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Waberthwaite parish (once Cumberland)
Waberthwaite parish (once Cumberland)
Waberthwaite (Hall Waberthwaite, Waberthwaite)
Waberthwaite, Waberthwaite
Waberthwaite Church (St John's Church, Hall Waberthwaite)
Waberthwaite CofE Primary School, Waberthwaite
Waberthwaite Fell, Waberthwaite
Waberthwaite School (Waberthwaite CofE Primary School, Waberthwaite)
Wadcrag, Embleton
Waddshow (Wads Howe, Longsleddale)
Waddshow Bridge (Wadshowe Bridge, River Sprint)
Wadebarrow Barn, Orton S
Wadhead Scar, Leven Estuary
Wad Mine (black lead mine, Seathwaite, Grey Knotts)
Wadshaw (Wads Howe, Longsleddale)
Wadshaw Bridge (Wadshowe Bridge, River Sprint)
Wads How (Wads Howe, Longsleddale)
Wadshow (Wads Howe, Longsleddale)
Wad's how (Wads Howe, Longsleddale)
Wads Howe, Longsleddale
Wad's Howe (Wads Howe, Longsleddale)
Wadshowe Bridge, River Sprint
Wadsworth Farm, Dean
Wad, The (black lead mine, Seathwaite, Grey Knotts)
Wailing Wall, Pavey Ark
Wain Gap, Orton S
Waingap, Crook
Waingate Bridge, Haverigg Pool
Waingatehead, Hethersgill
Wain Wath, Scandal Beck
Wainwrights Inn, Chapel Stile
Wainwright's Rowan, Goat Crag
Waitby parish (once Westmorland)
Waitby, Waitby
Waitby and Smardale School (Waitby School, Waitby)
Waitby Beck, Waitby Gill
Waitby Castle (castle, Waitby, Castle Hill)
Waitby Common, Waitby
Waitby Crossing, South Durham and Lancashire Union Railway
Waitbye parish (Waitby parish)
Waitby Farm, Waitby
Waitby Gill, Waitby
Waitby Limekiln, Waitby
Waitby School, Waitby
Waitby Township, Kirkby Stephen
Waiteby parish (Waitby parish)
Waitefield, Holme Low
Waiting Room from the First Pitch in Steep Ghyll, Scafell Crag
Wakebarrow, Crosthwaite and Lyth
Wakebarrow Scar, Killington
Wakefield's Wharf, Lancaster Canal
Wakethwate (Wallthwaite, Matterdale)
Wakey Hill, Solport
Wakthwate (Wallthwaite, Matterdale)
Wakth Wath (Wallthwaite, Matterdale)
Walby, Stanwix Rural
Walby Farm, Stanwix Rural
Walby Hall, Walby
Walby Township, Crosby-on-Eden
Waleton (Walton, Walton)
Walker Bridge (Pasture Beck Bridge, Pasture Beck)
Walker Garth, Killington
Walkergate (Walkergtae, Thornthwaite)
Walker Ground Cottage, Hawkshead
Walkergtae, Thornthwaite
Walker House, Bowness
Walker House, Seathwaite
Walker's Gully, Pillar Rock
Walkeryaes (Walker Garth, Killington)
Walking the Plank, Bowder Crag
Walk Mill, Hayber Beck
Walk Mill, River Lyvennet
Walk Mill Bridge, Hayber Beck
Walk Mill Bridge, Mill Beck
Walkmill Bridge, River Keekle
Walk Mill High Bridge (Walk Mill Bridge, Hayber Beck)
Wallace Field, Wetheral
Wallace Lane, Westward
Walla Crag, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Walla Crag Gully, Walla Crag
Wall and Corner, Wallowbarrow Crag
Wall and Crack Climb, Pike's Crag
Wall Bowers, Waterhead
Wall Climb, Scrubby Crag
Walldub, Stanwix Rural
Wall End, Broughton West
Wall End, Deepdale
Wall End, Gimmer Crag
Wall End, Great Langdale
Wall End, Kirkby Ireleth
Wallend (Wall End, Great Langdale)
Wall End Arete, High Crag
Wallend Bridge, Wall End
Wall End Church (Christ Church, Wall End)
Wall End Farm (Wall End, Deepdale)
Wall End Farm, Lakes
Wallen gate (Walmgate, Bampton)
Wallenrigg, Broughton West
Wallergill Force (Forces, The, Measand Beck)
Waller's Crack, Harrison Stickle
Wall Finish, Dow Crag
Wallfoot, Stanwix Rural
Wall Head (Wallhead, Stanwix Rural)
Wallhead, Stanwix Rural
Wall Holm, Ullswater
Wallholme, Waterhead
Wall House, Irthington
Wall, Low (Low Wall, Burtholme)
Wall Mill (Walk Mill, River Lyvennet)
Wallmoor Plantation, Ainstable
Wall Nook, Lower Allithwaite
Wallnook, Hesket
Wall of the Pictes, The (Hadrian's Wall, Bowness)
Walloway, Hutton
Wallowbarrow Crag, Ulpha
Wallowbarrow Heald, Ulpha
Wallowbarrow, High (High Wallowbarrow, Ulpha)
Wallowbarrow, Low (Low Wallowbarrow, Ulpha)
Wallow Crag (Walla Crag, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Wallow Crag, Shap Rural
Wallow Cragg (station, Walla Crag, Walla Crag)
Wallow Cragg (Walla Crag, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Wallow Cragg (Wallow Crag, Shap Rural)
Walls Bridge, Whitehaven and Furness Junction Railway
Walls Castle (Glannoventa, Ravenglass)
Walls of Troy, Rockcliffe Marsh
Wall that went for a Walk, The, Grizedale Forest
Wall, The (Hadrian's Wall, Bowness)
Wallthwaite, Matterdale
Wall Town (Walltown, Northumberland)
Walltown, Northumberland
Wall Towne (Walltown, Northumberland)
Walmgate, Bampton
Walmgate Foot, Bampton
Walmgatefoot (Walmgate Foot, Bampton)
Walmgate Head, Bampton
Walmgatehead (Walmgate Head, Bampton)
Walm How, Bampton
Walna Scar, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Walna Scar Quarries, Walna Scar
Walna Scar Road, Coniston
Walney Airfield (Walney Island Airfield, Walney Island)
Walney Channel, Barrow-in-Furness
Walney Fire Training Centre (Walney Island Fire Station, Walney Island, Walney Island)
Walney Iland (Walney Island, Barrow-in-Furness)
Walney Island, Barrow-in-Furness
Walney Island Airfield, Walney Island
Walney Island: Biggar, 2
Walney Island: Biggar, 4
Walney Island: Biggar, 7
Walney Island: Biggar, 19
Walney Island church (St Mary's Church, Walney Island)
Walney Island: Douglas Street
Walney Island Fire Station (Walney Island Fire Station, Walney Island, Walney Island)
Walney Island: North Scale, 1
Walney Island: North Scale, 14
Walney Island: North Scale, 19
Walney Island: North Scale, 20
Walney Island: North Scale, 28
Walney Isle (Walney Island, Barrow-in-Furness)
Walney Junction, Furness Railway
Walney Light (Walney Lighthouse, Walney Island)
Walney Lighthouse, Walney Island
Walney Meetings, Barrow-in-Furness
Walney New Light House (beacon, Walney Island, Walney Island)
Walney Scar (Walna Scar, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite)
Walney Scar Quarries (Walna Scar Quarries, Walna Scar)
Walney School, Walney Island
Walney Windmill, Walney Island
Walnut House, Stainton
Walpole memorial, Borrowdale
Walsh's Blind Variant, Castle Rock
Waltham Hill, Angerton
Walthwaite, Chapel Stile
Walthwaite, Pennington
Walthwaite Gully, Raven Crag
Walthwaite Moor Quarry, Pennington
Walton parish (once Cumberland)
Walton parish (once Cumberland)
Walton (Walton House, Walton)
Walton (Warton, Lancashire)
Walton, Walton
Walton Chapel (chapel, Walton, Walton)
Walton Church (St Mary's Church, Walton)
Walton Cottage, Walton
Walton Hall, Lower Allithwaite
Walton, High (High Walton, St Bees)
Walton High Rigg, Walton
Walton High Township (High Walton Township, Walton)
Walton House (Castlesteads, Walton)
Walton House, Walton
Walton, Low (Low Walton, St Bees)
Walton Low Township (Low Walton Township, Walton)
Waltonmill Bridge, Cam Beck
Walton Monument, Alston
Walton Moss, Walton
Walton School (school, Walton, Walton)
Waltons Place, Stainton
Walton Wood, Burtholme
Walton Wood Head, Burtholme
Wampall (Wampool, Aikton)
Wample Flu. (Wampool, River)
Wample Fluvius (Wampool, River)
Wampool (Moricambe, Holme East Waver)
Wampool, Aikton
Wampool Bay (Moricambe, Holme East Waver)
Wampool Bridge, River Wampool
Wampoole flu. (Wampool, River)
Wampool River (Wampool, River)
Wampool, River
Wampool Street, Silloth
Wampool Township, Aikton
Wampul (Wampool, Aikton)
Wampul Flud (Wampool, River)
Wampul flud (Wampool, River)
Wampull (Wampool, River)
Wampull (Wampool, Aikton)
Wampull Fl. (Wampool, River)
Wampull Flu. (Wampool, River)
Wampul River (Wampool, River)
Wandale, Ravenstonedale
Wandale Beck, Ravenstonedale
Wandale Hill, Ravenstonedale
Wandale Side (Wandale, Ravenstonedale)
Wandgate (Walmgate, Bampton)
Wandope, Buttermere
Wan Fell, Great Salkeld
Wanla (Walney Island, Barrow-in-Furness)
Wanlas How (Wanlass Howe, Lakes)
Wanlass Howe, Lakes
Wansdyke (Whasdike, Hugill)
Wans Fell (Wansfell Pike, Lakes)
Wansfell (Wansfell Holme, Lakes)
Wansfell (Wansfell Pike, Lakes)
Wansfell, Lakes
Wansfell Holme, Lakes
Wansfell Pike, Lakes
Wansfell Tower Lodge, Ambleside
Wanthwaite, St John's in the Vale
Wanthwaite Beck (St John's Beck, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Wanthwaite Bridge, St John's Beck
Wanthwaite Crag Mine, Wanthwaite Crags
Wanthwaite Crags, Wanthwaite
Wanthwaite Mill, St John's Beck
Wanthwaite to Dockray (Old Coach Road, Dockray)
Want Suddon (Wath Sutton, Preston Patrick)
Wanwood House, Alston Moor
Warathwaite Head, Wetheral
Warble Bank (Warblebank, Westward)
Warblebank, Westward
Warburthwat (Waberthwaite, Waberthwaite)
Warchcross (roman fort, Watchcross, Watchcross)
Warcop parish (once Westmorland)
Warcop parish (once Westmorland)
Warcop, Warcop
Warcop Castle (castle, Warcop, Castle Hill)
Warcop Church (Bleatarn Church, Bleatarn)
Warcop Church (St Columba's Church, Warcop)
Warcop Fell, Warcop
Warcop Hall, Warcop
Warcop History Room, Warcop
Warcop House, Warcop
Warcop Methodist Church, Warcop
Warcop Mill (mill, Warcop, Warcop)
Warcop Old Bridge, River Eden
Warcopp parish (Warcop parish)
Warcopp (Warcop, Warcop)
Warcoppe parish (Warcop parish)
Warcopp Fell (Warcop Fell, Warcop)
Warcop Pinfold, Warcop
Warcop School (school, Warcop, Warcop)
Warcop Station, Eden Valley Railway
Warcop Tower, Warcop
Warcop Township, Warcop
Wardad (Wardhall Guards, Plumbland)
Wardal (Wardhall Guards, Plumbland)
Wardall (Wardhall Guards, Plumbland)
Wardhall Common, Plumbland
Wardhall Guards, Plumbland
Wardhall Hall (Warthole Hall, Wardhall Guards)
Wardhall Limeworks, Plumbland
Wardless, Kentmere
Ward Odds, Nateby
Wardrew, Northumberland
Wardrew House (Wardrew, Northumberland)
Wardrew Moss, Wardrew
Wardrew Spa (Gilsland Spa, Gilsland)
Wardses (High Wardses, Cautley)
Wardses, High (High Wardses, Cautley)
Ward's Intack Bridge (Ward's Intake Bridge, River Rawthey)
Ward's Intake Bridge, River Rawthey
Wardwarrow, Irton with Santon
Ware Bridge (Waver Bridge, Waverbridge)
Warehouse Bridge, Lancaster Canal
warehouse, Kendal
Warehouse, The, Penrith
warehouse, Whicham
warehouse, Whitehaven
warehouse, Whitehaven (2)
War Hesket (Low Hesket, Hesket)
War Hesketh (Low Hesket, Hesket)
Warkop (Warcop, Warcop)
Warlock, Eagle Crag
war memorial, Abbey Town
war memorial, Aldingham
war memorial, Allhallows
war memorial, Alston
war memorial, Ambleside
war memorial, Appleby-in-Westmorland
war memorial, Appleby-in-Westmorland (2)
war memorial, Arlecdon
war memorial, Barbon
war memorial, Barrow-in-Furness
war memorial, Bassenthwaite
war memorial, Beetham
war memorial, Bewcastle
war memorial, Blackford
war memorial, Blennerhasset
war memorial, Boltons
war memorial, Bootle
war memorial, Borrowdale
war memorial, Borrowdale (2)
war memorial, Botcherby
war memorial, Bowness-on-Windermere
war memorial, Bowness-on-Windermere (2)
War Memorial Bridge, North Petteril
war memorial, Brigham
war memorial, Brough
war memorial, Broughton in Furness
war memorial, Burneside
war memorial, Burton-in-Kendal
war memorial, Caldbeck
war memorial, Calthwaite
war memorial, Carlisle
war memorial, Carlisle (2)
war memorial, Cartmel
war memorial, Cartmel Grange
war memorial, Castle Sowerby
war memorial, Cautley
war memorial, Cockermouth
war memorial, Coniston
war memorial, Crosby Garrett
war memorial, Crosby Ravensworth
war memorial, Crosscrake
war memorial, Culgaith
war memorial, Cumwhinton
war memorial, Dalston
war memorial, Dalton-in-Furness
war memorial, Dean
war memorial, Dent
war memorial, Edenhall
war memorial, Egremont
war memorial, Embleton
war memorial, Ennerdale
war memorial, Eskdale
War Memorial Gardens (Memorial Gardens, Cockermouth)
war memorial, Grange
war memorial, Grange-over-Sands
war memorial, Grange-over-Sands (2)
war memorial, Grayrigg
war memorial, Great Salkeld
War Memorial Hall, Kirkby Thore
War Memorial Hall, Shap
war memorial, Hawkshead
war memorial, Hayton
war memorial, Hethersgill
war memorial, Heversham
war memorial, High Hesket
war memorial, Holme
war memorial, Houghton
war memorial, Howgill
war memorial, Hunsonby
war memorial, Hutton Roof
war memorial, Irthington
war memorial, Irton
war memorial, Isel
war memorial, Kendal
war memorial, Keswick
war memorial, Kirkby Lonsdale
war memorial, Kirkby Stephen
war memorial, Kirkoswald
war memorial, Lamplugh
war memorial, Langwathby
war memorial, Lazonby
war memorial, Levens
war memorial, Long Marton
war memorial, Longsleddale
war memorial, Lowick
war memorial, Low Wray
war memorial, Mansergh
war memorial, Maryport
war memorial, Melmerby
war memorial, Millom
war memorial, Millom (2)
war memorial, Milnthorpe
war memorial, Muncaster
war memorial, Murton
war memorial, Natland
war memorial, Nenthall
war memorial, Nicholforest
