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Eadeley Stone, Denton Fell
Eadley Stone, Cumbria boundary
Eagle and Child, Staveley
Eagle Church (Nichol Chair, Dufton)
Eagle Cracks, Eagle Crag
Eagle Crag, Borrowdale
Eagle Crag, Burtness Combe
Eagle Crag, Patterdale
Eagle Cragg (Raven Crag, Patterdale)
Eagle Crag Mine, Eagle Crag
Eagle Crag Mines (Eagle Crag Mine, Eagle Crag)
Eagle Crags (Eagle Crag, Borrowdale)
Eagle Farm, Glenridding
Eagle Front, Eagle Crag
Eaglescar (Nichol Chair, Dufton)
Eagles Castle (Nichol Chair, Dufton)
Eagle's Chain, The Napes
Eagles Chair (Nichol Chair, Dufton)
Eagle's Cliff (Eagle Crag, Borrowdale)
Eagle's Corner, The Napes
Eagle's Crack, The Napes
Eagles Field (Eaglesfield, Dean)
Eaglesfield, Dean
Eaglesfield Abbey parish (once Cumberland)
Eaglesfield Crag, Dean
Eaglesfield House, Carlisle
Eaglesfield Lime Works (Tendley Limekilns, Eaglesfield Quarry)
Eaglesfield Meeting House (meeting house, Eaglesfield, Eaglesfield)
Eaglesfield Township, Brigham
Eaglesfield Village Hall, Eaglesfield
Eagles Head, Satterthwaite
Eagle's Nest Ordinary Route, The Napes
Eagle's Nest Ridge Direct, The Napes
Eagle's Nest, The, Buckbarrow Crag
Ealing Hearth (Ealinghearth, Colton)
Ealinghearth, Colton
Eamont Bridge, River Eamont
Eamont Bridge, Yanwath and Eamont Bridge
Eamontbridge (Eamont Bridge, Yanwath and Eamont Bridge)
Eamont Bridge division, Penrith
Eamont Bridge House, Eamont Bridge
Eamont Bridge Junction, Lancaster and Carlisle Railway
Eamont Bridge to Brough (Brough to Eamont Bridge, Cumbria)
Eamont Bridge to Heron Syke (Heron Syke to Eamont Bridge, Cumbria)
Eamont Bridge, Township, Yanwath and (Yanwath and Eamont Bridge Township, Barton)
Eamont Bridge, Yanwath and parish (Yanwath and Eamont Bridge parish)
Eamont Lodge, Penrith
Eamont River (Eamont, River, Barton)
Eamont, River, Barton
Earl of Carlisle's Railway (Brampton Railway, Nether Denton)
Earls Inn (Highmore House, Carlisle)
Earlybirds, Eagle Crag
Earnse Point, Walney Island
Earth Gill (Outhgill, Mallerstang)
earthwork, Alston Moor
earthwork, Dunmallard Hill
earthwork, Netherhall
earthwork, Newton Reigny
earthwork, Ousby
earthwork, Ponsonby
earthwork, Upper Denton
earthwork, Warcop (2)
earthwork, Warwick
Easby (Great Easby, Brampton)
Easby, Great (Great Easby, Brampton)
Easby Township, Brampton
Easdale (Easedale, Lakes)
Easdale Tarn (Easedale Tarn, Easedale)
Easedale, Lakes
Easedale Beck, Lakes
Easedale Gill, Far (Far Easedale Gill, Lakes)
Easedale Groove, Deer Bield Crag
Easedale Tarn, Easedale
Ease Gill, Cumbria boundary
Ease Gill, Kaber
Ease Gill Church (Easegill Kirk, Ease Gill)
Easegill Force (Easegill Foss, Ease Gill)
Ease Gill Foss (Easegill Foss, Ease Gill)
Easegill Foss, Ease Gill
Easegill Head, Wharton
Ease Gill Kirk (Easegill Kirk, Ease Gill)
Easegill Kirk, Ease Gill
Easgill (Ease Gill, Cumbria boundary)
Easgill (Easegill Kirk, Ease Gill)
Easgill (Hellot Scales Barn, Casterton)
Easgill Kirk (Easegill Kirk, Ease Gill)
East Above Park, Selside
East Backstone Gill, Dentdale
East Banks Farm, Dent
East Barras, Dalston
East Baugh Fell, Baugh Fell
East Broughton (Field Broughton, Broughton East)
East Brownrigg, Lazonby
East Buttress, Sca Fell
East Buttress Chain, Wallowbarrow Crag
East Buttress Girdle, East Buttress
East Buttress, The, Kern Knotts
East Cliff, Cliff
East Clint, Dent
East Coat Weggs Bridge, Clough River
East Cocklake, Alston Moor
East Cote, Silloth-on-Solway
East Cote Cottage, Silloth
East Cote Light House (East Cote Lighthouse, Silloth)
East Cote Lighthouse, Silloth
East Coulton (Bouth, Colton)
East Croft, High Harrington
East Curthwaite, Curthwaite
