable
Beckbrow, Bowness
Beck Burn, Kirkandrews
Beckces, Hutton
Beckces Brewery, Beckces
Beckcliff (Baycliff, Aldingham)
Beckcote, St Bridget Beckermet
Beckcote Farm (Beckcote, St Bridget Beckermet)
Beck Cottage, Cockermouth
Beck Cottage, Hesket
Beckermet, St John Beckermet
Beckermet Church (St Bridget's Church, Beckermet)
Beckermet Church (St John's Church, Beckermet)
Beckermet Mine Branch Junction, Egremont and Sellafield branch railway
Beckermet Reading Room, Beckermet
Beckermet School (school, Beckermet, Beckermet)
Beckermet Station, Egremont and Sellafield branch railway
Beckermet, St Bridget parish (St Bridget Beckermet parish)
Beckermet, St Bridget parish (St Bridget Beckermet parish)
Beckermet, St John parish (St John Beckermet parish)
Beckermet, St John parish (St John Beckermet parish)
Beckermont (Beckermet, St John Beckermet)
Becketts Cottage, Hutton Roof
Beck Farm (Beck, The, Millom)
Beck Farm, Bromfield
Beck Farm, Sedbergh
Beck Farm, Skirwith
Beck Farm, The, Irthington
Beckfellican, Castle Sowerby
Beck Foot (Beckfoot, Bampton)
Beck Foot, Grayrigg
Beckfoot, Bampton
Beckfoot, Ennerdale
Beckfoot, Eskdale
Beckfoot, Holme St Cuthbert
Beckfoot, Millom Without
Beckfoot, Winton
Beckfoot Bridge, Heltondale Beck
Beckfoot Bridge, Lummer Gill
Beckfoot Bridge, River Esk
Beckfoot Bridge, High (High Beckfoot Bridge, Barbon Beck)
Beckfoot Crossing, Beckfoot
Beckfoot Farm, Barbon
Beckfoot Granite Quarry (Beckfoot Quarry, Beckfoot)
Beckfoot Halt (Beckfoot Station, Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway)
Beck Foot, High (Beckfoot Farm, Barbon)
Beck Foot, High (High Beckfoot, Barbon)
Beckfoot, High (High Beckfoot, Barbon)
Beckfoot in Abbeyholme Meeting House (meeting house, Beckfoot, Beckfoot)
Beck Foot, Low (Low Beckfoot, Barbon)
Beckfoot, Low (Low Beckfoot, Barbon)
Beckfoot Meeting House (meeting house, Beckfoot, Beckfoot)
Beckfoot Quarry, Beckfoot
Beckfoot Station, Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway
Beckgate Bridge, Barbon Beck
Beckgate Head, Barbon
Beck Grains (Beck Grange, Caldbeck)
Beckgrains Bridge, Blumer Beck
Beck Grange, Caldbeck
Beck Green, Egremont
Beck Hall, Measand
Beck Head (Beck Head Farm, Beck Head)
Beck Head, Nether Wasdale
Beck Head, Shap Rural
Beck Head, Witherslack
Beckhead Crag, Bewcastle
Beck Head Farm, Beck Head
Beckhead Moss, Loweswater Fell
Beck Head Tarn (Beckhead Tarn, Beck Head)
Beckhead Tarn, Beck Head
Beck, High (High Beck, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Beck House, Buttermere
Beck House, Grisedale
Beck House, Howgill
Beck House, Killington
Beckhouse, Embleton
Beckhouse, Irthington
Beck House Bridge, Lancaster and Carlisle Railway
Beck Houses, Grasmere
Beck Houses, Grayrigg
Beckhouses (meeting house, Grayrigg, Beck Houses)
Beckhouses Meeting House (meeting house, Grayrigg, Beck Houses)
Becklands, Rockcliffe
Becklees, Kirkandrews
Beck Leven parish
Beck Leven Foot, Beck Leven
Beck, Little (Little Beck)
Beck, Low (Low Beck, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Beck Meetings, Backstone Beck
Beck Mills (Beck Mills Farm, River Mint)
Beck Mills Farm, River Mint
Beck, Nether (Nether Beck, Nether Wasdale)
Beck, Over (Over Beck, Nether Wasdale)
Beck Sands (Beckstones, Above Derwent)
Becksands (Beckstones, Above Derwent)
Beck Scar, Holme St Cuthbert
Beckses (Beckces, Hutton)
Beck Side (Beck Side Farm, Beckside)
Beck Side (Beckside Hall, Middleton)
Beck Side (Beckside, Crook)
Beck Side (Beckside, Killington)
Beck Side (Gill House, New Hutton)
Beck Side, Cautley
Beck Side, Hartsop
Beck Side, Kirkby Ireleth
Beck Side, Lower Allithwaite
Beck Side, Mansriggs
Beck Side, Wet Sleddale
Beckside (Beck Side Farm, Beckside)
Beckside (Beckside Hall, Middleton)
Beckside, Colthouse
Beckside, Crook
Beckside, Dalton-in-Furness
Beckside, Distington
Beckside, High Green
Beckside, Hutton
Beckside, Killington
Beckside, Kirkandrews
Beckside, Old Hutton and Holmescales
Beckside, Orton S
Beckside, Sedbergh
Beckside, Skelton
Beckside, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield
Beckside, Whicham
Beckside Books (Penrith: Beckside Books, Penrith)
Beck Side Bridge, Poaka Beck
Beckside Bridge, Beck Burn
Beckside Conservative Club, Dalton-in-Furness
Beckside Cottage, Beckside
Beckside Cottage, Lower Allithwaite
Beckside Cottages (Beckside, Colthouse)
Beck Side Farm, Beckside
Beckside Farm (Beckside, Whicham)
Beckside Farm, Colton
Beckside Farm, Lower Allithwaite
Beckside Farm, Sandwick
Beckside Farm, Sedbergh
Beckside Farm, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield
Beckside Farm, High (High Beckside Farm, Sedbergh)
Beckside Farm, Low (Low Beckside Farm, Sedbergh)
Beckside Hall, Middleton
Beckside, High (High Beckside, Mungrisdale)
Beckside House, Barbon
Beckside House Farm, Lower Allithwaite
Beckside, Low (Low Beckside, Mungrisdale)
Beckside Rooms, Beckside
Beckside School (Beckside Rooms, Beckside)
Beckside Trial, Buttermere
Becksteps, Grasmere
Becksteps Cottages (Becksteps, Grasmere)
Becksteps Cottages, Grasmere
Beck Steps gift shop etc (Grasmere: Beck Steps, Grasmere)
Beckstonegate, Nether Denton
Beck Stones (Beckstones, Ravenstonedale)
Beck Stones, Kirkby Ireleth
Beckstones, Above Derwent
Beckstones, Millom Without
Beckstones, Patterdale
Beckstones, Ravenstonedale
Beckstones Brewery, Upper Beckstones Mill
Beckstones Gill, Derwent Fells
Beckstones Level (Barf Mines, Barf)
Beckstones Mine, Beckstones
Beck, The, Bewcastle
Beck, The, Millom
Beckthorns, St John's in the Vale
Beckwadem Bridge, Mill Beck
Beckwell (Ivy Cottage, Dent)
Beck Withop (Beck Wythop, Wythop)
Beckwithop (Beck Wythop, Wythop)
Beck Wood, Millom Without
Beck Wythop, Wythop
Beda Fell, Martindale Common
Bedafell Knott, Beda Fell
Beda Head, Martindale Common
Beddial (Red Dial, Westward)
Bedkirk Church (St Bridget's Church, Bridekirk)
Bedlands Gate, Newby
Beds (Sand Beds, Claife)
Bedwaleth (Bewaldeth, Bewaldeth and Snittlegarth)
Bee Boles, Far Sawrey
bee boles, Brampton Watermill
bee boles, Brantwood
bee boles, Brantwood (2)
Bee Boles Cottage, Eamont Bridge
bee boles, Eaglesfield
bee boles, Fell Foot
bee boles, Great Langdale
bee boles, Grizebeck
bee boles, Hartsop
bee boles, Heathwaite
bee boles, High Bank Ground
bee boles, Near Sawrey
bee boles, Orchard Rise
bee boles, Sedbergh (2)
bee boles, Shap Rural
bee boles, Skelwith
bee boles, Skelwith (2)
bee boles, Water Head
Beech Cottage, Cumwhinton
Beech Cottage, Temple Sowerby
Beech Cottages, Hesket Newmarket
Beech Croft (Penrith: Arthur Street, 51 to 52, Penrith)
Beech Croft, Appleby-in-Westmorland
Beech Croft, Mockerkin
Beech Croft, Swathwaite Head
Beeches Farm House, Little Urswick
Beeches, The (Retreat, The, Ravenglass)
Beeches, The, Alston Moor
Beeches, The, Burgh by Sands
Beeches, The, Carlisle
Beeches, The, Hesket Newmarket
Beeches, The, Skelton
Beeches, The, St Cuthbert Without
Beeches, The, Stanwix Rural
Beeches, The, Tarraby
Beech Farm, Blindcrake
Beech Hill, Blindbothel
Beech Hill, Cartmel Fell
Beech Hill, Longsleddale
Beech Hill, Oughterside and Allerby
Beechhill, Bromfield
Beech Hill Bridge, River Sprint
Beech Hill Cottage, Dent
Beech Hill Farm (Beech Hill, Cartmel Fell)
Beech Hill Hotel (Beech Hill, Cartmel Fell)
Beech Hill Wood, Longsleddale
Beech House, Askham
Beech House, Beaumont
Beech House, Beaumont
Beech House, Cumwhitton
Beech House, Glenridding
Beech House, Hartley
Beech House, Long Marton
Beech House, Papcastle
Beech House, Stockdalewath
Beech House, Temple Sowerby
Beech House, Westward
Beech Ings (Musgrave Station, Eden Valley Railway)
Beechmount, Graythwaite
Beeck Hill (Beech Hill, Longsleddale)
Bee Hive (Beehive, Stainton)
Beehive, Cockermouth
Beehive, Stainton
Beehive Beck
Beehive Bridge, Beehive Beck
Beehive Inn, Deanscales
Beehive Inn, Eamont Bridge
beehives, Bampton
Beehive Syphon Well, Stainton
Bee Holm (Bee Holme, Windermere lake)
Bee Holme, Windermere lake
Beela River (Bela, River, Beetham)
Beela, River (Bela, River, Beetham)
Beelo River (Bela, River, Beetham)
Bee Nest, Casterton
Bee Nest Farm (Bee Nest, Casterton)
Beerpot Ironworks, Barepot
Bees Head (St Bees Head, St Bees)
Beetham parish (once Westmorland)
Beetham parish (once Westmorland)
Beetham, Beetham
Beetham Bank, Strickland Roger
Beetham Bridge, River Bela
Beetham Church (St Michael and All Angels Church, Beetham)
Beetham Church of England Memorial Schools (Beetham Primary School, Beetham)
Beetham Cottage, Hartsop
Beetham Fell, Beetham
Beetham Force (Bela Falls, River Bela)
Beetham Hall, Beetham
Beetham House, Beetham
Beetham House Lodge, Beetham
Beetham Mill (Heron Corn Mill and Museum of Papermaking, River Bela)
Beetham Park, Beetham
Beetham Primary School, Beetham
Beetham School (Heron Theatre, Beetham)
Beetham Township, Beetham
Beetha, River (Bela, River, Beetham)
Beethwaite Green, Levens
Beezon Lodge, Kendal
Beggargill Quarry, St John Beckermet
Beggarside Hill, Milnthorpe
Beggerbanke (High Biggersbank, Whitwell and Selside)
Beggerbanke (Low Biggersbank, Whitwell and Selside)
Begin Hill, Crosby Garrett Fell
Bekermand (Beckermet, St John Beckermet)
Bekermet (Haile, Haile)
Bela Falls, River Bela
Belah, Carlisle
Belah Box, South Durham and Lancashire Union Railway
Belah Bridge, River Belah
Belahbridge House, Brough Sowerby
Belah Church (St Mark's Church, Belah)
Belah, River, Kaber
Belah Viaduct, South Durham and Lancashire Union Railway
Bela Mill (Milnthorpe Mill, River Bela)
Bela, River, Beetham
Bela Viaduct, Arnside to Hincaster branch railway
Belay tarne (Bleatarn, Warcop)
Belbank Township, Stapleton
Belcastell (Bew Castle, Bewcastle)
Beldoo Hill, Cumbria boundary
Beldoo Moss, Stainmore
Beldy Chapel, Garrigill
Belfield, Bowness-on-Windermere
Belfry Crack, The Napes
Belkirk (Bells Chapel, Northumberland)
Bel Kirks, Northumberland
Bella Grange (Belle Grange, Claife)
Bella Island (Belle Isle, Windermere lake)
Bella Mount (Bellmount, Ghyll Head)
Bella Port (Harrington Harbour, Harrington)
Bellart Howe Moss (Bellart How Moss, Witherslack)
Bellart How Moss, Witherslack
Bellbank, Stapleton
Bellbank Township, Bewcastle
Bellbeaver Rigg, Alston Moor
Bell Beck Bridge, Bell Beck
Bell Bridge, River Caldew
Bellbridge, Sebergham
Bellbridge Farm (Bellbridge, Sebergham)
Bell Crags, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Belle Crag, Cumbria
Belle Craig (Belle Crag, Cumbria)
Belle Grange, Claife
Belle Grange Bay, Windermere lake
Belle Green Farm, Near Sawrey
Bellehill Cottage, Town End
Belle Isle, Windermere lake
Belles Knott, Lakes
Belle Vue, Carlisle
Belle Vue, Keswick
Belle Vue, Kirkby Lonsdale
Belle Vue, Lakes
Belle Vue, Papcastle
Bellevue, Bewcastle
Belle Vue, The, Belle Vue
Bell Field (Belfield, Bowness-on-Windermere)
Bellfield (Belfield, Bowness-on-Windermere)
Bellfield (Belsfield, The, Bowness-on-Windermere)
Bellfield, Kirkandrews
Bell Foot, Crosby Ravensworth
Bellgate, Casterton
Bellgate Farm (Bellgate, Casterton)
Bell, Great (Great Bell, Mallerstang)
Bell Green, Ullthwaite
Bellgreen (Bell Green, Ullthwaite)
Bell Grove, Matterdale
Bell Hill (Bellehill Cottage, Town End)
Bell Hill, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield
Bell Hill Farm, Drigg and Carleton
Bell House, Ainstable
Bell House, St Bees
bell house, Kendal
Bellister Castle, Northumberland
Bellman Ground, Windermere
Bellman House, Crook
Bellman Landing, Windermere lake
Bellmont (Belmount Hotel, Hawkshead)
Bellmount, Ghyll Head
Bello River (Belah, River, Kaber)
Bellow End, Garsdale valley
Bell Rib, Wasdale
Bells Chapel, Northumberland
Bell's Cottage, Burtholme
Bellsfield (Bellfield, Kirkandrews)
Bell's Hill, Westlinton
Bell, The, Coniston
Belmont, Skelton
Belmount, Dacre
Belmount, Hawkshead
Belmount Hotel, Hawkshead
Belome Hill (Height of Patton, Patton)
Belon flu. (Belah, River, Kaber)
Beloo, River (Bela, River, Beetham)
Belo River (Belah, River, Kaber)
Belo, River (Bela, River, Beetham)
Belo, River (Belah, River, Kaber)
Below (Belah, River, Kaber)
Below Beck Fells, Old Man of Coniston
Below fl. (Belah, River, Kaber)
Below flu (Belah, River, Kaber)
Below Flu. (Belah, River, Kaber)
Below Flud (Belah, River, Kaber)
Below River (Belah, River, Kaber)
Belsey Gate Farm, Soulby
Belsfield (Belsfield, The, Bowness-on-Windermere)
Belsfield Hotel (Belsfield, The, Bowness-on-Windermere)
Belsfield, The, Bowness-on-Windermere
Belt Ash Coppice, Claife
Belted Will Inn, Hallbankgate
Belted Will Trough, Wigton
Beltham Castle (Beetham Hall, Beetham)
Belt Howe, Tebay
belvedere, Castle Carrock
Ben, Bewcastle
bench mark, NY21264610
bench mark, NY41250272
bench mark, NY47622597
Ben Cragg, Egton with Newland
Bend or Bump, Hawkshead
Bendrigg, High (High Bendrigg, Killington)
Bendrigg Lodge, Old Hutton and Holmescales
Bendrigg, Low (Low Bendrigg, Old Hutton and Holmescales)
Ben End, Ravenstonedale
Benethead Banks (Bennethead Banks, Bennet Head)
Benethead Villages (Bennethead, Matterdale)
Benetthead (Bennett Head, Bennethead)
Ben Fold, Brant Fell
Ben Fold, Hawkshead
Ben Gill, Crag Fell
Bengreen (High Ben Green, Martindale)
Bengreen (Low Ben Green, Martindale)
Ben Green, High (High Ben Green, Martindale)
Ben Green, Low (Low Ben Green, Martindale)
Bennesty Knot, Wanthwaite Crags
Bennethead (Bennett Head, Bennethead)
Bennethead, Matterdale
Bennethead Banks, Bennet Head
Bennethead Farm (Bennett Head, Bennethead)
Bennett Head, Bennethead
Bennison's Chimney, Pavey Ark
Benn, The, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Benridge (High Bendrigg, Killington)
Bens Bank (Bainsbank Farm, Middleton)
Bens Bridge, Clough River
Benson Hall, Scalthwaiterigg
Benson Knot (Benson Knott, Scalthwaiterigg)
Benson Knott, Scalthwaiterigg
Bensons Cottage, Soutergate
Bensons Row, Penrith
Benson's Well, Crosby Garrett
Bentham, High (High Bentham, Lancashire)
Bentham, Low (Low Bentham, Lancashire)
Bent Haw Scar, Walney Island
Bent Houses, Eaglesfield
Bentley, Helm Crag
Bents, Hesket
Bents, Ravenstonedale
Bents, Rockcliffe
Bents Cottages, Hesket
Bentyfield Mine, Alston Moor
Benty Hill, Gilderdale Forest
Benty Howe, Bampton
Beowolf, Scrubby Crag
Bereda (Voreda, Old Penrith)
Berida (Voreda, Old Penrith)
Berkeley Cottage, Hesket Newmarket
Berkeley House, Hesket Newmarket
Berkin (Calf Top, Middleton)
Berkshire Island (Ramp Holme, Windermere lake)
Bernard Pike, Hind Crag
Berrier, Mungrisdale
Berrier and Murrah Township, Greystoke
Berrier End, Berrier
Berrier Hill, Greystoke Park
Berrier School (school, Berrier, Berrier)
Berry-Bouy, Cher
Berry Hill, Spadeadam Forest
Berry Hill, Stapleton
Berry Holme, Helsington
Berryholme Farm (Berry Holme, Helsington)
Berry Sike, Kingwater
Bertha Pit, Broughton Moor
Berwick upon Tweed, Northumberland
Bessie Well, Shap
Bess Intake House, Intake
Bessy Beck, Newbiggin-on-Lune
Bessyboot, Borrowdale
Bessyboot, High Green
Bessygarth Well, King's Meaburn
Bessy Whag (Bessy Whag Well, Cleator Moor)
Bessy Whag Well, Cleator Moor
Beswick's Restaurant and Cafe (Langholme House, Broughton in Furness)
Beta, Greengable Crag
BetFred, Ulverston
Betham (Beetham, Beetham)
Betham Bank (Beetham Bank, Strickland Roger)
Betham Fall (Bela Falls, River Bela)
Betham Hall (Beetham Hall, Beetham)
Betham Park (Beetham Park, Beetham)
Betham, River (Bela, River, Beetham)
Bethan (Beetham Park, Beetham)
Bethan (Beetham, Beetham)
Bethecar, High (High Bethecar, Colton)
Bethecar, Low (Low Bethecar, Colton)
Bethecar Moor, Colton
Bethel Chapel (Chapel Cottage, Kirkby Thore)
Bethel Chapel (Hartington Street Methodist Church, Barrow-in-Furness)
Bethesda Evangelical Church, Brampton
Bethome parish (Beetham parish)
Bethum (Beetham, Beetham)
Bethwaites Printers, Workington
Betome Hill (Height of Patton, Patton)
Betone Hill (Height of Patton, Patton)
Betsy Crag, Little Langdale
Betsy Crag Quarry, Little Langdale
Betsy Croft, Newbiggin-on-Lune
Betting Shop (Flookburgh: Church Walk, 1, Flookburgh)
Bettys Waif's Stone, Slate Fell
Between Gates (Hunting Stile, Lakes)
Between Guards, Gosforth
Beu Castle (Bew Castle, Bewcastle)
Beu Castle (Bewcastle, Bewcastle)
Beucastle (Bew Castle, Bewcastle)
Beucastle (Bewcastle, Bewcastle)
Beulah, Barton
Bever Memorial (Bever Memorial, Coniston, High Hollin Bank)
Bew (Bew Castle, Bewcastle)
Bewaldeth, Bewaldeth and Snittlegarth
Bewaldeth, Brockleymoor
Bewaldeth and Snittlegarth parish (once Cumberland)
Bewaldeth Brick and Tile Works, Bewaldeth and Snittlegarth
Bewaldeth Cottage, High (High Bewaldeth Cottage, High Bewaldeth)
Bewaldeth, High (High Bewaldeth, Bewaldeth and Snittlegarth)
Bewaldeth Meeting House (meeting house, Isel, Bewaldeth)
Bewbarrow Crag, Rosgill Moor
Bewby Bridge (Newby Bridge, River Leven)
Bewcast (Bewcastle, Bewcastle)
Bewcastell (Bew Castle, Bewcastle)
Bew Castle (Bewcastle, Bewcastle)
Bew Castle, Bewcastle
Bewcastle parish (once Cumberland)
Bewcastle parish (once Cumberland)
Bewcastle (Bew Castle, Bewcastle)
Bewcastle, Bewcastle
Bewcastle Castle (Bew Castle, Bewcastle)
Bewcastle Church (St Cuthbert's Church, Bewcastle)
Bewcastle Cross, St Cuthbert's Church
Bewcastle Dale (Bewcastle, Bewcastle)
Bewcastle Fells, Bewcastle
Bewcastle School (school, Bewcastle, Bewcastle)
Bewcastle School, Bewcastle
Bewcastle Township, Bewcastle
Bewcastle United Reformed Church, Bewcastle
Bewe Castle (Bew Castle, Bewcastle)
Bewley, Bolton
Bewley Castle (New Bewley, Bewley)
Bewley Castle, Bewley
Bewley Castle Farm, Bewley
Bewley Castle @@@ (Bewley Castle, Bewley)
Beyond Field (Beyond Fields, Claife)
Beyond Fields, Claife
Beyond the Moss, Nicholforest
Beyond the Wood, Nicholforest
B Gully, Pike's Crag
Bibra (roman fort, Beckfoot, Beckfoot)
Biedun (Beetham, Beetham)
Bield (Bield, The, Little Langdale)
bield, Above Derwent
bield, Asby (2)
bield, Asby (3)
bield, Borrowdale
bield, Buttermere
bield, Caldbeck
bield, Crag Fell
bield, Dent
bield, Ennerdale
bield, Eskdale
bield, Eskdale (2)
bield, Eskdale (3)
bield, Garsdale
Bield, High (High Bield, Wether Hill)
bield, Longsleddale
bield, Longsleddale (4)
bield, Nether Wasdale
bield, Nether Wasdale (2)
bield, Orton S
bield, Ravenstonedale
Bields Fold, Winton Fell
bield, Stainmore
Bield, The, Little Langdale
bield, Uldale
bield, Wrynose Bottom
Big Croft, Arlecdon and Frizington
Big Curver, The, Goat Crag
Bigert Mire, Ulpha
Biggar, Walney Island
Biggar Bank, Walney Island
Biggards, Caldbeck
Biggar Sands, Walney Island