war memorial, Penrith
war memorial, Plumpton
war memorial, Ravenstonedale
war memorial, Renwick
war memorial, Rockcliffe
war memorial, Scaleby
war memorial, Sedbergh
war memorial, Sedbergh (2)
war memorial, Selside
war memorial, Silecroft
war memorial, Silloth
war memorial, Skelsmergh
war memorial, Staveley
war memorial, St Bees
war memorial, St Bees (2)
war memorial, St John's in the Vale
war memorial, Storth
war memorial, Threlkeld
war memorial, Thwaites
war memorial, Troutbeck
war memorial, Ulverston
war memorial, Underbarrow
war memorial, Waberthwaite
war memorial, Warcop
war memorial, Watermillock
war memorial, Whicham
war memorial, Whitehaven
war memorial, Witherslack
war memorial, Wythop
Warnel (Warnell, Sebergham)
Warnel Fell (Warnell Fell, Sebergham)
Warnell (Warnell Hall, Sebergham)
Warnell, Sebergham
Warnell Fell, Sebergham
Warnell Hall, Sebergham
Warn Ghyll, Hay Stacks
Warn Ghyll Buttress, Hay Stacks
Warnscale Beck, Buttermere
Warnscale Bottom, Buttermere
Warren House, Brampton
Warren House, Lowther
Warrenhouse Well, Warrengill Plantation
Warren Plantation, Dalston
Warriner's Wood, Helsington
Warriners Yard Meeting House (meeting house, Crook, Crook)
Warriners Yeat Meeting House (meeting house, Crook, Crook)
Warsdale (Wasdale Head, Wasdale)
Warsdale (Wasdale, Nether Wasdale)
Warsdale Chapel (St Olaf's Church, Wasdale Head)
Warsdale Chapel (Wasdale Head, Wasdale)
Warside (West Woodside, Westward)
Wartches, Askham
Warth, Preston Patrick
Warth Hill, Preston Patrick
Warthole Guards (Wardhall Guards, Plumbland)
Warthole Hall, Wardhall Guards
Warthole Limeworks (Wardhall Limeworks, Plumbland)
Warthole Quarry, Plumbland
Warton (Waverton, Waverton)
Warton, Lancashire
Warton Crag, Lancashire
Warton Craig (Warton Crag, Lancashire)
Warton Sands, Morecambe Bay
Warwic (Warwick, Wetheral)
Warwick parish (once Cumberland)
Warwick (Warwick Bridge, Wetheral)
Warwick, Wetheral
Warwick Bridge, Warwick Bridge
Warwick Bridge, Wetheral
Warwick Bridge Chapel (chapel, Warwick Bridge, Warwick Bridge)
Warwick Bridge School (school, Warwick Bridge, Warwick Bridge)
Warwick Bridge Township, Great Corby and (Great Corby and Warwick Bridge Township, Wetheral)
Warwick Church (St Leonard's Church, Warwick)
Warwick Green, Wetheral
Warwick Hall, Warwick
Warwick Hall, Westnewton
Warwick Holme, Wetheral
Warwick House, Wetheral
Warwick Moor Wood, Wetheral
Warwick-on-Eden (Warwick, Wetheral)
Warwick School (school, Warwick, Warwick)
Warwicksland, Nicholforest
Warwick Stone Bridge (Warwick Bridge, Warwick Bridge)
Warwick Township, Warwick
Wasdale, Nether Wasdale
Wasdale Beck, Shap Rural
Wasdale Bridge (Wasdale Old Bridge, Wasdale Beck)
Wasdale Chapel (St Olaf's Church, Wasdale Head)
Wasdale Chapel (Wasdale Head, Wasdale)
Wasdale Chappell (St Olaf's Church, Wasdale Head)
Wasdale Church (St Michael and All Angels Church, Strands)
Wasdale Church (St Olaf's Church, Wasdale Head)
Wasdale Common, Nether (Nether Wasdale Common, Nether Wasdale)
Wasdale Crack, The, Napes Needle
Wasdale Crag, Shap Fells
Wasdale Fell, Wasdale
Wasdale Foot, Crosby Ravensworth
Wasdale Hall (Wasdale Head Hall Farm, Wasdale)
Wasdale Hall, Wasdale
Wasdale Head, Shap Rural
Wasdale Head, Wasdale
Wasdalehead (Wasdale Head, Wasdale)
Wasdale Head Hall Farm, Wasdale
Wasdale Head Inn, Wasdale Head
Wasdale Head school, Wasdale Head
Wasdale Head Township, St Bees
Wasdale, Nether parish (Nether Wasdale parish)
Wasdale, Nether (Nether Wasdale, Wasdale)
Wasdale Old Bridge, Wasdale Beck
Wasdale Pike, Shap Rural
Wasdale Post Office (Old Post Office, The, Santon Bridge)
Wasedale (Wasdale, Nether Wasdale)
Washer's Well, Netherby
wash house, Kendal
Washington, The, Barrow-in-Furness
Waskew Head, Tebay
Wassett (Whasset, Beetham)
Wastal Foot (Wasdale Foot, Crosby Ravensworth)
Wastal Head (Wasdale Head, Shap Rural)
Wastall Foot (Wasdale Foot, Crosby Ravensworth)
Wastall foot (Wasdale Foot, Crosby Ravensworth)
Wastall Head (Wasdale Head, Shap Rural)
Wastall head (Wasdale Head, Shap Rural)
Wastall Heade (Wasdale Head, Shap Rural)
Wastdale (Nether Wasdale, Wasdale)
Wastdale (Wasdale, Nether Wasdale)
Wastdale Forest, Seathwaite
Wastdale Head (Wasdale Head, Wasdale)
Wastdalehead (Wasdale Head, Wasdale)
Wastdalehead Church (St Olaf's Church, Wasdale Head)
Wastdale Village (Wasdale Head, Wasdale)
Wastebanks Wood, Culgaith
Waste Bank Tunnel (Wastebank Tunnel, Settle and Carlisle Railway)
Wastebank Tunnel, Settle and Carlisle Railway
Waste Bridge, Colton Beck
Wastedale (Nether Wasdale, Wasdale)
Wastedale Head (Wasdale Head, Wasdale)
Wastend (Nine Standards Rigg, Hartley)
Waste of Cumberland (Spadeadam Forest, Kingwater)
Wast, The (Spadeadam Forest, Kingwater)
Wast Water, Wasdale
Wastwater (Wast Water, Wasdale)
Wastwater Hotel (Wasdale Head Inn, Wasdale Head)
Wastwater Screes (Screes, The, Illgill Head)
Wastwater Screes, The (Screes, The, Illgill Head)
Watanlath (Watendlath, Borrowdale)
Watchclose, Irthington
Watchcross, Irthington
Watcher's Hill, Gilderdale Forest
Watches, Bassenthwaite
Watch field (Wattsfield, Kendal)
Watchfield, Kendal
Watchgate, Watchgate
Watchgate, Whitwell and Selside
Watchgate Water Treatment Works, Skelsmergh
Watchgate WTW (Watchgate Water Treatment Works, Skelsmergh)
Watch Hill, Burgh by Sands
Watch Hill, Holme East Waver
Watch Hill, Kirkoswald
Watch Hill, Moresby
Watch Hill, Setmurthy
Watchhill, Allhallows
Watch House, Whitehaven Harbour
Watching Howe, Buttermere
Watch Rigg, Bewcastle
Watch Rigg, Spadeadam Forest
Watch Tower, Roa Island
watchtower, Burgh by Sands
Watchtower, The, Whitehaven Harbour
Watch Tree, Watch Hill
Watch Yale (Watchgate, Whitwell and Selside)
Watch Yate (Watchgate, Watchgate)
Wateby (Waitby, Waitby)
Watendlath, Borrowdale
Watendlath Beck, Borrowdale
Watendlath Bridge (packhorse bridge, Watendlath, Watendlath Beck)
Watendlath Farm (Steps End Farm, Watendlath)
Watendlath Fell, Borrowdale
Watendlath Tarn, Watendlath
Watendleth (Watendlath, Borrowdale)
Watendleth Tarn (Watendlath Tarn, Watendlath)
Watenlath (Watendlath, Borrowdale)
Waterbank Quarry, Ireby
Waterblean, Millom Without
Water Crag, Birker Fell
Water Crook (Watercrook, Natland)
Watercrook, Natland
Water-crook (Watercrook, Natland)
Watercrook Farm (Watercrook, Natland)
Water Cut, Lady Anne's Way
Wateredge Hotel (Wateredge Inn, Waterhead)
Wateredge Inn, Waterhead
Water Edge, The, Keswick
Water End (Derwent Bay, Derwent Bay)
Water End (Waterend, Loweswater)
Waterend (High Water End, Blawith and Subberthwaite)
Waterend (Low Water End, Blawith and Subberthwaite)
Waterend, Loweswater
Waterend Farm (Waterend, Loweswater)
Water End, High (High Water End, Blawith and Subberthwaite)
Water End, Low (Low Water End, Blawith and Subberthwaite)
waterfall, Barbon
waterfall, Barrow Beck
waterfall, Birkside Gill
waterfall, Blindtarn Gill
waterfall, Boot
Waterfall Bridge Limekiln (limekiln, Waterfalls Bridge Quarry, Waterfalls Bridge Quarry)
waterfall, Buckbarrow
Waterfall Buttress, Buckbarrow Crag
Waterfall Buttress, High Spy
Waterfall Buttress Direct Rooute, Waterfall Buttress
Waterfall Buttress Ordinary Route, Waterfall Buttress
waterfall, Comb Beck
waterfall, Deepdale Beck
waterfall, Dob Gill
waterfall, Dockernook Gill
waterfall, Dovedale Beck
waterfall, Fell End
waterfall, Fisherplace Gill
waterfall, Gable Beck
waterfall, Garsdale
waterfall, Gastack Beck
waterfall, Gastack Beck (2)
waterfall, Glenderamackin
waterfall, Greenup Gill
waterfall, Greta Gill
waterfall, Hayeswater Gill
waterfall, Levens
waterfall, Mallerstang
waterfall, Mardale
waterfall, Mardale (2)
waterfall, Mardale (3)
waterfall, Meg Gill
Waterfall Mill, Stock Ghyll
waterfall, Millergill Beck
waterfall, Mill Gill
waterfall, Natland
waterfall, Natrass Gill
waterfall, Nether Beck
waterfall, Nether Beck (2)
waterfall, Newlands Beck
waterfall, New Water
waterfall, Old Water
waterfall, Red Tarn Beck
waterfall, Roughten Gill
waterfall, Roughton Gill
Waterfalls Bridge, River Leith
Waterfalls Bridge, River Leith
waterfall, Scope Beck
waterfall, Seathwaite Slabs
waterfall, Sedgwick
waterfall, Sedgwick (2)
waterfall, Sinen Gill
waterfall, Spouthead Gill
waterfall, Sprint
waterfall, Sprint (2)
waterfall, Stickle Gill
waterfall, Stockdale Beck
waterfall, Stockdale Beck (2)
waterfall, Stockdale Beck (3)
waterfall, Tarn Beck
waterfall, Tongue Gill
waterfall, Troutbeck
waterfall, Uldale
waterfall, Warnscale Beck
waterfall, Wyth Burn
Waterflosh, Aikton
Water Foot (Waterfoot, Dacre)
Waterfoot, Dacre
Waterfoot Bridge, Kentmere
Waterfoot Farm, Soulby
Waterfoot Hotel (Waterfoot, Dacre)
Waterfoot Lodge, Waterfoot
Water Garth Nook, Walney Island
Watergate (Watergate Farm, Loweswater)
water gate, Dufton
Watergate Farm, Loweswater
water gate, Grisedale
water gate, Langdale
water gate, Loweswater
water gate, Mardale
water gate, Shap Rural
water gate, St John's Castlerigg etc
water gate, Stone House
Watergreens Shaft, Nent Force Level
Water Head (Water Head House, Water Head)
Water Head (Waterhead, Windermere lake)
Water Head, Coniston Water
Waterhead parish (once Cumberland)
Waterhead (High Water Head, Boon Crag)
Waterhead (Water Head, Coniston Water)
Waterhead (Wythburn, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Waterhead, Water Head
Waterhead, Windermere lake
Waterhead, Wythburn
Waterhead Common, Waterhead
Water Head, High (High Water Head, Boon Crag)
Waterhead Hotel (Waterhead Inn, Waterhead)
Waterhead Hotel, Waterheadl
Water Head House, Water Head
Water Head Inn (Waterhead Inn, Waterhead)
Waterhead Inn, Waterhead
Waterhead Nursery, Ambleside
Water Head Pier, Coniston Water
Waterhead Pier (pier, Waterhead, Windermere lake)
Waterhead Township, Lanercost
Water House (Water Houses, Asby)
Waterhouse Mills, River Bela
Water Houses, Asby
Waterhouses (Water Houses, Asby)
Waterhouses Beck, Water Houses
Water, Little (Littlewater, Bampton)
Waterloo, Dean
Waterloo Bridge, River Cocker
Waterloo Gardens, Claife
Waterloo, The, Aglionby
Water, Low (Low Water, Old Man of Coniston, The)
Watermalack (Watermillock, Matterdale)
Water Marks, Appleby Flood Alleviation Scheme
Watermelock (Watermillock, Matterdale)
Watermill Inn and Brewery, Ings
Water Millock (Watermillock, Matterdale)
Watermillock, Matterdale
Watermillock Chapelry, Greystoke
Watermillock Church (All Saints Church, Watermillock)
Watermillock Common, Matterdale
Watermillock House, Watermillock
Watermillock Township (Watermillock Chapelry, Greystoke)
Watermillock Village Hall, Watermillock
Watermill, The (Little Salkeld Mill, Robberby Water)
Water, New (New Water, Geltsdale)
Water Nook (Waternook, Martindale)
Waternook, Martindale
Water of Tyne (South Tyne, River, Cumbria boundary)
Water, Old (Old Water, Geltsdale)
Water, Over (Over Water, Ireby)
Water Park, Colton
Waters Farm, Shap
Water Side (Waterside House, Barton)
Water Side (Waterside, Firbank)
Water Side, Hawkshead
Waterside (High Waterside, Middleton)
Waterside (Low Waterside, Middleton)
Waterside (Waterside House, Barton)
Waterside, Firbank
Waterside, Waverton
Waterside, High (High Waterside, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Waterside, High (High Waterside, Middleton)
Water Side House (Water Side, Hawkshead)
Water Side House, Newby Bridge
Waterside House, Barton
Waterside House, Matterdale
Water Side Houses (Water Houses, Asby)
Waterside, Low (Low Waterside, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Waterside, Low (Low Waterside, Middleton)
Water Side Woods, Claife
water trough, Ambleside
water trough, Barrow-in-Furness
water trough, Bolton
water trough, Claife
water trough, Claife (2)
water trough, Colthouse
water trough, Coniston
water trough, Coniston (2)
water trough, Crosthwaite
water trough, Dufton
water trough, Far Sawrey
water trough, Field Broughton
water trough, Great Salkeld
water trough, Haverthwaite
water trough, Hilton
water trough, Hilton (2)
water trough, Hilton (3)
water trough, Holker
water trough, Ireby
water trough, Ireby (2)
water trough, Ireby (3)
water trough, Keswick
water trough, Keswick (2)
water trough, Kirkby Lonsdale
water trough, Lorton
water trough, Penrith
water trough, Satterthwaite
water trough, Scatterbeck
water trough, Stainton
water trough, Stainton (2)
water trough, Strands
water trough, Tebay
water trough, Troutbeck
water trough, Troutbeck (2)
water trough, Troutbeck (3)
water trough, Uldale
water trough, Waterhead
water trough, Westnewton
water trough, Wetheral
water trough, Whitwell and Selside
water trough, Windermere
Waterworks Bridge (Lune Bridge, Thirlmere Aqueduct)