East Curthwaite House, East Curthwaite
East End School, Wigton
Easter Buttress, Eagle Crag
Easter Crack, Elliptical Crag
Eastern Wall, Wallowbarrow Crag
Easter Traverse, Mosedale Buttresses
East Farlam Township, Farlam
East Farm, Crosby Ravensworth
East Farm, Crosscanonby
East Farm, Holme Abbey
Eastfield Bridge, River Eden
Eastfield Waterfall, River Eden
Eastgate, Milburn
East Grain, Grains
Eastholme House, Aikton
East House, Above Derwent
East House, Brigham
East House, Deanscale
East House, Embleton
East House, Grisedale
Easthwaite, Irton with Santon
Easthwaite Inn, Hawkshead
Easthwaite Water (Esthwaite Water, Hawkshead)
East Jordan Climb, Pillar Rock
East Jordan Wall, Pillar Rock
East Junction, Furness and Midland Joint Railway
East Little Town, Garsdale
East Lodge, Hesket
East Lodge, Netherby
East Lodge, Stanwix Rural
East Lodge, Workington
East o'Brow Top, Holme Abbey
East of Eden Scrap Metals (Appleby East Station, Eden Valley Railway)
East Oldwall, Irthington
Easton, Arthuret
Easton, Bowness
Easton Bridge, Bowness
Easton Hall (Easton Hall, Easton, Easton)
Easton Hall, Easton
Easton Marsh, Easton
Easton School (school, Easton, Easton)
Easton School, Arthuret
East Pike (Littledale Pike, Lonscale Fell)
East Pisgah Chimneys, Pillar Rock
East Plain Farm, Lower Allithwaite
East Potts Gill Mine (Caldbeck Fells Barytes Mines, Caldbeck Fells)
East Rackenthwaite, Garsdale
East Scale, Scale
East Scaleby Township (Scaleby East Township, Scaleby)
East Scale Farm (East Scale, Scale)
East Sike, Kingwater
East Stone House, Stone House
East Stonehouse (East Stone House, Stone House)
East Tarns, Baugh Fell
East Townend, Winscales
East Tunnel (Haverthwaite East Tunnel, Lakeside branch railway)
East View, Cliburn
East View, Skelton
East View, Strickland Roger
East View, Upper Allithwaite
East Wade Inn (Easthwaite Inn, Hawkshead)
Eastwaite Water (Esthwaite Water, Hawkshead)
East Wall, Hutaple Crag
East Ward, Barony of Appleby
Eastward, Bampton
Eastward Farm (Eastward, Bampton)
East Waver Township, St John's Newton Arlosh
Eastwood House, Barrow-in-Furness
East Woodside, Westward
Easy Gully, Dow Crag
Eaves Farm (Heaves Farm, Levens)
Eawardsholm, Ye (Calvertsholm, )
Ebbing and Flowing Well (well, Giggleswick Scar, Giggleswick Scar)
Ebbingwell (well, Giggleswick Scar, Giggleswick Scar)
Ebenezer Chapel (Brownside Chapel, Brownside)
Eboracensis Pars (Lancashire, North of the Sands, Cumbria)
Ecclerig (Ecclerigg Farm, Lakes)
Ecclerig Crag (Ecclerigg Crag, Windermere lake)
Ecclerigg (Ecclerigg Farm, Lakes)
Ecclerigg (Ecclerigg House, Lakes)
Ecclerigg Crag, Windermere lake
Ecclerigg Farm, Lakes
Ecclerigg Hall, Killington
Ecclerigg House, Lakes
Eccle Riggs, Broughton West
E Chimney, Dropping Crag
Ecker Secker Beck, Sedbergh
Ecker Secker Bridge, Ecker Secker Beck
Ecstasy, Castle Rock
Edderside, Holme St Cuthbert
Edderside Hall (Hall, The, Edderside)
Eddy Grave Stake
Eddy House, Morland
Eddy Wife Bank, Gawthrop
Eden (Eden, River, Bowness)
Eden Bank, Bolton
Eden Bank, Kirkoswald
Eden Bank, Langwathby
Edenbank, Wetheral
Eden Bank Farm, Beaumont
Edenbanks, Cumwhitton
Eden Benchmark (Cypher Piece, Eden Bridge)
Eden Benchmark (Flight of Fancy, Holy Trinity and St Constantine's Church)
Eden Benchmark (Global Warming, Rockcliffe)
Eden Benchmark (Passage, Stenkrith Park)
Eden Benchmark (Primrose Stone, Bongate Mill)
Eden Benchmark (Red River, West View Farm)
Eden Benchmark (South Rising, Ladies Walk)
Eden Benchmark (Towards the Sea, Carlisle Castle)
Eden Benchmark (Vista, Coombs Wood)
Eden Benchmark (Water Cut, Lady Anne's Way)
Eden Bridge, Eden Valley Railway
Eden Bridge, River Eden