Bigger (Biggar, Walney Island)
Biggersbank, High (High Biggersbank, Whitwell and Selside)
Biggersbank, Low (Low Biggersbank, Whitwell and Selside)
Biggerside Farm, Dent
Biggin, High (High Biggins, Kirkby Lonsdale)
Biggin, Low (Low Biggins, Kirkby Lonsdale)
Biggins Cottage, High Biggins
Biggins Hall (High Biggins Old Hall, High Biggins)
Biggins Hall, High Biggins
Biggins Hall Farm (Biggins Hall, High Biggins)
Biggins, High (High Biggins, Kirkby Lonsdale)
Biggins House, High Biggins
Biggins Lodge Farm, High Biggins
Biggins, Low (Low Biggins, Kirkby Lonsdale)
Big Hill Cutting, South Durham and Lancashire Railway
Big Jim's Memorial (Big Jim's memorial, Sockbridge and Tirril, Sockbridge)
Bigland Hall, Haverthwaite
Bigland House (Bigland Hall, Haverthwaite)
Biglands, Aikton
Biglands, Patton Bridge
Biglands and Gamblesby Township, Aikton
Bigland Scar, Lower Holker
Biglands House, Bowness
Bigland Tarn, Haverthwaite
Big Meanie, Gragareth
Bigrigg, Egremont
Bigrigg Church (St Michael and St John's Church, Bigrigg)
Bigrigg Goods Depot, Cleator and Egremont Railway Whitehaven
Bigrigg Junction, Cleator and Egremont Railway Whitehaven
Bigrigg Pit, St Bees
Big Stanger Gill, Borrowdale Fells
Bijou Brasserie, Carlisle
Bike Bank, Workington
Bilberry Buttress, Raven Crag
Bilberry Rib, Black Crag
Bilbo's Cafe (lakesRunner, Ambleside)
Billes (Slack Cottage, Garsdale)
Billincoat Farm, Dalton Town with Newton
Billy Bridge, Bothel Beck
Billy's Beck Bridge, Billy's Beck
Billy Yard, Caldbeck
Bindclose (Bindloss Farm, Casterton)
Bindloss (Bindloss Farm, Casterton)
Bindloss Farm, Casterton
Bingley Five Rise Locks, Leeds and Liverpool Canal
Binka Stone, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Binks, Great Coum
Binney Ban, Geltsdale
Binsey, Bewaldeth and Snittlegarth
Binsey View, Bewaldeth
Birbecke Fells (Birkbeck Fells Common, Orton S)
Birbeck Fells (Birkbeck Fells Common, Orton S)
Birbeck Fells (Shap Fells, Shap Rural)
Birch Bank, Blawith and Subberthwaite
Birch Bush, Askerton
Birchclose, High (High Birchclose, Matterdale)
Birchclose, Low (Low Birchclose, Matterdale)
Birch Craig (Birchcraig, Nether Denton)
Birchcraig, Nether Denton
Birchen Tree, Dentdale
Birchentree Farm (Birchen Tree, Dentdale)
Birchfield, Firbank
Birch Heads, Brampton
Birchtimber Hill, Nicholforest
Birdby Farm, Bolton
Bird Dyke, Lamplugh
Bird Haw (Birdhow, Eskdale)
Bird House, Blennerhasset and Torpenhow
Bird House, Langwathby
Birdhow, Eskdale
Bird in Hand, Ulverston
Bird in Hand, Woodside
Birdkirk (Bridekirk, Bridekirk)
Bird Nest (Brougham Hall, Brougham)
Bird Oswald (roman fort, Birdoswald, Hadrian's Wall)
Birdoswald (roman fort, Birdoswald, Hadrian's Wall)
Birdoswald, Waterhead
Birdoswald Farm, Birdoswald
Birdoswald Roman Fort (roman fort, Birdoswald, Hadrian's Wall)
Bird's Hill, Dalston
Birds Nest, The (Brougham Hall, Brougham)
Birds Park (Birds Park Farm, Kendal)
Birds Park Farm, Kendal
Birds Park Reservoir, Birds Park Farm
Birk Bank, Blindbothel
Birk Beck, Orton S
Birkbeck (Birk Beck, Orton S)
Birkbeck fells (Birkbeck Fells Common, Orton S)
Birkbeck Fells Common, Orton S
Birkbeck Fells Township (Birkbeck Township, Orton S)
Birkbeck, River (Birk Beck, Orton S)
Birkbeck Township, Orton S
Birkbeck Viaduct, Lancaster and Carlisle Railway
Birkby, Crosscanonby
Birkby Brick and Tile Works, Ellen, River
Birkby Farm, Birkby
Birkby Fell, Muncaster
Birkby Hall, Lower Allithwaite
Birkby House, Crosscanonby
Birkby Lodge, Crosscanonby
Birkby Township, Cross Canonby
Birkby Township, Muncaster
Birk Crag (Birks Crag, Bampton)
Birk Crag, Matterdale
Birk Crag, Wythburn Fells
Birk Dale, North Yorkshire
Birkdale, Dufton
Birkdale, North Yorkshire
Birkdale Hall, Castle Sowerby
Birkdale Shop, Durham
Birk Dault, Haverthwaite
Birkendale (Birkdale, North Yorkshire)
Birker (Birker Fell, Eskdale)
Birker and Austhwaite, Eskdale
Birker and Austhwaite Township, Millom
Birker Beck, Eskdale
Birker Fell, Eskdale
Birker Fell, Eskdale
Birker Force, Low Birker Pool
Birker Gill, Bampton
Birker, Low (Low Birker, Eskdale)
Birker Meeting House, Birker
Birker Moor (Birker Fell, Eskdale)
Birker Pool, Low (Low Birker Pool, Eskdale)
Birkerthwaite, Eskdale
Birket Houses, Cartmel Fell
Birkett Bank, St John's in the Vale
Birkett Beck, Hartley
Birkett Common, Mallerstang
Birkett Edge, Bakestall
Birkett Fell, Matterdale
Birkett Field, Threlkeld
Birkettfield, Threlkeld
Birkett Hill, Hartley
Birkett Mire, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Birkett Rock, Windermere lake
Birkett Tunnel, Settle and Carlisle Railway
Birkett Well, Helsington
Birk Fell, Patterdale
Birk Fell, Tilberthwaite Fells
Birk Field (Birchfield, Firbank)
Birk Field, Over Staveley
Birkfield (Birk Field, Over Staveley)
Birk Gill, Caldbeck
Birkgill Moss, Orton S
Birk Gill Trials (Hay Gill Mines, Caldbeck Fells)
Birk Hag, Kendal
Birk Hag Farm (Birk Hag, Kendal)
Birk Hagge (Birk Hag, Kendal)
Birkham's Quarry, St Bees Head
Birkhaw, Sedbergh
Birk, High (High Birk, Satterthwaite)
Birkhill, Wetheral
Birkhill Farm (Birkhill, Wetheral)
Birkhouse Moor, Patterdale
Birk Houses (Birks Farm, Sedbergh)
Birk Howe Farm (High Birk Howe, Little Langdale)
Birk Howe, High (High Birk Howe, Little Langdale)
Birk Howe, Low (Low Birk Howe, Little Langdale)
Birk Hows (High Birk Howe, Little Langdale)
Birk Hows (Low Birk Howe, Little Langdale)
Birkhurst, Nether Denton
Birk Knott, Colton
Birk Knott, Grayrigg
Birk Moss, Caldbeck Fells
Birk Moss, Crook
Birk Moss, Ennerdale Bridge
Birkness Chimney, Eagle Crag
Birkness Combe (Burtness Combe, Buttermere)
Birkness Eliminate, Eagle Crag
Birkness Gully, Eagle Crag
Birk Rigg, Mallerstang
Birk Rigg, Over Staveley
Birkrigg (Birkrigg Common, Aldingham)
Birkrigg, Above Derwent
Birkrigg, Garsdale valley
Birkrigg, Urswick
Birkrigg Beacon, Birkrigg Common
Birkrigg Common, Aldingham
Birkrigg Meeting House (meeting house, Garsdale, Raygill)
Birkrigg Park, Preston Richard
Birkrigg Park Farm (Birkrigg Park, Preston Richard)
Birkrigg Park Meeting House (meeting house, Preston Patrick, Preston Patrick)
Birkrigg Stone Circle (Druids' Circle, Birkrigg Common)
Birk Row (High Birk Howe, Little Langdale)
Birk Row, Blawith and Subberthwaite
Birk Row Bridge, River Crake
Birks (Birkhaw, Sedbergh)
Birks (Birks Farm, Preston Patrick)
Birks (Birks Farm, Sedbergh)
Birks, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Birks, Little Salkeld
Birks, New Hutton
Birks, Patterdale
Birks, Sedbergh
Birks, Ulpha
Birks, Warcop
Birks Bridge, River Duddon
Birks Bridge, River Winster
Birks Bridge Junction, Cleator and Egremont Railway Whitehaven
Birks Bridge Station, Cleator and Egremont Railway Whitehaven
Birks Brow, Cartmel Fell
Birks Chapel, Chapel Wood
Birks Coppice, Muncaster
Birks Cottage, Sedbergh
Birks Crag, Bampton
Birksey Brow, Crook
Birks Farm, Arlecdon and Frizington
Birks Farm, Preston Patrick
Birks Farm, Sedbergh
Birks Farm, High (High Birks Farm, Sedbergh)
Birks Fell (Birkett Common, Mallerstang)
Birks Fell (Wharton Fell, Wharton)
Birks Head, Marton Moor
Birks Head, Warcop
Birks, High (High Birks, Crosthwaite and Lyth)
Birkshill, Dalston
Birk Side, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Birkside Gill, Birkside Gill
Birkside Gill Copper Mine, Birkside Gill
Birk Sike, Durham
Birks, Low (Low Birks, Crosthwaite and Lyth)
Birks, Low (Low Birks, Sedbergh)
Birks Plantation, Muncaster
Birks, The, Castle Sowerby
Birk Stone (Buck Stone, Westmorland boundary)
Birkstone (Buck Stone, Westmorland boundary)
Birks Well, Orton N
Birks Wood, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Birksybrow (Birksey Brow, Crook)
Birk Syke (Birk Sike, Durham)
Birkthwaite, Hesket
Birkthwaite Road Bridge, Lancaster and Carlisle Railway
Birk Toes (Teathes, Lamplugh)
Birkwray, Outgate
Birky Shank, Kingwater
Birtby (Birkby, Crosscanonby)
Birthday Party, Ling Crag
Birthday Wall, Buckstone Hows
Birthut Wood (Burthwaite Wood, Burthwaite)
Birthwaite, Windermere
Birthy (Birkby, Crosscanonby)
Biscut How (Biskey Howe, Bowness-on-Windermere)
Bishop Hill, Bruthwaite Forest
Bishop Lough, Dalston
Bishop of Barf, Barf
Bishoprick of Carlisle (Diocese of Carlisle, Cumbria)
Bishop Rock, The (Bishop of Barf, Barf)
Bishop's Arete, Grey Crags
Bishop's Dike (Bishop's Dyke, Dalston)
Bishop's Dyke, Dalston
Bishop's Lodge, The (Cook's Corner, Windermere)
Bishopspot, Mungrisdale
Bishops Registry (Carlisle Cathedral, Carlisle)
Bishop's Throne (Yordas Cave, Kingsdale)
Bishop's Tower, Carlisle Cathedral
Bishop, The (Bishop of Barf, Barf)
Bishop, The (Cock, The, Ambleside)
Bishop Woods, Claife
Bishop Yards, Penrith
Bishop Yards, Penrith
Bishop Yards Cottage, Penrith
Biskey Howe, Bowness-on-Windermere
Bistington (Distington, Distington)
Bitchell (Beech Hill, Longsleddale)
Bitch Hill (Beech Hill, Cartmel Fell)
Bitch Hill (Beech Hill, Longsleddale)
Bitch hill (Beech Hill, Longsleddale)
Bitch Hill Bridge (Beech Hill Bridge, River Sprint)
Bitham Hall (Beetham Hall, Beetham)
Bitter Beck Pottery, Cockermouth
Bitter End Pub and Brewery, Cockermouth
Black-a-Moor Hotel, Burnfoot
Black Arches, Carrock Fell
Blackband (Blackbank, Kirkandrews)
Blackbank, Kirkandrews
Blackbank Cottage, Blackbank
Blackbank School (Tighnacoille, Blackbank)
Black Beck
Black Beck
Black Beck
Black Beck
Black Beck
Black Beck, Blawith and Subberthwaite
Black Beck, Colton
Black Beck, Haverthwaite
Black Beck, Longsleddale
Black Beck, Millom Without
Black Beck, Muncaster
Black Beck, Nether Wasdale
Black Beck, Over Staveley
Black Beck, St John Beckermet
Black Beck, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield
Blackbeck, Haile
Blackbeck Brewery, Blackbeck Inn
Black Beck Bridge, Black Beck
Blackbeck Bridge, Black Beck
Blackbeck Bridge, Black Beck
Blackbeck Bridge, Black Beck
Blackbeck Bridge, Black Beck
Blackbeck Bridge, Middleton
Blackbeck Bridge, Underbarrow Moss
Blackbeck Farm, Blackbeck
Black Beck Gunpowder Manufactory (Blackbeck Gunpowder Mills, Black Beck Tramway)
Blackbeck Gunpowder Mills, Black Beck Tramway
Black Beck Hornbeams (Black Beck Hornbeams, Colton, Black Beck Plantation)
Blackbeck Knotts, Nether Wasdale
Black Beck Lodge, Hawkshead
Black Beck Mine, Millom Without
Black Beck of Torver (Black Beck, Blawith and Subberthwaite)
Black Beck Plantation (Black Beck Plantation, Colton, Colton)
Blackbecks, Sebergham
Blackbeck Tarn, Buttermere
Black Beck Tramway, Haverthwaite
Blackbeck Trial, Buttermere
Black Bridge, Haweswater Beck
Black Brow, Aikton
Black Brow, Patterdale
Black Bull (Black Bull Hotel, Kirkby Stephen)
Black Bull (Black Bull, The, Kirkoswald)
Black Bull (Centurion, The, Walton)
Black Bull, Brough Sowerby
Black Bull, Cockermouth
Black Bull, Coniston
Black Bull, Dalton-in-Furness
Black Bull, Hutton Roof
Black Bull Hotel, Kirkby Stephen
Black Bull Inn (Abbey Bridge, Lanercost)
Black Bull Inn (Appleby-in-Westmorland: Boroughgate, 36, Appleby-in-Westmorland)
Black Bull Inn (Black Bull, Coniston)
Black Bull Inn, Nateby
Black Bull, The, Kirkoswald
Black Burn, Midgeholme
Black Burn, Ousby
Blackburn Bank, Alston Moor
Blackburn Bridge, Leadgate
Blackburn Head, Midgeholme
Blackburn House, Hayton and Mealo
Blackburn Mill, Black Burn
Blackburn Shop, Ousby
Black Burton (Burton in Lonsdale, North Yorkshire)
Black Buttress, Deepdale
Black Buttress, Dow Crag
Black Chimney, Dow Crag
Black Cock, Williamsgate
Black Cock Inn, Broughton West
Black Cock Inn, Eaglesfield
Black Comb (Black Combe, Whicham)
Black Comb, Little Scoat Fell
Blackcomb (Black Combe, Whicham)
Black Combe, Whicham
Blackcombe (Black Combe, Whicham)
Blackcombe Beck, Whicham
Black Combe Mountain (Black Combe, Whicham)
Blackcombe Screes, Black Combe
Black Comb Hill (Black Combe, Whicham)
Black Coom (Black Combe, Whicham)
Black Crack, Elliptical Crag
Black Crag (Black Crags, Longsleddale)
Black Crag, Above Derwent
Black Crag, Bannisdale
Black Crag, Dovedale
Black Crag, Great Rigg
Black Crag, Little Scoat Fell
Black Crag, Loweswater
Black Crag, Martindale Common
Black Crag, Patterdale
Black Crag, Rydal Water
Black Crag, Sca Fell
Black Crag, Sheffield Pike
Black Crag, Troutdale
Black Crag, Ulpha
Black Crag Buttress (Troutdale Pinnacle, Black Crag)
Black Crag Eliminate, Black Crag
Black Crag Gill, Swindale
Blackcrag Plantation, Bannisdale
Black Crags, Great Langdale
Black Crags, Longsleddale
Black Crags, Whicham
Black Crag Trial, Black Crag
Blackdike, Westlinton
Black Door, Culgaith
Black Dub parish
Black Dub, Alston Moor
Black Dub, Bootle Fell
Black Dub, Crosby Ravensworth
Black Dub, Ravenstonedale Moor
Blackdub, Carlatton
Blackdyke, Holme Low
Black Dyke Crossing, Ulverstone and Lancaster Railway
Blackdyke Farm (Blackdyke, Holme Low)
Blackdyke Halt (Black Dyke Station, Carlisle and Silloth Bay Railway)
Black Dyke Station, Carlisle and Silloth Bay Railway
Blackem (Black Comb, Little Scoat Fell)
Blackett Bottom, Grayrigg
Black Fell, Gilderdale Forest
Black Fell, Skelwith
Black Fell Moss, Mallerstang
Black Force, Little Ulgill Beck
Black Force, The (Black Force, Little Ulgill Beck)
Blackford, Westlinton
Blackford Bridge, Rockcliffe Beck
Blackford Church (St John's Church, Blackford)
Blackford Farm, Blackford
Blackford School, Blackford
Blackfriars Street, Carlisle
Black Gill, Miterdale
Black Hal (Black Hall, Ulpha)
Black Hall, Kendal
Black Hall, Ulpha
Blackhall (Black Hall, Ulpha)
Blackhall, St Cuthbert Without
Blackhall High (Stone Raise, St Cuthbert Without)
Blackhall Low (Blackwell, St Cuthbert Without)
Blackhall Park, Blackhall
Blackhall Wood, Blackhall
Blackhall Wood Farm (Blackhall Wood, Blackhall)
Blackhause Bottom to Kaber Cross, Cumbria
Blackhause Sike, Stainmore
Blackhazel Beck, Mungrisdale
Black Hill, Alston Moor
Black Hill, Bewcastle
Black Hill, Brampton
Black Hole Quarry, Little Langdale
Blackholme, Grayrigg
Black Horse, Killington
Black Horse, The (Rainbow Hotel, Kendal)
Black House, Alston Moor
Black House, Solport
Black House, Woodside
Blackhouse Plantations, Irthington
Black How, Cleator Moor
Black How, Seascale
Blackhow Bridge, Cleator Moor
Black John Hole, Kentmere
Black Knors, Kershope Forest
Black Knowe, Cumbria boundary
Blacklaith (Black Leases Farm, Newbiggin)
Black Lamb (Slip Inn, Stainmore)
Blacklane End (Green Croft, Moat Common)
Black Law (Great Blacklaw Hill, Geltsdale)
Blacklaw Cross, Carriers' Way
Blacklaw Hill, Great (Great Blacklaw Hill, Geltsdale)
Black Lead Mines (black lead mine, Seathwaite, Grey Knotts)
Black Leases Farm, Newbiggin
Black Leven Flud (White Lyne, Stapleton)
Black Leven flud (White Lyne, Stapleton)
Black Leven River (Black Lyne, Bewcastle)
Black Leven River (White Lyne, Stapleton)
Black Levin flu. (Black Lyne, Bewcastle)
Black Line River (Black Lyne, Bewcastle)
Black Ling, Egremont
Black Lion (Black Lion, The, Hethersgill)
Black Lion (Lion, The, Ireby)
Black Lion, Durdar
Black Lion, Whitehaven
Black Lion Hotel (Black Lion, Whitehaven)
Black Lion, The, Hethersgill
Black Lyne, Bewcastle
Black Lyne Bridge (Blacklyne Bridge, Black Lyne)
Blacklyne Bridge, Black Lyne
Blacklyne Common, Bewcastle
Blacklyne House, Bewcastle
Blackmire, Dent
Black Moss, Bewcastle
Black Moss, Broughton West
Black Moss, Ravenstonedale
Black Moss, St John Beckermet
Blackmoss, Windermere
Blackmoss Pool, Wetheral
Black Moss Route, Little How Crags
Black Moss Tarn, Whinfell
Black Moss Tunnel (Rise Hill Tunnel, Settle and Carlisle Railway)
Black Nettle Hause, Little Calva
Black Oath Bottom (Blackett Bottom, Grayrigg)
Blackpool Gate, Bewcastle
Blackpoolgate (bastle, Bewcastle (2), Bewcastle)
Blackpool Gate Bridge, Bewcastle
Black Pots, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Black Preston, Bewcastle
Blackrack Beck
Blackrack Bridge, Blackrack Beck
Black Rigg, Bewcastle
Black Rigg, Denton Fell
Blackrigg, Arthuret
Blackrigg, Rockcliffe
Blackrigg, Stapleton
Blackrigg Foot, Kingwater
Black Riggs, Stainmore
Black Sail (Black Sail Pass, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Blacksail (Black Sail Pass, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Black Sail Hut, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Black Sail Pass, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Black Sail Plantation, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Black Sails, Wetherlam
Black Sail, The (Black Sail Pass, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Black Scar (New Hall, Stainmore)
Black Scar, Belah, River
Black Scars, Leven Estuary
Black Scar Workings, Coniston
Blackshaws, Spadeadam Forest
Blackshaws Hill, Spadeadam Forest
Blackshaws Sike, Kingwater
Black Sike (Black Sike Coal Pit, Hayton)
Black Sike, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Black Sike Coal Pit, Hayton
Blacksmiths Arms, Broughton Mills
Blacksmith's Arms (house, Kingbridge Ford, Kingbridge Ford)
Blacksmiths Arms, The, Talkin
Black Snib, Arthuret
Black Stantling, Whitelyne Common
Black Star, Honister Crag
Blacksteps Bay (Calfclose Bay, Derwent Water)
Blackstock Point, Bassenthwaite Lake
Blackstock's Baker's Shop (Alston: Blackstock, Alston)
Blackstone Point, Arnside
Black Sunday, Dow Crag
Black Swan, Carlisle
Black Swan, Culgaith
Black Swan Hotel (Black Swan, The, Ravenstonedale)
Black Swan House, Temple Sowerby
Black Swan Inn (Black Swan House, Temple Sowerby)
Black Swan Inn (Black Swan, Culgaith)
Black Swan, The, Ravenstonedale
Black Swan Village Shop, The (Village Shop, The, Black Swan, The)
Blacksykes, Hesket
Black Tewthwaite, Stainmore
Blackthorn (Hackthorpe, Lowther)
Blackthwaite, Whitwell and Selside
Black Tom Inn, Camerton
Black Wall, Dow Crag
Black Wars, Pike of Blisco
Black Well (Blackwell, Storrs)
Black Well, Dufton Fell
Blackwell, St Cuthbert Without
Blackwell, Storrs
Blackwell Common, Blackwell
Blackwell Farm, Blackwell
Blackwell Hall, Blackwell
Blackwell High Township, Upperby
Blackwell House, Blackwell
Blackwell Low Township, Upperby
Blackwell School (Blackwell, Storrs)
Blackwell Springs, Blackwell
Black Yeats, Preston Patrick
Bladder Keld, Ling Fell
Blade Moss, Osmotherley
Blades Outrake Quarry, Garsdale
Blagill, Alston Moor
Blagill Burn Mines (Blagill Mine, Blagill)
Blagill Farm, Blagill
Blagill Foot Shaft, Nent Force Level
Blagillhead, Alston Moor
Blagill Mine, Blagill
Blaing Fell (Bleng Fell, Gosforth)
Blaithwaite Bridge, Little Waver
Blaithwaite, High (High Blaithwaite, Waverton)