waterworks sign, Bowscale
waterworks sign, Edenhall
waterworks sign, Lazonby
waterworks sign, Mungrisdale
waterworks sign, Mungrisdale (2)
Water Yeat, Blawith and Subberthwaite
Water Yeat Bridge, Ayside Pool
Water Yeat Bridge, River Lickle
Water Yeat Mill, Water Yeat
Wath (Wath Brow, Cleator Moor)
Wath, Cleator Moor
Wath, Holme Low
Wath, Ravenstonedale
Wath Angling Center, Wath
Wath Bridge, Bessy Beck
Wath Bridge, River Ehen
Wath Bridge, Thirlmere
Wath Brow, Cleator Moor
Wath Brow Mission Church, Cleator Moor
Wathelan, The (Tarn Wadling, Inglewood Forest)
Watheral (Wetheral, Wetheral)
Wathermalach (Watermillock, Matterdale)
Wathermalack (Watermillock, Matterdale)
Wathermelake (Watermillock, Matterdale)
Wath Farm (Wath, Ravenstonedale)
Wathfield (Wattsfield, Kendal)
Wath Head, Westward
Wath Head Satellite Landing Ground, Wath Head
Wath, High (High Wath, River Calder)
Wathlands, Armboth
Wath, Low (Low Wath, River Eden)
Wath Sutton, Preston Patrick
Wath Sutton Bridge, Peasey Beck
Wath Sutton Farm (Wath Sutton, Preston Patrick)
Wathwaineath (Yanwath, Yanwath and Eamont Bridge)
Watinlath (Watendlath, Borrowdale)
Watland (Natland, Natland)
Watlande (Natland Park, Natland)
Watlande (Natland, Natland)
Watleyhirst, Nicholforest
Watondlith Tarn (Watendlath Tarn, Watendlath)
Wats Field (Wattsfield, Kendal)
Watson and Woollard butchers (Kendal: Watson and Woollard, Kendal)
Watson Dodd (Watson's Dodd, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Watson Farm, Greystoke Gill
Watson Hill, Egremont
Watson Institute, Castle Carrock
Watson's Dodd, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Watson's Park, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Watson Wall, Raven Crag
Wattendleth (Watendlath, Borrowdale)
Watt Lane (New Shambles, Kendal)
Wattsfield, Kendal
Wattsfield Farm (Wattsfield, Kendal)
Waughfoot Bridge, Black Beck
Waver (Crummock Beck, Bromfield)
Waver, Skinburness Marsh
Waver Bank, Boltons
Waver Bridge, Waverbridge
Waverbridge, Waverton
Waver Bridge Farm, Waverton
Waverbridge Mill, Waverbridge
Waverbridge School (school, Waverbridge, Waverbridge)
Waver Cottage, Rampside
Wavergillhead, Westward
Waver Hall (Waver Bank, Boltons)
Waverhead, Westward
Waver House, Waverton
Waverley Hotel, Penrith
Waverley Hotel, Whitehaven
Waverley House, Kingmoor
Waverley Line (Border Union Railway, Carlisle)
Waverley Temperance Hotel, Orton
Waverley Viaduct, Border Union Railway
Waver, Little (Little Waver, Boltons)
Waver River (Waver, River, Holme Abbey)
Waver, River, Holme Abbey
Waverton parish (once Cumberland)
Waverton, Waverton
Waverton Church (Christ Church, Waverton)
Waverton High and Low Township (Waverton Township, Wigton)
Waverton Township, Wigton
Waverton TP (Toll Bar Cottage, Wigton to Workington road)
Waver TP (Waver Turnpike, Penrith to Wigton road)
Waver Turnpike, Penrith to Wigton road
Wawburthwat (Waberthwaite, Waberthwaite)
Wawburthwate (Hall Waberthwaite, Waberthwaite)
Wawburthwate (Waberthwaite, Waberthwaite)
Way Beck Bridge, Way Beck
Waybend Cottage, Stainton
Wayfarer's Crack, Great End
Waygill Hill, Hayton
Way Side, Stanwix Rural
Wayside, Barton
Wayside, Clappersgate
Wayside, Dacre
Wayside Cottage, Coniston
Wayside Cottage, Hawkshead
Wayside Cottages, Hesket
W Baldry estate agent, Grasmere
W Dawson and Son, Sedbergh Station
Wearisome Inn, Hoff
Wear Valley Extension Railway, Brampton
Weary Hall, Boltons
Weary Hall, Holme Abbey
Weas Dale (Weasdale, Weasdale)
Weasdale, Ravenstonedale
Weasdale, Weasdale
Weasdale Beck, Ravenstonedale
Weasel Gill, Carlingill
Wease, River (Doe, River, North Yorkshire)
Weastdale constablewick (Weasdale, Weasdale)
Weatheral Church (Holy Trinity and St Constantine's Church, Wetheral)
Weatheral Tower (Wetheral Tower, Wetheral)
Weathercalf Moss, Howgill Fells
Weathercoat Cave (Weathercoate Cave, Chapel-le-Dale)
Weathercoat Cove (Weathercoate Cave, Chapel-le-Dale)
Weathercoate Cave, Chapel-le-Dale
Weathercote Cave (Weathercoate Cave, Chapel-le-Dale)
Weatherel Tower (Wetheral Priory, Wetheral)
Weather Hill, Tebay Fell
Weatherlam (Wetherlam, Coniston)
Weather Ling Hill, South Lord's Land
weather station, Crackenthorpe
weather station, Embleton
weather station, Garsdale
weather station, Great Crosthwaite
weather station, Hartside
weather station, Hutton (2)
weather station, Mallerstang (2)
weather station, Rockcliffe
weather station, Seatoller
weather station, Sedbergh (3)
weather station, Torver (2)
weather station, Whitbeck
weathervane, Broughton East
weathervane, High Hesket
weathervane, Rawfold Bank
weathervane, Threlkeld
Weathery Crook, Sleagill
Weaver, River (Waver, River, Holme Abbey)
Weavers Yard (Sedbergh: Weavers Yard, 2-3, Sedbergh)
Weavers Yard (Sedbergh: Weavers Yard, 5-7, Sedbergh)
Webster House, Little Strickland
Webster's Marble Works (Kendal: Webster's Marble Works, Bridge House)
Webster's Pharmacy, Sedbergh
Wedder Gleam
Weddicar parish (once Cumberland)
Weddicar Hall, Weddicar
Weddicar Rigg, Weddicar
Weddicar Township, St Bees
Wederal (Wetheral, Wetheral)
Wedholme Flow, Woodside
Wedholme Flow peat railway
Wedholme Hill, Woodside
Wedholme House, Holme East Waver
Wee Cottage, Hawkshead
Weel, The (Cow Green Reservoir, Cumbria boundary)
Weetabix, Wallowbarrow Crag
weighing machine, Cleator
weighing machine, Kirkby Lonsdale
weighing machine, Troutbeck Bridge
weighing machine, Whitehaven
Weind Cottage, Church Brough
Weind House, Church Brough
weir, Backbarrow
weir, Brough
weir, Great Salkeld
weir, Kearstwick
weir, Keekle
weir, Kendal
weir, Lowther
weir, Morland
weir, Newby Bridge
weir, Preston Patrick
weir, Seathwaite
weir, Sedbergh
Welcome Inn, Kemplay Foot
Welcome into Cumberland Inn (Welcome Inn, Kemplay Foot)
Welcome Nook, Corney
Well Bands, Uldale
well, Blindcrake
Wellcome Nook Quarry, Holme Fell
well, Cumwhitton
well, Dalston
well, Eaglesfield
Well Foot (Wellfoot, Longsleddale)
Wellfoot, Longsleddale
Wellfoot Wood, Wellfoot
well, Frizington
Wellgill, Alston Moor
Wellgill Shaft, Nent Force Level
well, Great Strickland
Well Green (Bell Green, Ullthwaite)
Well Green, Great Asby
Well Head (Well Heads, Hincaster)
Well Head, Dentdale
Well Head, Stainmore
Well Head House, Little Urswick
Wellhead House, Plumbland
Well-head-raines (Raines Hall, Sedgwick)
Well-head-raines (Well Heads, Hincaster)
Well Heads, Hincaster
Wellheads Bridge, Lancaster Canal
Well Heads Farm (Well Heads, Hincaster)
Well Hill, Millom
Wellholme, Wetheral
well, Holmrook
Wellhopeknot Mine, Alston Moor
Wellhope Mine, Wellhope Moor
Wellhope Shaft (Wellhope Mine, Wellhope Moor)
Well House, Broughton West
Well House, Netherhouses
Well House, Urswick
Wellhouse Farm, Urswick
Well in Crag, Walna Scar Road
Wellington, Aspatria
Wellington, Brigham
Wellington, Gosforth
Wellington Bridge, River Bleng
Wellington House, Askham
Wellington House, Whitehaven
Wellington Inn, Great Orton
Wellington Monument, Hayton
Wellington Monument, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield
Wellington Pit, Whitehaven Coalfield
Wellington, The, Dalton-in-Furness
Wellington, The, Whitehaven
well, Kidsty Pike
Well Knowe, Lower Allithwaite
Well Knowe House (Well Knowe, Lower Allithwaite)
Wellknowerigg, Arthuret
Well, Low (Low Well, Great Strickland)
Well, Low (Low Well, Winskill)
Wellmoorsike, Kirkoswald
Wellop Castle (Whelp Castle, Bravoniacum)
Wellop castle (Whelp Castle, Bravoniacum)
Well Rash, Boltons
Wellrash Farm, Boltons
Well Sike, Westlinton
well, Skelton
Wells, Nether (Nether Wells, Helsington)
Wells, The (Nateby Wells, Nateby)
well, Stone House
Well, The, Workington
Well Thorn, Nicholforest
Welltree, King's Meaburn
well, Wellfoot
well, Whitebeck
Well Wood, Kirkby Ireleth
Welton, Sebergham
Welton Church (St James's Church, Welton)
Welton Farm, Welton
Welton, Nether (Nether Welton, Dalston)
Wenandremere (Windermere lake, Windermere)
Wendrosse (Wrynose Pass, Ulpha)
Wenning, River, Lancashire
Wennington, Lancashire
Wennington Station, Furness and Midland Joint Railway
Wenrose Hill (Wrynose Fell, Lakes)
Werkington (Workington, Workington)
Werkinton (Workington, Workington)
Wery Wall, Lancaster
Wescoe, Threlkeld
Wescoe Farm, Wescoe
Wesco Farm (Wescoe Farm, Wescoe)
Wescow (Wescoe, Threlkeld)
Wesleyan Centenary Chapel, Ravenstonedale
Wesleyan Chapel (chapel, Newbiggin, Newbiggin)
Wesleyan Chapel (Trinity Methodist Church, Silloth)
Wesleyan Chapel, Bampton
Wesleyan Chapel, Hallbankgate
Wesleyan Chapel, Hutton Roof
Wesleyan Chapel, Ireby
Wesleyan Chapel, Ormside
Wesleyan Church, Grange
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel (chapel, Great Strickland, Great Strickland)
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Fell End
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Salkeld Dykes
Wesleyan Methodist Church (Cautley Methodist Chapel, Cautley)
Wesley Court (Ambleside Methodist Church, Ambleside)
Wesley House, Flookburgh
Wesley's Stone, Temple Sowerby
Weslyan Sunday School (school, Dalton-in-Furness, Dalton-in-Furness)
West Ashgill, Alston Moor
West Backstone Gill (Backstone Gill Cottage, Dent)
West Baugh Fell, Baugh Fell
West Baugh Fell Tarn, Baugh Fell
West Buttress, Tarn Crag
West Buttress Girdle, Wallowbarrow Crag
West City Walls (City Walls, Carlisle)
West City Walls (Tile Tower, City Walls)
West Cliff (Clift House, Cliff)
West Clint Farm, Dent
West Coat Weggs, Garsdale
West Cocklake, Alston Moor
West Cove, Pillar
West Cowgill Farm, Cowgill
West Croft, Distington
Westcroft, Eaglesfield
West Cumberland, Furness and Morecambe Bay Railway (West Cumberland Railway, Lancaster)
West Cumberland Haematite Ironworks, Workington
West Cumberland Railway, Lancaster
West Curthwaite, Curthwaite
West Dow Crag, Stainmore
West Dowgill, Stainmore
West Dun Hill, Geltsdale
West End, Beaumont
West End, Burgh by Sands
West End, Woodside
West End Farm, Holme St Cuthbert
West End Farm, Kingmoor
West End Township, Burgh and (Burgh-upon-Sands Township, Burgh-upon-Sands)
Western Avenue, Hutaple Crag
Western Bank, Wigton
Western Brough (Church Brough, Brough)
Western Buttress, Pike's Crag
Western Wall, Wallowbarrow Crag
West Face Route, Sergeant's Crag
West Farlam Township, Farlam
West Farm, Crosby Ravensworth
West Fell, Caldbeck Fells
West Fell, Orton S
Westfield, Bowness
Westfield, Workington
Westfield House, Bowness
Westfield House, Kirkbampton
Westfield House, Mallsburn
Westfield Point, Barrow-in-Furness
West Garth (West Worth, Papcastle)
West Garth, Hayton
Westgarth Hill, Kirkoswald
West Gate (Irish Gate, City Walls)
West Gate Cottage, Barrow-in-Furness
Westgate Farm, Blindcrake
Westgill, Workington
Westgill End, Westgill
West Grain, Howgill Fells
West Grain, Ravenstonedale Common
West Green, Burgh by Sands
West Green Bridge, Port Carlisle Dock and Railway
Westgreen School, Burgh by Sands
West Gully, Black Crag
West Hall, Kingwater
Westhall (West Hall, Kingwater)
West Head, Wythburn
West Head Farm, Steel End
West Hill (Westhills, )
West Hill, Brampton
Westhill (Westhills, )
West Hind Keld (Hind Keld West, Hind Keld)
West House, Blennerhasset and Torpenhow
West House, Bridekirk
West House, Eaglesfield
West House, Holme St Cuthbert
West House, Thursby
Westhouse, North Yorkshire
Westhouse Barn, Orton S
West House Farm, Whernside Manor Farm
West Houses (Westhouse, North Yorkshire)
Westing, Mungrisdale
West Jordan Climb, Pillar Rock
West Jordan Crack, Pillar Rock
West Jordan Gully, Pillar Rock
West Knowe, Irthington
Westknowe, Irthington
Westlands Farm, Crosscanonby
Westleddale (Wet Sleddale, Sleddale Beck)
West Leventon (Westlinton, Westlinton)
Westley Bank, Bolton
West Leys, Winscales
Westlington Bridge (Westlinton Bridge, River Lyne)
West Linton (Westlinton, Westlinton)
Westlinton parish (once Cumberland)
Westlinton, Westlinton
Westlinton Bridge, River Lyne
West Linton Station (Lyneside Station, Border Union Railway)
Westlinton Station (Lyneside Station, Border Union Railway)
West Linton Township, Kirklinton
West Little Town, Garsdale
West Lodge (Bridge End, Ouse Bridge)
West Lodge (Gate House, Barrow-in-Furness)
West Lodge (Lodge, Eden Hall)
West Lodge, Crofton Hall
West Lodge, Stanwix Rural
West Lynton (Westlinton, Westlinton)
Westmains Farm, Stonegarthside
Westmaria (Westmorland, Cumbria)
West Mere, Cumbria boundary
Westmerland (Westmorland, Cumbria)
Westminster Bank, Whitehaven
Westmoor End, Oughterside and Allerby
WESTMORELAND (Westmorland, Cumbria)
Westmoreland (Westmorland, Cumbria)
Westmorelandia (Westmorland, Cumbria)
Westmoria (Westmorland, Cumbria)