Eden Bridge, River Eden
Eden Bridge, River Eden
Eden Bridge Cafe, Appleby-in-Westmorland
Eden Brow, Wetheral
Eden Brow Park Cottage, Wetheral
Eden Coffee Lounge (Wetheral Village Shop, Wetheral)
Eden Cottage, Stanwix Rural
Eden Croft, Stanwix Rural
Edendale Cottage (Moss View, Temple Sowerby)
Edendale House, Temple Sowerby
Eden Edge (Barras Station, South Durham and Lancashire Union Railway)
Eden Estuary, Bowness
Eden Farm, Kingmoor
Edenfields, Bolton
Eden Fl. (Eden, River, Bowness)
Eden fl. (Eden, River, Bowness)
Eden Flatt, Musgrave
Eden Flu. (Eamont, River, Barton)
Eden Flu. (Eden, River, Bowness)
Eden flu. (Eden, River, Bowness)
Eden Flud (Eden, River, Bowness)
Eden flude (Eden Estuary, Bowness)
Eden Flude (Eden, River, Bowness)
Eden Flude (Solway Firth, Cumbria)
Eden Fluvius (Eden, River, Bowness)
Eden Gate, Warcop
Eden Grange, Outhgill
Eden Groove, Deer Bield Crag
Eden Grove, Bolton
Eden Grove, Stanwix Rural
Eden Grove School (Eden Grove, Bolton)
Eden Hall (Edenhall, Langwathby)
Eden Hall, Edenhall
Edenhall parish (once Cumberland)
Edenhall (Eden Hall, Edenhall)
Edenhall, Langwathby
Edenhall Church (St Cuthbert's Church, Edenhall)
Edenhall Cottage, Langwathby
Edenhall Cross (cross, Edenhall, Edenhall)
Edenhall Farm, Edenhall
Edenhall Grange, Langwathby
Edenhall Hall (Eden Hall, Edenhall)
Edenhall TP (Edenhall Cottage, Langwathby)
Edenhall Turnpike (Edenhall Cottage, Langwathby)
Eden Head (Eden Springs, Mallerstang)
Edenholme, Great Musgrave
Eden Lacy, Great Salkeld
Eden Lacy Viaduct (Long Meg Viaduct, Settle and Carlisle Railway)
Eden Lodge, Kirkby Stephen
Eden Mount, Grange-over-Sands
Eden Mount, Wetheral
Eden Place, Hartley
Eden River (Eden, River, Bowness)
Eden River (Solway Firth, Cumbria)
Eden, River, Bowness
Eden School, Stanwix Rural
Edenside Cottage, Wetheral
Eden Springs, Mallerstang
Eden Steads, Stanwix Rural
Eden Street, Silloth
Edentown, Carlisle
Eden Vale, Warcop
Edenvale (Woodlands and Edenvale, Allonby)
Eden Vale Inn, Bolton
Eden Valley, River Eden
Eden Valley branch (Eden Valley Railway, Kirkby Stephen)
Eden Valley branch (Stockton and Darlington Railway, Cumbria)
Eden Valley Junction, Lancaster and Carlisle Railway
Eden Valley Produce (Kirkby Stephen: Eden Valley Produce, Kirkby Stephen)
Eden Valley Railway, Kirkby Stephen
Eden View, Kingmoor
Eden View, Port Carlisle
Edenview, Langwathby
Eden View Farm, Little Musgrave
Edenwood, Wetheral
Edg banke (Edge Bank, Skelsmergh)
Edge, Crosby Ravensworth
Edge, Tebay
Edge Bank, Aldingham
Edge Bank, Skelsmergh
Edgebank (Edge Bank, Skelsmergh)
Edgebrow Bridge, Gunnerkeld Sike
Edge Farm (Edge, Tebay)
Edge Hill, Urswick
Edge of the World, Kirkby Lonsdale
Edgermond (Egremont, Egremont)
Edge Tarn, Cumbria
Edge, The, Skiddaw
Edmond Castle, Hayton
Edmond Coart, Shap Rural
Edmonsons, Dent
Ednall (Edenhall, Langwathby)
Ednam's Staircase, Rowlandson Ground
Ednel (Edenhall, Langwathby)
Ednell (Edenhall, Langwathby)
Edon, River (Eden, River, Bowness)
Educational Establishment (Castle Hill Education Settlement, Maryport)
Edward I Monument, Sandsfield
Eea Foot (Derwent, River, Broughton)
Eea, River, Lower Allithwaite
Eelbeck Bridge, Eskdale
Eel Crag, Crag Hill
Eel Crags (Eel Crag, Crag Hill)
Eel Crags, High Spy
Eel House, Satterthwaite
Eel House Bridge, Cunsey Beck
Eell House (Eel House, Satterthwaite)
Eel Tarn, Eskdale
eel trap, Satterthwaite
Ees Bridge, Cunsey Beck
Egan, River (Ehen, River, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Egen, River (Ehen, River, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Egermond Castle (Egremont Castle, Egremont)
Egermont (Egremont, Egremont)