Blaithwaite House, Waverton
Blaithwaite Siding (High Blaithwaite Station, Maryport and Carlisle Railway)
Blakband (Blackbank, Kirkandrews)
Blakbanke (Blackbank, Kirkandrews)
Blake Bank (High Blakebank, Blakebank)
Blake Bank (Low Blakebank, Blakebank)
Blake Bank (Middle Blakebank, Blakebank)
Blakebank, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield
Blakebank Farm, Low (Low Blakebank, Blakebank)
Blakebank, High (High Blakebank, Blakebank)
Blakebank, Low (Low Blakebank, Blakebank)
Blakebank, Middle (Middle Blakebank, Blakebank)
Blakebank [ ] (Blakebank, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield)
Blake Beck, Mungrisdale
Blakebeck, Mungrisdale
Blake Beck Force, Great Blake Beck
Blake Beck, Great (Great Blake Beck, Dent)
Blake Fell, Lamplugh
Blakeford (Blackford, Westlinton)
Blake Hill Farm (Blake Hills Farm, Mungrisdale)
Blake Hills (Blake Hills Farm, Mungrisdale)
Blakehills (Blake Hills Farm, Mungrisdale)
Blake Hills Farm, Mungrisdale
Blake Holin (Blake Holme Plantation, Cartmel Fell)
Blake Holm (Blake Holme, Cartmel Fell)
Blake Holm (Blake Holme, Windermere lake)
Blakeholm (Blake Holme, Cartmel Fell)
Blake Holme, Cartmel Fell
Blake Holme, Windermere lake
Blake Holme Nab, Windermere lake
Blake Holme Plantation, Cartmel Fell
Blakeley, Great Stone of (Great Stone of Blakeley, Blakeley Moss)
Blakeley Moss, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Blakeley Raise, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Blakeley Raise Stone Circle, Kinniside Common
Blake Mire, Baugh Fell
Blake Mire, Grisedale
Blake Rigg, Deepdale
Blake Rigg, Lakes
Blakerigg (Blake Rigg, Lakes)
Blakerigg Crag, Steel Fell
Blakethwaite Bottom, Howgill Fells
Blakethwaite Stone parish
Blak Hal (Black Hall, Ulpha)
Blak Leven flu. (Black Lyne, Bewcastle)
Blak Leven Flu. (White Lyne, Stapleton)
Blamire Well (Balmire Well, Nettle Crags)
Blancathera (Saddleback, Threlkeld)
Blancathra (Saddleback, Threlkeld)
Bland, Brant Fell
Bland House, Orton S
Blandish, Tarn Crag
Blands, Dentdale
Blands, Little Strickland
Blands Farm (Blands, Dentdale)
Blandsgill (Blands Gill Farm, Sedbergh)
Blandsgill, Sedbergh
Bland's Gill (Blands Gill Farm, Sedbergh)
Blands Gill Farm, Sedbergh
Blands's (Blands Wath, Musgrave)
Blands Wath, Musgrave
Blandswath Bridge, River Eden
Blanket Mill (Caldbeck: Strong and Sons, Midtown Barn)
Blaspheming Butterfly, Goat Crag
Blasphemy Crack, Dow Crag
Blasterfield (Blasterfield Farm, Crosby Ravensworth)
Blasterfield Farm, Crosby Ravensworth
Blasterfoot Gap, Rakes, The
Blatarne (Bleatarn, Warcop)
Blatern (Bleatarn, Warcop)
Blaterne (Bleatarn, Warcop)
Blatobulgio (Blatobulgium, Birrens)
Blatobulgium, Birrens
Blattersfield (Blasterfield Farm, Crosby Ravensworth)
Blatum Bulgium (Blatobulgium, Birrens)
Blatum Bulgium (Bowness-on-Solway, Bowness)
Blatum Bulgium (Maia, Hadrian's Wall)
Blauth (Blawith, Blawith and Subberthwaite)
Blawit (Blaatwood, )
Blawith parish (Blawith and Subberthwaite parish)
Blawith (Netherwood Hotel, Grange-over-Sands)
Blawith, Blawith and Subberthwaite
Blawith and Subberthwaite parish (once Lancashire)
Blawith Beacon (Beacon, Blawith Fells)
Blawith Church (church, Blawith, Blawith)
Blawith Church (St John's Church, Blawith)
Blawith Fells, Blawith and Subberthwaite
Blawith Knott, Blawith and Subberthwaite
Blawith Lodge, Grange-over-Sands
Blawith Point, Promenade, The
Blawith School (Old School, The, Blawith)
Blaycrag Bridge (Bleacrag Bridge, River Winster)
Blaystone Bridge, Peasey Beck
Blaze Beck, Lorton
Blaze Bridge, Blaze Beck
Blaze Fell, Lazonby
Blazefell Quarry, Blaze Fell
Blea Bank, Aikbank
Blea Beck
Blea Beck (Blea Beck Gill, Hacra)
Blea Beck, Eskdale
Blea Beck, Hacra Lane
Blea Beck, Shap Rural
Blea Beck, Ulpha
Bleabeck Bridge, Blea Beck
Bleabeck Bridge, Blea Beck
Bleabeck Bridge, Blea Beck
Bleabeck Bridge, Shap Rural
Bleabeck Bridge, Whillan Beck
Blea Beck Gill, Hacra
Bleaberry Beck, Winton
Bleaberry Buttress, Blea Crag
Bleaberry Chimney, Chapel Crags
Bleaberry Crag (Chapel Crags, Buttermere)
Bleaberry Crag, Patterdale Common
Bleaberry Fell (Bleaberry Crag, Patterdale Common)
Bleaberry Fell, Borrowdale
Bleaberry Force, Bleaberry Beck
Bleaberry Gill, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Bleaberry Haws, Torver
Bleaberry Haws Stone Circle, Bleaberry Haws
Bleaberry Hill, Lazonby
Bleaberry Pike (Bleaberry Crag, Patterdale Common)
Bleaberryrigg, Arthuret
Bleaberry Tarn, Buttermere
Blea Brows, Blawith and Subberthwaite
Bleach Green, Whitehaven
Bleach Green Cottages, Bleach Green
Bleacove Beck, Glenridding
Blea Crag, Above Derwent
Blea Crag, Borrowdale
Blea Crag, Easedale
Bleacrag Bridge, River Winster
Blea Crags, Gategill Fell
Bleaflatt, Ravenstonedale
Bleagate, Alston Moor
Blea Gill, Caldbeck
Blea Gill, Garsdale valley
Blea Gill, Uldale
Blea Gill Bridge, Blea Gill
Bleagill Fold, Dent
Blea Gill Quarry, Dentdale
Blea Gills, Dent
Bleakam Fold (Bleakham Fold, Bleakham Hills)
Bleak Beck, Clagarth
Bleakham Fold, Bleakham Hills
Bleak House, Arlecdon and Frizington
Bleak House, Penrith
Bleak How, Borrowdale
Bleak How Crag (Flakehowe Crags, Bampton)
Blea Moor, Dent
Blea Moor Moss, Gayle Moor
Bleamoor Sidings, Settle and Carlisle Railway
Bleamoor Signal Box, Settle and Carlisle Railway
Blea Moor Tunnel (Bleamoor Tunnel, Settle and Carlisle Railway)
Bleamoor Tunnel, Settle and Carlisle Railway
Blea Moor Viaduct (Ribblehead Viaduct, Settle and Carlisle Railway)
Blea Moss, Little Langdale
Blea Moss, Ralfland Forest
Bleamoss Beck, Blea Moss
Bleansley Bridge, Lower (Lower Bleansley Bridge, River Lickle)
Bleansley Bridge, Middle (Middle Bleansley Bridge, River Lickle)
Blea Rigg, Lakes
Blea Rigg Climb, Blea Crag
Blea Rock, Borrowdale
Bleas (Arnison Crag, Patterdale)
Bleasdale Fell (Blease Fell, Tebay)
Blease (Arnison Crag, Patterdale)
Blease, Threlkeld
Blease Farm (Blease, Threlkeld)
Blease Fell, Tebay
Blease Fell, Threlkeld
Blease Fell geological walk, Blease Fell
Blease Gill Trial, Blease Gill
Blease Hall, Old Hutton and Holmescales
Bleasehall Wood, Old Hutton and Holmescales
Blease Hill, Barbon
Blease Hill, Mansergh
Blease, Low (Low Bleaze, Old Hutton and Holmescales)
Blea Tarn (Bleatarn House, Lakes)
Blea Tarn, Borrowdale
Blea Tarn, Eskdale
Blea Tarn, Irthington
Blea Tarn, Little Langdale
Bleatarn, Irthington
Bleatarn, Warcop
Bleatarn Chapel, Pipers Cross
Bleatarn Church, Bleatarn
Bleatarn Common, Bleatarn
Blea Tarn Farm (Bleatarn House, Lakes)
Bleatarn Gill, Borrowdale
Blea Tarn Hill, Eskdale
Blea Tarn House (Bleatarn House, Lakes)
Bleatarn House, Lakes
Blea Tarn Mine, Eskdale
Bleatarn Park, Irthington
Bleatarn Township, Warcop
Bleaterne (Bleatarn, Warcop)
Bleathgill, Stainmore
Bleathwaite Crag, Kentmere
Bleathwaite Pasture, Coniston
Blea Water (Hayeswater, Patterdale)
Blea Water, Shap Rural
Blea Water Beck, Mardale Waters
Blea Water Crag, Shap Rural
Bleawath, Gosforth
Bleawick Bay (Blowick Bay, Blowick)
Bleawick Trial, Blowick
Bleaze Hall (Blease Hall, Old Hutton and Holmescales)
Bleaze, Low (Low Bleaze, Old Hutton and Holmescales)
Blebba Tarn (Bleaberry Tarn, Buttermere)
Bleck Hall (Blackwell Hall, Blackwell)
Bleeby Tarn (Bleaberry Tarn, Buttermere)
Bleek hall (Blackhall Park, Blackhall)
Blek Hal (Blackhall, St Cuthbert Without)
Blek Hall (Blackhall, St Cuthbert Without)
Blekhall (Blackhall, St Cuthbert Without)
Blelham (Blelham Tarn, Hawkshead)
Blelham Beck, Hawkshead
Blelham Tarn, Hawkshead
Blellam Tarn (Blelham Tarn, Hawkshead)
Blencarn, Culgaith
Blencarn Beck, Culgaith
Blencarn Lake, Blencarn
Blencarn School (school, Howrigg, Howrigg)
Blencarn Township, Kirkland with (Kirkland with Blencarn Township, Kirkland)
Blencarn Wesleyan Chapel, Blencarn
Blencarter (Hallsfell Top, Hall's Fell)
Blen Carter Height (Hallsfell Top, Hall's Fell)
Blencathra (Saddleback, Threlkeld)
Blencathra Fell Pack, Gategill
Blencathra Field Studies Centre, Saddleback
Blencathra Hotel (Blencathra Temperance Hotel, Keswick)
Blencathra Mine, Glenderaterra Valley
Blencathra Stone Craft, Keswick
Blencathra Street, Keswick
Blencathra Temperance Hotel, Keswick
Blencathra View, Gamblesby
Blencog (Blencogo, Bromfield)
Blencoggey (Blencogo, Bromfield)
Blencogo, Bromfield
Blencogo Farm, Blencogo
Blencogo Hall, Blencogo
Blencogo House, Blencogo
Blencogo School (school, Blencogo, Blencogo)
Blencogo School, Blencogo
Blencogo Township, Bromfield
Blencongey (Blencogo, Bromfield)
Blencougey (Blencogo, Bromfield)
Blencow (Little Blencow, Blencow)
Blencow, Greystoke
Blencow Bridge, River Petteril
Blencowe and Laithes Village Hall, Great Blencow
Blencowe Hall (Blencow Hall, Blencow)
Blencow Grammar School (Burbank House, Little Blencow)
Blencow, Great (Great Blencow, Blencow)
Blencow Hall, Blencow
Blencow Hall Farm (Blencow Hall, Blencow)
Blencow, Little (Little Blencow, Blencow)
Blencow Magna (Blencow Hall, Blencow)
Blencow Methodist Chapel, Little Blencow
Blencow Old Hall, Great Blencow
Blencow Station, Keswick and Penrith Railway Cockermouth
Blencow Township, Great (Great Blencow Township, Dacre)
Blencow Township, Little (Little Blencow Township, Greystoke)
Blencow Villa (Little Blencow, Blencow)
Blencragg (Blindcrake, Blindcrake)
Blencrak (Blindcrake, Blindcrake)
Blencrake (Blindcrake, Blindcrake)
Blenerak (Blindcrake, Blindcrake)
Blenerhaffet (Blennerhasset, Blennerhasset and Torpenhow)
Blenerhasset (Blennerhasset, Blennerhasset and Torpenhow)
Blenerock (Blindcrake, Blindcrake)
Bleng Bridge, River Bleng
Blengdale, Gosforth
Blengdale Forest, Gosforth
Blenge flu. (Bleng, River, Nether Wasdale)
Bleng Fell, Gosforth
Bleng Flu. (Bleng, River, Nether Wasdale)
Bleng flu. (Bleng, River, Nether Wasdale)
Bleng River (Bleng, River, Nether Wasdale)
Bleng, River, Nether Wasdale
Blenkarn (Blencarn, Culgaith)
Blenkenbeck River (Crowdundle Beck)
Blenkenbeck River (Blencarn Beck, Culgaith)
Blenkensop (Blenkinsopp Hall, Northumberland)
Blenkensop Castle (Blenkinsopp Castle, Northumberland)
Blenkern (Blencarn, Culgaith)
Blenkern Beck River (Crowdundle Beck)
Blenkernbeck River (Crowdundle Beck)
Blenkerne (Blencarn, Culgaith)
Blenkinsopp (Blenkinsopp Castle, Northumberland)
Blenkinsopp Castle, Northumberland
Blenkinsopp Hall, Northumberland
Blennerhasset, Bampton
Blennerhasset, Blennerhasset and Torpenhow
Blennerhasset and Kirkland Township, Torpenhow
Blennerhasset and Torpenhow parish (once Cumberland)
Blennerhazel, Gosforth
Blenrak (Blindcrake, Blindcrake)
Blen, River, Gosforth
Blewcaster (Bluecaster, Sedbergh)
Blew Craft (Bluegrass, Stainmore)
Bley Water Tarn (Blea Water, Shap Rural)
Blind Beck, Barbon
Blind Beck, Kendal
Blind Beck, Soulby
Blind Beck Bridge, Blind Beck
Blindbeck Bridge, Blind Beck
Blindbothel parish (once Cumberland)
Blindbothel Township, Brigham
Blind Bridge, Blind Beck
Blind Bridge, Haverthwaite
Blindcrake parish (once Cumberland)
Blindcrake, Blindcrake
Blindcrake Hall, Blindcrake
Blindcrake, Isel and Redmain Township, Isel
Blindcrake Village Hall, Blindcrake
Blinde Beck (Blind Beck, Kendal)
Blind Gallery, The (Kendal: Indigo, Kendal)
Blind Keld, Mungrisdale
Blind Tarn, Eskdale
Blind Tarn, Farlam
Blind Tarn, Kirkby Ireleth
Blind Tarn, Old Man of Coniston
Blind Tarn Crag, Brown Pike
Blindtarn Gill (Blindtarn Gill Farm, Easedale)
Blindtarn Gill, Lakes
Blindtarn Gill Farm, Easedale
Blindthorn, Easedale
Blinrosset (Blennerhasset, Blennerhasset and Torpenhow)
Bliss Lingerie (Kendal: Bliss, Kendal)
Blitterlees, Silloth
Blitzkrieg, Raven Crag
Blizzard Chimney, Dow Crag
Bloan Farm, Brough Sowerby
Bloater Stone, Buttermere
Blockford (Blackford, Westlinton)
Bloodhound, Gouther Crag
bloomery, Borrowdale
Bloomingheather, Silloth-on-Solway
Blowick, Patterdale
Blowick Bay, Blowick
Blowick Trial (Bleawick Trial, Blowick)
Blowike (Blowick, Patterdale)
Blow Wick (Blowick, Patterdale)
Blow Wike (Blowick, Patterdale)
Bludgeon, The, Shepherds Crag
Blue Bell (Blue Bell Inn, High Cummersdale)
Blue Bell, Dalston
Blue Bell, Egremont
Bluebell Arete, Raven Crag
Bluebell Gully, Raven Crag
Blue Bell Hotel (Blue Bell Inn, Alston)
Blue Bell Hotel, Heversham
Blue Bell House, Hesket
Bluebell House, Cartmel
Blue Bell Inn (Bright House, Carlisle)
Blue Bell Inn (house, Castle Sowerby, Castle Sowerby)
Blue Bell Inn, Alston
Blue Bell Inn, Embleton
Blue Bell Inn, High Cummersdale
Blue Bell Inn, Newbiggin
Blue Bell, The (Blue Bell, Dalston)
Blue Bell, The, Workington
Bluebell Wall, Shepherds Crag
Bluebird, The, Grey Crag
Blue Bonnet Well, Dentdale
Blue Bridge (Stone House Bridge, River Dee)
Blue Caster (Bluecaster, Sedbergh)
Bluecaster (Bluecaster Side, Sedbergh)
Bluecaster, Sedbergh
Bluecaster Side, Sedbergh
Bluecoat School (school, Kendal (2), Kendal)
Blue Dial, Oughterside and Allerby
Bluegill Folds, Troutbeck Park
Blue Grass (Bluegrass, Stainmore)
Blue Grass (Dalefoot, Mallerstang)
Bluegrass, Stainmore
Blue Grays (Dalefoot, Mallerstang)
Blue Hills, Greystoke
Blue Lamp, The, Barrow-in-Furness
Blue Lugs (Joiner's Arms, Carlisle)
Blue Quarry (Shap Blue Quarry, Low Fell)
Blue Quarry, Ash Fell
Blue Quarry, Rascal How
Blue Screes, Atkinson Pike
Bluethwaite Hill, Dufton
Blumer Beck, Blindcrake
Blumer Bridge, Blumer Beck
Blunder, Buckbarrow Crag
Blunderfield, Kirkoswald
Blunderfield Farm (Blunderfield, Kirkoswald)
Blynroset (Blennerhasset, Blennerhasset and Torpenhow)
Boa Castle (Bew Castle, Bewcastle)
Boadhole, Millom Without
Boadle Ground (Boadle Grounds, Carleton)
Boadle Grounds, Carleton
Boarbank Farm, Lower Allithwaite
Boarbank Hall, Lower Allithwaite
Board and Elbow, Penrith
Board Room, The (Boardroom, The, Carlisle)
Boardroom, The, Carlisle
Board Vaults Public House, Maryport
Boat Bridge, Witherslack
Boat Crag, Whiteside End
boat house, Ambleside
boat house, Barton
boat house, Barton (2)
boat house, Barton (3)
boat house, Barton (4)
boat house, Barton (5)
boat house, Bassenthwaite
boat house, Belle Isle
boat house, Belle Isle (2)
boat house, Cartmell Fell
boat house, Cartmell Fell (2)
boat house, Cartmell Fell (3)
boat house, Cartmell Fell (4)
boat house, Cartmell Fell (5)
boat house, Cartmell Fell (6)
boat house, Cartmell Fell (7)
boat house, Cartmell Fell (8)
boat house, Cartmell Fell (9)
boat house, Cartmell Fell (10)
boat house, Cartmell Fell (11)
boat house, Cartmell Fell (12)
boat house, Cartmell Fell (13)
boat house, Cartmell Fell (14)
boat house, Cartmell Fell (15)
boat house, Cartmell Fell (16)
boat house, Cartmell Fell (17)
boat house, Cartmell Fell (18)
boat house, Cartmell Fell (19)
boat house, Cartmell Fell (20)
boat house, Cartmell Fell (21)
boat house, Cartmell Fell (22)
boat house, Cartmell Fell (23)
boat house, Cartmell Fell (24)
boat house, Cartmell Fell (25)
boat house, Cartmell Fell (26)
boat house, Claife
boat house, Claife (2)
boat house, Claife (3)
boat house, Claife (4)
boat house, Claife (5)
boat house, Claife (6)
boat house, Claife (7)
boat house, Claife (8)
boat house, Claife (9)
boat house, Claife (10)
boat house, Claife (11)
boat house, Claife (12)
boat house, Claife (13)
boat house, Claife (14)
boat house, Claife (15)
boat house, Claife (16)
boat house, Claife (17)
boat house, Claife (18)
boat house, Claife (19)
boat house, Colton
boat house, Colton (2)
boat house, Colton (3)
boat house, Colton (4)
boat house, Colton (5)
boat house, Colton (6)
boat house, Colton (7)
boat house, Coniston
boat house, Coniston (2)
boat house, Coniston (3)
boat house, Coniston (4)
boat house, Crummock Water
boat house, Dacre
boat house, Eskdale
boat house, Fell Foot
boat house, Grasmere
boat house, High Nibthwaite
boat house, Keswick
boat house, Keswick (2)
boat house, Keswick (3)
boat house, Keswick (5)
boat house, Lakes
boat house, Lakes (2)
boat house, Lakes (3)
boat house, Lakes (4)
boat house, Lakes (5)
boat house, Lakes (6)
boat house, Lakes (7)
boat house, Lakes (8)
boat house, Lakes (9)
boat house, Lakes (10)
boat house, Martindale
boat house, Martindale (2)
boat house, Matterdale
boat house, Matterdale (2)
boat house, Matterdale (3)
boat house, Matterdale (4)
boat house, Matterdale (5)
boat house, Matterdale (6)
boat house, Matterdale (7)
boat house, Matterdale (8)
boat house, Matterdale (9)
boat house, Matterdale (11)
boat house, Matterdale (12)
boat house, Matterdale (13)
boat house, Matterdale (14)
boat house, Matterdale (15)
boat house, Naworth Castle
boat house, Patterdale
boat house, Patterdale (2)
boat house, Patterdale (3)
boat house, Patterdale (4)
boat house, Patterdale (5)
boat house, Rydal
boat house, Satterthwaite (2)
boat house, Satterthwaite (3)
boat house, Satterthwaite (4)
boat house, Staveley-in-Cartmel
boat house, Staveley-in-Cartmel (2)
boat house, Staveley-in-Cartmel (3)
boat house, Staveley-in-Cartmel (4)
boat house, Strickland Roger
Boathouse, The (Esk Boathouse, Rockcliffe)
boat house, Windermere
boat house, Windermere (2)
boat house, Windermere (3)
boat house, Windermere (4)
boat house, Windermere (5)
boat house, Windermere (6)
boat house, Windermere (7)
boat house, Windermere (8)
boat house, Windermere (9)
boat house, Windermere (10)
boat house, Windermere (11)
boat house, Windermere (12)
boat house, Windermere (13)
boat house, Windermere (15)
boat house, Windermere (16)
boat house, Windermere (17)
boat house, Windermere (18)
boat house, Windermere (19)
boat house, Windermere (20)
boat house, Windermere (21)
boat house, Windermere (22)
boat house, Windermere (23)
boat house, Windermere (24)
boat house, Windermere (25)
boat house, Windermere (26)
boat house, Windermere (27)
Boat How, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Boat How, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Boat How, Eskdale Moor
Boathow Crag, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Boat Howe Crags, Kirk Fell
boat yard, Ferry Nab
boat yard, Ferry Nab (2)
Boazman's Siding, Settle and Carlisle Railway
Bob's Well, Kirkandrews
Bochard Gate, City Walls
Bocher Gate (Bochard Gate, City Walls)
Bodega Bar, Bowness-on-Windermere
Bodel (Bothel, Bothel and Threapland)
Bodelford, River Kent
Bodell (Bothel, Bothel and Threapland)
Bodotria (Forth, River, )
Body Shop, The, Carlisle
Bog, Holme Abbey
Bog, Sebergham
Bog Farm, Holme Abbey
Bogg (Sandford Mire, Sandford)
Boggart Bridge, Aldingham
Boggart Hole Cave, Ivescar
Boggart Holes (Boggart Hole Cave, Ivescar)