Westmorland, Cumbria
Westmorland and Cumberland Yeomanry Museum (Dalemain, Dacre)
Westmorland boundary, Cumbria
Westmorland cairn, Great Gable
Westmorland County (Westmorland, Cumbria)
Westmorland Crags, Great Gable
Westmorland House (Thomlinson Junior School, Wigton)
Westmorland House, Appleby-in-Westmorland
Westmorlandia (Westmorland, Cumbria)
Westmorland Railway (Eden Valley Railway, Kirkby Stephen)
Westmorland Ridge, Westmorland Crags
Westmorland's Route, Dove Crag
West Mostard, Garsdale valley
West Nattrass, Alston Moor
West Newton (Westnewton, Westnewton)
Westnewton parish (once Cumberland)
Westnewton, Westnewton
Westnewton Church (St Matthew's Church, Westnewton)
West Newton Gate (toll gate, Westnewton, Westnewton)
Westnewton Grange, Westnewton
Westnewton Hall, Westnewton
Westnewton Quarries, Aspatria
Westnewton School, Westnewton
West Newton Township, Bromfield
Weston Hall (Reston Hall, Reston)
Weston House, Crosby Ravensworth
West Pier, Whitehaven Harbour
West Pier Lighthouse (Outer Light, Whitehaven Harbour)
West Plain Farm, Lower Holker
West Quarry, Aspatria
Westray, Embleton
Westray House, Blindcrake
West Riding of Yorkshire (West Yorkshire, )
West Route, The, Kern Knotts
West Scale, Scale
West Scaleby Township (Scaleby West Township, Scaleby)
West Scar, High (High West Scar, Bowness)
West Scar House, Garsdale valley
West Scars, Solway Firth
West Seaton Church (Holy Trinity Church, Northside)
Westside (house, Brough (10), Brough)
Westside, Glenridding
Westside Meeting House (meeting house, Crossfield, Crossfield)
West Stonefolds, Northumberland
West Stonehouse, Stone House
West Stonehouse Farm (West Stonehouse, Stone House)
West Street, Wigton
West Street Social Club, Wigton
West Tunnel (Haverthwaite West Tunnel, Lakeside branch railway)
West View (Solway View, Allonby)
West View (West View and Cobble Cottage, Dent)
West View, Askham
West View, Brough
West View, Burton-in-Kendal
West View, Hartley
West View, Preston Patrick
West View, Whitwell and Selside
West View and Cobble Cottage, Dent
West View Cottage, Leece
West View Farm (West View, Hartley)
West View Farm, Temple Sowerby
West Wall Climb, Pillar Rock
West Wall Climb, Scafell Crag
West Walls, City Walls
West Walls Brewery, Carlisle
West Walls Engine Shed (engine shed, Carlisle (15), Caledonian Railway)
West Ward (Allerdale below Derwent Ward, Cumbria)
West Ward (Westward, Westward)
West Ward, Barony of Appleby
Westward parish (once Cumberland)
Westward parish (once Cumberland)
Westward, Westward
Westward Church (St Hilda's Church, Westward)
West Warde (Westward, Westward)
Westwarde (Westward, Westward)
West Warde Forest (Westward Forest, Westward)
West Ward Forest (Westward Forest, Westward)
Westward Forest, Westward
Westward Forrest (Westward Forest, Westward)
Westward Parish Room (Westward Parish Room, Westward, Westward)
Westward Park, Westward
Westward School (Westward Parish Room, Westward, Westward)
Westwell House, St Bees
Westwood Forrest (Westward Forest, Westward)
West Woodside, Westward
West Woodside Farm (West Woodside, Westward)
West Worth, Papcastle
West Yorkshire,
Wethap (Meathop, Meathop and Ulpha)
Wetheral parish (once Cumberland)
Wetheral parish (once Cumberland)
Wetheral, Wetheral
Wetheral Abbey (Wetheral Cross, Wetheral)
Wetheral Abbey (Wetheral Priory, Wetheral)
Wetheral Bridge (Corby Bridge, Newcastle and Carlisle Railway)
Wetheral Church (Holy Trinity and St Constantine's Church, Wetheral)
Wetheralcrook Tannery, Wetheral
Wetheral Cross, Wetheral
Wetheral Ferry (ferry, Wetheral, River Eden)
Wetheral: Green, 13
Wetheral: High Buildings
Wetherall (Wetheral, Wetheral)
Wetherall Priory (Wetheral Priory, Wetheral)
Wetheral Meeting House (meeting house, Scotby, Scotby)
Wetheral Methodist Church, Wetheral
Wetheral Pasture, Wetheral
Wetheral Plain, Wetheral
Wetheral Police Station (police station, Wetheral (2), Wetheral)
Wetheral Police Station (police station, Wetheral, Wetheral)
Wetheral Priory, Wetheral
Wetheral Priory Gatehouse (Wetheral Priory, Wetheral)
Wetheral Safeguards (St Constantine's Cells, Wetheral Woods)
Wetheral School (school, Wetheral, Wetheral)
Wetheral Station, Newcastle and Carlisle Railway
Wetheral Tower, Wetheral
Wetheral Township, Wetheral
Wetheral Viaduct (Corby Bridge, Newcastle and Carlisle Railway)
Wetheral Village Hall, Wetheral
Wetheral Village Shop, Wetheral
Wetheral Woods, Wetheral
Wether Crag, Low (Low Wether Crag, Black Sails)
Wetherel Cells (St Constantine's Cells, Wetheral Woods)
Wetherel Priory (Wetheral Priory, Wetheral)
Wether Fold (Whether Fold, Kentmere)
Wetherhaul priory (Wetheral Priory, Wetheral)
Wether Hill, Ash Fell
Wether Hill, Bampton Common
Wether Hill, Rockcliffe
Wether Howe, High (High Wether Howe, Shap Rural)
Wetheriggs, Clifton
Wetheriggs Brick and Tile Works (Wetheriggs Pottery, Wetheriggs)
Wetheriggs Country Pottery (Wetheriggs Pottery, Wetheriggs)
Wetheriggs Junction, Eden Valley Railway
Wetheriggs Pottery, Wetheriggs
Wetheriggs Pottery Siding, Wetheriggs
Wetherlam, Coniston
Wethermelake (Watermillock, Matterdale)
Wethermilak (Watermillock, Matterdale)
Wether Rib, Low Wether Crag
Wet Hole (Boggart's Roaring Holes, North Yorkshire)
Wet Side Edge, Coniston
Wet Sleddale, Sleddale Beck
Wetsleddale (Wet Sleddale, Sleddale Beck)
Wet Sleddale Reservooir, Wet Sleddale
Wetsleddale Township, Shap
Wet Smale Gill Trials (Red Gill Mines, Caldbeck Fells)
Wever Fl. (Waver, River, Holme Abbey)
W F Hutchinson, Family Butcher (Coniston: Hutchinson's, Kirkdale House)
Wha Bridge (Whahouse Bridge, River Esk)
Whads How (Wads Howe, Longsleddale)
Whahouse Bridge, River Esk
Wha House Farm, Eskdale
Whale, Lowther
Whale Cottage, Whale
Whale Farm Cottage, Whale
Whale Gill, Castle Sowerby
Whalegill Bridge, Whale Gill
Whalemoor, Lowther
Whale moore (Whale, Lowther)
Whale School (school, Whale, Whale)
Whale's Jaw Bones, Ellergreen
Whale Township, Lowther
Whale View Cottage, Helton
Whaley's Quarry, Dent
Wham Head Farm, Mungrisdale
Whamoss Rigg, Denton Fell
Whamthorn Plantation, Culgaith
Whamtown, Westlinton
Whangs, Egremont
Whangs Quarry, Egremont
Whareton Hall (Wharton Hall, Wharton)
Wharlehowemyer (Whirl Howe, Longsleddale)
Wharleycroft, Dufton
Wharrels Hill, Bothel and Threapland
Wharton parish (once Westmorland)
Wharton (Wharton House, Lower Allithwaite)
Wharton, Wharton
Wharton Bridge, Braithwaite Beck
Wharton Dikes parish (Wharton parish)
Wharton Dikes, Wharton
Wharton Dyke (Wharton Dikes, Wharton)
Wharton Dykes parish (Wharton parish)
Wharton Dykes (Wharton Dikes, Wharton)
Wharton Fell, Wharton
Wharton Hall, Wharton
Whartonhall (Wharton Hall, Wharton)
Wharton House (Wharton Hall, Wharton)
Wharton House, Castle Sowerby
Wharton House, Lower Allithwaite
Wharton House, Waitby
Wharton Park (Wharton Hall, Wharton)
Wharton's Mill, Cockermouth
Wharton Tarn, Hawkshead
Wharton Township, Kirkby Stephen
Whasdike, Hugill
Whasdike Farm (Whasdike, Hugill)
Whasett (Whasset, Beetham)
Whasset, Beetham
Whatbanke (Thwaitebank, Whinfell)
Whatshaw Common, Shap Rural
Whatshaw Pike, Whatshaw Common
Wheallep castle (Whelp Castle, Bravoniacum)
Wheat Sheaf (Wheatsheaf Inn, Embleton)
Wheat Sheaf, Warcop
Wheatsheaf, Beetham
Wheatsheaf, Egremont
Wheatsheaf Inn, Abbey Town
Wheatsheaf Inn, Embleton
Wheatsheaf Inn, Low Lorton
Wheatsheaf, The, Brigsteer
Wheatsheaf, The, Kendal
Wheatsheaf, The, Wetheral
Wheelbarrow Hall, Scotby
Wheelbase (Staveley, Over Staveley: Wheelbase, Staveley)
Wheel Causeway,
Wheele Cawsey, Ye (Wheel Causeway, )
Wheel Fell, St Bridget Beckermet
Wheelhouse Bridge, Cartmel
Wheel, The (Cow Green Reservoir, Cumbria boundary)
Whellep Castle (roman fort, Burwens, Burwens)
Whelp Castle (roman fort, Burwens, Burwens)
Whelp Castle, Bravoniacum
Whelpdale Holme (bastle, Bewcastle (2), Bewcastle)
Whelpo, Caldbeck
Whelpo Beck, Caldbeck
Whelpo Bridge, Whelpo Beck
Whelpo Head, Whelpo
Whelpo House, Whelpo
Whelpo Meeting House (meeting house, Whelpo, Whelpo)
Whelprigg, Barbon
Whelpshead Crag, Angerton
Whelp Side, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Whelpside, Whinfell
Whelpside Gill, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Whelpside Gill Spring (Brownrigg Well, Whelpside Gill)
Whelter, Bampton
Whelter Beck, Bampton
Whelter Crag (Whelter Crags, Bampton)
Whelter Crags, Bampton
Whelter, High (Whelter, Bampton)
Whelter, Low (Whelter, Bampton)
Whent House, Ireby
Whernside, Cumbria boundary
Whernside Manor, Dent
Whernside Millennium Viewpoint, Little Whernside
Whernside Tarns, Whernside
Whether Fold, Kentmere
Whetstone, Preston Patrick
Whetstone Croft, Broughton West
Wheyrigg, Dundraw
Wheyrigg Hall (Hall, The, Wheyrigg)
Whicham parish (once Cumberland)
Whicham parish (once Cumberland)
Whicham, Whicham
Whicham Beck
Whicham Church (St Mary's Church, Whicham)
Whicham Hall, Whicham
Whicham Mill, Whitecombe Beck
Whicham Old School, Whicham
Whicham School (Whicham Old School, Whicham)
Whicham Trial, Whicham
Whicham Valley, Whicham
Whidback (Whitbeck, Whicham)
Whidbeck (Whitbeck, Whicham)
Whidbek (Whitbeck, Whicham)
Whilbek (Whitbeck, Whicham)
Whillan Beck, Eskdale
Whillanside, Boot
Whillimoor, Arlecdon and Frizington
Whillimoor Township, Arlecdon
Whillimor (Whillimoor, Arlecdon and Frizington)
Whilp Rigg (Whelprigg, Barbon)
Whilps Head (Whelpside, Whinfell)
Whimsey Hill, Cumbria boundary
Whinash, Tebay
Whinbank, Bromfield
Whin Ben, Whiteside
Whinclose, Holme Low
Whincop, Eskdale
Whincop Bridge, Eskdale
Whineray Ground, High (High Whineray Ground, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite)
Whineray Ground, Low (Low Whineray Ground, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite)
Whinfeeld Forest (Whinfell Forest, Whinfell Park)
Whinfeild Forrest (Whinfell Forest, Whinfell Park)
Whinfeld (Whinfell, Whinfell)
Whinfeld Forest (Whinfell Forest, Whinfell Park)
Whinfeld Forest (Whinfell Park, Brougham)
Whinfeld Hill (Whinfell Beacon, Whinfell)
Whinfeld hill (Whinfell Beacon, Whinfell)
Whin Fell, Blindbothel
Whin Fell, Kirkoswald
Whinfell parish (once Westmorland)
Whinfell, Whinfell
Whinfell Beacon, Whinfell
Whinfell Common, Whinfell
Whinfell Forest, Whinfell Park
Whinfell Hall, Blindbothel
Whinfell House, Brougham
Whinfell Park, Brougham
Whinfell Tarn, Whinfell
Whinfell Township, Brigham
Whinfell Township, Kendal
Whinfield parish (Whinfell parish)
Whinfield (Whinfell, Whinfell)
Whinfield, Pennington
Whinfield and woodside (Whinfell Forest, Whinfell Park)
Whinfield and woodside (Woodside, Brougham)
Whinfield Constablewick (Whinfell)
Whinfield Farm Cottages, Pennington
Whinfield Forest (Whinfell Forest, Whinfell Park)
Whinfield Hill (Whinfell Beacon, Whinfell)
Whinfield Park (Whinfell Park, Brougham)
Whin Garth, Gosforth
Whingill, Hartley
Whin Hill, Hayton
Whinhow (High Whinhowe, Orton S)
Whinhow (Low Whinhowe Farm, Orton S)
Whinhowe, Grayrigg
Whinhowe Farm, Low (Low Whinhowe Farm, Orton S)
Whinhowe Gill, Whinfell
Whinhowe, High (High Whinhowe, Orton S)
Whinhowe, Low (Low Whinhowe Farm, Orton S)
Whinlater (Whinlatter, Lorton)
Whinlatter (Whinlatter Pass, Lorton)
Whinlatter, Lorton
Whinlatter Fells (Whinlatter, Lorton)
Whinlatter Gap (Whinlatter Pass, Lorton)
Whinlatter Pass, Lorton
Whinlatter Top (Whinlatter, Lorton)
Whinlatter Turnpike, Keswick to Cockermouth road
Whinna (Low Whinnow, Thursby)
Whinnah, Lamplugh
Whinnah Cottages, Lamplugh
Whinnarigg (Whinnyrigg, Clifton)
Whinnerah, Gosforth
Whinneyrigg (Whinnyrigg, Clifton)
Whinnow Beck, Thursby
Whinnow, High (High Whinnow, Thursby)
Whinnow, Low (Low Whinnow, Thursby)
Whinny (Whinhowe, Grayrigg)
Whinny Brow, Latrigg
Whinny Crag, Barton
Whinny Fell, Talkin Fell
Whinnyfell, Whinny Fell
Whinny Gill, Sedbergh
Whinny Hall (Whinny Haw, Firbank)
Whinny Haw, Firbank
Whinnyhill Collieries, Cleator Moor
Whinny Howe, Windermere
Whinnyhowe Tarn (Latrigg Tarn, Latrigg)
Whinnyrigg, Clifton
Whin Rigg, Eskdale
Whins (Whin's, Sedbergh)
Whins, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Whins, High Harrington
Whin's, Sedbergh
Whins Beck, Osmotherley
Whinscales, Eskdale
Whins End, Howgill Fells
Whinsfield, Langwathby
Whinshields (Winshields, Northumberland)
Whins Pond, Langwathby
Whin Stone Gill, Sedbergh
Whin Stone Gill Bridge, Whin Stone Gill
Whintingstown, Bewcastle
Whin Yeats, Newbiggin
Whiny how (Whinny Howe, Windermere)
Whipper Slack, Spadeadam Forest
Whirenose Gill, Over Staveley
Whirl Howe, Longsleddale
Whirl Pippin, Whicham
Whisk Bridge, Whisk Burn
Whisk Burn, Arthuret
Whistler, Yew Crag