Eggerslack House, Grange-over-Sands
Eggerslack Wood, Grange-over-Sands
Egg Pudding Stone, Broughton East
Egholme, Egholme Hall
Egholme Farm, Mansergh
Egholme Hall (Egholme Farm, Mansergh)
Eglesfeld (Eaglesfield, Dean)
Eglesfield (Eaglesfield, Dean)
Eglionbury (Aglionby, Wetheral)
Egre Castle (Egremont Castle, Egremont)
Egremond (Egremont, Egremont)
Egremonde (Egremont, Egremont)
Egremont parish (once Cumberland)
Egremont parish (once Cumberland)
Egremont, Egremont
Egremont and Sellafield branch railway, Egremont
Egremont, Barony of (Barony of Copeland, Cumbria)
Egremont Castle, Egremont
Egremont Cemetery, Egremont
Egremont Church (St Mary and St Michael's Church, Egremont)
Egremont Fire Station, Egremont
Egremont: Main Street, 45
Egremont: Main Street, 54 to 56
Egremont: Main Street, 57
Egremont Market Hall, Egremont
Egremont: Market Place, 9
Egremont: Market Street, 1
Egremont Mine tramway
Egremont (OGY7inc)
Egremont Police Station, Egremont
Egremont School (school, Egremont (2), Egremont)
Egremont School (school, Egremont, Egremont)
Egremont: South Street, 21
Egremont Station, Egremont and Sellafield branch railway
Egremont Stone Circle (Ringlen Stones, Egremont)
Egremot (Egremont, Egremont)
Egremound (Egremont, Egremont)
Egremunt (Egremont, Egremont)
Egre, River (Ehen, River, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Egrimond (Egremont (OGY7inc), )
Egrimond (Egremont, Egremont)
Egton (Greenodd, Egton with Newland)
Egton cum Newland parish (Egton with Newland parish)
Egton cum Newland church (St Mary's Church, Penny Bridge)
Egton with Newland parish (once Lancashire)
Egton with Newland Church (St Mary's Church, Penny Bridge)
Ehen (Ehen, River, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Ehen Hall, Cleator
Ehen River (Ehen, River, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Ehen, River, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Ehen Side (Ehenside, Lowside Quarter)
Ehenside, Lowside Quarter
Ehenside, Low (Low Ehenside, Ehenside)
Ehenside, Middle (Middle Ehenside, Ehenside)
Eiden, River (Eden, River, Bowness)
Eimont, River (Eamont, River, Barton)
Eimo River (Eamont, River, Barton)
Eimot (Eamont, River, Barton)
Eimot flu. (Eamont, River, Barton)
Eimot River (Eamont, River, Barton)
Eimot, River (Eamont, River, Barton)
Eirrin Talla (Whins, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Elam Monument, Dent
Elba Monument, Strickland Ketel
Elbow Room, The (Board and Elbow, Penrith)
Elbow Scar, Aldingham
Elder Beck, Barton
Elderbeck, Barton
electricity station, Rockcliffe
Elenborough (Ellenborough, Maryport)
Elen, River (Ellen, River, Plumbland)
Elephant, Hesket
Elephant Inn (Brockham House, Brockham)
Elephant Inn (Elephant, Hesket)
Elephant, The (Elephant, Hesket)
Eleven Restaurant, Lonsdale House Hotel
Elf Hall, Millom Without
Elfhowe, Over Staveley
Elfhowe, Low (Elfhowe, Over Staveley)
Elfhowe, Middle (Elfhowe, Over Staveley)
Elice How Cottage (Ellis Howe, Torver)
Elice Howe (Ellis Howe, Torver)
Eliminate, Castle Rock
Eliminate A, Dow Crag
Eliminate B, Dow Crag
Eliminate C, Dow Crag
Eliminate Girdle, Castle Rock
Eliminot, Whitegill Crag
Elizabeth Basin, Maryport Harbour
Elizabeth Cottages, Maulds Meaburn
Elizabeth Dock (Maryport Harbour, Maryport)
Elizabeth Dock, Maryport Harbour
Elizabeth's Cottage (Martha's Cottage etc, Caldbeck)
Eliza Pit, Maryport and Carlisle Railway
Elk River (Esk, River, Eskdale)
Ellen Bank, Boltons
Ellen Bank, Crosscanonby
Ellenbank, Plumbland
Ellenborough (roman fort, Maryport, Maryport)
Ellenborough, Maryport
Ellenborough and Ewanrigg Township, Dearham
Ellenborough Colliery, Maryport