Boggarts Roaring Hole (Boggart's Roaring Holes, North Yorkshire)
Boggart's Roaring Hole (Boggart's Roaring Holes, North Yorkshire)
Boggart's Roaring Holes, North Yorkshire
Bogg Hall, Boltons
Bogglebeck Bridge, Boggle Beck
Boggle Hall, Hesket
Boggle Thorn, Solport
Boggs, The, Westlinton
Boghall (Bogg Hall, Boltons)
Bogholes Farm, Weddicar
Bog House, Above Derwent
Bog House, Low (Low Bog House, Millom Without)
Bog Junction Engine Shed (engine shed, Carlisle (3), Maryport and Carlisle Railway)
Bogle Hall (Boggle Hall, Hesket)
Bogside, Askerton
Bog, The, Matterdale
Bog, The, Northumberland
Bog, The, Wyth Burn
Bogue (Bog, The, Northumberland)
Bog Well, Askerton
Bog Well, Solport
Boiling Springs, Bolton Park
Boiling Well, Kingmoor
Bo Jangles, Cockermouth
Bollam Bridge, River Eden
Bollam Lane TP (Bollam Lane Turn Pike, Kirkby Stephen to Hawes road)
Bollam Lane Turn Pike, Kirkby Stephen to Hawes road
bollard, Cockermouth
bollard, Cockermouth (2)
Bolness (Bowness-on-Solway, Bowness)
Bolsel Bridge (Rossil Bridge Farm, Whinfell)
Bolshoi Buttress, Red Crag
Bolshoi Corner, Red Crag
Bolt How, Gosforth
Bolt How Farm (Bolt How, Gosforth)
Bolton parish (Bolton-in-Morland parish)
Bolton parish (once Cumberland)
Bolton parish (once Westmorland)
Bolton parish
Bolton (Bolton Low Houses, Boltons)
Bolton (Boltongate, Boltons)
Bolton (Bolton-le-Sands, Lancashire)
Bolton, Northumberland
Bolton Bridge, River Eden
Bolton by the Sands (Bolton-le-Sands, Lancashire)
Bolton Chapel (Bolton Manor, Urswick)
Bolton Chapelry (Bolton-in-Morland Chapelry, Morland)
Bolton Chaple (All Saints Church, Bolton)
Bolton Church (All Saints Church, Bolton)
Bolton Farmhouse, Melmerby
Bolton Fell, Hethersgill
Boltonfellend, Hethersgill
Bolton Fell peat railway
Boltongate, Boltons
Boltongate Bridge, River Ellen
Boltongate Church (All Saints Church, Boltongate)
Boltongate Farm, Boltongate
Boltongate Head, Boltongate
Boltongate Rectory (Rectory, The, Boltongate)
Bolton Hall, Bolton
Bolton Hall, Boltongate
Bolton Hall, Gosforth
Bolton Heads, Urswick
Bolton Highside Township, Bolton
Bolton High Township (Bolton Highside Township, Bolton)
Bolton-in-Morland parish (once Westmorland)
Bolton-in-Morland Chapelry, Morland
Bolton-in-Morland Township (Bolton-in-Morland Chapelry, Morland)
Bolton Lane End Turn Pike, Appleby to Penrith road
Bolton-le-Sands, Lancashire
Bolton-le-Sands Station, Lancaster and Carlisle Railway
Bolton Lodge, Bolton
Bolton Low Houses, Boltons
Bolton Low Houses Meeting House (meeting house, Bolton Low Houses, Bolton Low Houses)
Bolton Lowside Township, Bolton
Bolton Manor, Urswick
Bolton meeting (meeting house, Bolton Low Houses, Bolton Low Houses)
Bolton Meeting House (meeting house, Bolton Low Houses, Bolton Low Houses)
Bolton Methodist Church, Bolton
Bolton Moor, Boltons
Bolton New Houses, Boltons
Bolton on Eden parish (Bolton parish)
Bolton Park, Boltons
Bolton Pinfold, Bolton
Bolton Primary School, Bolton
Boltons parish (once Cumberland)
Boltons Church (All Saints Church, Boltongate)
Boltons Moat (moat, Cockbridge, Cockbridge)
Boltons School (school, Boltons, Bolton New Houses)
Bolton Station (Bolton-le-Sands Station, Lancaster and Carlisle Railway)
Bolton Township (Bolton-in-Morland Chapelry, Morland)
Bolton Wood (Bolton New Houses, Boltons)
Bolton Wood, Gosforth
Bolton Wood Farm, Bolton Wood
Bolton Wood House, Bolton Wood
Boltonwood Lane, Boltons
Bolt, The, Waterfall Buttress
Bombay (Bomby, Bampton)
Bomber Wall, Thrang Crag
Bomby, Bampton
Bombye (Bomby, Bampton)
Bonas (Bowness Farm, Bowness)
Bond Gate (Bongate, Appleby-in-Westmorland)
Bondgate (Bongate, Appleby-in-Westmorland)
Bondgate in the Barony of Appleby (Bongate, Appleby-in-Westmorland)
Bond Museum, The, Keswick
Bond Street, Combe Gill
Bonefire Hall (Bonfire Hall, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield)
Bonefire hall (Bonfire Hall, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield)
Bonefire How (Bonfire Hall, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield)
Bone, The, Gouther Crag
Bonfire Hall, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield
Bonfire Hill, Whitbarrow
Bonflet (Bullflatt, Orton S)
Bongate, Appleby-in-Westmorland
Bongate, Appleby-in-Westmorland
Bongate Cross, Bongate
Bongate House, Appleby-in-Westmorland
Bongate Mill, River Eden
Bongate Township, Appleby St Michael
Bongate Weir, River Eden
Bonhiess (Bowness-on-Solway, Bowness)
Bonners Farm, Caldbeck
Bonning Gate, Strickland Ketel
Bonning Gate TP (Bonning Gate Turn Pike, Kendal to Windermere Ferry road)
Bonning Gate Turn Pike, Kendal to Windermere Ferry road
Bonnington Yate (Bonning Gate Turn Pike, Kendal to Windermere Ferry road)
Bonning Yate (Bonning Gate, Strickland Ketel)
Bonny Farm, Moresby
Bonnygate, Soulby
Bonnyhill, Bridekirk
Bonscal Bank (Bonscale, Martindale)
Bonscale, Martindale
Bonscale Pike, Swarth Fell
Bonscale Tower, Bonscale Pike
Bonser Vein (Coniston Copper Mines, Coppermines Valley)
Bonskill (Bonscale, Martindale)
Bonsor Copper Mines, Coppermiines Valley
Bookcase, Carlisle
Bookcase, Carlisle
Bookseller, The (Sedbergh: Bookseller, Sedbergh)
Boonbeck Bridge, Whit Beck
Boon Beck Farm, High Lorton
Boonbeck Farm (Boon Beck Farm, High Lorton)
Boon Crag, Coniston
Boon Crag Farm, Coniston
Boon Crag Sawmill, Coniston
Boon Hill, Farlam
Boon Park, High (High Above Park, Selside)
Boon Park, Low (East Above Park, Selside)
Boon Wood, Distington
Boonwood, High (High Boonwood, Gosforth)
Boonwood, Low (Low Boonwood, Gosforth)
Boonwood, Middle (Middle Boonwood, Gosforth)
Boot, Eskdale
Boot and Shoe, Greystoke
Boot and Shoe Inn (Boot and Shoe, Greystoke)
Boo Tarn, Coniston
Boot Bridge, Common End
Booth (Bouth, Colton)
Booth, Patterdale
Boothby, Brampton
Booth Holme, Ulpha
Boot House (Whillanside, Boot)
Booth Scale Tarn (Bowscale Tarn, Bowscale Fell)
Boothwaite (Bouthwaite, Whitwell and Selside)
Boothwaite Nook, Broughton West
Boot Inn, Boot
Bootle parish (once Cumberland)
Bootle parish (once Cumberland)
Bootle, Bootle
Bootle Church (St Michael and All Angels Church, Bootle)
Bootle Evangelical Church, Bootle
Bootle Fell, Bootle
Bootle Fire Station (Bootle Fire Station, Bootle, Bootle)
Bootle Police Office (police station, Bootle, Bootle)
Bootle School (Captain Shaw's Primary School, Bootle)
Bootle Station, Whitehaven and Furness Junction Railway
Bootle Station Hotel, Bootle
Bootle Stone, Barrow-in-Furness
Bootle Tileworks, Bootle
Bootle Ward, Cumbria
Bootle Workhouse (workhouse, Bootle, Hyton)
Boot Mill (Eskdale Mill, Whillan Beck)
Boots, Sedbergh
Boot Station, Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway
Borcovicio (Vercovicium, Hadrian's Wall)
Borcovicus (Vercovicium, Hadrian's Wall)
Borcovitio (Vercovicium, Hadrian's Wall)
Bordale (Borrowdale, Borrowdale)
Border, Holme Abbey
Border Buttress, Eagle Crag
Border End, Eskdale
Border Marches of England and Scotland, Cumbria
Border Meeting House (meeting house, Sikeside, Sikeside)
Border Regiment Museum (Museum of the Border Regiment, Carlisle Castle)
Borderrigg, Bewcastle
Borderside, Crosthwaite and Lyth
Border Union Railway, Carlisle
Bordriggs, Broughton West
Bordriggs Farm, Bowness-on-Windermere
Bore Bank (Bowerbank, Barton)
Boredale, Martindale
Boredale Beck, Martindale
Boredale Hause, Boredale
Boredale Head, Boredale
Boreovito (Vercovicium, Hadrian's Wall)
Boretree Tarn, Colton
Borne, Great (Great Borne, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Borodale (Borrowdale, Borrowdale)
Borough Cemetery, Barrow-in-Furness
Borough Cemetery Gate House (Borough Cemetery, Barrow-in-Furness)
Boroughgate, Appleby-in-Westmorland
Borowe (Over Burrow, Lancashire)
Borradale (High Borrowdale, Borrowdale)
Borradale (Low Borrowbridge, Low Borrow Bridge)
Borradale (Low Borrowdale, Borrowdale)
Borran Fold, Dent
Borrans (Borrans Farm, New Hutton)
Borrans (Borwens, Middleton)
Borrans (High Borrans, Windermere)
Borrans, New Hutton
Borrans Farm, New Hutton
Borrans, High (High Borrans, Windermere)
Borrans Hill, Sebergham
Borrans Hill Farm (Borrans Hill, Sebergham)
Borrans, Low (Low Borrans, Windermere)
Borrans Park, Waterhead
Borrans Reservoir, High Borrans
Borrans, the, Whinfell
Borrens Farm (Borwens, Middleton)
Borret Bar (Toll Bar, Sedbergh to Kendal road)
Borrett, Sedbergh
Borrett Gate (Toll Bar, Sedbergh to Kendal road)
Borrodale (Borrowdale, Borrowdale)
Borrodale (Rosthwaite, Borrowdale)
Borrodale Chapel (St Andrew's Church, Stonethwaite)
Borrodale Fells (Borrowdale Fells, Borrowdale)
Borrons parish (Crag Hill parish)
Borrons (Low Borrans, Windermere)
Borrow Beck, Whinfell
Borrowbridge (Low Borrowbridge, Low Borrow Bridge)
Borrow Bridge, High (High Borrow Bridge, Borrow Beck)
Borrow Bridge, High (Hucks Bridge, Borrow Beck)
Borrow Bridge, Low (Low Borrow Bridge, Borrow Beck)
Borrowbridge, Low (Low Borrowbridge, Low Borrow Bridge)
Borrowdale parish (once Cumberland)
Borrowdale, Borrowdale
Borrowdale, Whinfell
Borrowdale Beck, North Stainmore
Borrowdale Chapelry (Borrowdale Township, Crosthwaite)
Borrowdale Church (St Andrew's Church, Stonethwaite)
Borrowdale CofE Primary School, Borrowdale
Borrowdale Fell (Borrowdale Fells, Borrowdale)
Borrowdale Fells, Borrowdale
Borrowdale Freeholds, Grange
Borrowdale Gates (Borrowdale Gates Hotel, Grange)
Borrowdale Gates Hotel, Grange
Borrowdale Graphite Mine (black lead mine, Seathwaite, Grey Knotts)
Borrowdale Hause (Honister Pass, Buttermere)
Borrowdale Hawes (Honister Pass, Buttermere)
Borrowdale Head, Borrowdale
Borrowdale Head Bridge, Borrow Beck
Borrowdale Head Farm (Borrowdale Head, Borrowdale)
Borrowdale, High (High Borrowdale, Borrowdale)
Borrowdale Hole, Borrowdale
Borrowdale Hotel, Borrowdale
Borrowdale Hotel, The (Borrowdale Hotel, Borrowdale)
Borrowdale House, Stainmore
Borrowdale in Hartsop, Hartsop
Borrowdale Institute, Rosthwaite
Borrowdale, Low (Low Borrowdale, Borrowdale)
Borrowdale Moss, Fawcett Forest
Borrowdale School (Borrowdale CofE Primary School, Borrowdale)
Borrowdale Township, Crosthwaite
Borrowdale Valley (Borrowdale, Borrowdale)
Borrowdale Well (salt spring, Borrowdale, Manesty)
Borrowdale Yews, Seathwaite
Borrowdale Youth Hostel, Borrowdale
Borrowens (Borwens, Middleton)
Borrow Old Bridge, High (High Borrow Bridge, Borrow Beck)
Borstal Buttress, Cambridge Crag
Bortree Stile, Osmotherley
Bortree Tarn (Boretree Tarn, Colton)
Bortun (Burton-in-Kendal, Burton-in-Kendal)
Borwens, Middleton
Borwens, Whitwell and Selside
Borwick (Borwick Lodge, Hawkshead)
Borwick, Lancashire
Borwick Fold, Nether Staveley
Borwick Fold Mine, Borwick Fold
Borwick Ground (Borwick Lodge, Hawkshead)
Borwick Hall, Lancashire
Borwick Lodge, Hawkshead
Borwick Rails, Millom
Borwick Rails Harbour, Millom
Borwick's Aynsome, Broughton East
Borwicks Aynsome Farm (Borwick's Aynsome, Broughton East)
Borwick Station, Furness and Midland Joint Railway
Bos'n's Buttress, Scafell Crag
Boston Bridge, Boston Beck
Botcherbie (Botcherby, Carlisle)
Botcherby, Carlisle
Botcherby Bridge, River Petteril
Botcherby Church (St Andrew's Church, Botcherby)
Botcherby Community Centre, Botcherby
Botcherby House, Carlisle
Botcherby Mill, River Petteril
Botcherby Township, Upperby
Botchergate, Carlisle
Botchergate, Carlisle
Bothall (Bothel, Bothel and Threapland)
Bothe Castle (Bew Castle, Bewcastle)
Bothel, Bothel and Threapland
Bothel and Threapland parish (once Cumberland)
Bothel and Threapland Township, Torpenhow
Bothel Beck, Bothel and Threapland
Bothelcrags, Bothel and Threapland
Bothelford (Bodelford, River Kent)
Bothel Hall, Bothel
Bothell (Bothel, Bothel and Threapland)
Botherdaill Angle (Bowderdale, Bowderdale valley)
Bother Gate (English Gate, Carlisle (OGY7inc), )
Bother Gate (English Gate, City Walls)
Bother Street (Botchergate, Carlisle)
Bothrigg Burn, Bewcastle
Botill (Bootle, Bootle)
Botterill's Slab, Scafell Crag
Bottled Beer Centre, The (Open All Hours, Keswick)
Bottleshaped Pinnacle Ridge, Gable Crag
Bottom (Crossrigg Farm, Bolton)
Bottom Bridge, Newland Beck
Bottom, High (High Bottom, Barrow-in-Furness)
Bottom House, Hesket
Bouch House (Moss House, Allonby)
Bouch House, Embleton
Bouch Quarry, Dean
Bouderdale (Bowderdale, Wasdale)
Boudoir Pink (Ulverston: King Street, 13 and 15, Ulverston)
Bought, Windermere
Bouland Bridge (Bowland Bridge, Crosthwaite and Lyth)
Bouland Bridge (Bowland Bridge, River Winster)
Boulder and Crack Climb, High Stile
Boulder Buttress, Mart Crag
Bouldershaw Well, Towns Fell
Boulness (Bowness Point, Bowness, Bowness)
Boulness (Bowness-on-Solway, Bowness)
Boulnesse (Bowness Point, Bowness, Bowness)
Boulnesse (Bowness-on-Solway, Bowness)
Boulson (Bowston Farm, Bowston)
Boulson (Bowston Hall, Bowston)
Boulton (Bolton-le-Sands, Lancashire)
Boundary Bank, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield
Boundary House (Smithy House, Casterton)
boundary post, Barton
boundary post, Borrowdale/Ennerdale etc
boundary post, Ennerdale etc/Nether Wasdale
boundary sign, Alston Moor
boundary sign, Alston Moor (2)
boundary sign, Alston Moor (3)
boundary sign, Alston Moor (4)
boundary sign, Arnside
boundary sign, Crookburn Bridge
boundary sign, Gilsland
boundary sign, Kershopefoot
boundary sign, Kirkandrews
boundary sign, Kirkandrews (2)
boundary sign, Kirkandrews (3)
boundary sign, Mallerstang
boundary sign, Nateby
boundary sign, Nateby (2)
boundary sign, Nicholforest
boundary sign, Stainmore
boundary stone, Ainstable/Armathwaite
boundary stone, Ainstable/Hesket
boundary stone, Alston Moor
boundary stone, Ambleside
boundary stone, Ambleside/Loughrigg
boundary stone, Appleby-in-Westmorland
boundary stone, Arlecdon etc/Cleator Moor
boundary stone, Askam and Ireleth
boundary stone, Askham
boundary stone, Askham/Bampton/etc
boundary stone, Askham/Barton
boundary stone, Askham/Barton (3)
boundary stone, Bampton/Martindale
boundary stone, Barbon/Dent
boundary stone, Barton/Martindale
boundary stone, Barton/Sockbridge etc
boundary stone, Bassenthwaite/Underskiddaw
boundary stone, Beetham
boundary stone, Beetham/Burton
boundary stone, Beetham/Heversham
boundary stone, Beetham/Holme
boundary stone, Beetham/Preston Patrick
boundary stone, Beetham (2)
boundary stone, Berrier/Murrah
boundary stone, Berrier/Murrah (2)
boundary stone, Berrier/Murrah (3)
boundary stone, Berrier/Murrah (4)
boundary stone, Berrier/Murrah (5)
boundary stone, Bewcastle
boundary stone, Blindbothel/Loweswater
boundary stone, Blindbothel/Loweswater (2)
boundary stone, Bolton/King's Meaburn
boundary stone, Bolton/Morland
boundary stone, Borrowdale
boundary stone, Bowscale
boundary stone, Brough
boundary stone, Brough/Musgrave
boundary stone, Brough/Stainmore
boundary stone, Brough (2)
boundary stone, Brough (3)
boundary stone, Brougham/Clifton
boundary stone, Broughton in Furness
boundary stone, Broughton West/Dunnerdale etc
boundary stone, Burgh by Sands/Orton N
boundary stone, Burton-in-Kendal/Beetham
boundary stone, Burton-in-Kendal (2)
boundary stone, Burton-in-Kendal (3)
boundary stone, Burton-in-Kendal (4)
boundary stone, Burton-in-Kendal (5)
boundary stone, Carlisle/St Cuthbert Without
boundary stone, Carlisle (2)
boundary stone, Carnforth
boundary stone, Cartmel Fell/Windermere
boundary stone, Casterton
boundary stone, Casterton (2)
boundary stone, Catterlen/Skelton
boundary stone, Claife
boundary stone, Claife/Hawkshead
boundary stone, Cliburn/Morland
boundary stone, Colby/King's Meaburn
boundary stone, Crook/Windermere
boundary stone, Crosby Garrett/Smardale
boundary stone, Crosby Garrett/Waitby
boundary stone, Crosby Ravensworth
boundary stone, Crosby Ravensworth (2)
boundary stone, Cross Fell
boundary stone, Crosthwaite and Lyth
boundary stone, Crosthwaite etc/Underbarrow etc
boundary stone, Culgaith
boundary stone, Culgaith (2)
boundary stone, Culgaith (3)
boundary stone, Dacre
boundary stone, Dacre/Greystoke
boundary stone, Dacre (2)
boundary stone, Dalston
boundary stone, Dean/Lamplugh
boundary stone, Dent
boundary stone, Dent/Ingleton
boundary stone, Dent/Ingleton (2)
boundary stone, Dent/Sedbergh
boundary stone, Dent (3)
boundary stone, Dent (4)
boundary stone, Dent (5)
boundary stone, Dent (6)
boundary stone, Dunnerdale etc/Ulpha
boundary stone, Dunnerdale etc/Ulpha (2)
boundary stone, Egremont/St Bees (St Bees Stone, Loughrigg)
boundary stone, Embleton
boundary stone, Eskdale/Ulpha
boundary stone, Fawcett Forest/Whinfell
boundary stone, Garsdale
boundary stone, Gawthrop
boundary stone, Glassonby
boundary stone, Grasmere
boundary stone, Grayrigg/Dillicar
boundary stone, Great Salkeld/Lazonby
boundary stone, Great Salkeld/Lazonby (2)
boundary stone, Hartley/Winton
boundary stone, Hesket
boundary stone, Hesket/Penrith
boundary stone, Hesket/Skelton
boundary stone, Hesket (2)
boundary stone, Hesket (3)
boundary stone, Heversham/Hincaster
boundary stone, Heversham/Kendal
boundary stone, Heversham/Levens
boundary stone, Heversham/Milnthorpe
boundary stone, Heversham/Milnthorpe (2)
boundary stone, Heversham/Milnthorpe (3)
boundary stone, High Seat
boundary stone, Hoff
boundary stone, Holme/Burton-in-Kendal
boundary stone, Hutton
boundary stone, Hutton/Matterdale
boundary stone, Hutton Roof
boundary stone, Hutton Roof/Burton-in-Kendal
boundary stone, Kaber
boundary stone, Kaber/Stainmore
boundary stone, Kaber (2)
boundary stone, Kaber (3)
boundary stone, Kaber (4)
boundary stone, Kaber (5)
boundary stone, Kaber (6)
boundary stone, Kaber (7)
boundary stone, Keswick
boundary stone, King's Meaburn
boundary stone, Kingwater
boundary stone, Kingwater (2)
boundary stone, Kirkoswald
boundary stone, Kirkoswald/Lazonby
boundary stone, Kirkoswald (2)
boundary stone, Langwathby
boundary stone, Langwathby/Penrith
boundary stone, Langwathby/Penrith (2)
boundary stone, Lazonby
boundary stone, Longsleddale/Kentmere/etc
boundary stone, Longsleddale/Shap Rural
boundary stone, Longsleddale/Shap Rural (2)
boundary stone, Longsleddale/Shap Rural (3)
boundary stone, Longsleddale/Shap Rural (4)
boundary stone, Longsleddale/Shap Rural (6)
boundary stone, Longsleddale/Shap Rural (7)
boundary stone, Longsleddale/Shap Rural (12)
boundary stone, Longsleddale/Whitwell etc
boundary stone, Lupton/Preston Patrick
boundary stone, Mallerstang/Nateby
boundary stone, Matterdale/Mungrisdale
boundary stone, Maulds M/King's Meaburn
boundary stone, Maulds M/King's Meaburn (2)