Whistling Green, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Whitbarrow (Whitbarrow Hall, Whitbarrow)
Whitbarrow, Crosthwaite and Lyth
Whitbarrow, Hutton
Whitbarrow Hall, Whitbarrow
Whitbarrow Lodge, Witherslack
Whitbarrow Scar (White Scar, Whitbarrow)
Whitbarrow Scar, Whitbarrow
Whitbarrow Scar Trial, Whitbarrow Scar
Whit Beck, Garsdale valley
Whit Beck, Lorton
Whit Beck, Underskiddaw
Whitbeck parish (once Cumberland)
Whitbeck, Whicham
Whitbeck Bridge, Whit Beck
Whitbeck Bridge, High (High Whitbeck Bridge, Whit Beck)
Whitbeck Church (St Mary's Church, Whitbeck)
Whitbeck Crossing, Whitehaven and Furness Junction Railway
Whitbeck Mill, Whicham
Whitber, High (High Whitber, Crosby Ravensworth)
Whitberry Burn, Bewcastle
Whitby Head (Whitbysteads, Askham)
Whitby Stead (Whitbysteads, Askham)
Whitbystead (Whitbysteads, Askham)
Whitbysteads, Askham
Whitcham (Whicham, Whicham)
Whitchamp (Whicham, Whicham)
Whitchester, Northumberland
Whitclose (White Close, Stapleton)
Whitclose (Whiteclose, Arthuret)
Whiteain House (Ain House, Irton with Santon)
White Beck (Whitebeck, Crosthwaite and Lyth)
Whitebeck, Askerton
Whitebeck, Crosthwaite and Lyth
Whitebeck, Crosthwaite and Lyth
Whitebeck Bridge, Whitebeck
White Boar Quarry, Garsdale
White Boar Well, Garsdale
White Bog, Bampton Common
White Borran, Blawith and Subberthwaite
White Brackens House, Nateby
White Brae, Askerton
White Bridge, River Eamont
White Bridge, River Rothay
White Bridge Forge, Grasmere
Whitebrow, Orton S
White Buttress, Walla Crag
White Close, Stapleton
Whiteclose, Arthuret
Whiteclosegate, Stanwix Rural
Whitecloserigg, Arthuret
White Combe, Whicham
Whitecombe Beck, Whicham
Whitecombe Beck Mine, Whitecombe Beck
Whitecombe Screes, Black Combe
White Cottage, Askham
White Cottage, Burgh by Sands
White Cove Gill (Comb Beck, Above Derwent)
White Crag, Borrowdale
White Creek, Arnside
White Creek Mine, Arnside
White Cross Bay, Windermere lake
White Cross, The, Saddleback
Whitedales Pike (Whiteless Pike, Buttermere)
White Dwarf, Castle Rock
White Fell, Howgill Fells
White Fell Head, Howgill Fells
Whitefield, Burtholme
Whitefield Hall (Whitefield House, Ireby)
Whitefield House, Ireby
Whiteflat, Irthington
White Fold, Whitefold Moss
Whitefold Moss, Tebay Fell
Whitefoot, Strickland Ketel
Whitegate, Stapleton
Whitegate, Wetheral
Whitegates, Thursby
Whitegates Cottages, Lower Holker
White Ghyll Chimney, Whitegill Crag
White Ghyll Eliminate, Whitegill Crag
White Ghyll Traverse, Whitegill Crag
White Ghyll Wall, Whitegill Crag
White Gill, Coniston
Whitegill Crag, Great Langdale
White Green, Ravenstonedale
White Hag Stone Circle, Crosby Ravensworth Fell
White Hall (Town Hall, Kendal, Kendal)
White Hall, Aldingham
White Hall, Killington
White Hall, Whicham
Whitehall (Thwaitehill, Barton)
Whitehall (Town Hall, Kendal, Kendal)
Whitehall, Allhallows
Whitehall, Nenthead
White Hall Knott, Whicham
White Hart, Bouth
White Hart, Kendal
White Hart, Lancaster
White Hart, Sedbergh
White Hart Hotel, Appleby-in-Westmorland
White Hart Hotel, Carlisle
White Hart House, Dent
White Hart Tree, Whinfell Forest
White Hause, Little Calva
White Hause, Uldale Fells
White Haven (Whitehaven Harbour, Whitehaven)
White Haven (Whitehaven, Whitehaven)
Whitehaven parish (once Cumberland)
Whitehaven, Whitehaven
Whitehaven: Albert Square
Whitehaven and Furness Junction Railway, Whitehaven
Whitehaven Bransty Station (Whitehaven Station, Whitehaven and Furness Junction Railway)
Whitehaven Castle, Whitehaven
Whitehaven: Catherine Street, 15 and 16
Whitehaven Church (Chapel of St Gregory and St Patrick, Whitehaven)
Whitehaven Church (Christ Church, Whitehaven)
Whitehaven Church (St James's Church, Whitehaven)
Whitehaven Church (St Nicholas's Church, Whitehaven)
Whitehaven: Church Street
Whitehaven: Church Street, 6
Whitehaven: Church Street, 34 and 35
Whitehaven: Church Street, 49 to 57
Whitehaven: Church Street, 50 to 57
Whitehaven: Church Street, 57
Whitehaven, Cleator and Egremont Joint Railway (Egremont and Sellafield branch railway, Egremont)
Whitehaven, Cleator and Egremont Joint Railway (Whitehaven, Cleator and Egremont Railway, Whitehaven)
Whitehaven, Cleator and Egremont Railway, Whitehaven
Whitehaven Coalfield, Whitehaven
Whitehaven: Coates Lane, 9
Whitehaven: College Street, 10
Whitehaven Colliery Schools, Whitehaven
Whitehaven: Cross Street, 1 to 4
Whitehaven: Cross Street, 11
Whitehaven: Cross Street, 12
Whitehaven: Duke Street, 4 and 5
Whitehaven: Duke Street, 43 and 44
Whitehaven: Duke Street, 46 to 50
Whitehaven: Duke Street, 53
Whitehaven: Duke Street, 54 and 55
Whitehaven: Duke Street, 65 to 76
Whitehaven: Duke Street, 96 and 97
Whitehaven: Duke Street, 105
Whitehaven Fire Station (Whitehaven Fire Station, Whitehaven, Whitehaven)
Whitehaven: Foxhouses Road
Whitehaven: Foxhouses Road, 1 and 2
Whitehaven: Foxhouses Road, 3
Whitehaven: Foxhouses Road, 4 and 5
Whitehaven: Foxhouses Road, 6 and 7
Whitehaven: Foxhouses Road, 8 and 9
Whitehaven: Foxhouses Road, 10
Whitehaven: Foxhouses Road, 17 and 18
Whitehaven: Foxhouses Road, 19 and 20
Whitehaven: Foxhouses Road, 22 and 23
Whitehaven: Front Corkickle
Whitehaven: Front Corkickle, 5 and 6
Whitehaven: Front Corkickle, 7
Whitehaven: Front Corkickle, 8
Whitehaven: Front Corkickle, 12
Whitehaven: Front Corkickle, 15 to 19
Whitehaven: Garden Villas
Whitehaven: George Street, 70
Whitehaven: George Street, 71 and 72
Whitehaven: George Street, 73
Whitehaven: George Street, 83 to 87
Whitehaven: Hamilton Lane, 1
Whitehaven: Hamilton Terrace
Whitehaven Harbour, Whitehaven
Whitehaven Herald, Whitehaven
Whitehaven: High Street, 1 to 11
Whitehaven Hospital, Whitehaven
Whitehaven: Howgill Street, 10
Whitehaven: Howgill Street, 11
Whitehaven: Howgill Street, 12
Whitehaven: Howgill Street, 17 and 18
Whitehaven: Inkerman Terrace, 1 and 2
Whitehaven: Inkerman Terrace, 13 and 14
Whitehaven: Inkerman Terrace, 15 and 16
Whitehaven: Inkerman Terrace, 17 and 18
Whitehaven: Irish Street, 4 and 5
Whitehaven: Irish Street, 7
Whitehaven: Irish Street, 17
Whitehaven: Irish Street, 18
Whitehaven: Irish Street, 19 and 20
Whitehaven: Irish Street, 41 to 43
Whitehaven: Irish Street, 44 and 45
Whitehaven Junction Railway, Maryport
Whitehaven Labyrinth (Labyrinth, The, Trinity Gardens)
Whitehaven: Lonsdale Place
Whitehaven: Lowther Street
Whitehaven: Lowther Street, 1
Whitehaven: Lowther Street, 22 to 24
Whitehaven: Lowther Street, 25
Whitehaven: Lowther Street, 26
Whitehaven: Lowther Street, 37
Whitehaven: Lowther Street, 38
Whitehaven: Lowther Street, 39 to 42
Whitehaven: Lowther Street, 44 to 47
Whitehaven: Lowther Street, 75 to 77
Whitehaven: Lowther Street, 78 and 79
Whitehaven: Lowther Street, 80
Whitehaven: Lowther Street, 81 to 83
Whitehaven: Main Street, 35 to 37
Whitehaven: Main Street, 38 to 48
Whitehaven: Main Street, 81 to 87
Whitehaven: Main Street, 88
Whitehaven: Main Street, 89 to 95
Whitehaven: Main Street, 96 to 99
Whitehaven: Marlborough Street, 1
Whitehaven Maryport and Carlisle Railway (Maryport and Carlisle Railway, Maryport)
Whitehaven meeting (meeting house, Whitehaven, Whitehaven)
Whitehaven Meeting House (meeting house, Whitehaven, Whitehaven)
Whitehaven Museum, Civic Hall
Whitehaven: New Street, 23 and 24
Whitehaven: New Street, 42
Whitehaven Police Station, Whitehaven
Whitehaven: Queen Street, 16 and 17
Whitehaven: Queen Street, 30
Whitehaven: Queen Street, 31 and 32
Whitehaven: Queen Street, 35
Whitehaven: Queen Street, 43
Whitehaven: Queen Street, 127 to 131
Whitehaven: Queen Street, 132
Whitehaven: Queen Street, 140
Whitehaven: Queen Street, 150
Whitehaven: Queen Street, 151
Whitehaven: Queen Street, 152 to 155
Whitehaven Race Course (race course, Whitehaven, Harras)
Whitehaven: Retreat
Whitehaven: Roper Street, 16
Whitehaven: Roper Street, 19 and 20
Whitehaven: Roper Street, 21 and 22
Whitehaven: Roper Street, 23 and 24
Whitehaven: Roper Street, 25
Whitehaven: Roper Street, 29
Whitehaven: Roper Street, 30
Whitehaven: Roper Street, 36 to 38
Whitehaven: Roper Street, 44 and 45
Whitehaven: Roper Street, 46 to 49
Whitehaven: Roper Street, 51
Whitehaven: Roper Street, 52
Whitehaven: Roper Street, 53
Whitehaven: Roper Street, 54
Whitehaven: Roper Street, 55
Whitehaven: Roper Street, 56
Whitehaven: Roper Street, 57 and 58
Whitehaven Rural Deanery, Diocese of Carlisle
Whitehaven School (school, Whitehaven, Whitehaven)
Whitehaven: Scotch Street
Whitehaven: Scotch Street, 9 and 10
Whitehaven: Scotch Street, 14
Whitehaven: Scotch Street, 31
Whitehaven: Scotch Street, 32 to 35
Whitehaven: Scotch Street, 84 to 95
Whitehaven: Scotch Street, 112
Whitehaven: Scotch Street, 113
Whitehaven Station, Whitehaven and Furness Junction Railway
Whitehaven Station, Whitehaven Junction Railway
Whitehaven: Tangier Street, 35
Whitehaven Township, St Bees
Whitehaven Tunnel, Whitehaven and Furness Junction Railway
Whitehaven Union Workhouse, Whitehaven
Whitehaven United Reformed Church, Whitehaven
Whitehaven: Victoria Terrace
Whitehaven: West View, 7
Whiteheadhill, Cumwhitton
White Head Well, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Whitehebben (Whitehaven, Whitehaven)
White Hill, Walton
Whitehill, Holme East Waver
Whitehill, Northumberland
Whitehill Ford, River Irthing
Whitehills, Scaleby
Whiteholme, Bowness
White Horse, Dalton-in-Furness
White Horse Bent, Mungrisdale
White Horse Inn, King's Meaburn
White Horse, The, Penrith
White House, Asby
White House, Bolton
White House, Bowness-on-Windermere
White House, Brampton
White House, Claife
White House, Long Marton
White House, Penrith
Whitehouse, Alston Moor
White House Cottage, Ulverston
White House Farm, Glassonby
White House Farm, Hoff
White House Hotel, Barrow-in-Furness
White House, The (Mortal Man, High Green)
White House, The, Appleby-in-Westmorland
White House, The, Hesket
White House, The, Langwathby
White House, The, Ulverston
White How (White Howe, Hugill)
White Howe, Fawcett Forest
White Howe, Hugill
White Howe, Scandale Fell
Whitehow Head, St John Beckermet
Whitehrow (Whitebrow, Orton S)
Whiteidg (Whitrigg, Bowness)
Whitekeld, Dean
White Knott, Barton Fell
Whiteknowe, Nicholforest
White Lady (White Gill, Coniston)
Whitelee, Holme Abbey
Whitelees (Whiteless Pike, Buttermere)
Whitelees, Aspatria
Whiteless (Whiteless Pike, Buttermere)
Whiteless Breast, Buttermere
Whiteless Edge, Buttermere
Whiteless Pike, Buttermere
White Leven flu. (White Lyne, Stapleton)
White Leven River (White Lyne, Stapleton)
White Line River (White Lyne, Stapleton)
White Lion (Royal Hotel, Bowness-on-Windermere)
White Lion, Barrow-in-Furness
White Lion, Bowness-on-Windermere
White Lion, Kirkby Stephen
White Lion Hotel (Patterdale, Patterdale)
White Lion Hotel, Ambleside
White Lion Hotel, Brampton
White Lion Inn (White Lion Hotel, Ambleside)
White Lion Inn (White Lion, Kirkby Stephen)
White Lion, The (Stone Inn, The, Hayton)
Whitelose (Whiteclose, Arthuret)
White Lyne, Stapleton
White Lyne Bridge (Whitelyne Bridge, River Lyne)
Whitelyne Bridge, River Lyne
Whitelyne Common, Bewcastle Fells
White Lyon (White Lion, Bowness-on-Windermere)
White Maid of Borrowdale, The (Taylorgill Force, Styhead Gill)
White Mare, Beckermet
White Mea (White Green, Ravenstonedale)
White Mines, Murton Fell
White Mires, Melmerby
White Moss, Broughton West
White Moss, Lower Allithwaite
White Moss, Over Staveley
White Moss, Stanwix Rural
White Moss Common, Lakes
White Moss NE Stone Circle (Burnmoor Stone Circles, Low Longrigg)
White Moss Quarry (quarry, Rydal, White Moss)
White Moss Quarry (White Moss Slate Quarry, Lakes)
White Moss Slate Quarry, Lakes
White Moss SW Stone Circle (Burnmoor Stone Circles, Low Longrigg)
Whitemoss Tarn, Whitemoss Common
Whitemoss Wood, White Moss
White Mossy Hill, Cumbria boundary
White Napes (Napes, The, Great Gable)
Whiteoak Beck, Loweswater
Whiteoak Lead Mine (Whiteoak Mines, Loweswater)
Whiteoak Mines, Loweswater
Whiteoak Moss, Loweswater
White Ox, High Hesket
White Ox Inn (Red Stone Inn, Penrith)
White Ox, The, Blackwell
White Pike, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
White Pike, Muncaster
White Pike, Pillar
White Pike, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
White Preston, Bewcastle
White Quey, St Cuthbert Without
White Rails, Appleby-in-Westmorland
White Raise, Askham Fell
White Raise, Ralfland Forest
White Rigg, Kingwater
Whiterigg House, Stanwix Rural
White's Belle Vue Boarding House (Belle Vue, Keswick)
White Scar, Whitbarrow
White Scar Cave, Ingleborough