Ellenborough Methodist Church, Ellenborough
Ellen Dale, Gilcrux
Ellen Grove, Crosscanonby
Ellen Hall, Gilcrux
Ellenhall Bridge, River Ellen
Ellen Pit, Maryport and Carlisle Railway
Ellen River (Ellen, River, Plumbland)
Ellen, River, Plumbland
Ellenside (Ellenside House, Ireby)
Ellenside Ford (Uldale Bridge, River Ellen)
Ellenside House, Ireby
Ellen Villa, Plumbland
Ellenwray, Old Hutton and Holmescales
Elleraill (Ellergill, Tebay)
Elleray (Old Elleray, Windermere)
Elleray, Windermere
Elleray, Old (Old Elleray, Windermere)
Elleray Park (Elleray, Windermere)
Elleray Park (Old Elleray, Windermere)
Elleray Prep School (Elleray, Windermere)
Elleray, The, Windermere
Eller Barrow, Pennington
Eller Beck, Brigham
Eller Beck, Casterton
Eller Beck, Dufton
Eller Beck, Torpenhow
Ellerbeck, Brigham
Ellerbeck, Muncaster
Ellerbeck Bridge, Eller Beck
Ellerbeck Bridge, Eskdale
Ellerbeck Bridge, High (High Ellerbeck Bridge, Eller Beck)
Ellergarth, Great Langdale
Eller Gill (Ellergill, Ravenstonedale)
Eller Gill, Milburn
Ellergill, Ravenstonedale
Ellergill, Tebay
Ellergill Beck, Sedbergh
Ellergill Beck, Tebay
Ellergill Bridge, Arlecdon and Frizington
Ellergill Bridge, Ellergill Beck
Ellergill Bridge, Ellergill Beck
Ellergreen, Burneside
Ellergreen Obelisk (Elba Monument, Strickland Ketel)
Eller Hill, Ravenstonedale
Eller How, Upper Allithwaite
Eller Keld, Stainburn
Eller Lake Dub (Bassenthwaite Lake, Bassenthwaite)
Ellerlea, Brigham
Eller Mire, Grizebeck
Ellers, Dent
Ellers, Farleton
Ellers, Grange
Ellers, Middleton
Ellers, Westward
Ellers Bridge, Underbarrow Pool
Ellers House, Ulverston
Ellerside, Lower Allithwaite
Ellerside Breast Plantation, Lower Allithwaite
Ellerside Farm, Lower Allithwaite
Ellerside, Great (Great Ellerside, Colton)
Ellerside Moss, Lower Allithwaite
Eller Stile Dub (Bassenthwaite Lake, Bassenthwaite)
Ellerton (Ellerton Grange, Hesket)
Ellerton Grange, Hesket
Ellerwood, Windermere
Ellery Grain, Bewcastle
Ellice How Cottage (Ellis Howe, Torver)
Ellie's Bakery and Tea Room (Sedbergh: Ellie's, Sedbergh)
Ellingborough (Ellenborough, Maryport)
Elliot and Black blinds and curtains (Cockermouth: Elliot and Black, Cockermouth)
Elliptical Crag, Pillar
Elliscale Farm, Dalton Town with Newton
Ellis Howe, Torver
Ellonby, Skelton
Ellonby Hall, Ellonby
Ellsion Scar, Solway Firth
Elmbank, Workington
Elme Tree (Elm Tree, Casterton)
Elmgill, Mallerstang
Elm House, Pooley Bridge
Elmhow, Grisedale
Elm Lodge (house, Hesket Newmarket, Hesket Newmarket)
Elm Lodge, Hesket Newmarket
Elm Pot, Fell End
Elmsfield Farm, Beetham
Elm Tree, Casterton
Elm Tree, Great Asby
Elm Tree, Martindale
Elm Tree Farm, Preston Patrick
Elm Tree Old Farm (Elm Tree, Great Asby)
Elm Well (Holme Well, Satterthwaite)
Elnborough (Ellenborough, Maryport)
Elne (Ellen, River, Plumbland)
Elneboro (Ellenborough, Maryport)
Elne Fl. (Ellen, River, Plumbland)
Elne Flu. (Ellen, River, Plumbland)
Elne flu. (Ellen, River, Plumbland)
Elne Fluvius (Waver, River, Holme Abbey)
Elne River (Ellen, River, Plumbland)
Elne, River (Ellen, River, Plumbland)
Eln Flu. (Waver, River, Holme Abbey)
Elray (Elleray, Windermere)
Eltermere, Elterwater
Eltermere Hotel, Elterwater
Elters, Skelwith Bridge
Elter Water, Lakes
Elterwater (Elter Water, Lakes)
Elterwater, Lakes
Elterwater Bridge, Great Langdale Beck
Elterwater Gunpowder Mills, Elterwater
Elter Water Hall (Elterwater Hall, Elterwater)
Elterwater Hall, Elterwater
Elterwater: Main Street
Elterwater Mill (mill, Elterwater, Great Langdale Beck)
Elterwater: Mill Street
Elterwater Park, Skelwith
Elterwater Post Office, Elterwater
Elterwater Quarry, Elterwater