boundary stone, Melmerby/Ousby
boundary stone, Millom Without/Thwaites
boundary stone, Millthrop
boundary stone, Mosedale
boundary stone, Mungrisdale (5)
boundary stone, Musgrave/Soulby
boundary stone, Musgrave/Warcop
boundary stone, Nateby (3)
boundary stone, Nateby (4)
boundary stone, Nenthead
boundary stone, Nenthead (2)
boundary stone, Nether Wasdale
boundary stone, Nether Wasdale (2)
boundary stone, Old Hutton etc/Preston Patrick
boundary stone, Orton S
boundary stone, Ousby
boundary stone, Patterdale
boundary stone, Patterdale (2)
boundary stone, Preston Patrick/Lupton
boundary stone, Preston Richard/Stainton
boundary stone, Ravenstonedale
boundary stone, Ravenstonedale/Kirkby Stephen
boundary stone, Seathwaite
boundary stone, Seathwaite (2)
boundary stone, Sebergham
boundary stone, Sebergham (2)
boundary stone, Sedbergh
boundary stone, Sedbergh (2)
boundary stone, Sedbergh (3)
boundary stone, Skelton
boundary stone, Skelwith/Lakes
boundary stone, Stainmore
boundary stone, Stainmore (2)
boundary stone, Stainmore (3)
boundary stone, Stainmore (4)
boundary stone, Stainmore (5)
boundary stone, Stainmore (6)
boundary stone, Stainmore (7)
boundary stone, Staveley
boundary stone, Tebay/Sedbergh
boundary stone, Tees Head
boundary stone, Warcop
boundary stone, West Yorkshire
boundary stone, Wigton
boundary stone, Windermere
boundary stone, Windermere/Applethwaite
boundary stone, Windermere/Applethwaite (2)
boundary stone, Windermere (2)
Bounder Stone (Bowder Stone, Borrowdale)
Bounty, The, Workington
Bouscale Tarn (Bowscale Tarn, Bowscale Fell)
Bouse Scale (Bowscale, Mungrisdale)
Bouse Scale Fell (Bowscale Fell, Mungrisdale)
Bouse Scale Tarn (Bowscale Tarn, Bowscale Fell)
Bousfield, Orton S
Boustead Hill, Burgh by Sands
Boustead Hill Bridge, Burgh by Sands
Boustead Hill House, Burgh by Sands
Boustead Hill Township, Burgh-upon-Sands
Bout (Boot, Eskdale)
Bouth, Colton
Bouther Beck (Bowderbeck, Buttermere)
Bouthersdale (Bowderdale valley, Howgill Fells)
Bouth Fall Stile, Bouth
Bouthray Bridge (Bouthrey Bridge, River Crake)
Bouthrey Bridge, River Crake
Bouthwaite, Whitwell and Selside
Bove Wood, Cumrew
Bovewood, Cumrew
Bow, Orton N
Bowanstead (Bowmanstead, Coniston)
Bowbank, Farlam
Bowbank, Skelsmergh
Bowbanke (Bowbank, Skelsmergh)
Bowber Head (Bowberhead Farm, Ravenstonedale)
Bowber Head, Ravenstonedale
Bowberhead Farm, Ravenstonedale
Bowber Hill, Kaber
Bow Bridge, Asby Beck
Bow Bridge, Mill Beck
Bowbridge House, Asby
Bowbrow, Orton S
Bowdar Stone (Bowder Stone, Borrowdale)
Bowderbeck, Buttermere
Bowder Crag, Borrowdale
Bowderdale, Bowderdale valley
Bowderdale, Nether Wasdale
Bowderdale, Wasdale
Bowderdale Angle, Ravenstonedale
Bowderdale Beck, Howgill Fells
Bowderdale Bridge, Bowderdale Beck
Bowderdale Bridge, Bowderdale
Bowderdale Farm (Bowderdale, Wasdale)
Bowderdale Foot, Bowderdale
Bowderdale Head, Bowderdale
Bowderdale Head, Orton S
Bowderdale valley, Howgill Fells
Bowder House, Bowness-on-Solway
Bowder Stone, Borrowdale
Bowderstone (Bowder Stone, Borrowdale)
Bowderstone Crags (Bowder Crag, Borrowdale)
Bowderstone Pinnacle, Bowder Crag
Bowder Stone, The (Bowder Stone, Borrowdale)
Bowderthwaite, Mardale
Bowderthwaite Bridge, Riggindale Beck
Bowdray Bridge (Bouthrey Bridge, River Crake)
Bowe Castle (Bew Castle, Bewcastle)
Bowecastle (Bew Castle, Bewcastle)
Bower Bank (Bowerbank, Barton)
Bowerbank, Barton
Bowerbank Hall, Penrith
Bowerdale (Boredale, Martindale)
Bowerdale (Bowderdale, Nether Wasdale)
Bower House (Bower House Inn, Irton with Santon)
Bowerhouse Bridge, River Mite
Bower House Inn, Irton with Santon
Bower Marsh, Bowness-on-Windermere
Bowers, Firbank
Bowers Bank (Bowerbank, Barton)
Bowersike, Killington
Bower's Route, Dow Crag
Bowers Wood, Longsleddale
Bower Syke (Bowersike, Killington)
Bower Well, Bower Wood
Bower Wood (Bowers Wood, Longsleddale)
Bowerwood (Bowers Wood, Longsleddale)
Bowes, Durham
Bowesfield Farm, Barrow-in-Furness
Bowes Lodge, Witherslack
Bowe's Pheasant Hotel (Pheasant, The, Wythop)
Bowes to Brough, Cumbria
Bow Farm, High (High Bow Farm, Orton N)
Bow Fell (Baugh Fell, Garsdale)
Bow Fell, Lakes
Bowfell (Bow Fell, Lakes)
Bowfell Buttress, Bow Fell
Bowfell Buttress, Bow Fell
Bowfell Buttress Eliminate, Bowfell Buttress
Bowfell Buttress Girdle, Bowfell Buttress
Bowfell Buttress Route, Bowfell Buttress
Bowfell Links, Bow Fell
Bow Hall, Dufton
Bowkerstead Bridge, Force Beck
Bowkerstead Farm, Satterthwaite
Bowkerstead, Low (Low Bowkerstead, Satterthwaite)
Bowland (Bothel, Bothel and Threapland)
Bowland Bridge, Crosthwaite and Lyth
Bowland Bridge, River Winster
Bowland's Pharmacy (Kendal: Highgate, 41, Kendal)
Bowling Fell, Kendal
Bowling Fell, Kendal
Bowling Green House (Jonathan Swift House, Whitehaven)
Bowling Green House in Grounds of Cockermouth (Cockermouth Castle, Cockermouth)
bowling green, Kendal
bowling green, Kendal (2)
bowling green, Staveley
Bowling Green Tavern, Kendal
Bowmanstead, Coniston
Bowmanstead House, Bowmanstead
Bownes (Bowness-on-Solway, Bowness)
Bownes (Bowness-on-Windermere, Windermere lake)
Bow Ness (Bowness Point, Bowness, Bowness)
Bow Ness (Bowness, Bassenthwaite Lake)
Bowness parish (once Cumberland)
Bowness parish (once Cumberland)
Bowness (Bowness Bay, Windermere lake)
Bowness (Bowness Common, Bowness)
Bowness (Bowness Farm, Bowness)
Bowness (Bowness-on-Solway, Bowness)
Bowness (Bowness-on-Windermere, Windermere lake)
Bowness, Bassenthwaite Lake
Bowness, Ennerdale
Bowness and Windermere Community Centre (Ladyholme, Bowness-on-Windermere)
Bowness Bank, Bowness-on-Windermere
Bowness Bay, Bassenthwaite Lake
Bowness Bay, Windermere lake
Bowness Bowling Club, Bowness-on-Windermere
Bowness Church (St Martin's Church, Bowness-on-Windermere)
Bowness Common, Bowness
Bownesse in Windermere (Bowness-on-Windermere, Windermere lake)
Bowness Farm, Bowness
Bowness Ferry (Windermere Ferry, Windermere lake)
Bowness Grammar School (Laurel Cottage, Bowness-on-Windermere)
Bowness Grammar School (Wordsworth Court, Bowness-on-Windermere)
Bowness Hall, Bowness
Bowness House Farm, Bowness-on-Solway
Bowness Knot (Bowness Knott, Ennerdale)
Bowness Knott, Ennerdale
Bowness Lighting (Bowness-on-Windermere: Bowness Lighting, Bowness-on-Windermere)
Bowness Methodist Chapel (Bowness Methodist Chapel, Bowness-on-Solway, Bowness-on-Solway)
Bowness Mill (windmill, Bowness, Bowness-on-Solway)
Bowness-on-Solway, Bowness
Bowness-on-Solway Church (St Michael's Church, Bowness-on-Solway)
Bowness on Solway Primary School, Barwise Brow
Bowness-on-Solway Tower, Bowness-on-Solway
Bowness-on-Windermere, Windermere lake
Bowness-on-Windermere: Church Street, 1
Bowness Pier, Windermere lake
Bowness Police Station (police station, Bowness-on-Windermere, Bowness-on-Windermere)
Bowness Station, Solway Junction Railway
Bowness Township, Bowness
Bowness Wath, Bowness
Bowrells (Burrells, Hoff)
Bowring Well, Tebay
Bows (Bowes, Durham)
Bowscale, Allonby
Bowscale, Mungrisdale
Bowscale Beck Mine, Bowscale Beck
Bowscale Fell, Mungrisdale
Bowscale Tarn, Bowscale Fell
Bowscale Township, Greystoke
Bow Scar (Bowscar Farm, Bowscar)
Bowscar (Bowscar Farm, Bowscar)
Bowscar, Bowscar
Bowscar Farm, Bowscar
Bowscar Mansion, Penrith
Bowscar Quarries, Great Salkeld
Bowstead Gates, Egton with Newland
Bowstead Hill (Boustead Hill, Burgh by Sands)
Bowston (Bowston Farm, Bowston)
Bowston, Strickland Ketel
Bowston Bridge, River Kent
Bowston Farm, Bowston
Bowston Hall, Bowston
Bowtell (Bootle, Bootle)
Bowten Beck, Caldbeck
Bowtherdale (Bowderdale, Bowderdale valley)
Bowther Stone (Bowder Stone, Borrowdale)
Bowthorn Farm, Cleator Moor
Bowthwaite (Bouthwaite, Whitwell and Selside)
Bowthwaite Bridge, Light Water
Bow Windows Farm, Rampside
Box Holme, Thirlmere
Box Holme Island (Box Holme, Thirlmere)
Box Tree (Lupton Tower, Lupton)
Boxtree (Lupton Tower, Lupton)
Boxtree, Crook
Boxtree Farm (Lupton Tower, Lupton)
Boxwood Cottage, Lowther
Boyd Hair and Beauty, Carlisle
Boys National School, Hutton Court
BR (British Railways, Cumbria)
Braban House, Strickland Roger
Braban tarne (Greycrag Tarn, Sleddale Fell)
Braboniaco (roman fort, Burwens, Burwens)
Bracelet Hall, Broughton West
Brackenbank, Lazonby
Brackenbank, Wetheral
Brackenbar Gate to Kendal, Cumbria
Brackenbarrow, Great Clifton
Bracken Barrow Farm, Torver
Brackenbarrow Farm (Bracken Barrow Farm, Torver)
Brackenber, Murton
Brackenber, Ravenstonedale
Brackenber, Shap
Brackenber Farm, Brackenber
Brackenber Flodders, Brackenber Moor
Brackenberg (Brackenber Hill, Clifton)
Brackenbergh (Brackenber, Shap)
Brackenber Hall, Brackenber
Brackenber Hill, Clifton
Brackenber Lodge, Brackenber
Brackenber Moor, Murton
Brackenbirs (Brackenber, Murton)
Brackenbrough (Brackenburgh, Hesket)
Brackenburgh, Hesket
Brackenburgh Cottages, Brackenburgh
Brackenburgh Home Farm, Brackenburgh
Brackenburgh Tower (Brackenburgh, Hesket)
Brackenburn, Borrowdale
Brackenburn Lodge, Borrowdale
Bracken Clock, The, Pavey Ark
Brackenfell, Brampton
Bracken Fold, Whinfell
Bracken Hall, Lambrigg
Bracken Hall Cottage, Lambrigg
Bracken Hall, High (High Bracken Hall, Gatebeck)
Bracken Hall, High (High Braithwaite, Skelton)
Bracken Hall, Low (Low Bracken Hall, Gatebeck)
Bracken Heads, Caldbeck
Bracken Hill (Brackenhill Tower, Brackenhill)
Bracken Hill (Breconhill, Dalston)
Brackenhill (Brackenhill Tower, Brackenhill)
Brackenhill, Arthuret
Brackenhill, Orton S
Brackenhill Farm, Brackenhill
Brackenhillrigg, Brackenhill
Brackenhill Tile Works, Brackenhill
Brackenhill Tower, Brackenhill
Brackenhill Township, Arthuret
Bracken Holes (Bracken Hall Cottage, Lambrigg)
Bracken Holes (Bracken Hall, Lambrigg)
Brackenhow (Brackenhowe, Mardale)
Brackenhow, Dalston
Brackenhowe, Mardale
Brackenlands, Woodside
Bracken Rigg (Brackenrigg Cottages, Bassenthwaite)
Bracken Rigg (Brackenrigg, Selside)
Brackenrigg, Bowness
Brackenrigg, Flookburgh
Brackenrigg, Selside
Brackenrigg, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Brackenrigg Cottages, Bassenthwaite
Brackenrigg Hotel, Brackenrigg
Bracken Riggs, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Brackenrigg Side (Brackenrigg, Selside)
Brackenrigg Sike (Brackenrigg, Selside)
Brackenrigg Turnpike (Toll Bar Cottage, Keswick to Cockermouth road)
Bracken Route, Pavey Ark
Brackenrow Sike, Bewcastle
Brackensgill, Dent
Brackenside, Brampton
Brackenslack, Crosby Ravensworth
Brackenthwaite, Cumrew
Brackenthwaite, Haile
Brackenthwaite, Lancashire
Brackenthwaite, Murton
Brackenthwaite, Westward
Brackenthwaite Farm (Brackenthwaite, Westward)
Brackenthwaite Fell, Buttermere
Brackenthwaite Hows (Scale Hill, Scale Hill)
Brackenthwaite Mill, Liza Beck
Brackenthwaite Township, Brigham
Bracket and Slab Climb, Gimmer Crag
Brackmere (Thirlmere, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Bracknelh (Brackenhill Tower, Brackenhill)
Brackneth (Brackenhill Tower, Brackenhill)
Brackon Hall (High Bracken Hall, Gatebeck)
Brackon Hall (Low Bracken Hall, Gatebeck)
Braddylls Arms, Ulverston
Bradlay Field (Bradleyfield, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield)
Bradley, Great Strickland
Bradley, Ousby
Bradleyfield, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield
Bradley Field House (Bradleyfield House, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield)
Bradleyfield House, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield
Bradleyfield Township, Underbarrow and (Underbarrow Chapelry, Kendal)
Bradleyfield, Underbarrow and parish (Underbarrow and Bradleyfield parish)
Bradley Foot, Ousby
Bradley's Damnation, Raven Crag
Bradley's Leap, River Dee
Bradness (Broadness, Bassenthwaite)
Bradrith Stone (Brandrith Stone, Galloper Field)
Bradsey Hall (Pardshaw Hall, Dean)
Bradyll's Arms (Braddylls Arms, Ulverston)
Brae Fell, Caldbeck
Braefell (Brae Fell, Caldbeck)
Brae Fell Mine (Red Gill Mines, Caldbeck Fells)
Braefell Mine, Caldbeck
Braemar, Cliburn
Braemar, Ennerdale
Braem Green (Bram Cragg, St John's in the Vale)
Braes, Bewcastle
Braesteads, Grisedale
Bragg's House, Aikton
Braida Garth, North Yorkshire
Braida Garth Pot, Whernside
Braidey Garth Farm House (Braida Garth, North Yorkshire)
Braidey Garth Pot (Braida Garth Pot, Whernside)
Braim Crag (Bram Cragg, St John's in the Vale)
Brains (Brinns Farm, Shap Rural)
Braithwaite (Braithwaite Hall, High Braithwaite)
Braithwaite, Above Derwent
Braithwaite and Buttermere Railway, Above Derwent
Braithwaite Beck
Braithwaite Bridge (Braithwaites Bridge, Lancaster Canal)
Braithwaite Bridge, Braithwaite Beck
Braithwaite Bridges, Newlands Beck
Braithwaite Brow, Braithwaite
Braithwaite Brow, Braithwaite
Braithwaite Church (St Herbert's Church, Braithwaite)
Braithwaite Fold, Bowness-on-Windermere
Braithwaite Hall (school, Far Sawrey, Far Sawrey)
Braithwaite Hall, High Braithwaite
Braithwaite, High (High Braithwaite, Skelton)
Braithwaite House (Coldstream House, Hartley)
Braithwaite, Little (Little Braithwaite, Braithwaite)
Braithwaite, Low (Low Braithwaite, Skelton)
Braithwaite Meeting House, Braithwaite
Braithwaite Methodist Chapel, Braithwaite
Braithwaite Pot (Braithwaite Wife Hole, Ingleborough)
Braithwaites Bridge, Lancaster Canal
Braithwaite School (school, Braithwaite, Braithwaite)
Braithwaite Shields, Skelton
Braithwaite Station, Keswick and Penrith Railway Cockermouth
Braithwaite Township, Crosthwaite
Braithwaite Township, Middlesceugh and (Middlesceugh and Braithwaite Township, St Mary's)
Braithwaite Village Hall (village hall, Braithwaite, Braithwaite)
Braithwaite Wife Hole, Ingleborough
Braithwaite Wife Shake Hole (Braithwaite Wife Hole, Ingleborough)
Braithwaite Yard (Dr Manning's Yard, Kendal)
Braken Hill (Brackenhill Tower, Brackenhill)
Brakenhill (Brackenhill Tower, Brackenhill)
Bramaskew, Sedbergh
Brambles, Ulverston
Bram Crag (Bram Cragg, St John's in the Vale)
Bram Crag, St John's in the Vale
Bramcrag (Bram Cragg, St John's in the Vale)
Bram Cragg, St John's in the Vale
Bramcrag Quarry, Wanthwaite Crags
Bramerton, Carlisle
Bramerton Lodge, Carlisle
Bramery, Ainstable
Bramfeilde (Bromfield, Bromfield)
Bramley, Blindbothel
Brampton parish (once Cumberland)
Brampton parish (once Cumberland)
Brampton (roman fort, Brampton, Brampton)
Brampton, Brampton
Brampton, Long Marton
Brampton Beck, Brampton
Brampton Beck, Long Marton
Brampton: Brampton Sports
Brampton: Carlisle Road, 13 to 17
Brampton Church (St Martin's Church, Brampton)
Bramptonfell, Brampton
Bramptonfell Gates, Newcastle and Carlisle Railway
Brampton Fell Station, Newcastle and Carlisle Railway
Brampton Fire Station (Brampton Fire Station, Brampton, Brampton)
Brampton: Front Street, 7 to 11
Brampton: Front Street, 45 and 47
Brampton: Front Street, 54 and 56
Brampton Hall, Brampton
Brampton: High Cross Street, 5
Brampton Infants School (Brampton Primary School, Brampton)
Brampton Junction, Newcastle and Carlisle Railway
Brampton Junction Station (Brampton Station, Newcastle and Carlisle Railway)
Brampton: Longtown Road, 10
Brampton: Lorne Terrace
Brampton: Main Street, 63
Brampton: Market Place, 4
Brampton: Mark Terrace
Brampton Methodist Church, Brampton
Brampton: Milburn and Son
Brampton Mill, Brampton
Brampton Motte (Mote, The, Brampton)
Brampton Old Church (Old Church, Brampton)
Brampton Park, Brampton
Brampton Police Station, Brampton
Brampton Primary School, Brampton
Brampton Railway, Nether Denton
Brampton Rural Deanery, Diocese of Carlisle
Brampton Staith, Brampton Railway
Brampton Station (Brampton Staith, Brampton Railway)
Brampton Station, Newcastle and Carlisle Railway
Brampton: Thompson Brothers Meals
Brampton Tower, Long Marton
Brampton Township, Brampton
Brampton Township, Long Marton
Brampton Union Workhouse (workhouse, Brampton, Brampton)
Brampton United Reformed Church, Brampton
Brampton Watermill, Long Marton
Bramptoon (Brampton, Brampton)
Bram Rigg, Brant Fell
Bram Rigg Beck, Sedbergh
Bram Rigg Top, Brant Fell
Bramton (Brampton, Brampton)
Branch Chimney, Dow Crag
Brandelhow Bay, Derwent Water
Brandelhow Lead Mines (Brandlehow Mine, Brandlehow Bay)
Brandelhow, Old (Old Brandelhow, Brandelhow)
Brandelhow Park, Brandelhow
Brandelhow Point, Derwent Water
Brandelow (Old Brandelhow, Brandelhow)
Brandery Stone (Brandrith Stone, Galloper Field)
Brandilow (Old Brandelhow, Brandelhow)
Brandlegill Beck (Grainsgill Beck, Mungrisdale)
Brandle Gill Beek (Grainsgill Beck, Mungrisdale)
Brandlehow Bay (Brandelhow Bay, Derwent Water)
Brandlehow Mine (Brandlehow Mine, Brandlehow Bay)
Brandlehow Mine, Brandlehow Bay
Brandlehow Park (Brandelhow Park, Brandelhow)
Brandlehow Point (Brandelhow Point, Derwent Water)
Brandling Gill (Brandlingill, Blindbothel)
Brandlingill, Blindbothel
Brandlingill Farm (Brandlingill, Blindbothel)
Brandlingill Farmhouse (Brandlingill, Blindbothel)
Brandreth (Three Shire Stones, Wrynose Pass)
Brandreth, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Brandreth Stone parish
Brandreth Stone (Brandrith Stone, Galloper Field)
Brandrith Stone, Galloper Field
Brandrum Strand, Camerton
Brand Thwait (High Branthwaite Farm, Sedbergh)
Brand Thwait (Low Branthwaite, Sedbergh)
Brandthwaite Brow (Branthwaite Brow, Kendal)
Brandthwart Lane (Branthwaite Brow, Kendal)
Brandy Bottle Springs, Ousby
Brandy Crag, Harter Fell
Brandy Gill, Mosedale
Brandywine, Grey Buttress
Branelston (Brownelson, Dalston)
Braning (Low Broadrain, Lakes)
Branken Wall, Muncaster
Brankenwalls Gill Iron Mine, Muncaster
Branley (Old Brandelhow, Brandelhow)
Branley Park (Brandelhow Park, Brandelhow)
Bransil Beck (Brantsgill Beck, North Yorkshire)
Branstree, Longsleddale
Branstreet (Branstree, Longsleddale)
Bransty, Whitehaven
Bransty Engine Shed (engine shed, Whitehaven (3), Whitehaven Junction Railway)
Bransty Engine Shed (engine shed, Whitehaven (4), Whitehaven Junction Railway)
Bransty Junction, Whitehaven and Furness Junction Railway
Bransty Station (Whitehaven Station, Whitehaven and Furness Junction Railway)
Bransty Station (Whitehaven Station, Whitehaven Junction Railway)
Bransty Toll Bar (Bransty Turnpike, Cockermouth to Whitehaven road)
Bransty TP (Bransty Turnpike, Cockermouth to Whitehaven road)
Bransty Turnpike, Cockermouth to Whitehaven road
Brant Fell, Howgill Fells
Brant Fell, Windermere
Brantfell (Brant Fell, Windermere)
Branthwaite, Caldbeck