White Shaw Moss, Dent
White Shaw Well (Whiteshaw Well, White Shaw)
Whiteshaw Well, White Shaw
White Side, Kingwater
White Side, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Whiteside (Whiteside Pike, Whitwell and Selside)
Whiteside, Buttermere
Whiteside, Northumberland
Whiteside, Whitwell and Selside
Whiteside End, Bewcastle
Whiteside End, Whiteside
White Side Fell (Whiteside, Buttermere)
Whiteside Mine, Alston Moor
Whiteside Pike, Whitwell and Selside
Whitesike, Arthuret
Whitesike, Nether Wasdale
Whitespot Fold, Maize Beck
Whitestock Hall, Colton
White Stone, Cumbria boundary
White Stone, Newby
White Stone, Sleagill
White Stone Cottage, Newby
Whitestone Enclosure, Staveley-in-Cartmel
Whitestone Moor, Askham
White Stones (White Stone Cottage, Newby)
White Stones, Carl Side
White Stones, Temple Sowerby
Whitestones, Asby
Whitestones, Waberthwaite
White Stones, High (High White Stones, High Raise)
White Wall, Long Crag
Whitewall, Asby
White Water Dash (Dash Beck, Bassenthwaite)
White Water Dash (Whitewater Dash, Dash Beck)
Whitewater Dash, Dash Beck
Whiteways, Skinburness
White Well, Caldbeck
White Well, Kirkandrews upon Eden
Whitewell, Alston Moor
Whitewell Folds, Whitwell and Selside
Whitewell House, Flookburgh
Whitfell, Waberthwaite
Whitfell and selside parish (Whitwell and Selside parish)
Whitfield, Northumberland
Whitfield Cottage, Townfoot
Whitfield Hall, Northumberland
Whitham (Whicham, Whicham)
Whithanen (Whitehaven, Whitehaven)
Whithaugh Toure (Whithaugh Tower, )
Whithaugh Tower,
Whithaven (Whitehaven, Whitehaven)
Whitlaton (Whitley, Northumberland)
Whitlatton (Whitley, Northumberland)
Whitleside (Whitlawside, )
Whit Leven Flu. (Black Lyne, Bewcastle)
Whit Leven Flud (Black Lyne, Bewcastle)
Whit Leven flud (Black Lyne, Bewcastle)
Whit Leven River (Black Lyne, Bewcastle)
Whit Levin flu. (White Lyne, Stapleton)
Whitley (Epiacum, Whitley Castle)
Whitley, Northumberland
Whitley Castle (Epiacum, Whitley Castle)
Whitlingpot Well, Crosthwaite and Lyth
Whitran (Whitray, Lancashire)
Whitray, Lancashire
Whitridg (Whitrigg, Bowness)
Whitridge (Whitrigg, Bowness)
Whitrigg, Blennerhasset and Torpenhow
Whitrigg, Bowness
Whitrigg, Brough Sowerby
Whitrigg, Skelton
Whitrigg Bridge, River Waver
Whitrigge (Whitrigg, Bowness)
Whitrigg Hall, Whitrigg
Whitrigg Hall, Whitrigg
Whitrigg House, Bowness
Whitrigg House, Clifton
Whitrigglees, Aikton
Whitrigglees Moss, Aikton
Whitriggmoor House, Bowness
Whitriggs, Lindal and Marton
Whitriggs, Seascale
Whitriggs Iron Mine and Iron Works, Whitriggs
Whitriggs Iron Mines and Iron Works (Whitriggs Iron Mine and Iron Works, Whitriggs)
Whitriggs Scar, Seascale
Whitrigg Station, Solway Junction Railway
Whitrigg Tile Works, Whitriggs
Whitrigg Township, ... and (Torpenhow and Whitrigg Township, Torpenhow)
Whitrow Beck, Waberthwaite
Whit's End, Gimmer Crag
Whit's End, Grains Gill
Whit's Ridge, Grains Gill
Whit's Wall, Grains Gill
Whittas Park, Bewaldeth and Snittlegarth
Whittecham (Whicham, Whicham)
Whittendon (Whittington, Lancashire)
Whittenton (Whittington, Lancashire)
Whittington, Lancashire
Whittle Hole, Casterton
Whittles Furniture Store, Whitehaven
Whittwell and Selsyde parish (Whitwell and Selside parish)
Whittyham (Whicham, Whicham)
Whitwall (Whitewall, Asby)
Whitwell and Selside parish (once Westmorland)
Whitwell and Selside Township, Kendal
Whitwell Hall, Whitwell and Selside
Whitwell's Level (Brandlehow Mine, Brandlehow Bay)
Whitwell-with-Selside Township (Whitwell and Selside Township, Kendal)
Whitwham, Northumberland
Whity Knots, Kirkoswald
Whoap, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Whoap Beck, Kinniside Common
Whole House (Hall House Farm, New Hutton)
Whole House (Hole House Farm, Barton)
Whooff House (Whoof House, Aglionby)
Whoof House, Aglionby
Whorney Side, Lakes
Whorneyside Force, Buscoe Sike
W H Smiths (Keswick: W H Smiths, Keswick)
Whyber, Bolton
Whyfold, Wythburn
Whygill, Asby
Why-gill (Whygill, Asby)
Whygill Head, Asby
Whygillhead (Whygill Head, Asby)
Whygill, High (High Whygill, Whygill Head)
Whygill, Low (Low Whygill, Whygill Head)
Why Not, Whitegill Crag
Wiandermer (Windermere lake, Windermere)
Wiborn (Wythburn, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Wiborn Church (Wythburn Chapel, Wythburn)
Wiborne (Wythburn, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Wiborn Water (Thirlmere, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Wibourn Chappel (Wythburn Chapel, Wythburn)
Wibourn Water (Thirlmere, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Wickerfield, King's Meaburn
Wickers Gill
Wickerslack, Crosby Ravensworth
Wickerstreet Thorn, Wicker Street
Wickerthwaite, Solport
Wickie (Wyke, The, Grasmere)
Wickton (Wigton, Wigton)
Widdale Great Tarn, Widdale Fell
Widdale Little Tarn, Widdale Fell
Widdy Bank Farm, Durham
Wide Gully, West Cove
Widehope (Wythop Hall, Wythop)
Widehope (Wythop, Wythop)
Widehope Fells (Wythop Brows, Wythop)
Wide open Dikes, Scaleby
Widepot, Shap Fells
Wideron Limekiln, Dent
Wideron Quarry, Dent
Widewath, Askham
Widewath Farm (Widewath, Askham)
Widewath Mill, Widewath
Widewath Mill, Widewath
Widow Hause, Lorton
Widows Hospital (Palmers Hill, Sedbergh)
Wield, The (Cow Green Reservoir, Cumbria boundary)
Wiend House, Appleby-in-Westmorland
Wigeton (Wigton, Wigton)
Wiggonby, Aikton
Wiggonby School (school, Wiggonby, Wiggonby)
Wiggonby Township, Aikton
Wiggonrigg, Aikton
Wigton parish (once Cumberland)
Wigton parish (once Cumberland)
Wigton, Wigton
Wigton, Barony of (Barony of Wigton, Cumbria)
Wigton Church (St Mary's Church, Wigton)
Wigton Fire Station, Wigton
Wigton Hall, Wigton
Wigton: High Street, 46 to 50
Wigton: King Street, 54 to 60
Wigton: King Street, 62 to 66
Wigton Labour Club (Youth Station, Wigton)
Wigton: Longthwaite Road, 18 and 20
Wigton: Longwaithe Road, 10 and 12
Wigton: Market Hill, 4
Wigton: Market Hill, 5
Wigton: Market Hill, 7 to 12
Wigton meeting (meeting house, Wigton, Wigton)
Wigton Meeting House (meeting house, Wigton, Wigton)
Wigton: Meetinghouse Lane, 11
Wigton Methodist Church, Wigton
Wigton Monthly Meeting, Cumbria
Wigton: New Street, 13 and 29
Wigton: New Street, 18
Wigton: New Street, 31
Wigton Police Station, Wigton
Wigton: Proctor's Row
Wigton Pump, Wigton
Wigton quarterly meeting (Wigton Monthly Meeting, Cumbria)
Wigton Rural Deanery, Diocese of Carlisle
Wigton Station, Maryport and Carlisle Railway
Wigton Tarn Castle (Martin Tarn Castle, Woodside, Tarnside)
Wigton Township, Wigton
Wigton Union Workhouse (workhouse, Wigton, Wigton)
Wigton: West Street, 4 and 6
Wigton: West Street, 11 to 13
Wigton: West Street, 14
Wigton: West Street, 16 and 18
Wigton: West Street, 31 to 35
Wigton Workhouse (workhouse, Wigton, Wigton)
Wigtown (Wigton, Wigton)
Wike (Wyke, The, Grasmere)
Wilber Fell (Wild Boar Fell, Mallerstang)
Wild Boar Fell, Mallerstang
Wild Boar Hotel, Crook
Wildboar Scar, Kirkland Fell
Wildbore Fell (Wild Boar Fell, Mallerstang)
Wildborefell (Wild Boar Fell, Mallerstang)
Wild Duck, Branthwaite
Wild Goose, Hawkshead
Wildmans Gate (Wildman Street, Kendal)
Wildman Street, Kendal
Wildriggs, Penrith
Wild Strawberry, The, Keswick
Wiley Gill, Caldbeck
Wiley Sike, Kingwater
Wileysike House, Kingwater
Wilfin Beck, Claife
Wilfreda House, Maryport
Wilkinson Bros, Brough
Wilkinson Joinery, Speet Gill
Wilkinson Memorial, Lindale
Wilkinsons, Carlisle
Wilkinsyke Farm, Buttermere
Willdale Beck, Bampton
William a Trays, Towns Fell
Williamgill, Farlam
William Pit, Great Clifton
William Pit, St Bees
William Pit, Whitehaven Coalfield
Williamsgate, Blindcrake
Williamsgill, Newbiggin
Williamson's Monument, Hugill
Williamston, Northumberland
William the Fourth (King William IV, Kirksanton)
Willie Goodwaller Bridge (Willy Goodwaller Bridge, Easedale Beck)
Williekeld Sike, Culgaith
Willie Toms (Low Luckens, Solport)
Willie White's Well, Blindcrake
Willie Wife Moor, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Willman's Royal Hotel (Royal Hotel, Kirkby Lonsdale)
Willolor (Willowford, Upper Denton)
Willow Bank, Kirklinton Middle
Willow Beck, Stanwix Rural
Willow Cottage, Tirril
Willow Dene, Workington
Willowford, Upper Denton
Willowford Bridge (roman bridge, Willowford, Hadrian's Wall)
Willowford East Turret (turret 48A, Upper Denton, Hadrian's Wall)
Willowford West Turret (turret 48B, Upper Denton, Hadrian's Wall)
Willow Hill, Clappersgate
Willow Hill, Kirklinton Middle
Willow Holme, Carlisle
Willow Labyrinth, The, High Head Sculpture Valley
Willows, The, Dalston
Will's Gill Bridge, Dentdale
Will's Hill, Garsdale
Willycock Stones, Crosby Garrett
Willydike Bridge, Crackenthorpe
Willy Fold, Wet Sleddale
Willy Gap (Wylie Gap, Bootle)
Willy Gill, Fawcett Forest
Willy Goodwaller Bridge, Easedale Beck
Willygrass Gill, Borrowdale
Willy Hill (Willow Hill, Clappersgate)
Willy Knott, Uldale Fells
Willy's Fold, East Baugh Fell
Willyshaw Rigg, Cumbria boundary
Willywood Well, Carrock Beck
Wilson Arms, Torver
Wilson House, Upper Allithwaite
Wilson House Bridge, River Winster
Wilson House Turnpike, Milnthorpe to Ulverston road
Wilson Monument, Ulverston Cemetery
Wilson Park, Distington
Wilson Pit, Whitehaven Coalfield
Wilson Pit TP (Wilson Pit Turnpike, Whitehaven to St Bees road)
Wilson Pit Turnpike, Whitehaven to St Bees road
Wilson Place, Little Langdale
Wilsons (Briggs House Farm, Helsington)
Wilson's Bield, Above Derwent
Wilson Scar, Shap Rural
Wilson Scar Stone Circle, Wilson Scar
Wilson's Kendal Mint Cake, Kendal
Wilsons Lanes (Low Fellside, Low Fellside)
Wilsons Place (Wilson Place, Little Langdale)
Wilson's Place (Wilson Place, Little Langdale)
Wilton, Haile
Wilton Beck (Whillan Beck, Eskdale)
Wilton Hill (Wiltonhill, Mungrisdale)
Wiltonhill, Mungrisdale
Wilton Hills (Wiltonhill, Mungrisdale)
Wilton School (school, Wilton, Wilton)
Wilton Township, Hale
Winander Meer (Windermere lake, Windermere)
Winander Meer (Windermere, Windermere)
Winander Mere (Bowness-on-Windermere, Windermere lake)
Winander Mere (Windermere lake, Windermere)
Winander Mere (Windermere, Windermere)
Winandermere (Applethwaite, Windermere)
Winandermere (Windermere lake, Windermere)
Winander Mere Lake (Windermere lake, Windermere)
Winandermere Lake (Windermere lake, Windermere)
Winandermere Water (Windermere lake, Windermere)
Winander Water (Windermere lake, Windermere)
Windebrowe, Brigham
Winder (Canon Winder Hall, Lower Holker)
Winder, Haile
Winder, Lamplugh
Winder, Sedbergh
Winder Bridge, Lower Holker
Winder Brow, Lamplugh
Winder Cottage (Sedbergh: Howgill Lane, 9 and 11, Sedbergh)
Winder Cottages, Blennerhasset and Torpenhow
Windergill Beck, Lamplugh
Winder Green, Barton
Winder Hall, Great Asby
Winder Hall, Low Winder
Winder Hall Cottage, Winder Hall
Winder Hall Farm (Winder Hall, Low Winder)
Winder, High (High Winder, Barton)
Winder, Low (Low Winder, Barton)
Windermeer (Windermere lake, Windermere)
Windermeer meeting (meeting house, Mislet, Mislet)
Winder Mere (Windermere Lake Cruises, Windermere)
Winder Mere (Windermere lake, Windermere)
Windermere parish (once Westmorland)
Windermere parish (once Westmorland)
Windermere (Windermere lake, Windermere)
Windermere, Windermere
Windermere airfield (Windermere airfield, Windermere, Windermere lake)
Windermere and Keswick Railway, Windermere
Windermere branch (Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway, Haverthwaite)
Windermere Church (St John's Church, Windermere)
Windermere Church (St Martin's Church, Bowness-on-Windermere)
Windermere Church (St Mary's Church, Applethwaite)
Windermere CofE Junior School (St Mary's CofE Nursery and Infant School, Bowness-on-Windermere)
Windermere Engine Shed (engine shed, Windermere, Kendal and Windermere railway)
Windermere Ferry, Windermere lake
Windermere Ferry Inn (Ferry House, The, Claife)
Windermere Fire Station (Windermere Fire Station, Windermere (2), Windermere)
Windermere Fire Station (Windermere Fire Station, Windermere, Windermere)
Windermere Head (Waterhead, Windermere lake)
Windermere Hotel, Windermere
Windermere Hydro Hotel, Bowness-on-Windermere
Windermere Hydropathic Establishment (Windermere Hydro Hotel, Bowness-on-Windermere)
Windermere Hydropathic Establishment, Windermere
Windermere Ice Cream and Chocolate Co, Staveley
Windermere Ice Cream Co (Bowness-on-Windermere: Windermere Ice Cream Co, Bowness-on-Windermere)
Windermere Island House (Belle Isle, Windermere lake)
Windermere lake, Windermere
Windermere, Lake (Windermere lake, Windermere)
Windermere Lake Cruises, Windermere