Elter Water Tarn (Elter Water, Lakes)
Elterwater Tarn (Elter Water, Lakes)
Elter Watter (Elterwater, Lakes)
Elva Hill, Setmurthy
Elva Plain, Setmurthy
Elva Plain Stone Circle, Elva Plain
Elves (Ellers, Middleton)
Elvina's Slab, High Stile
Elwes (Plump, Kirkandrews)
Elysium of the North (Vale of Keswick, River Derwent)
Emanuel Christian Centre (Victoria Concert Hall, Ulverston)
Embankment Cottages, Bridge End
Embleton parish (once Cumberland)
Embleton, Embleton
Embleton Chapel (Embleton Wesleyan Chapel, Embleton)
Embleton Chapelry (Embleton Township, Brigham)
Embleton Church (St Cuthbert's Church, Embleton)
Embleton High Common, Embleton
Embleton Mine, Embleton
Embleton Station, Keswick and Penrith Railway Cockermouth
Embleton Township, Brigham
Embleton Village Hall (village hall, Embleton, Embleton)
Embleton Wesleyan Chapel, Embleton
Emerald Bank, Above Derwent
Emerald Laundry (Appleby-in-Westmorland: Emerald Laundry, Appleby-in-Westmorland)
Emie Flu. (Eamont, River, Barton)
Emleton (Embleton, Embleton)
Emma's Dell, Easedale
Emmont River (Eamont, River, Barton)
Emmont, River (Eamont, River, Barton)
Emon Bridge (Eamont Bridge, River Eamont)
Emon Bridge (Eamont Bridge, Yanwath and Eamont Bridge)
Emonbridge (Eamont Bridge, River Eamont)
Emonbridge (Eamont Bridge, Yanwath and Eamont Bridge)
Emond Bridge (Eamont Bridge, Yanwath and Eamont Bridge)
Emont Bridge (Eamont Bridge, River Eamont)
Emont Bridge (Eamont Bridge, Yanwath and Eamont Bridge)
Emont River (Eamont, River, Barton)
Emont, River (Eamont, River, Barton)
Emor River (Eamont, River, Barton)
Emot (Eamont Bridge, Yanwath and Eamont Bridge)
Emot (Eamont, River, Barton)
Emot, River (Eamont, River, Barton)
Emount (Eamont, River, Barton)
Emperor's Drive, Lowther Park
Emperor's Lodges, Lowther Park
Empire, Raven Crag
Empire House, Dalton-in-Furness
Emsaugh (Low Ameshaugh, Alston Moor)
Enchanted Castle (Castle Rock, St John's in the Vale)
Encroacher, Buckstone Hows
End, Far (Far End, Coniston)
End, Far (Far End, Whicham)
End, Great (Great End, Scafell Pike)
End Moor (Endmoor, End Moor)
End Moor, Preston Richard
Endmoor (End Moor, Preston Richard)
Endmoor, End Moor
End, River (Ehen, River, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Enerdale (Ennerdale Bridge, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Enerdale Water (Ennerdale Water, Ennerdale)
Engelwood Forest (Inglewood Forest, Cumbria)
Engineer's Chimney, Gable Crag
Engineer's Slabs, Gable Crag
Engineer's Slabs Unfinished Arete, Gable Crag
Engine Inn, Cark
engine shed, Garsdale
Englesfield (Eaglesfield, Dean)
Englewood (Inglewood Forest, Cumbria)
Englewood Forest (Inglewood Forest, Cumbria)
English Alpes (Pennines, The, Cumbria)
English Channel, Solway Firth
English Gate (English Gate, Carlisle (OGY7inc), )
English Gate (Irish Gate, City Walls)
English Gate, City Walls
English Gate, Carlisle (OGY7inc)
English Kershope, Bewcastle
English Middle March, Northumberland
English Street, Carlisle
Englishtown, Kirkandrews
English West March, Cumbria
Ennerdale (Ennerdale Bridge, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Ennerdale, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Ennerdale and Kinniside parish (once Cumberland)
Ennerdale and Kinniside CofE Primary School, Ennerdale Bridge
Ennerdale Bridge, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Ennerdale Bridge, Ennerdale Bridge
Ennerdale Bridge School (Ennerdale and Kinniside CofE Primary School, Ennerdale Bridge)
Ennerdale Broad Water (Ennerdale Water, Ennerdale)
Ennerdale Chapelry (Ennerdale Township, St Bees)
Ennerdale Chapelry (Kinniside Township, St Bees)