Branthwaite, Dean
Branthwaite, Sedbergh
Branthwaite Beck, Branthwaite
Branthwaite Bridge, Branthwaite Beck
Branthwaite Bridge, River Marron
Branthwaite Brow, Kendal
Branthwaite Edge, Dean
Branthwaite Edge Quarry, Dean
Branthwaite Farm, Branthwaite
Branthwaite Farm, High (High Branthwaite Farm, Sedbergh)
Branthwaite Hall, Branthwaite
Branthwaite, High (High Branthwaite Farm, Sedbergh)
Branthwaite, Low (Low Branthwaite, Sedbergh)
Branthwaite Outgang, Dean
Branthwaite Rigg, Dean
Branthwaite Row Farm, Dean
Branthwaites, Sedbergh
Branthwaite School (Authwaite House, Branthwaite)
Branthwaites, Low (Low Branthwaites, Sedbergh)
Branthwaite Station, Cleator and Egremont Railway Whitehaven
Branthwaite Township, Dean
Branton (Brampton, Brampton)
Branton (Brampton, Long Marton)
Branton Hall (Brunton House, North Yorkshire)
Brantrake, Eskdale
Brant Rake Mine, Eskdale Valley
Brant Rigg, Lingmell Beck
Brantscar Cave and Hole (Bruntscar Cave, Bruntscar House)
Brantsgill Beck, North Yorkshire
Brant Side, Dent Fell
Brant Street (Branstree, Longsleddale)
Brantwood (Newbiggin Station, South Durham and Lancashire Union Railway)
Brantwood, Coniston
Brantwood Bar and Restaurant, Stainton
Brantwood Jetty, Brantwood
Brantyghyll, Howgill
Brass Currick, Ousby
Brathay (Brathay Hall, Brathay)
Brathay (Old Brathay, Brathay)
Brathay, Clappersgate
Brathay Bay, Windermere lake
Brathay Bridge (Skelwith Bridge, Skelwith)
Brathay Bridge, River Brathay
Brathay Chapel (Holy Trinity Church, Brathay)
Brathay Church (Holy Trinity Church, Brathay)
Brathay District Church (Holy Trinity Church, Brathay)
Brathay Garths, Brathay
Brathay Hall, Brathay
Brathay Hill, Setmurthy
Brathay, Old (Old Brathay, Brathay)
Brathay Park (Brathay Hall, Brathay)
Brathay Quarries, Great Brathay
Brathay River (Brathay, River, Skelwith)
Brathay, River, Skelwith
Brathay Rocks, Windermere lake
Brathay Wood (Brathay Garths, Brathay)
Brathay Wood (Pull Garth Wood, Skelwith)
Brathey (Brathay, Clappersgate)
Brathey (Old Brathay, Brathay)
Brathey River (Brathay, River, Skelwith)
Brathey, River (Brathay, River, Skelwith)
Brathwaite (Braithwaite, Above Derwent)
Brathwaite (Branthwaite, Sedbergh)
Brathwaite (Forest Head, Farlam)
Brathwaite Fold (Braithwaite Fold, Bowness-on-Windermere)
Brathwaite's estate (High Stott Park, High Stott Park)
Brathwat (Braithwaite, Above Derwent)
Brathwate (Braithwaite Hall, High Braithwaite)
Brathwate (Braithwaite, Above Derwent)
Brathwate (Low Braithwaite, Skelton)
Brathy (Old Brathay, Brathay)
Brathy River (Brathay, River, Skelwith)
Brat's Hill Stone Circle (Burnmoor Stone Circles, Low Longrigg)
Brat's Moss, Eskdale
Brattah (Brotto, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Bratwat (Braithwaite, Above Derwent)
Braunton (Brampton, Brampton)
Bravoniacum (Brocavum, Brougham Castle)
Bravoniacum (roman fort, Burwens, Burwens)
Brayshaw, Natland
Braystones, Lowside Quarter
Braystones Motte (motte, Braystones, Brough Hill)
Braystones Station, Whitehaven and Furness Junction Railway
Braystones Tarn, Braystones
Braystones Tower, Braystones
Braythwaite Fould (Braithwaite Fold, Bowness-on-Windermere)
Brayton, Aspatria
Brayton Engine Shed (engine shed, Brayton, Solway Junction Railway)
Brayton Hall (Brayton Park, Brayton)
Brayton Home Farm, Brayton
Brayton Junction, Maryport and Carlisle Railway
Brayton Park, Brayton
Brayton Park Satellite Landing Ground (Brayton Satellite Landing Ground, Brayton)
Brayton Satellite Landing Ground, Brayton
Brayton Station, Maryport and Carlisle Railway
Brayton Township, ... and (Aspatria and Brayton Township, Aspatria)
Breada (Braida Garth, North Yorkshire)
Breadagrth (Braida Garth, North Yorkshire)
Bread and Beer House, The, Dovenby
Bread Shed, The (Cartmel Cheeses and Bakehouse, Cartmel)
Breaken Tower, Larriston
Breaks, Irthington
Breaks Hall, Ormside
Breakshaw Hill, Askerton
Breaks Moss, Irthington
Breakwater Slab Grooved Arete, Boat Howe Crags
Breakwater Slabs, Boat Howe Crags
Breakwater Slabs by Moss Salb, Boat Howe Crags
Breaskay Moss, Baugh Fell
Breast High, Breasthigh Road
Breasthigh Beck, Orton S
Breasthigh Road, Borrowdale
Breast Mill Beck, Barrow-in-Furness
Breasty Haw, Satterthwaite
Breckenbur (Brackenber, Murton)
Breckney Bed, Waterhead
Breckonhill (Brackenhill Farm, Brackenhill)
Breckonhill (Brackenhill Tower, Brackenhill)
Breckonhill Township (Brackenhill Township, Arthuret)
Brecon Hill, Dalston
Breconhill, Brampton
Breconhill, Dalston
Brederdale Foot (Bretherdale Foot, Bretherdale)
Brederdale Foote (Bretherdale Foot, Bretherdale)
Brederdale Foote (Bretherdale Hall, Bretherdale)
Brederdalefote (Bretherdale Foot, Bretherdale)
Brederdale Head (Bretherdale Head, Bretherdale)
Brederdale head (Bretherdale Head, Bretherdale)
Bredordale Head (Bretherdale Head, Bretherdale)
Breekes (Breaks Hall, Ormside)
Breingwin (Mayburgh, Yanwath and Eamont Bridge)
Bremelenracum (roman fort, Brampton, Brampton)
Bremetemraco (Bremetenracum Veteranorum, Ribchester)
Bremetenraco (Bremetenracum Veteranorum, Ribchester)
Bremetenracum (Voreda, Old Penrith)
Bremetenracum Veteranorum, Ribchester
Bremeteraco (Bremetenracum Veteranorum, Ribchester)
Bremetereracum (Voreda, Old Penrith)
Bremeternacum (Voreda, Old Penrith)
Bremetonacae (Calacum, Over Burrow)
Bremetonacae (Over Burrow, Lancashire)
Bremetonacci (Bremetenracum Veteranorum, Ribchester)
Bremetonaci (Bremetenracum Veteranorum, Ribchester)
Bremetonacum (Over Burrow, Lancashire)
Bremeturacum (Brampton, Brampton)
Brereburne (Barbon, Barbon)
Bresnetenaci Veteranorum (Bremetenracum Veteranorum, Ribchester)
Bretherdaill (Bretherdale, Orton S)
Bretherdale, Orton S
Bretherdale Bank, Bretherdale
Bretherdale Beck, Orton S
Bretherdale Common, Orton S
Bretherdale Foot, Bretherdale
Bretherdalefoot (Bretherdale Foot, Bretherdale)
Bretherdale Hall, Bretherdale
Bretherdale Head, Bretherdale
Bretherdale Township, Orton S
Brett Wright clockmaker (Caldbeck: Wright, Caldbeck)
Brewery Cottage, Burgh by Sands
brewery, Croasdale
Brewery Farm, Burgh by Sands
brewery, Gosforth
brewery, Great Corby
Brewery, High (High Brewery, Carlisle)
Brewery House, Caldbeck
brewery, Lindal in Furness
Brewery, Low (Low Brewery, Dalston)
Brewery, New (New Brewery, Brampton)
Brewery, New (New Brewery, Carlisle)
Brewery, New (New Brewery, Penrith)
Brewery, Old (Geltsdale, Brampton)
Brewery, Old (Old Brewery, Whitehaven)
Brewery Shaft Shaft, Nent Force Level
brewery, Silloth
Brewery, The (Old Brewery, The, Kendal)
Brewery, The, Barrow-in-Furness
Brewery, The, Kendal
brewery, Ulverston
Brians (Brinns Farm, Shap Rural)
Briars (Bryers Fold, Far Sawrey)
Brickdale (Birkdale, North Yorkshire)
Brick House, Crackenthorpe
brickworks, Askam and Ireleth
brickworks, Lowther
Brickyard, The (Richmond Memorial Hall, Carlisle)
Bridal Suite, The, Goat Crag
Bride Kirk (Bridekirk, Bridekirk)
Bride Kirk (St Bridget's Church, Bridekirk)
Bridekirk parish (once Cumberland)
Bridekirk parish (once Cumberland)
Bridekirk, Bridekirk
Bridekirk Church (St Bridget's Church, Bridekirk)
Bridekirke (Bridekirk, Bridekirk)
Bridekirk Hall (Hall, Bridekirk)
Bridekirk Township, Bridekirk
Bridekirk Vicarage, Bridekirk
Bride's Well, Stapleton
bridge, Abbey Approach
bridge, Above Derwent
bridge, Above Derwent (2)
bridge, Acorn Bank
bridge, Alston Moor
bridge, Appleby-in-Westmorland (2)
bridge, Applethwaite
bridge, Arlecdon and Frizington
bridge, Armboth
bridge, Barbon
bridge, Barrow-in-Furness
bridge, Bassenthwaite
bridge, Beckermet
bridge, Beck Houses
bridge, Beckside
bridge, Beech Hill
bridge, Bewcastle
bridge, Blancarn
bridge, Blenkinsopp
bridge, Bolton
bridge, Borrowdale
bridge, Bretherdale
bridge, Bridge End
Bridge bridge, High (High Bridge bridge, Roe Beck)
bridge, Brough
bridge, Brough (2)
bridge, Brough (3)
bridge, Brough (4)
bridge, Brougham
bridge, Brownehowe Bottom
bridge, Brundholme
bridge, Brunstock
bridge, Burblethwaite
bridge, Burton-in-Kendal
bridge, Buttermere
bridge, Buttermere (2)
bridge, Caldbeck
bridge, Caldbeck (2)
bridge, Cark
bridge, Cark (2)
bridge, Cark (3)
bridge, Cark (4)
bridge, Cark (5)
bridge, Casterton
bridge, Castle Sowerby
bridge, Claife
bridge, Cleator Moor
bridge, Colby
Bridge Cottage, Gawthrop
Bridge Cottage, Sebergham
Bridge Cottages, Ravenstonedale
bridge, Crosby Garrett
bridge, Crosthwaite
bridge, Crosthwaite (2)
bridge, Crosthwaite and Lyth
bridge, Dacre (2)
Bridgedale Brow, Maulds Meaburn Moor
bridge, Dent Head
bridge, Docker Nook
bridge, Dockernook Gill
bridge, Dockray
bridge, Dufton
bridge, Dufton (2)
bridge, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
bridge, Egremont
bridge, Egton with Newland
bridge, Egton with Newland (2)
Bridge End (Middleshaw, Old Hutton and Holmescales)
Bridge End (Stainton Bridge End, Preston Richard)
Bridge End, Bampton Grange
Bridge End, Bretherdale
Bridge End, Buckabank
Bridge End, Eamont Bridge
Bridge End, Elterwater
Bridge End, Firbank
Bridge End, Greenholme
Bridge End, Kirkby Ireleth
Bridge End, Kirkby Thore
Bridge End, Lanercost
Bridge End, Little Langdale
Bridge End, Longsleddale
Bridge End, Ouse Bridge
Bridge End, Sebergham
Bridge End, Underbarrow
Bridge End Bridge, Kirkby Pool
Bridge End Bridge, Lancaster Canal
Bridge End Cottage, Coniston
Bridge End Cottage, Dentdale
Bridge End East, Garsdale valley
Bridge End Farm (Bridge End, Longsleddale)
Bridge End Farm, Boot
Bridge End Farm, Bridge End
Bridge End Farm, Low (Low Bridge End Farm, St John's in the Vale)
Bridge End House, Bridge End
Bridge End House, Caldbeck
Bridge End House, Cockermouth
Bridge End House, Kentmere
Bridge End Inn, Dalston
Bridge End Inn, Town End
Bridge End Quarry, Garsdale
bridge, Ennerdale
bridge, Ennerdale and Kinniside
bridge, Ennerdale and Kinniside (2)
bridge, Eskdale
bridge, Fawcett Forest (2)
Bridgefield, Colton
Bridgefoot, Little Clifton
Bridgefoot Bridge, River Marron
Bridgefoot Station, Cleator and Egremont Railway Whitehaven
Bridgefoot TP (Bridgefoot Turnpike, Cockermouth to Workington road)
Bridgefoot Turnpike, Cockermouth to Workington road
bridge, Gamblesby
bridge, Garsdale (3)
bridge, Gilsland
bridge, Great Asby
bridge, Great Corby
bridge, Great Corby (2)
bridge, Great Langdale
bridge, Great Langdale (2)
bridge, Great Langdale (3)
bridge, Great Musgrave
bridge, Green
bridge, Grisedale
bridge, Grisedale (2)
Bridge Gully, Maiden Moor
bridge, Haile
bridge, Hallthwaites
Bridgeham (Brigham, Brigham)
bridge, Hartsop
bridge, Hetherside
Bridge, High (High Bridge, Skelton)
bridge, High Nibthwaite
bridge, Hilton
bridge, Hincaster Tunnel
bridge, Hincaster Tunnel (2)
bridge, Hincaster Tunnel (3)
bridge, Holme
bridge, Holywell
Bridge Hotel, Buttermere
Bridge Hotel, Kendal
Bridge House (Briggs House Farm, Helsington)
Bridge House (Gatehouse, The, Caldbeck)
Bridge House (Hagg, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield)
Bridge House (Lowbridge House, Whitwell and Selside)
Bridge House, Alston Moor
Bridge House, Cartmel Fell
Bridge House, Church Brough
Bridge House, Holme
Bridge House, Kendal
Bridge House, Old Hutton
Bridge House, Patterdale
Bridge House, St John's in the Vale
Bridge House, Stock Ghyll
Bridge House, Townhead
Bridge House, Ulverston
Bridge House, Woodside
Bridge House, Wythop Mill
Bridge House Farm, Allonby
Bridgehowe School (Langdale CofE Primary School, Chapel Stile)
bridge, Hutton
bridge, Hutton Roof
bridge, Ings
Bridge Inn (Golden Fleece, Calder Bridge)
Bridge Inn (Stanley Arms, Calder Bridge)
Bridge Inn, Gilsland
Bridge Inn, Santon Bridge
Bridge Inn, Low (Low Bridge Inn, Kentmere)
Bridge Inn Row Turnpike (toll gate, Gilpin Bridge, Milnthorpe to Ulverston road)
Bridge Inn, The, Haithwaite
bridge, Isel (2)
bridge, Kendal
bridge, Kendal (2)
bridge, Kendal (3)
bridge, Kentmere
bridge, Kershopefoot
bridge, Killington
bridge, Killington (2)
bridge, Kilnstones
bridge, Kingwater
bridge, Kingwater (2)
bridge, Kingwater (4)
bridge, Kingwater (5)
bridge, Kirkandrews
bridge, Kirkby Lonsdale
bridge, Kirkland
bridge, Lakes
bridge, Lakes (2)
bridge, Lakes (3)
bridge, Lambrigg Foot
bridge, Lampert
bridge, Lancaster
bridge, Langwathby
bridge, Legburthwaite
bridge, Littlebeck
bridge, Little Braithwaite (2)
bridge, Little Salkeld
bridge, Long Marton
bridge, Longtown
Bridge, Low (Low Bridge, River Kent)
bridge, Loweswater
bridge, Lupton
bridge, Mallerstang
bridge, Martindale
bridge, Martindale (2)
bridge, Martindale (3)
bridge, Matterdale
bridge, Meathop and Ulpha
bridge, Meathop and Ulpha (2)
bridge, Morland
bridge, Muncaster
bridge, Mungrisdale
Bridgend (Bridge End, Sebergham)
Bridgend, Patterdale
Bridgend, High (Bridge End Farm, Bridge End)
Bridgend House, Alston Moor
Bridgend House, Lorton
Bridge, New (Scawgill Bridge, Whit Beck)
bridge, Newbiggin
bridge, New Hutton
bridge, Newton Reigny
bridge, Nicholforest
bridge, Old Hutton
bridge, Orton S
bridge, Oughterside and Allonby
bridge, Patterdale
Bridge Petton, Gosforth
bridge, Preston Patrick
bridge, Ravenstonedale
bridge, Ravenstonedale (2)
bridge, Ravenstonedale (3)
bridge, Rosthwaite
bridge, Rydal
bridge, Rydal (2)
bridge, Rydal (3)
bridge, Rydal (4)
Bridges, Underskiddaw
bridge, Satterthwaite
bridge, Seatoller
bridge, Sedbergh
bridge, Sedbergh (2)
bridge, Sedbergh (3)
bridge, Sedbergh (4)
bridge, Shap Rural
bridge, Shap Rural (2)
bridge, Shawfield
Bridges Hole, Underskiddaw
bridge, Skelsmergh
bridge, Skelsmergh (2)
bridge, Skelton
bridge, Skelton (2)
bridge, Skirwith
bridge, Sleagill
Bridge's Route, Dow Crag
bridge, Stainton
bridge, Stainton (2)
bridge, Stair (2)
bridge, Staveley
bridge, Staveley (2)
bridge, St John's Castlerigg etc
bridge, St John's Castlerigg etc (2)
bridge, Stockdale
bridge, Stockdale (2)
Bridge Stores (Rogan and Co, Cartmel)
Bridge Street, Ambleside
Bridge Street, Appleby-in-Westmorland
bridge, Strickland Roger
bridge, Swindale
bridge, Swindale (2)
Bridge Syke, Elterwater
bridge, Tebay
Bridge, The (Eamont Bridge, Yanwath and Eamont Bridge)
bridge, Threlkeld
bridge, Thwaite Head
bridge, Tills Hole
bridge, Toms Howe
bridge, Troutbeck
bridge, Troutbeck Park
bridge, Tynehead
bridge, Ullock
bridge, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield
bridge, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield (2)
bridge, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield (3)
bridge, Underhill
bridge, Unthank
bridge, Upper Denton
bridge, Upton
bridge, Warcop
bridge, Warcop (2)
bridge, Warcop (3)
bridge, Warwick Bridge
bridge, Waterhouses
Bridgewater Road Bridge, Carlisle
bridge, Wellfoot
bridge, Wellfoot (2)
bridge, Westward
bridge, Whinfell
bridge, Whinfell (2)
bridge, Wideath
bridge, Workington
bridge, Wythop Mill
bridge, Yewdale
Bridgham (Brigham, Brigham)
Bridkirk (Bridekirk, Bridekirk)
Briers (Bryers Fold, Far Sawrey)
Brierthwaite Forest (Bruthwaite Forest, Midgeholme)
Briery, Keswick
Briery Bobbin Mill, River Greta
Briery Bobbin Mill Siding, Keswick and Penrith Railway Cockermouth
Briery Close, Lakes
Briery Garth, Beckside
Briery Mill (Briery Bobbin Mill, River Greta)
Brigantes, Cumbria
Brig Cottage (Bridge Cottages, Ravenstonedale)
Brigflatts, Sedbergh
Brigflatts Burial Ground, Brigflatts
Brigflatts Ford, River Rawthey
Brigflatts, High (High Brigflatts, Brigflatts)
Brigflatts, Low (Low Brigflatts, Brigflatts)
Brigflatts Meeting House (meeting house, Brigflatts, Brigflatts)
Brigflatts Monthly Meeting (Sedbergh Monthly Meeting, Cumbria)
Brigg Flatts, High (High Brigflatts, Brigflatts)
Brigg House Bridge, Torver Beck
Brigglae Bridge parish
Briggle, Hunsonby
Briggle Beck, Kirkoswald
Briggle Beck, Langwathby
Briggle Quarries, Briggle
Brigg's Climb, Great End
Briggs Hall (Breaks Hall, Ormside)
Briggs House Farm, Helsington
Brigg Steer (Brigsteer, Helsington)
Brigg Steer Park (Brigsteer Park, Helsington)
Brigham parish (once Cumberland)
Brigham parish (once Cumberland)
Brigham, Brigham
Brigham, Keswick
Brigham Bank, Bolton
Brigham Church (St Bridget's Church, Brigham)
Brigham Forge, Brigham
Brigham Forge Cottages, Brigham
Brigham Gate (Brigham Side Turnpike, Cockermouth to Workington road)
Brigham Hall, Brigham
Brigham: High Brigham, 36
Brigham: High Brigham, 114
Brigham: High Brigham, 126
Brigham Hill, Brigham
Brigham Junction (Brigham Station, Cockermouth and Workington Railway)
Brigham Memorial Hall, Brigham
Brigham Moss, Brigham
Brigham Quarries, Brigham
Brigham School (school, Brigham (2), Brigham)
Brigham School, Brigham
Brigham Side (Brigham Side Turnpike, Cockermouth to Workington road)
Brigham Side Turnpike, Cockermouth to Workington road
Brigham Station, Cockermouth and Workington Railway
Brigham Tollgate (Toll Bar Cottage, Penrith to Keswick road)
Brigham Township, Brigham
Brighouse, Muncaster
Brighouse, Ulpha
Bright Beck, Langdale
Brightenflat, Scaleby
Bright House, Carlisle
Bright Tarn, Mungrisdale
Brigs Hall (Breaks Hall, Ormside)
Brigstear (Brigsteer, Helsington)
Brigsteare (Brigsteer, Helsington)
Brigsteer, Helsington
Brigsteer Park, Helsington
Brigsteer Road, Kendal
Brigster (Brigsteer, Helsington)
Brigsterck (Brigsteer, Helsington)
Brigster Park (Brigsteer Park, Helsington)
Brigster park (Levens Park, Levens)
Brigsterpark (Brigsteer Park, Helsington)
Brig Street Tenements, Barrow-in-Furness
Brikdale (Birkdale, North Yorkshire)
Brimer Head, High (Brimmer Head Farm, Easedale)
Brim Fell, Old Man of Coniston
Brimfull Beck, High Fell
Brim Hall (Brimhaw, Marthwaite)
Brimhaw, Marthwaite
Brimmer Head (Brimmer Head Farm, Easedale)
Brimmer Head Farm, Easedale
Brimns (Brinns Farm, Shap Rural)
Brimstone Buttress, The Napes
Brindle's Hotel (Grindal House, St Bees)
Brinds Fell (Cross Fell, Culgaith)
Brinhowe Gill, Little (Little Brinhowe Gill, Easedale)
Brinns (Brinns Farm, Shap Rural)
Brinns Farm, Shap Rural
Brinns Thorn, Brinns Crag
Brinns Well, Shap Rural
Brisco, St Cuthbert Without
Briscoe, St John Beckermet
Briscoe Bank, Parton
Briscoe Lodge, Windermere
Briscoemill Bridge, River Ehen
Briscoe Place (Brisco House, Sebergham)
Brisco Farm, Brisco
Brisco Hall, Brisco
Brisco Hill (Briscohill, Arthuret)
Brisco Hill, Brisco
Briscohill, Arthuret
Brisco House, Bothel and Threapland
Brisco House, Sebergham
Brisco Mill Bridge (Briscoemill Bridge, River Ehen)
Brisco Post Office, Brisco
Brisco Station (Brisco Station, St Cuthbert Without, Lancaster and Carlisle Railway)