Windermere Lakeside Engine Shed (engine shed, Lakeside, Lakeside branch railway)
Windermere Lakeside Station, Lakeside branch railway
Windermere lake to Plumgarth (Plumgarth to Windermere lake, Cumbria)
Windermere Meeting House (meeting house, Mislet, Mislet)
Windermere Meeting House, Windermere
Windermere Methodist Church (chapel, Windermere, Windermere)
Windermere Model Boat Club, Windermere lake
Windermere Photographic Gallery, Bowness-on-Windermere
Windermere Police Station (police station, Bowness-on-Windermere, Bowness-on-Windermere)
Windermere Police Station, Bowness-on-Windermere
Windermere Road, Kendal
Windermere School (St Mary's College, Windermere)
Windermere Station, Kendal and Windermere Railway
Windermere Steamboat Museum, Bowness-on-Windermere
Windermere: Victoria Street, 2
Windermere Water (Windermere lake, Windermere)
Windermere Water Head (pier, Waterhead, Windermere lake)
Windermere Water Head (Waterhead, Windermere lake)
Windermere Waterhead Hotel, Ambleside
Winder Moor, Lower Holker
Winder Station, Cleator and Egremont Railway Whitehaven
Winder Township, Barton
Winder Township, Lamplugh
Winderwath, Asby
Winderwath, Brougham
Winderwath Farm, Brougham
Winderwath Mine, Winderwath
Winder Wood, Low Winder
Winderworth (Winderwath, Asby)
Winderworth (Winderwath, Brougham)
wind farm, Irish Sea
Wind Gap, Nether Wasdale
Windgap Cove, Ennerdale
Wind Hall, Gosforth
Wind Hill, Aldingham
Winding Banks, Holme Abbey
winding point, Lancaster Canal
winding point, Lancaster Canal (2)
winding point, Lancaster Canal (4)
winding point, Lancaster Canal (5)
winding point, Lancaster Canal (6)
winding point, Lancaster Canal (7)
winding point, Lancaster Canal (8)
windmill (2), Workington
windmill, Aspatria
windmill, Bowness
windmill, Bromfield (2)
windmill, Cockermouth
windmill, Cockermouth (2)
windmill, Colby
windmill, Eccle Riggs
Wind Mill Hill (Windmill Hill, Broughton West)
Windmill Hill, Broughton West
windmill, Holme Abbey
Windmill House, Little Bampton
windmill, Langrigg
windmill, Monkhill
Windmill, The, Bromfield
Windmill, The, Holme Low
windmill, Whitehaven
windmill, Whitehaven (2)
windmill, Workington
Windmore End, Stainmore
Windmore End Farm, Stainmore
Windmore Green, Stainmore
wind pressure gauge, Leven Viaduct
Windrig Hill, Newby
Windscale Works (Winscale Works, Sellafield)
Wind Scarth, Howgill Fells
Windscarth Wyke, Howgills
Windshaw Bridge, River South Tyne
Windsor Farm, Nether Wasdale
Wind Yate (Wind Gap, Nether Wasdale)
Windy Brow (Windebrowe, Brigham)
Windy Brow, Alston Moor
Windy Gap, Borrowdale
Windy Hall, Garrigill
Windy Hall, Milburn
Windy Hall, Windermere
Windy Hill (Windy Hill Farm, New Hutton)
Windy Hill Farm, New Hutton
Windyhill Mine (Barf Mines, Barf)
Windy Nook, Nunclose
Windy Nook, Pooley Bridge
Windy Ridge, Gable Crag
Windy Slack, Millom Without
Winfield Forest (Whinfell Forest, Whinfell Park)
Wingfield Forest (Whinfell Forest, Whinfell Park)
Wingfield Forrest (Whinfell Forest, Whinfell Park)
Wingrove Cottage, Morland
Winnerah (High Whineray Ground, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite)
Winnerah (Low Whineray Ground, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite)
Winney Bank (Widdy Bank Farm, Durham)
Winnick (Whinnah, Lamplugh)
Winning, River (Greta, River, Lancashire)
Winnow End Quarry (Kirkby Slate Quarries, Furness Railway)
Winnows, The, Dale End
Winscales parish (once Cumberland)
Winscales, Sellafield
Winscales, Winscales
Winscales Township, Workington
Winscale Works, Sellafield
Winsgell (Winskill, Hunsonby)
Winsgil's (Winscales, Winscales)
Winshields, Northumberland
Winskill, Hunsonby
Winskill Township, Hunsonby-with (Hunsonby-with-Winskill Township, Addingham)
Winster, Crook
Winster Bridge, River Winster
Winster Chapel (Holy Trinity Church, Winster)
Winster Chapelry, Kendal
Winster Church (Holy Trinity Church, Winster)
Winster Flu. (Winster, River)
Winster House, Cartmel Fell
Winster River (Winster, River)
Winster, River
Winster School, Winster
Winster Township (Winster Chapelry, Kendal)
Winster Valley Brewery, Brown Horse
Winter Crag, Martindale
Wintercrag, Howegrain
Winter House, Morland
Winterscales, North Yorkshire
Winterscales Quarry, Garsdale
Winter Seeds (Winterseeds, Grasmere)
Winterseeds, Grasmere
Winter Shields, Askerton
Wintershields (Winter Shields, Askerton)
Winter Tarn, Crosby Ravensworth
Wintertarn, Crosby Ravensworth
Winton parish (once Westmorland)
Winton, Winton
Winton Fell, Winton
Winton Field, Winton
Winton Force, Brownberhead Beck
Winton Hall, Winton
Winton Manor (Manor House, Winton)
Winton School (Manor House, Winton)
Winton School, Winton
Winton Township, Kirkby Stephen
Winton United Church, Winton
Winwadre Mer (Windermere lake, Windermere)
Winyates (Whin Yeats, Newbiggin)
Wiper's Kendal Mint Cake, Kendal
Wirkington (Workington, Workington)
Wirkinton (Workington, Workington)
Wise Een Tarn, Colthouse Heights
Wisenholme Beck, Lamplugh
Wishing Gate (Wishing Gate, The, Grasmere)
Wishing Gate, The, Grasmere
Wishing Tree, The, Dent
Wishing Tree, The, The Helm
Wistaria Cottage, Elterwater
Witches Cave (Bull Pot of the Witches, Bull Pot Farm)
Witches Cave (Witches' Holes, Gragareth)
Witches' Holes, Gragareth
Witch Holes (Witches' Holes, Gragareth)
Witeless Pike (Whiteless Pike, Buttermere)
Withaven (Whitehaven, Whitehaven)
Withburn (Wythburn, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Withe Bottom, Waberthwaite
Withered Howe, Kentmere
Withersack (Witherslack, Witherslack)
Witherslack parish (once Westmorland)
Witherslack, Witherslack
Witherslack Beck (Winster, River)
Witherslack Chapelry, Beetham
Witherslack Church (St Paul's Church, Witherslack)
Witherslacke Meadopp and Oupha parish (Meathop and Ulpha parish)
Witherslacke Meadopp and Oupha parish (Witherslack parish)
Witherslacke Meatha and Ovah parish (Meathop and Ulpha parish)
Witherslacke Meatha and ovah parish (Witherslack parish)
Witherslack Hall, Witherslack
Witherslack Hall Farm, Witherslack
Witherslack Institute (village hall, Witherslack, Witherslack)
Witherslack Mill, Mill Side
Witherslack Park (Witherslack Hall, Witherslack)
Witherslack Scar (Whitbarrow Scar, Whitbarrow)
Witherslack School (Dean Barwick's School, Witherslack)
Witherslack Township (Witherslack Chapelry, Beetham)
Witherslack Village Shop, Witherslack
Witherslak (Witherslack Hall, Witherslack)
Witherslak (Witherslack, Witherslack)
Withesike Bay, Derwent Water
With Hill (White Hill, Walton)
Withhill (White Hill, Walton)
Withiescloss (Whiteclose, Arthuret)
Wit Hill (White Hill, Walton)
Withill (White Hill, Walton)
Withisleis (Woodhouselees, )
Withmore (Wythmoor, Lambrigg)
Withop (Beck Wythop, Wythop)
Wiz (Wiza Beck, Westward)
Wiza Beck, Westward
Wiza Bridge, Wiza Beck
Wiza Farm, Westward
Wiza River (Waver, River, Holme Abbey)
Wiza River (Wiza Beck, Westward)
Wiz Flu. (Wiza Beck, Westward)
Woad Holes, Derwent Water
Woden's Cheek, Woden's Face
Woden's Face, Quayfoot Quarry
Woden's Face Direct, Woden's Face
Woden's Needle, Bowder Crag
Woden's Way, Bowder Crag
Wodobank (Wodow Bank, Thornhill)
Wodow Bank, Thornhill
Wodow Bank Motte (motte, Wodow Bank, Wodow Bank)
Wofa Holes, Askham Fell
Wokinton (Workington, Workington)
Wold Crags Level, Wolf Crags
Wold End Moss, Towns Fell
Wold End Quarry, Dent
Wold Fell, Dent
Wold Fell Bents, Wold Fell
Woldgill Burn, Cumbria boundary
Woldgill Moss, Gilderdale Forest
Woldgill Tarn, Alston Moor
Wold, Great (Great Wold, Dent)
Wolfa, Great Salkeld
Wolf Cleugh, Alston Moor
Wolf Crag (Wolf Crags, Matterdale)
Wolfcrag Fold, Matterdale Common
Wolf Crags, Matterdale
Wolfe, The, Penrith
Wolfhowe Gill, Fawcett Forest
Wolf's Tower (Lyulph's Tower, Gowbarrow Park)
Wolfs Water (Ullswater, Matterdale)
Wolmsty (Wolsty Castle, Wolsty)
Wolsty, Holme Low
Wolsty Castle, Wolsty
Wolsty Hall, Wolsty
Wolsty Springs, Holme St Cuthbert
Wolt Bridge, Trout Beck
Woman Cowering, The, Old (Old Woman Cowering, The, Helm Crag)
Womans Land, Dent
Wongate (Walmgate Head, Bampton)
Woodall's Cumberland Sausages (Waberthwaite: Woodall, Waberthwaite)
Woodbank Cottages, St Cuthbert Without
Woodbank House, St Cuthbert Without
Woodbank Iron Works, Woodbank
Woodbank Mansion, Egremont
Wood Beck, Lamplugh
Woodbine House, Temple Sowerby
Woodbridge and Mounsey (Kendal: Woodbridge and Mounsey, Kendal)
Wood Broughton, Broughton East
Wood Close, Skelton
Woodclose, Skelton
Wood Close Farm (Wood Close, Skelton)
Wood Close Point, Windermere lake
Woodcock Nook, Cumbria
Woodcock Stone, Shoulthwaite
Wood Edge (High Wood Edge, Beetham)
Wood Edge (Low Wood Edge, Beetham)
Woodedge (High Wood Edge, Beetham)
Woodedge (Low Wood Edge, Beetham)
Wood Edge, High (High Wood Edge, Beetham)
Wood Edge, Low (Low Wood Edge, Beetham)
Wood End (Carr House, Mallerstang)
Wood End (High Woodend, Tebay)
Wood End (Woodend, Above Derwent)
Wood End, Threlkeld
Woodend, Above Derwent
Woodend, Egremont
Woodend, Farlam
Woodend, Lamplugh
Woodend, Lazonby
Woodend, Ulpha
Woodend, Whitehaven
Woodend Bridge, Haining Burn
Woodend Bridge, River Marron
Woodend Bridge, Woodend Pool
Woodend Cottage, Woodend
Wood End Farm (Woodend, Lazonby)
Wood End Farm, Low Biggins
Wood End Farm, Skelton
Woodend Height, Ulpha
Woodend, High (High Woodend, Tebay)
Woodend Lead Mine (Woodend Mine, Threlkeld Mine)
Woodend Mine (Barf Mines, Barf)
Woodend Mine, Threlkeld Mine
Woodend Pool, Ulpha Fell
Woodend Station, Cleator and Egremont Railway Whitehaven
Woodend Turnpike, Keswick to Cockermouth road
Wooden Walls, St Cuthbert Without
Wood Farm, Blindbothel
Wood Farm, Cartmel Fell
Wood Farm, Lakes
Wood Farm, Thursby
Woodfell Gill, Mardale Head
Wood Foot (Woodfoot, Bampton)
Wood Foot (Woodfoot, Crosby Ravensworth)
Woodfoot, Bampton
Woodfoot, Crosby Ravensworth
Woodfoot Bridge (Holme Bridge, Lyvennet Beck)
Wood Gate, Lowick
Woodgate, Waberthwaite
Wood Ghyll, Crosthwaite
Woodgill, Skelton
Woodgill House, Cumwhitton
Wood, Great (Great Wood, Borrowdale)
Wood, Great (Great Wood, Haile)
Wood, Great (Great Wood, Satterthwaite)
Wood, Great (Great Wood, Staveley-in-Cartmel)
Wood Hall (New Hall, Nether Staveley)
Wood Hall, Bridekirk
Wood Hall, Caldbeck
Wood Hall Farm (Wood Hall, Bridekirk)
Wood Head, Firbank
Woodhead (Woodside, New Hutton)
Woodhead, Arthuret
Woodhead, Askerton
Woodhead, Hesket
Woodhead, Langwathby
Woodhead, Morland
Woodhead, Scaleby
Woodhead Ford, River Lyne
Wood Head Lathe, Dent
Woodhead Quarries, Glassonby
Woodhead's Climb, Scafell Crag
Wood, High (High Wood, Colton)
Wood, High (High Wood, Nether Wasdale)
Wood, High (High Wood, Wetheral)
Wood Hotel, Low (Low Wood Hotel, Low Wood)
Wood House (Capplebarrow House, Longsleddale)
Wood House (Wood Farm, Lakes)
Wood house (Woodhouse, Heversham)
Wood House, Buttermere
Wood House, Caldbeck
Wood House, Catterlen
Wood House, Flakebridge
Wood House, Melkinthorpe Wood
Wood House, Whicham
Woodhouse (Capplebarrow House, Longsleddale)
Woodhouse (Wads Howe, Longsleddale)
Woodhouse (Woodend, Above Derwent)
Woodhouse (Yanwath Woodhouse, Yanwath and Eamont Bridge)
Woodhouse, Caldbeck
Woodhouse, Heversham
Woodhouse, Whitehaven
Woodhouse Bridge, Lancaster and Carlisle Railway
Woodhouse Farm, Woodhouse
Woodhouse Islands, Crummock Water
Wood Houses (Woodhouse, Heversham)
Woodhouses, Orton N
Woodhouse's Crack, Dow Crag
Woodhouse's Route, Dow Crag
Wood Houses Tarn, Kirkby Ireleth
Wood How (Woodhow, Wasdale)
Woodhow, Wasdale
Wood Howe, Hawes Water
Woodhow Farm (Woodhow, Wasdale)
Wood Knotts, Ulpha Fell
Woodland, Kirkby Ireleth
Woodland Church (St John's Church, Woodland)
Woodland Fell, Kirkby Ireleth
Woodland Grove, Broughton West
Woodland Hall, Kirkby Ireleth
Woodland Parish Room, Woodland
Woodlands (Woodlands and Edenvale, Allonby)
Woodlands, Burgh by Sands
Woodlands, Garnett Bridge
Woodlands, Haile
Woodlands, Little Langdale
Woodlands, Stainton
Woodlands, Waverton
Woodlands and Edenvale, Allonby
Woodland School (Chapel House, Woodland)
Woodland Station, Coniston Railway
Wood, Low (High Low Wood, Witherslack)
Wood, Low (Low Wood, Haverthwaite)
Wood, Low (Low Wood, Patterdale)
Wood, Low (Low Wood, Witherslack)
Wood, Low (Middle Low Wood, Witherslack)
wood, Middale
Wood Nook, Naddle Forest
Woodnook, High (High Woodnook, Blennerhasset and Torpenhow)
Woodnook, Low (Low Woodnook, Blennerhasset and Torpenhow)
Woodrow, Waverton
Woodrow Bridge, Little Waver
Woods, Dent
Woods, Millom Without
Wood's Hill, Brampton
Wood's Hill, Brampton
Wood's Hotel, Patterdale
Wood Side (Woodside, Barton)
Wood Side (Woodside, Brougham)