Ennerdale Church (St Mary's Church, Ennerdale Bridge)
Ennerdale Fell, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Ennerdale Forest, Ennerdale
Ennerdale Lake (Ennerdale Water, Ennerdale)
Ennerdale Mill, River Ehen
Ennerdale Mineral Railway (Ennerdale Railway, Arlecdon and Frizington)
Ennerdale Railway, Arlecdon and Frizington
Ennerdale Township, St Bees
Ennerdale Water, Ennerdale
Ennim, Dacre
Enter Ber (Gars, Ravenstonedale)
Enterber, Kirkby Stephen
Enterbir (Enterber, Kirkby Stephen)
Entertainment Traverse, Shepherds Crag
Entity, Dove Crag
Entry Lane, Kendal
Ent, The, Cam Spout Crag
Epaulette Ridge, High Crag
Epeiacum (Epiacum, Whitley Castle)
Epiacum, Whitley Castle
Epitaph, Castle Crag
Epithet, Castle Crag
Epley Point, Windermere lake
Epsilon, Greengable Crag
Epsilon Chimney, Greengable Crag
Epworth, Pardshaw
Eric Hagan Opticians, Brampton
Erne Crag, Rydal Fell
Erne Nest Crag, Deepdale Common
Eros, Stand Crag
E Route, Gimmer Crag
Escape to Light, Haverigg
Esgill (Ashgillside, Alston Moor)
Eshdale (Eskdale, River Esk)
Eshdale Ward (Eskdale Ward, Cumberland)
Eshdel (Eskdale, River Esk)
Eshd'l (Eskdale, River Esk)
Esk (Esk, River, Cumbria boundary)
Eskat (Eskett, Lamplugh)
Eskatt, Salter and parish (Salter and Eskatt parish)
Eskatt Township, ... and (Salter and Eskatt Township, Salter and Eskatt)
Esk Boathouse, Rockcliffe
Esk Bridge (Metal Bridge, River Esk)
Esk Buttress (Dow Crag, Eskdale)
Esk Chimneys, Dow Crag
Eskdalale Ward (Eskdale Ward, Cumberland)
Eskdale parish (once Cumberland)
Eskdale (Boot, Eskdale)
Eskdale (Eskdale Green, Eskdale)
Eskdale, River Esk
Eskdale Boot (Boot, Eskdale)
Eskdale Chapelry (Eskdale Township, St Bees)
Eskdale Chapelry (Wasdale Head Township, St Bees)
Eskdale Church (St Bega's Church, Eskdale Green)
Eskdale Church (St Catherine's Church, Boot)
Eskdale Corn Mill (Eskdale Mill, Whillan Beck)
Eskdale Fell, Eskdale
Eskdale Green, Eskdale
Eskdale Green Post Office, Eskdale Green
Eskdale Green School (school, Eskdale Green, Eskdale Green)
Eskdale Green Station (The Green Station, Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway)
Eskdale Iron Mines (Ban Garth Mine, Eskdale Valley)
Eskdale Iron Mines (Blea Tarn Mine, Eskdale)
Eskdale Iron Mines (Brant Rake Mine, Eskdale Valley)
Eskdale Iron Mines (Christcliff Mines, Eskdale Valley)
Eskdale Iron Mines (Gill Force and Gate Crag Mines, Eskdale Valley)
Eskdale Iron Mines (Mecklin Park Mine, Eskdale Valley)
Eskdale Iron Mines (Nab Gill Mine, Eskdale Valley)
Eskdale Mill, Whillan Beck
Eskdale Moor, Eskdale
Eskdale Needle, Eskdale
Eskdale Railway, Cumbria
Eskdale Station (Dalegarth Station, Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway)
Eskdale Stores, Eskdale Green
Eskdale Township, St Bees
Eskdale Vicarage, Beckfoot
Eskdale Ward, Cumberland
Eske (Esk, River, Cumbria boundary)
Eske (Esk, River, Eskdale)
Eskedale (Eskdale, River Esk)
Eske Fl. (Esk, River, Eskdale)
Eske Flu. (Esk, River, Cumbria boundary)
Eske flu. (Esk, River, Cumbria boundary)
Eske holme (Eskholme, Middleton)
Eske River (Esk, River, Eskdale)
Eske, River (Esk, River, Cumbria boundary)
Eske, River (Esk, River, Eskdale)
Eske, River (Liddel Water, Cumbria boundary)
Esk Estuary, River Esk
Esk Estuary, River Esk
Eskett, Lamplugh
Eskett Junction, Cleator and Egremont Railway Whitehaven
Eskett Pit, Arlecdon and Frizington
Eskett Quarries, Eskett
Eskew Beck, Orton S
Eskewbeck (Eskew Beck Farm, Orton S)
Eskewbeck (Eskew Beck House, Orton S)
Eskew Beck Farm, Orton S
Eskew Beck House, Orton S
Eskew Head, Orton S
Esk Falls, River Esk
Esk fl. (Esk, River, Cumbria boundary)
Esk Flu. (Esk, River, Cumbria boundary)