Brisco Township, Upperby
Briso (Brisco, St Cuthbert Without)
Bristow Hills, Keswick
Britannia, Elterwater
Britannia Inn (Britannia, Elterwater)
Britannia Monument (Queen's Monument, Shap Wells Hotel)
Britannia Pillar (Queen's Monument, Shap Wells Hotel)
Britannia, The, Penny Bridge
British Apennines (Pennines, The, Cumbria)
British Gypsum, Kirkby Thore
British Gypsum siding, Settle and Carlisle Railway
British Legion, Penrith
British Legion, Whitehaven
British Railways, Cumbria
British Raj indian restaurant (Ulverston: King Street, 20, Ulverston)
British Sepulchre (tumulus, Orton S, Raisgill)
Britton's Tomb (St Bridget's Church, Parton)
Broad (High Broadrain, Lakes)
Broad (Low Broadrain, Lakes)
Broadbeck Mill, Ainstable
Broad Crag, Eskdale
Broadcrag Col, Sca Fell PIkes
Broad Crags, Sca Fell
Broadcrag Tarn, Sca Fell
Broad End, Bassenthwaite
Broad End, Lakes
Broad End, Skiddaw
Broader Water (Brothers Water, Patterdale)
Broadfell, Orton S
Broad Field, Hesket
Broadfield Farmhouse (Broadfield House, Dent)
Broadfield House, Broadfield
Broadfield House, Dent
Broad Field Stone Circle, Broad Field
Broadfold, Nether Staveley
Broad Fould (Broadfold, Nether Staveley)
Broad Gate (Broadgate Farm, Hugill)
Broadgate, Millom Without
Broadgate Farm, Hugill
Broad Haystack, Borrowdale Fells
Broad Head, Grayrigg
Broad How, Patterdale
Broadhurst Turf Accountant (Flookburgh: Church Walk, 1, Flookburgh)
Broad Ing, Tirril
Broading (Broad Ing, Tirril)
Broad Lea, Long Marton
Broad Leys, Haile
Broadleys, Gillhead
Broadleys Cottage, Cartmel Fell
Broad Mea, Northumberland
Broadmeadows, Ousby
Broad Mea Head, Dent
Broad Mea Well, Dent
Broadmire, Dentdale
Broad Moor (Birdby Farm, Bolton)
Broad Moor, Westward
Broadmoor, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Broadmoor, Westward
Broadmoor Hill, Blindbothel
Broad Ness, Bassenthwaite Lake
Broadness (Broad Ness, Bassenthwaite Lake)
Broadness, Bassenthwaite
Broadness Farm (Broadness, Bassenthwaite)
Broad Oak, Crosthwaite and Lyth
Broad Oak, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield
Broad Oak, Waberthwaite
Broadoak (Broad Oak, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield)
Broad Oak Farm (Broad Oak, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield)
Broad Oaks, Windermere
Broadrain (High Broadrain, Lakes)
Broad Raine, Killington
Broadraine (Broad Raine, Killington)
Broad Raine Mill, River Lune
Broadrain, High (High Broadrain, Lakes)
Broadrain, Low (Low Broadrain, Lakes)
Broadrain Mill (Broad Raine Mill, River Lune)
Broadrain Mills (Broad Raine Mill, River Lune)
Broadrayne, Low (Low Broadrain, Lakes)
Broadrick's Crack, Dow Crag
Broadrick's Route, Dow Crag
Broad River (Ehen, River, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Broadshaw Spring, Kirkoswald
Broadside, Bewcastle Fell
Broad Stand, Sca Fell
Broad Stand, Sca Fell
Broad Stone, Kirkstone Pass
Broadthorn, Skelsmergh
Broad Tongue, Eskdale
Broad Water (Bassenthwaite Lake, Bassenthwaite)
Broad Water (Brothers Water, Patterdale)
Broad Water (Ennerdale Water, Ennerdale)
Broad Water (Hawes Water, Bampton)
Broadwater (Bassenthwaite Lake, Bassenthwaite)
Broadwater (Brothers Water, Patterdale)
Broadwater (Hawes Water, Bampton)
Broadwater, Bootle
Broadwater fl. (Ehen, River, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Broad Water Lake (Hawes Water, Bampton)
Broadwath, Wetheral
Broadwath Gates (level crossing, Broadwath, Newcastle and Carlisle Railway)
Broadway, Sergeant's Crag
Broad Well, Bothel
Broadyate (Broadgate Farm, Hugill)
Broats, Culgaith
Broats Well, Kirkbampton
Brocavo (Brocavum, Brougham Castle)
Brocavum, Brougham Castle
Brocka, Lindale
Brockbank, Grayrigg
Brock Barrow, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Brock Bield, Grange Fell
Brock Crag, Eskdale
Brock Crag, Longsleddale
Brock Crag, Martindale
Brock Craggs (Brock Crag, Longsleddale)
Brock Crag Quarry (Stockdale Bank Quarry, Brock Crag)
Brock Crags, Patterdale
Brocke, Patterdale
Brockham, Crackenthorpe
Brockham House, Brockham
Brockhole, Lakes
Brockhole Pier, Brockhole
Brockholes, Tebay
Brockhole Visitor Centre (Brockhole, Lakes)
Brockle Bank, Lowther
Brocklebank (Ulverston: Brocklebank, Ulverston)
Brocklebank, Westward
Brocklebank Fell (Barren Fell, Boltons)
Brocklebank Fell, Brocklebank
Brocklebank Ground, Torver
Brocklebank Quarter (Brocklebank Township, Westward)
Brocklebank's Monument, Whicham
Brocklebank Township, Westward
Brockle Beck, Borrowdale
Brockle Crag, Ireby
Brocklecrag, Ireby
Brockle Wath, River Eden
Brocklewath, Cumwhitton
Brockleymoor, Plumpton
Brockleymoor House, Brockleymoor
Brock Stone (Badger Rock, Kentmere)
Brockstone (Brockstones, Kentmere)
Brockstone Farm (Brockstones, Kentmere)
Brockstones, Kentmere
Brockwood Hall, Millom Without
Broclebank Fell (Brocklebank Fell, Brocklebank)
Brocolitia, Hadrian's Wall
Broconiacum (Brocavum, Brougham Castle)
Brocovum (Brocavum, Brougham Castle)
Brodewater (Ennerdale Water, Ennerdale)
Brodwater (Ennerdale Water, Ennerdale)
Broham parish (Brougham parish)
Broken Brow, Broken Brow hill
Broken Brow, Preston Richard
Broken Cross (cross, Anthorn, Anthorn)
Broken Cross, Shap Rural
Broken Gill plantation, Blease Fell
Broken Gill Well, Dent
Brom Castle (Brougham Castle, Brougham)
Bromfield parish (once Cumberland)
Bromfield parish (once Cumberland)
Bromfield, Bromfield
Bromfield Bridge, Crummock Beck
Bromfield Camp (St Mungo's Castle, Bromfield)
Bromfield Church (St Mungo's Church, Bromfield)
Bromfield Hall (Hall, The, Bromfield)
Bromfield Station, Solway Junction Railway
Bromfield Township, Bromfield
Bromholm (Broomholm, )
Bromleygreen (Bromley Green Farm, Great Ormside)
Bromley Green Farm, Great Ormside
Brompton (Bampton Grange, Bampton)
Bronelston (Brownelson, Dalston)
Bronelstow (Brownelson, Dalston)
Bronsow Beck, Oughterside and Allerby
Bronwen Nixon Footbridge, Ambleside
Brook (Broomhills, Cummersdale)
Brooke Supplies, Flookburgh
Brookfield (Branthwaite Row Farm, Dean)
Brookfield School, Wigton
Brookfield Station, Maryport and Carlisle Railway
Brook House (Brook Villa, Askham)
Brook House, Cartmel
Brook House Inn, Boot
Brook Inn, Cleator Moor
Brooklands, Workington
Brook Lea, Askam and Ireleth
Brooklyn, Stainton
Brookside, Askam and Ireleth
Brookside, Askham
Brookside, Gawthrop
Brookside, St Cuthbert Without
Brookside, Wetheral
Brookside, Low (Low Brookside, Askam and Ireleth)
Brookside, The, Windermere
Brook Villa, Askham
Brook Villa, Wetheral
Broom (Broom, The, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield)
Broom (Brougham, Brougham)
Broom, Gosforth
Broom, Long Marton
Broom Castle (Brougham Castle, Brougham)
Broome Castle (Brougham Castle, Brougham)
Broome Chapel (St Ninian's Church, Brougham)
Broom, Far (Far Broom, Long Marton)
Broom Farm, Gosforth
Broom Fell, Lorton
Broom Field, Beetham
Broomfield (Bromfield, Bromfield)
Broomfield, Dalston
Broomhill (Broomhills, Cummersdale)
Broomhill, Bootle
Broomhill, Irthington
Broom Hill, Low (Low Broom Hill, Nether Denton)
Broomhill Moss, Irthington
Broomhill Point, Derwent Water
Broomhills, Arthuret
Broomhills, Cummersdale
Broomhouse, Northumberland
Broomlee Lough, Northumberland
Broompark, Holme East Waver
Broomrigg, Ainstable
Broomrigg End, Musgrave
Broomrigg Plantation, Ainstable
Broomriggs, Hayton
Broomrigg Stone Circles, Broomrigg Plantation
Brooms (Broomhouse, Northumberland)
Broomshield (Burnt Shields, Kershope Forest)
Broom, The, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield
Broom Vaults, The, Maryport
Broomwell, Irthington
Broon (Broomhills, Cummersdale)
Brotherdale (Bretherdale, Orton S)
Brotherilkeld, Eskdale
Brotherilkeld Farm (Brotherilkeld, Eskdale)
Brother John's Grove (John's Grove, Lakes)
Brothers' Crack, Great End
Brothersfield Cottage, Hartsop
Brothers' Parting Stone, Grisedale
Brothers Water, Patterdale
Brothers' Water (Brothers Water, Patterdale)
Brothers Water Hotel, Kirkstonefoot
Brother Water (Brothers Water, Patterdale)
Brotherwater (Brothers Water, Patterdale)
Brothybeck, Sebergham
Brotto, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Brotto Cottages (Brotto, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Brough parish (once Westmorland)
Brough parish (once Westmorland)
Brough (roman fort, Brough, Brough Castle)
Brough, Brough
Brougham parish (once Westmorland)
Brougham parish (once Westmorland)
Brougham (Brocavum, Brougham Castle)
Brougham, Brougham
Brougham Bridge (Brougham Castle Bridge, River Eamont)
Brougham Castle, Brougham
Brougham Castle Bridge, River Eamont
Brougham Castle TP (Brougham Castle Turnpike, Appleby to Penrith road)
Brougham Castle Turnpike, Appleby to Penrith road
Brougham Castle (Brougham Castle, Brougham)
Brougham Church (St Ninian's Church, Brougham)
Brougham Church (St Wilfred's Chapel, Brougham)
Brougham Hall, Brougham
Brougham Hall Stone Circle, Penrith
Brougham House (Brougham Hall, Brougham)
Brougham House, Kirkby Stephen
Brougham Memorial (Brougham memorial, Martindale, Hallin Fell)
Brougham Moor, Brougham
Brougham to Penrith, Cumbria
Brough Bridge, Eden Valley Railway
Brough Castle, Church Brough
Brough Church (St Michael's Church, Church Brough)
Brough Community Primary School, Church Brough
Brough Hill, Bolton Low Houses
Brough Hill, Warcop
Brough Hill Farm, Boltons
Brough Intake, Brough
Brough Memorial Hall, Brough
Brough Methodist Church, Brough
Brough Mill, Swindale Beck
Brough Pinfold, Church Brough
Brough School (school, Brough, Brough)
Brough Sower (Brough Sowerby, Brough Sowerby)
Brough Sowerby parish (once Westmorland)
Brough Sowerby, Brough Sowerby
Brough Sowerbye parish (Brough Sowerby parish)
Brough Sowerby Township, Brough
Brought (Bought, Windermere)
Brough to Bowes (Bowes to Brough, Cumbria)
Brough to Eamont Bridge, Cumbria
Brough to Lowther Bridge, Cumbria
Brough to Middleton-in-Teesdale, Cumbria
Broughton parish (once Cumberland)
Broughton (Brougham, Brougham)
Broughton (Broughton in Furness, Broughton West)
Broughton (Great Broughton, Broughton)
Broughton (Little Broughton, Broughton)
Broughton Bank, Broughton East
Broughton Baptist Church, Great Broughton
Broughton Beck, Broughton
Broughton Beck, Osmotherley
Broughton Castle (Brougham Castle, Brougham)
Broughton Chapel (St Peter's Church, Field Broughton)
Broughton Church (St Mary's Church, Broughton in Furness)
Broughton Craggs, Broughton
Broughton Cross, Brigham
Broughton Cross Goods Depot, Cockermouth and Workington Railway
Broughton Cross Station (Broughton Cross Goods Depot, Cockermouth and Workington Railway)
Broughton East parish (once Lancashire)
Broughton Evangelical Church, Little Broughton
Broughton Fire Station (Broughton Fire Station, Broughton in Furness, Broughton -n Furness)
Broughton Goods Junction, Furness Railway
Broughton, Great (Great Broughton, Broughton)
Broughton Great Township, Bridekirk
Broughton Hall, Broughton East
Broughton Hall, Great Broughton
Broughton High Bridge, River Derwent
Broughton House, Broughton East
Broughton House, Broughton in Furness
Broughton House Croft, Broughton East
Broughton in Furness, Broughton West
Broughton in Furness Engine Shed (engine shed, Broughton in Furness, Furness Railway)
Broughton in Furness: Griffin Street, 1
Broughton in Furness Post Office (Broughton Post Office, Broughton in Furness)
Broughton in Furness: Square
Broughton in Furness Station, Furness Railway
Broughton Library (Victory Hall, Broughton in Furness)
Broughton, Little (Little Broughton, Broughton)
Broughton Little Township, Bridekirk
Broughton Lodge, Broughton East
Broughton Lodge, Broughton Moor
Broughton Mart, Broughton in Furness
Broughton meeting (Broughton Evangelical Church, Little Broughton)
Broughton Meeting House (Broughton Evangelical Church, Little Broughton)
Broughton Methodist Church, Great Broughton
Broughton Mills, Broughton West
Broughton Mills Church (Holy Innocents Church, Broughton Mills)
Broughton Mills village hall (village hall, Broughton Mills, Broughton Mills)
Broughton Moor parish (once Cumberland)
Broughton Moor, Broughton Moor
Broughton Moor, Broughton West
Broughtonmoor Brick and Tile Works, Broughton Moor
Broughton Moor Church (St Columba's Church, Broughton Moor)
Broughtonmoor Colliery, Broughton Moor
Broughton Moor Methodist Church, Broughton Moor
Broughton Moor Quarry, Broughton Moor
Broughtonmoor Quarry, Broughton Moor
Broughton Post Office, Broughton in Furness
Broughton School (Old School, The, Broughton in Furness)
Broughton Station (Broughton in Furness Station, Furness Railway)
Broughton Station, Furness Railway
Broughton: Thompson Betting Office
Broughton Tower, Broughton in Furness
Broughton Tower Special School (Broughton Tower, Broughton in Furness)
Broughton Village Bakery (Broughton in Furness: Broughton Village Bakery, Broughton in Furness)
Broughton West parish (once Lancashire)
Brough Top (Brow Top, Keswick)
Brough to Tebay (Tebay to Brough, Cumbria)
Brough Township, Brough
Brought Town Hall (town hall, Broughton in Furness, Broughton in Furness)
Brough under Stainmore (Brough, Brough)
Brough under Stainmore (Church Brough, Brough)
Brough-under-Stainmore (Brough, Brough)
Brough under Stanemore (Brough, Brough)
Brough under Staynmore (Brough, Brough)
Brouham Castle (Brougham Castle, Brougham)
Brounelston (Brownelson, Dalston)
Brounrig (Brownrigg, Holme Abbey)
Brounrigg (Brownrigg, Holme Abbey)
Broushall, Lambrigg
B Route, Gimmer Crag
Brovacum (Brocavum, Brougham Castle)
Brovonaca (Kendal, Kendal)
Brovonacae (roman fort, Burwens, Burwens)
Brovonacis (roman fort, Burwens, Burwens)
Brovoniacum (Brocavum, Brougham Castle)
Brovoniacum (Brougham Castle, Brougham)
Brow (Brow on the Solway, Solway Coast)
Brow (Hallow Bank, Kentmere)
Brow (High Brow, Celleron)
Brow (Hollin Brow, Wythburn)
Brow (Low Brow, Celleron)
Brow, Little Langdale
Brow, Mardale
Brow, Middleton
Brow Edge (High Brow Edge, Brow Edge)
Brow Edge, High (High Brow Edge, Brow Edge)
Brow Edge, Low (Low Brow Edge, Haverthwaite)
Brow Edge School, Brow Edge
Brow Farm, Dufton
Brow Field (Brow Gill, Longsleddale)
Brow Foot, Ormside
Brow Foot, Ravenstonedale
Brow Foot, Strickland Ketel
Browfoot (Brow Foot, Ravenstonedale)
Browfoot, Darfield House
Browfoot, Hugill
Browfoot Barn, Darfield House
Browgham Castle (Brougham Castle, Brougham)
Brow Gill, Longsleddale
Brow Gill, Middleton
Brow Hall (Bow Hall, Dufton)
Browham parish (Brougham parish)
Browham Castle (Brougham Castle, Brougham)
Browham Chapple (St Wilfred's Chapel, Brougham)
Brow Head (Brow Head Farm, Lakes)
Brow Head (Browhead, Windermere)
Brow Head, Cowbrow
Brow Head, Grayrigg
Brow Head, Row
Browhead, Windermere
Brow Head Farm, Lakes
Brow, High (High Brow, Celleron)
Brow, High (High Brow, Matterdale Common)
Brow, High (High Brow, Millom Without)
Brow, Low (Low Brow, Celleron)
Brown Band, Nether Wasdale
Brownbank, Seascale
Brown Beck, Askham
Brown Beck Farm, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Brownber, Kaber Fell
Brownber, Ravenstonedale
Brownber, Winton
Brownber Edge, Brownber
Brownber Farm, Brownber
Brownber Hall, Brownber
Brownber Hill, Dufton
Brownber Tarn, Brownber
Brownbir Fell (Kaber Fell, Kaber)
Brown Castle, Stainmore
Brown Cove, Glenridding Common
Browncove Crags, Helvellyn
Brown Cove Mine, Brown Cove
Brown Cow, Cockermouth
Brown Cow, Grayrigg
Brown Cow Cottages, Hawkshead
Brown Cow Inn, Hawkshead
Brown Crag, Borrowdale
Brown Crag, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Brown Crag Grooves, Shepherds Crag
Brown Crags, Longsleddale
Brown Crags Traverse, Shepherds Crag
Brown Crag Wall, Shepherds Crag
Browndale Beck, Matterdale
Brown Dodd, Borrowdale
Browndykes, Scaleby
Brownelson, Dalston
Browney Gill, Lakes
Brown Fell, Midgeholme
Browngill, Alston Moor
Brown Haw, Dunnerdale Fells
Brown Hill, Burtholme
Brown Hill, Ousby
Brownhill, Bewcastle
Brown Hills, Greystoke
Brown Hills, Hoff
Brown Hills, Matterdale
Brownholm (Brown Howe, Clifton)
Brown Horse, Winster
Brown How, Ennerdale
Brown How, Lingmoor Fell
Brownhow (Brown Howe, Clifton)
Brown Howe, Blawith and Subberthwaite
Brown Howe, Clifton
Brown Howe, Lakes
Brown Howe, Longsleddale
Brown Howe, Newby
Brown Howe, Shap Rural
Brown Howe, Shap Rural
Brownhowe Bottom, Longsleddale
Brown Howe Farm (Brown Howe, Newby)
Brownhow Hill, Hutton
Browning's Well, Nethermost Pike
Brown Knott, Middleton
Brown Knotts, Borrowdale
Brownley Hill Mine, Nenthead
Brown Moor, Howgill Fells
Brown Pike, Old Man of Coniston
Brown Rigg, Barton Fell
Brown Rigg, Crosscanonby
Brown Rigg, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Brown Rigg, Ulpha Fell
Brownrigg, Arlecdon and Frizington
Brownrigg, Caldbeck
Brownrigg, Holme Abbey
Brownrigg, Kirklinton Middle
Brownrigg, Lazonby
Brownrigg, Matterdale
Brownrigg Farm (Brownrigg, Matterdale)
Brownrigg Hall, Allonby
Brownrigg, High (High Brownrigg, Caldbeck)
Brownrigg, Low (Low Brownrigg, Caldbeck)
Brownrigg Quarry, Lazonby
Brownrigg Tilery, Holme Abbey
Brownrigg Well, Whelpside Gill
Brown Robin, Grange-over-Sands
Brownside, Alston Moor
Brownside Chapel, Brownside
Brown Slabs, Shepherds Crag
Brown Slabs Arete, Shepherds Crag
Brown Slabs Crack, Shepherds Crag
Brown Slabs Direct, Shepherds Crag
Brownspring Coppice, Nether Staveley
Brown Study, Hutaple Crag
Brownthwaite, Casterton
Brown Trousers, Raven Crag
Brow on the Solway, Solway Coast
Brow Scar, Cardurnock Flats
Brow Side, Cautley
Brow Side, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Browside Cave, North Yorkshire
Browside Cottage, Millthrop
Brow Side Fell, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Brow's Limekiln, Dent
Brows, The, Colton
Brow, The, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Brow, The, Skelwith
Brow Top (Brow Top Farm, Kentmere)
Brow Top, Dean
Brow Top, Keswick
Browtop (Brow Top Farm, Kentmere)
Browtop, Branthwaite
Brow Top Cottage, Skelton
Brow Top Farm, Kentmere
Brow Top Farm, Sebergham
Brow Top Tollgate (Tollbar Cottage, Ambleside to Keswick road)
Broxley (Broxty House, Kaber)
Broxty House, Kaber
Brucciani, cigar merchant (Carlisle: Brucciani, Carlisle)
Brucie's Bike Shop (Kendal: Brucie's, Kendal)
Bruckles (Brockholes, Tebay)
Bruff (Burgh by Sands, Burgh by Sands)
Brugh (Aballava, Hadrian's Wall)
Brugys (Church Brough, Brough)
Bruham Castle (Brougham Castle, Brougham)