Wood Side (Woodside, Mansergh)
Woodside parish (once Cumberland)
Woodside (West Woodside, Westward)
Woodside (Woodside Park, Woodside)
Woodside, Barton
Woodside, Bewcastle
Woodside, Blawith
Woodside, Brougham
Woodside, Crosthwaite and Lyth
Woodside, Dean
Woodside, Farlam
Woodside, Great Strickland
Woodside, Hayton
Woodside, Irthington
Woodside, Kirkbampton
Woodside, Mansergh
Woodside, Maryport
Woodside, New Hutton
Woodside, Newtown
Woodside, St Cuthbert Without
Woodside, Stainmore
Woodside, Waberthwaite
Woodside Bridge, Woodside Beck
Woodside Cottages, Brougham
Woodside Farm, Bridekirk
Woodside Farm, St Cuthbert Without
Woodside Hall (Hall, Oulton)
Woodside Lodge, Woodside
Woodside Lodgings, Windermere
Woodside, Low (Low Woodside, Brougham)
Woodside Park, Woodside
Woodside Quarter (Woodside Township, Westward)
Woodside Township, Westward
Woodside Township, Wigton
Woodside TP (Tollbar Cottage, Cockermouth to Maryport road)
Woodside Turn Pike (Tollbar Cottage, Cockermouth to Maryport road)
Woodside, West (West Woodside, Westward)
Wood's Private Hotel and Boarding House (Wood's Hotel, Patterdale)
Wood Stile, Low (Low Wood Stile, Broughton West)
Wood Street, Maryport
Wood, The, Glassonby
Wood, The, Windermere
Woodthwaite House (Walthwaite, Chapel Stile)
Wood View (Woodview, Dacre)
Woodview, Dacre
Woof Crag, Swindale Common
Woofergill, Stainmore
Woofler Gill, Bowderdale
Wool Beck, Dufton
Wool Busk, Stainmore
Wool Knott, Blawith and Subberthwaite
Woolly Rug Co (Ambleside: Woolly Rug Co, Ambleside)
Wooloaks, High (High Wooloaks, Hesket)
Wooloaks, Low (Low Wooloaks, Hesket)
Wooloaks Mill, River Petteril
Wool Pack (Woolpack Inn, Dawson Ground)
Woolpack Inn, Dawson Ground
Woolpack Inn, Kendal
Woolpack Inn, Penrith
Wool Shop, The, Dent
Woolstey castle (Wolsty Castle, Wolsty)
Woose Bridge (Ouse Bridge, River Derwent)
Wordsley House, Kirkoswald
Wordsworth Cottage, Rooking
Wordsworth Cottage, Sockbridge
Wordsworth Court, Bowness-on-Windermere
Wordsworth Hotel, Cockermouth
Wordsworth House, Cockermouth
Wordsworth House, Hawkshead
Wordsworth House, Sockbridge
Wordsworth Library, Ambleside
Wordsworth Memorial (Wordsworth Memorial, Grasmere, Grasmere)
Wordsworth Memorial, Cockermouth
Wordsworth Museum (Dove Cottage and the Wordsworth Museum, Town End)
Wordsworth Museum, Dove Cottage (Dove Cottage and the Wordsworth Museum, Town End)
Wordsworth's Cottage (Ann Tyson's Cottage, Hawkshead)
Wordsworth's Seat (Thrang Crag, Rydal)
Wordsworth's Tarn (Whitemoss Tarn, Whitemoss Common)
Wordsworth Street, Hawkshead
Wordsworth's Well, Lancrigg
Workhouse, Kirkby Lonsdale
Workhouse, Milnthorpe
workhouse, Brampton
Working Men's Club and Institute, Barrow-in-Furness
Working Mens Institute, Kendal
Working Men's Reading Room (Lord Street Reading Room, Carlisle)
Workington parish (once Cumberland)
Workington parish (once Cumberland)
Workington, Workington
Workington and Docks Junction, Cockermouth and Workington Railway
Workington Bank, Solway Firth
Workington Brewery (Ladies Walk Brewery, Workington)
Workington Bridge (Workington, Workington)
Workington Bridge, River Derwent
Workington Bridge Junction, Cockermouth and Workington Railway
Workington Bridge School, Workington
Workington Bridge Station, Cockermouth and Workington Railway
Workington Castle (Workington Hall, Curwen Park)
Workington Central Station, Cleator and Workington Junction Railway
Workington Channel, Solway Firth
Workington: Christian Street, 1
Workington: Christian Street, 11
Workington Church (Holy Trinity Church, Workington)
Workington Church (St John's Church, Workington)
Workington Church (St Mary's Church, Westfield)
Workington Church (St Michael's Church, Workington)
Workington: Curwen Street, 7 and 9
Workington: Curwen Street, 11 and 13
Workington: Curwen Street, 15
Workington: Curwen Street, 28 and 30
Workington Docks Junction, Whitehaven Junction Railway
Workington Engine Shed (engine shed, Workington (2), Cleator and Workington Junction Railway)
Workington Engine Shed (engine shed, Workington, Whitehaven Junction Railway)
Workington: Finkle Steet, 52
Workington Fire Station (Workington Fire Station, Workington, Workington)
Workington Haematite Ironworks, Workington
Workington: hairdresser
Workington Hall, Curwen Park
Workington Hall Mill, Workington
Workington Hall Park (Curwen Park, Workington Hall)
Workington Harbour (Port of Workington, Workington)
Workington Lifeboat Station, Port of Workington
Workington Main Station (Workington Station, Whitehaven Junction Railway)
Workington: Market Place, 1 and 3
Workington Marsh, Workington
Workington Meeting House, Workington
Workington: Pirt and Co
Workington Police Station, Workington
Workington: Portland Square, 15 to 19
Workington: Portland Square, 18
Workington: Portland Square, 20
Workington: Portland Square, 21
Workington: Portland Street, 1
Workington: Portland Street, 8
Workington: Portland Street, 10
Workington Row, Workington
Workington Station, Whitehaven Junction Railway
Workington Township, Workington
Workington TP (Workington Turnpike, Wigton to Workington road)
Workington Turnpike, Wigton to Workington road
Workington Veterans Club, Workington
Workington War Memorial Cenotaph, Workington
Workington Warren, Workington
Workington Waterworks, Workington
Workyngton (Workington, Workington)
World of Stone, Gatefoot Mill
Wormanby, Burgh by Sands
Wormanby Farm (Wormanby, Burgh by Sands)
Wormanby House, Burgh by Sands
Worm Crag, Great (Great Worm Crag, Ulpha Fell)
Worm Gill, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Worm How (Walm How, Bampton)
Wormpits (Wormpotts, King's Meaburn)
Wormpotts, King's Meaburn
Wormshell How, Ulpha
Worm, The, Eagle Crag
Wornvaldremere (Windermere, Windermere)
Wortbrig Scar, Millom
Worth (Warth, Preston Patrick)
Wotey Gill, Bowderdale
Wotobank (Wodow Bank, Thornhill)
Woundale, Lakes
Woundale Beck, Lakes
Woundale Raise, Woundale
Woundal Head (Woundale, Lakes)
Woundell Beck, Ennerdale
Wrack Knowles, Kentmere
Wraes, the, Hoff
Wragg Mark-Bell solicitors, Dalston
Wragmirebank, Wetheral
Wragmire Head, Hesket
Wragmire House, Wetheral
Wragmire Moss, St Cuthbert Without
Wrangdale Slate Quarries (Wrengill Quarry, Longsleddale)
Wrangdayll (Wren Gill, Longsleddale)
Wray (High Wray, Claife)
Wray (Wray Castle, Claife)
Wray (Wreay, Bennethead)
Wray, Lancashire
Wray Bay, High (High Wray Bay, Windermere lake)
Wray Bay, Low (Low Wray Bay, Windermere lake)
Wray Castle, Claife
Wray Castle Boat House, Wray Castle
Wray Church (St Margaret's Church, Low Wray)
Wray Cott, Beetham
Wray Crag, Calf Parrock Coppice
Wray Crag, Kentmere
Wray Cragg (Wray Crag, Kentmere)
Wray Farm, Docker
Wray Green (Wraygreen Farm, Ravenstonedale)
Wraygreen (Wraygreen Farm, Ravenstonedale)
Wraygreen Farm, Ravenstonedale
Wray, High (High Wray, Claife)
Wray, Low (Low Wray, Claife)
Wraymires Tarn, Colthouse Heights
Wrays, High (High Wray, Claife)
Wraysholme Crossing, Ulverstone and Lancaster Railway
Wraysholme Halt, Ulverstone and Lancaster Railway
Wraysholme Tower, Lower Allithwaite
Wrayside, Wetheral
Wrays, Low (Low Wray, Claife)
Wray, The, Grasmere
Wray, The, Green Crag
Wrayton, Lancashire
Wreah, Weddicar
Wreah Pit, Wreah
Wreaks Causeway, Kirky Pool
Wreaks Causeway End Bridge, Kirkby Pool
Wreaks End, Broughton West
Wreaks End Farm (Wreaks End, Broughton West)
Wreaside, Kaber
Wreath, The, Black Crag
Wreay parish (once Cumberland)
Wreay, Bennethead
Wreay, Brampton
Wreay, St Cuthbert Without
Wreay Bridge, River Petteril
Wreay Church (St Mary's Church, Wreay)
Wreay CofE School (school, Wreay, Wreay)
Wreay Hall, Hesket
Wreay Hall Mill, Hesket
Wreay, High (High Wreay, St Cuthbert Without)
Wreay Hill, Cumbria boundary
Wreay Station, Lancaster and Carlisle Railway
Wreay, The, Westward
Wreay Township, St Mary's
Wren Crag, St John's in the Vale
Wren Gill, Longsleddale
Wrengill Quarry, Longsleddale
Wrengill Quarry tramway
Wrenose (Wrynose Pass, Ulpha)
Wrestle Gill, Middleton
wrestling ring, Brampton
wrestling ring, Osmotherley
Wreston Hall (Reston Hall, Reston)
Wriggling Route, Pike's Crag
Wright Green, Dean
Wright Green Station (Lamplugh Station, Cleator and Egremont Railway Whitehaven)
Wright Green Station, Cleator and Egremont Railway Whitehaven
Wristie castle (Wolsty Castle, Wolsty)
Written Rock of Gelt, Brampton
Written Rocks (Written Rock of Gelt, Brampton)
Written Rock, The (Written Rock of Gelt, Brampton)
Wry Nose (Wrynose Fell, Lakes)
Wry Nose (Wrynose Pass, Ulpha)
Wrynose (Pike of Blisco, Lakes)
Wrynose (Wrynose Fell, Lakes)
Wrynose (Wrynose Pass, Ulpha)
Wrynose Beck, Lakes
Wrynose Bottom, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Wrynose Breast, Ulpha
Wrynose Bridge, Wrynose Beck
Wrynose Fell, Lakes
Wrynose Gap (Wrynose Pass, Ulpha)
Wry Nose Head (Wrynose Pass, Ulpha)
Wrynose Knab (Wrynose Fell, Lakes)
Wrynose Pass, Ulpha
Wukkit'n (Workington, Workington)
Wulsey Castle (Wolsty Castle, Wolsty)
Wulstan Hall, Whitehaven
Wulsty (Wolsty, Holme Low)
Wulsty Castle (Wolsty Castle, Wolsty)
Wulstye Castle (Wolsty Castle, Wolsty)
Wyber Hill, Soulby
Wyborn Chapel (Wythburn Chapel, Wythburn)
Wybourn (Wythburn, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Wyburn (Wythburn, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Wyebourne, Crosby Ravensworth
Wyegarth Gill, Ravenstonedale
Wygill, Great (Great Wygill, Kaber)
Wygill, Little (Little Wygill, Kaber)
Wy House, Hunsonby
Wyke (Wyke, The, Grasmere)
Wyke Farm, Lower Allithwaite
Wykefield Cottage, Skelwith
Wyke, The, Grasmere
Wylie Gap, Bootle
Wylock Marsh, Walney Island
Wynandemene (Windermere, Windermere)
Wynander mere (Windermere lake, Windermere)
Wynandermere (Bowness-on-Windermere, Windermere lake)
Wynandermere (Windermere lake, Windermere)
Wynandermere (Windermere, Windermere)
Wynandermere Flu. (Windermere lake, Windermere)
Wynander Mere flud (Windermere lake, Windermere)
Wynander mere flud (Windermere lake, Windermere)
Wynandermere Island (Belle Isle, Windermere lake)
Wyndham House, Cockermouth
Wyndhammere, Lupton
Wyndhammere Fold, Wyndhammere
Wynermere wath (Windermere lake, Windermere)
Wynkinton (Workington, Workington)
Wynlass Beck, Windermere
Wynsgell (Winskill, Hunsonby)
Wynster Chapel (Winster, Crook)
Wynster Chappel (Winster, Crook)
Wynster Chappell (Holy Trinity Church, Winster)
Wynster Flu. (Winster, River)
Wynster Flud (Winster, River)
Wynster flud (Winster, River)
Wyrehurst, Workington
Wyrkenton (Workington, Workington)
Wysack Well, Wether Hill
Wythaven (Whitehaven, Whitehaven)
Wyth Bank, Skelwith
Wyth Burn, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Wythburn (Thirlmere, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Wythburn, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Wythburn Chapel, Wythburn
Wythburn Church (Wythburn Chapel, Wythburn)
Wythburn Fells, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Wythburn Head, Wythburn Fells
Wythburn Head Tarns, Wythburn Fells
Wythburn Mine (Helvellyn Mine, Helvellyn)
Wythburn School (school, Wythburn, Wythburn)
Wythburn, St John's Castlerigg and parish (St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn parish)
Wythburn, St John's Castlerigg and (St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Wythburn Township, ... and (St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn Township, Crosthwaite)
Wythburn TP (Wythburn Turnpike, Ambleside to Keswick road)
Wythburn Turnpike, Ambleside to Keswick road
Wythburn Water (Thirlmere, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Wytheburn (Wyth Burn, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Wytheburn (Wythburn, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Wytheburn Chapel (Wythburn Chapel, Wythburn)
Wytheburn Manor (Wythburn Fells, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Wythemoor Head, Winscales
Wythemoor House, Winscales
Wythemoor Sough, Winscales
Wytherslack (Witherslack, Witherslack)
Wythes Wood, Old (Old Wythes Wood, Greystoke)
Wythmoor, Lambrigg
Wythmoor House, Stockdalewath
Wythop parish (once Cumberland)
Wythop, Wythop
Wythop Beck, Wythop
Wythop Brows, Wythop
Wythop Chapelry (Wythop Township, Brigham)
Wythop Church (St Margaret's Church, Wythop)
Wythope (Wythop Hall, Wythop)
Wythop Fells (Wythop Brows, Wythop)
Wythop Hall, Wythop
Wythop Mill, Wythop
Wythop Mill Cottage, Wythop Mill
Wythop Moss, Wythop
Wythop Old Church, Wythop
Wythop Sunday School, Wythop
Wythop Township, Brigham
Wythop Woods, Wythop
Wythwaite, Culgaith
Wyvern Groove, Round How