Esk Flu. (Esk, River, Eskdale)
Esk Flud (Esk, River, Cumbria boundary)
Esk flud (Esk, River, Cumbria boundary)
Eskham (Eskholme, Middleton)
Esk Hause, Eskdale
Eskholme, Middleton
Eskholme, High (High Eskholme, Muncaster)
Eskholme, Low (Low Eskholme, Muncaster)
Eskholme Pike, Middleton
Eskin, Wythop
Eskmeals (Eskmeals House, Bootle)
Eskmeals, Bootle
Eskmeals House, Bootle
Eskmeals Station, Whitehaven and Furness Junction Railway
Eskmeals Viaduct, Whitehaven and Furness Junction Railway
Esk Pike, Eskdale
Eskrigg, Woodside
Eskrigg End, Old Hutton and Holmescales
Eskrigg, Low (Low Eskrigg, Woodside)
Eskrigg Tarn, Old Hutton and Holmescales
Esk River (Esk, River, Cumbria boundary)
Esk River (Esk, River, Eskdale)
Esk, River, Cumbria boundary
Esk, River, Eskdale
Esk Street, Silloth
Esk Viaduct (railway viaduct, Rockcliffe, Caledonian Railway)
Esk View, Boot
Esk View Farm (Esk View, Boot)
Esp Ford, Crosthwaite and Lyth
Espland, Warcop
Esplandhill, Long Marton
Espland House, Newton Reigny
Esps (Esps Farm, Lowick)
Esps, Embleton
Esps Farm (Esps, Embleton)
Esps Farm, Lowick
Espy Well, Askerton
Essett Hill, Old Hutton and Holmescales
Estead Hall (Esthwaite Hall, Hawkshead)
Estead Water (Esthwaite Water, Hawkshead)
Esthwaite Hall, Hawkshead
Esthwaite Hall Bridge, Esthwaite Hall Beck
Esthwaite Hall Farm (Esthwaite Hall, Hawkshead)
Esthwaite Lake (Esthwaite Water, Hawkshead)
Esthwaite Lodge, Hawkshead
Esthwaite Water, Hawkshead
Estthwaitewater (Esthwaite Water, Hawkshead)
Eta, Greengable Crag
Ether Knott, Borrowdale
Etterby, Carlisle
Etterby Engine Shed (engine shed, Carlisle (7), Caledonian Railway)
Etterby Scar (Etterby Scaur, Etterby)
Etterby Scar (station, Etterby Scaur, Etterby Scar)
Etterby Scaur, Etterby
Etterby Township, Stanwix
Etterby Wath, River Eden
Eure Pits Iron Mines, Dalton Town with Newton
Eusemere, Pooley Bridge
Euse Mere Hill (Eusemere, Pooley Bridge)
Eusemerehill (Eusemere, Pooley Bridge)
Evangelical Free Church, Silloth
Evans House, Sedbergh
Evattsike, Whinfell
Eve, Shepherds Crag
Evening Hill, Eveninghill
Evening Hill Farm (Eveninghill Farmhouse, Eveninghill)
Eveninghill Farmhouse, Eveninghill
Evening Wall, Lining Crag
Evening Wall, Raven Crag
EVR (Eden Valley Railway, Kirkby Stephen)
Ewan Close, Lazonby
Ewanrigg Farm, Maryport
Ewanrigg Hall, Ellenborough
Ewanrigg Township, ... and (Ellenborough and Ewanrigg Township, Dearham)
Ewbank Scar, Hartley
Ewbarow Hall (Ubarrow Hall, Longsleddale)
Ewbarrow Hall (Ubarrow Hall, Longsleddale)
Ewe and Lamb, Weddicar
Ewebank (High Ewebank, Stainmore)
Ewebank, Old Hutton and Holmescales
Ewebank, High (High Ewebank, Stainmore)
Ewebank Park, Stainmore
Ewe Close, Crosby Ravensworth
Eweclose, Plumbland
Ewe Crags, Kentmere
Ewe Dale, Pennington
Ewe Fell, Great (Great Ewe Fell, Crosby Garrett Fell)
Ewefell Mire, Crosby Garrett
Ewegales Bridge, River Dee
Ewegales Gill, Cowgill
Ewelock Bank, Orton S
Ewelock Hill, Sebergham
Ews Bridge (Ouse Bridge, River Derwent)
Ewsbridge (Ouse Bridge, Ouse Bridge)
Ew Tree (Yew Tree, St John's in the Vale)
Exchange Chambers (Kendal: Highgate, 8 and 10, Kendal)
Exodus, Raven Crag
Explosion, Dove Crag
Express Crack, Buckbarrow Crag
Ex Servicemen's Club, Carlisle
Extol, Dove Crag
Exudation, Yew Crag
Eycott, Berrier
Eycott Farm (Eycott, Berrier)
Eycott Hill, Mungrisdale
eyecatcher, Kirklinton
Eye Holes, Gragareth
Eyeholes (Eye Holes, Gragareth)
Eye Holes and Cave (Eye Holes, Gragareth)
Eymot (Eamont, River, Barton)
Eymot Fl. (Eamont, River, Barton)
Eymot River (Eamont, River, Barton)
Eymot, River (Eamont, River, Barton)
Eynstable (Ainstable, Ainstable)
Eyrie, Gillercombe Crag