Brum Castle (Brougham Castle, Brougham)
Brumfeilde (Bromfield, Bromfield)
Brumfeld (Bromfield, Bromfield)
Brumfield (Bromfield, Bromfield)
Brumston Bridge, Wythop Beck
Brund (Brund Fell, Borrowdale)
Brund Fell, Borrowdale
Brundholme, Underskiddaw
Brundholme Mine, Lonscale Fell
Brundholme Wood, Underskiddaw
Brundrigg (Brundriggs, Reston)
Brundrigg (High Brundrigg, Strickland Ketel)
Brundrigg (Low Brundrigg, Strickland Ketel)
Brundrigg, High (High Brundrigg, Strickland Ketel)
Brundrigg, Low (Low Brundrigg, Strickland Ketel)
Brundriggs, Reston
Brundrum (Underskiddaw, Underskiddaw)
Brunfeilde (Bromfield, Bromfield)
Brunskath flu. (Brunstock Beck, Stanwix Rural)
Brunsow Beck
Brunstock, Stanwix Rural
Brunstock Beck, Stanwix Rural
Brunstock Cottage, Brunstock
Brunstock Farm, Brunstock
Brunstock House, Brunstock
Brunswick House (Appleby-in-Westmorland: Bongate, 5 and 7, Appleby-in-Westmorland)
Brunswick Township, Crosby-on-Eden
Brunt Fell (Brund Fell, Borrowdale)
Brunt Hill, Ravenstonedale
Brunthwaite, Old Hutton and Holmescales
Brunt Knott, Over Staveley
Brunt Knott, Saddleback
Brunt Knott Farm, Over Staveley
Brunt Knott Gill, Over Staveley
Brunton House, North Yorkshire
Bruntons Hill, Arthuret
Brunt Riggs, Kirkby Ireleth
Bruntscar Cave, Bruntscar House
Brunt Sike, Lowgill
Brunt Stones, Loadpot Hill
Brunt Tongue, Shap Rural
Bruscath (Brunstock Beck, Stanwix Rural)
Bruscath Flu. (Brunstock Beck, Stanwix Rural)
Brusketh flu. (Brunstock Beck, Stanwix Rural)
Bruthwaite Forest, Midgeholme
Bruts Moss, Matterdale Common
Brutus, Buckstone Hows
Bryam Beck, Cartmel Fell
Bryan Houses Cottage, Crook
Bryan's Leap, Gelt, River
Bryanston, Wallowbarrow Crag
Bryant's Gill, Crag Quarter
Bryce Institute, The, Burneside
Bryers (Bryers Fold, Far Sawrey)
Bryers Fold, Far Sawrey
Bryerswood (Bryers Fold, Far Sawrey)
Buccleuch Bridge, Furness Railway
Buccleuch Hall, Lindal in Furness
Buccleuch Junction (Buccleugh Junction, Furness Railway)
Buccleugh Dock, Barrow Docks
Buccleugh Dock Junction (Buccleugh Junction, Furness Railway)
Buccleugh Junction, Furness Railway
Buckabank, Dalston
Buckabank Township, Dalston
Buckam Pit (Seatonmoor Colliery No.1 Pit, Seaton)
Buckbank, Sedbergh
Buckbank Wood, Flimby
Buckbarrow (Brim Fell, Old Man of Coniston)
Buckbarrow (Buckbarrow Crag, Longsleddale)
Buckbarrow, Corney Fell
Buckbarrow, Wasdale
Buckbarrow, Wasdale
Buckbarrow, Wasdale
Buckbarrow Beck, Waberthwaite
Buckbarrow Beck Mine, Corney Fell
Buckbarrow Bridge, Buckbarrow Beck
Buckbarrow Crag, Longsleddale
Buckbarrowe (Buckbarrow Crag, Longsleddale)
Buckbarrow House, Gosforth
Buckbarrow Pike (Buckbarrow, Wasdale)
Buckbarrow Well, Longsleddale
Buck Beck, North Yorkshire
Buck Bottom, Burgh by Sands
Buck Castle, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Buck Crag, Kentmere
Buck Crag, Martindale
Buck Crag, Upper Allithwaite
Buck Crags, Fawcett Forest
Buckholme Island, River Derwent
Buckholme Wood, Lowther
Buckholm Island (Buckholme Island, River Derwent)
Buckhowbank Township (Buckabank Township, Dalston)
Buckle Yeat, Near Sawrey
Buckman Brow School, Millom Without
Buckman Hall, Millom Without
Bucknes (Low Luckens, Solport)
Buck Pike, Old Man of Coniston
Buck Stone, Shap Rural
Buck Stone, Westmorland boundary
Buckstone (Buck Stone, Shap Rural)
Buckstone Girdle, The, Buckstone Hows
Buckstone Hows, Honister Pass
Buckstones Jump, Rydal Beck
Bucnes (Low Luckens, Solport)
Bueth Castle (Bew Castle, Bewcastle)
Bugle Horn, Ulverston
building, Grange-over-Sands
building, Keswick
building, Kirkoswald
building, Lingy End
building, Martindale
building, Portinscale
building, Portinscale 2
Buildings Farm, The, Kaber
Buildings, High (High Buildings, Castle Sowerby)
Buildings, Low (Low Buildings, Castle Sowerby)
Buildings, New (New Buildings, Whicham)
Buildings, The (Low Howgill, Milburn)
Buit's Castle (Bew Castle, Bewcastle)
Buley (Bewley, Bolton)
Buley Castle (Bewley Castle, Bewley)
Bulk, Lancaster
Bull Cleugh, Askerton
Bullcleugh Gate, Askerton
Bull Close, Skelwith
Bull Crag, Above Derwent
Bull Crag, Borrowdale
Bull Crag, Borrowdale
Bull Crag, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Bullersike, Irthington
Bulley Castle (Bewley Castle, Bewley)
Bullflatt, Orton S
Bullghyll (Bullgill, Wharton)
Bullgill, Gilcrux
Bullgill, Wharton
Bullgill Bridge, River Ellen
Bullgill Farm (Bullgill, Wharton)
Bullgill Junction, Derwent branch railway
Bullgill Old Pit, Gilcrux
Bullgill Station, Maryport and Carlisle Railway
Bull Haw Moss, Torver
Bull Head, Windermere lake
Bull Hotel, Sedbergh
Bullman Cleugh, Alston Moor
Bullman Hills, Ousby
Bullman Strands, Crook
Bullness (Bowness-on-Windermere, Windermere lake)
Bull Pot (Bull Pot of the Witches, Bull Pot Farm)
Bull Pot, North Yorkshire
Bullpot Farm, Casterton
Bull Pot of the Witches, Bull Pot Farm
Bulls Head, Hesket
Bulls Head, Milnthorpe
Bull's Head Farm, Hesket
Bulls Head Inn, Shap
Bulls Holme (Bull Head, Windermere lake)
Bullstone Bed, Millom
Bullstones, Garsdale
Bully House, Setmurthy
Bulman Hill, Sebergham
Bulness (Bowness-on-Solway, Bowness)
Bulness (Bowness-on-Windermere, Windermere lake)
Bulnesse (Bowness-on-Solway, Bowness)
Bungalow, The, Martindale Common
Bunkers Hill, Dacre
Bunkershill, Alston Moor
Bunkershill, Beaumont
Bunkers Hill Farm (Bunkers Hill, Dacre)
Bur, Burnmoor
Burbank House, Little Blencow
Burbeck, Hoff
Burbeck Flu. (Birk Beck, Orton S)
Burbeck Flud (Birk Beck, Orton S)
Burbeck Flud (Wasdale Beck, Shap Rural)
Burbeck River (Birk Beck, Orton S)
Burbek flud (Birk Beck, Orton S)
Burble Farm, Hesket
Burblethwaite, Caldbeck
Burblethwaite Beck, Caldbeck
Burblethwaite Hall, Cartmel Fell
Burc Castle (Brough Castle, Church Brough)
Burdale Beck (Caudalebeck Farm, Patterdale)
Burdallebeck (Boredale, Martindale)
Burdock, Eagle Crag
Burdoswald roman fort (roman fort, Birdoswald, Hadrian's Wall)
Burdoswold (Birdoswald, Waterhead)
Burds Wold (Birdoswald, Waterhead)
Burdswold (Birdoswald, Waterhead)
Bure, River (St John's Beck, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Bure, The (St John's Beck, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Burg (Brough, Brough)
Burg (Burgh by Sands, Burgh by Sands)
Burg Castle (Brough Castle, Church Brough)
Burgh (Brough, Brough)
Burgh (Burgh by Sands, Burgh by Sands)
Burgh (Church Brough, Brough)
Burgham (Brougham, Brougham)
Burgham Castle (Brougham Castle, Brougham)
Burgh and West End Township (Burgh-upon-Sands Township, Burgh-upon-Sands)
Burgh by Sands parish (once Cumberland)
Burgh by Sands, Burgh by Sands
Burgh-by-Sands parish (Burgh-upon-Sands parish)
Burgh by Sands, Barony of (Barony of Burgh by Sands, Cumbria)
Burgh by Sands Castle (Burgh by Sands Castle, Burgh by Sands, Burgh by Sands)
Burgh by Sands Church (St Michael's Church, Burgh by Sands)
Burgh by Sands Manor, Burgh by Sands
Burgh by Sands Meeting House (meeting house, Moorhouse, Moorhouse)
Burgh by Sands School, Burgh by Sands
Burgh by Sands Station (Burgh Station, Port Carlisle Dock and Railway)
Burgh c. (Brough, Brough)
Burgh Castle (Brough Castle, Church Brough)
Burgh Head House, Burgh by Sands
Burgh House, Burgh by Sands
Burgh Juxta Sablones (Burgh by Sands, Burgh by Sands)
Burgh Kirk (Burgh by Sands, Burgh by Sands)
Burgh le Sands Meeting House (meeting house, Moorhouse, Moorhouse)
Burgh Marsh, Burgh by Sands
Burghmarsh Point, Rockcliffe
Burghmoor House, Burgh by Sands
Burgh on Sands (Burgh by Sands, Burgh by Sands)
Burgh on the Sands (Burgh by Sands, Burgh by Sands)
Burgh Sowerby (Brough Sowerby, Brough Sowerby)
Burgh Station, Port Carlisle Dock and Railway
Burgh under Stanemore (Brough, Brough)
Burgh under Stanmore (Brough, Brough)
Burgh under Stanmore (Church Brough, Brough)
Burgh upon Sand (Burgh by Sands, Burgh by Sands)
Burgh upon Sands (Burgh by Sands, Burgh by Sands)
Burgh-upon-Sands parish (once Cumberland)
Burgh-upon-Sands Township, Burgh-upon-Sands
Burgh up Sand (Burgh by Sands, Burgh by Sands)
Burgh yn the Sand (Burgh by Sands, Burgh by Sands)
Burgo (Church Brough, Brough)
Burgo Castle (Brough Castle, Church Brough)
Burgundy's Wine Bar, Kendal
Burhek Flu. (Birk Beck, Orton S)
Burhek Flu. (Wasdale Beck, Shap Rural)
Burkley Cottage (Berkeley Cottage, Hesket Newmarket)
Burkley House (Berkeley House, Hesket Newmarket)
Burlington CofE School, Kirkby-in-Furness
Burlington House, Barrow-in-Furness
Burlington Quarry tramway
Burlington School (Burlington CofE School, Kirkby-in-Furness)
Burlington Slate Works (Kirkby Slate Quarries, Furness Railway)
Burnabeck River (Milburn Beck, Long Marton)
Burn Bank (Burnbank Fell, Loweswater)
Burnbank Farm, Lindale
Burnbank Fell, Loweswater
Burnbanks, Bampton
Burn Barrow Wood, Haverthwaite
Burn Divot, Northumberland
Burne (Burns Farm, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Burned Edge Mine, Kirkoswald
Burnes (Burns Farm, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Burnes Church (Burns Farm, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Burneside, Strickland Ketel
Burneside Bridge (bridge, Burneside, River Kent)
Burneside Chapelry, Kendal
Burneside Church (St Oswald's Church, Burneside)
Burneside Hall, Burneside
Burneside Heads, Burneside
Burneside House, Brough
Burneside Junction, Burneside tramway
Burneside Mill (Burneside Papermill, Burneside Tramway)
Burneside Millennium Green, Burneside
Burneside Papermill, Burneside Tramway
Burneside Road, Kendal
Burneside School (school, Burneside, Burneside)
Burneside Station, Kendal and Windermere Railway
Burneside Tramway (Cropper's Burneside Tramway, Burneside Papermill)
Burney, Kirkby Ireleth
Burney, Great (Great Burney, Kirkby Ireleth)
Burney Hill, Milburn
Burney Tarn, Kirkby Ireleth
Burnfield, Millom Without
Burn Foot (Burnfoot, Arthuret)
Burnfoot, Arthuret
Burnfoot, Wigton
Burnfoot Airfield, Burnfoot
Burnfoote, Ye (Burnfoot, Arthuret)
Burnfoot Grange, Burnfoot
Burnfoot House, Burnfoot
Burnfoot Lodge, Burnfoot
Burnhead, Northumberland
Burnhope Seat, Cumbria boundary
Burniside (Burneside, Strickland Ketel)
Burniside hall (Burneside Hall, Burneside)
Burn Knott, Bouth
Burn Monument, Moot Hall
Burn Moor, Corney Fell
Burnmoor, Eskdale
Burnmoor Lodge, Burnmoor
Burn Moor Stake parish
Burnmoor Stone Circles, Low Longrigg
Burnmoor Tarn, Burnmoor
Burnrigg, Wetheral
Burns Bridge, Witherslack
Burnscaw (Barnskew, Crosby Ravensworth)
Burns Farm, Lower Allithwaite
Burns Farm, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Burnshead Hall (Burneside Hall, Burneside)
Burnside (Burneside, Strickland Ketel)
Burnside, Stapleton
Burnside Bridge, Hether Burn
Burnstones, Northumberland
Burnstones Viaduct, Alston branch railway
Burnt Hill (Brunt Hill, Ravenstonedale)
Burnt Horse, Underskiddaw
Burnt House, Irton with Santon
Burnthwaite, St Cuthbert Without
Burnthwaite, Wasdale
Burnthwaite, High (High Burnthwaite, St Cuthbert Without)
Burnt Mill, Hebblethwaite Hall Gill
Burntmill Bridge, Burnt Mill
Burnt Moor, North Yorkshhire
Burnt Moor, Seascale
Burn Tod, Ireby
Burntod Gill, Uldale Fells
Burnt Shields, Kershope Forest
Burnt Tom Crags, Bewcastle
Burnwins (Borrans Farm, New Hutton)
Burnwins (Borrans, New Hutton)
Burnybeck River (Knock Ore Gill, Milburn)
Burnybeck River (Milburn Beck, Long Marton)
Burnybeek River (Knock Ore Gill, Milburn)
Burnybeek River (Milburn Beck, Long Marton)
Burraby (Harraby, Carlisle)
Burrell Green (Burrellgreen, Great Salkeld)
Burrellgreen, Great Salkeld
Burrellhill, Culgaith
Burrells, Hoff
Burrells House, Hoff
Burrells TP (Toll Bar Cottage, Kendal to Appleby road)
Burrells Turn Pike (Toll Bar Cottage, Kendal to Appleby road)
Burrels (Burrells, Hoff)
Burrels Township, Appleby St Lawrence
Burrick (Borwick, Lancashire)
Burrogate division, Penrith
Burrons Thwaite (Barrenthwaite Hall, Stainmore)
Burros (Nether Burrow, Lancashire)
Burros (Over Burrow, Lancashire)
Burrow (Over Burrow, Lancashire)
Burrow Beck, Cartmel Fell
Burrow Bridg (Low Borrowbridge, Low Borrow Bridge)
Burrow Bridge (Low Borrow Bridge, Borrow Beck)
Burrow Bridge (Low Borrowbridge, Low Borrow Bridge)
Burrow Bridge, Burrow Beck
Burrow Bridge, Leck Beck
Burrow Bridge, Low (Low Borrow Bridge, Borrow Beck)
Burrow Bridge, Low (Low Borrowbridge, Low Borrow Bridge)
Burrowdale (Borrowdale, Borrowdale)
Burrow Deer Park, Lancashire
Burrow Flu. (Borrow Beck, Whinfell)
Burrow Hall (Lanehead Kennels, Strickland Ketel)
Burrow Hall, Over Burrow
Burrow House, Cartmel Fell
Burrow, Nether (Nether Burrow, Lancashire)
Burrow, Over (Over Burrow, Lancashire)
Burrow Park (Burrow Deer Park, Lancashire)
Burrow River (Borrow Beck, Whinfell)
Burrow, River (Burrow Beck, Cartmel Fell)
Burrows, Crosby Ravensworth
Burrow Walls (Magis, Seaton)
Burr Sand, Drigg and Carleton
Burtergill (High Burtergill, Warcop)
Burtergill, High (High Burtergill, Warcop)
Burtergill Wood, Warcop
Burthinghurst, Burtholme
Burtholme parish (once Cumberland)
Burtholme, Burtholme
Burtholme Beck, Burtholme
Burtholme Bridge, Burtholme Beck
Burtholme Township, Lanercost
Burthwaite, Dufton
Burthwaite, Wythop
Burthwaite Beck
Burthwaite Bridge, Coal Beck
Burthwaite Bridge, Combe Gill
Burthwaite Hill, St Cuthbert Without
Burthwaite Wood, Burthwaite
Burthwaite Wood, Dufton
Burtness Comb (Burtness Combe, Buttermere)
Burtness Combe, Buttermere
Burtness Tarn (Bleaberry Tarn, Buttermere)
Burtness Wood, Buttermere
Burton parish (Burton-in-Kendal parish)
Burton (Birchen Tree, Dentdale)
Burton (Burton in Lonsdale, North Yorkshire)
Burton (Burton-in-Kendal, Burton-in-Kendal)
Burton, Warcop
Burton and Holme Station, Lancaster and Carlisle Railway
Burton Aqueduct, Lancaster Canal
Burton Fell, Warcop
Burton Hall, Burton
Burton Hall, Burton-in-Kendal
Burton Hill, Dent
Burton Hill Farm (Burton Hill, Dent)
Burton House, Bridekirk
Burton House, Burton-in-Kendal
Burton House, Skelsmergh
Burton in Kendal (Burton-in-Kendal, Burton-in-Kendal)
Burton-in-Kendal parish (once Westmorland)
Burton-in-Kendal parish (once Westmorland)
Burton-in-Kendal, Burton-in-Kendal
Burton-in-Kendal Church (St James's Church, Burton-in-Kendal)
Burton-in-Kendal School (school, Burton-in-Kendal, Burton-in-Kendal)
Burton in Lonsdale, North Yorkshire
Burton Morewood CE Primary School, Burton-in-Kendal
Burton Moss, Burton-in-Kendal
Burton Old Hall (Old Hall, Burton-in-Kendal)
Burton Road, Kendal
Burtons, Dent
Burton's the tailors (Whitehaven: Burton's, Whitehaven)
Burton Township, Burton-in-Kendal
Burton Township, Warcop
Burton Wharf, Lancaster Canal
Burtree, Asby
Burtree Spring, Lamplugh
Burwain Hall, King's Meaburn
Bury, Warcop
Buscoe Sike, Lakes
Busfield (Bousfield, Orton S)
Bush (Bush Inn, Carlisle)
Bush (Bush, The, Springfield)
Bush, Askerton
Bushby Cottage, Martindale
Bushby Cottage, Talkin
Bushby House, Greystoke
Bush Cottage, Kirkandrews
Bush Cottage, Lowther
Bushgillhead, Woodside
Bushhead (Old Schoolhouse, Kirkandrews)
Bush Hotel (Bush Inn, Carlisle)
Bush Hotel (Bush, The, Cockermouth)
Bush Hotel, Longtown
Bush Howe, Howgill Fells
Bush Inn, Angerton
Bush Inn, Bridekirk
Bush Inn, Carlisle
Bush Inn, Tallentire
Bushley Bank, Askerton
Bush Nook, Upper Denton
Bush on Esk, Kirkandrews
Bush on Lyne, Arthuret
Bush, The, Cockermouth
Bush, The, Debatable Land
Bush, The, Springfield
Busk (Busk House, Little Langdale)
Busk, Kirkby Stephen
Busk, Kirkoswald
Busk, Shap Rural
Buskethaw (Buskethowe, Orton S)
Buskethowe, Orton S
Busk House, Little Langdale
Busk Limekiln, Haresceugh Fell
Busk, Middle (Middle Busk, Asby)
Busk Pike, Lingmoor Fell
Busk Rigg, Busk
bus stance, Carlisle
bus stop, Grasmere
Bustabeck, Castle Sowerby
Bustabeck Bound, Castle Sowerby
Bustabeck Township (Bustabeck Bound, Castle Sowerby)
Busthwate Hill (Boustead Hill, Burgh by Sands)
Bustwath Hill (Boustead Hill, Burgh by Sands)
Butchers Arms, Crosby Ravensworth
Butchers Arms, Maryport
Butcher's Arms, Kendal
Butcher's Shop, Greenodd
Butharlyp Howe, Grasmere
Butt, Lancashire
Butterbent, New Hutton
Butterbent, High (Butterbent, New Hutton)
Butterbent, Low (Butterbent, New Hutton)
Butter Burn, Kingwater
Butterburn, Kingwater
Butterburn Bridge, Butter Burn
Butterburn Flow, Spadeadam Forest
Butterburn Hill, Spadeadam Forest
Buttercrags Tarn (Alcock Tarn, Lakes)
Butterfly Crack, High Stile
Butterhill, Bailey
Butterlip How (Butharlyp Howe, Grasmere)
Butterlip Howe (Butharlyp Howe, Grasmere)
Buttermeer (Buttermere, Buttermere)
Buttermeerhause (Buttermere Hause, Rannerdale Knotts)
Buttermeerhause Chapel (St James's Church, Buttermere)
Buttermeer Lake (Buttermere, Buttermere)
Butter Mere (Buttermere, Buttermere)
Buttermere parish (once Cumberland)
Buttermere, Buttermere
Buttermere, Buttermere
Buttermere Chapel (St James's Church, Buttermere)
Buttermere Chapelry (Buttermere Township, Brigham)
Buttermere Church (St James's Church, Buttermere)
Buttermere Dubs, Loweswater
Buttermere Fell, Buttermere
Buttermere Hause, Rannerdale Knotts
Buttermere Hawes (Newlands Hause, Buttermere)
Buttermere Hawse (Newlands Hause, Buttermere)
Buttermere Hawse (Rannerdale Knotts, Buttermere)
Buttermere Hotel (Bridge Hotel, Buttermere)
Buttermere House (Buttermere Hause, Rannerdale Knotts)
Buttermere Lake (Buttermere, Buttermere)
Buttermere Mine, Buttermere
Buttermere Moss, Above Derwent
Buttermere Township, Brigham
Buttermere Water (Buttermere, Buttermere)
Buttermire Chapel (St James's Church, Buttermere)
Butterpot, Ravenstonedale
Buttershaw School Hostel (School House, Skirwith)
Butterswick (Butterwick, Bampton)
Butterwecke (Butterwick, Bampton)
Butterwick, Bampton
Butterwick Bridge, Gill Beck
Butterwick Crag, Butterwick
Butterwick Crag, Butterwick
Butterwicke (Butterwick, Bampton)
Butt Hill, Cumbria boundary
Buttments Farm, Troutbeck
Butt of Blackburn, Cumberland boundary
Buttonhook Route, the, Kern Knotts
Buttress, The, Kern Knotts
Butts Bridge, Dalton-in-Furness
butts, Ousby
Butts, The, Appleby-in-Westmorland
Buzzard Hill, Durham
Buzzard Wall, The Napes
Bybeck, Orton S
Bye Gill, Hayton
Byegill, Hayton
Byers Pike, Cumbria boundary
Byerstead, Embleton
Byerstead, Whitehaven
Byesteads, Morland
Bypass Route, Pavey Ark
Byrehill, Corby Castle Estate
Byre Hill Farm (Byrehill, Corby Castle Estate)
Byrks (Birks, Ulpha)
Byrnes Memorial, Plumpton
Byrnes Monument (Byrnes Memorial, Plumpton, Plumpton)
Bytham Hall (Beetham Hall, Beetham)
Byth Water (Bela, River, Beetham)