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Tabernar, Warcop
Tablerock Bay, Ullswater
Tackan Tan (boundary stone, Kaber (5), Pancake)
Tackan Tan, Pancake
Tackengate Stone, Hesket
Taffy Thomas, storyteller, Northern Centre for Storytelling
Taggleshaw, High (High Taggleshaw, Potter Fell)
Taggleshaw, Low (Low Taggleshaw, Potter Fell)
Taggleshaw, Middle (Middle Taggleshaw, Potter Fell)
Tailbert, Shap Rural
Tailbert Gill, Shap Rural
Tailbert Head, Shap Rural
Tailbridge Hill, Nateby Common
Tail End (Dale End, Grasmere)
Tailend (Dale End, Grasmere)
Tailgate, Eagle Crag
Tail o' Ling, Bampton Common
Tailor's Workshop, The (Kendal: Tailor's Workshop, Kendal)
Talbot Bar, Skelwith Bridge
Talebirt (Tailbert, Shap Rural)
Talebrigg Hill, Mansergh
Talkin, Hayton
Talkin Church (church, Talkin, Talkin)
Talkin Fell, Hayton
Talkin Head (Talkinhead, Hayton)
Talkinhead, Hayton
Talkin Methodist Chapel, Talkin
Talkin School, Hayton
Talkin Tarn, Brampton
Talkin Township, Hayton
Tallantire (Tallentire, Bridekirk)
Tallantire Township, Bridekirk
Tallantre (Tallentire, Bridekirk)
Tallard House (Tarka, Appleby-in-Westmorland)
Tallentire (school, Tallentire, Tallentire)
Tallentire, Bridekirk
Tallentire Hall, Tallentire
Tallentire Hill, Bridekirk
Tallentirehill Farm, Bridekirk
Tally Ho Farm, Southwaite
Tamarist, Gouther Crag
T and J Glen (Oxfam, Ambleside)
Tan Hill, North Yorkshire
Tanhill Collieries to Barras (Barras to Tanhill Collieries, Cumbria)
Tanhill Colliery, Tanhill Moss
Tanhill House (Tan Hill Inn, Tan Hill)
Tan Hill Inn, Tan Hill
Tannery House, Old Tannery
tanyard, Ambleside
Tanyard Bay, Parton
Tanyard Beck, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield
Tapestry, Whitegill Crag
Taps, Grange Hotel
Tarantula, Raven Crag
Tarka, Appleby-in-Westmorland
Tarka Cottage (Tarka, Appleby-in-Westmorland)
Tarkus, Dow Crag
Tarn, Ravenstonedale
Tarn, Windermere
tarn, Archer Hill
Tarn at Coves, Mallerstang
Tarn at Leaves, Borrowdale
Tarn Bank (Tarn Howe, Grasmere lake)
Tarn Bank, Greysouthen
Tarn Bank, Skelsmergh
Tarnbank (Tarn Bank, Skelsmergh)
Tarn Bay, Bootle
Tarn Beck, Bewcastle
Tarn Beck, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
tarn, Beck Head
tarn, Black Combe
tarn, Borrowdale
Tarnbye (Tarraby, Stanwix Rural)
Tarn Close, Crook
Tarnclose Bridge, Lummer Gill
Tarnclose Crag, Lakes
tarn, Coniston
Tarn Crag, Dollywagon Pike
Tarn Crag, Eskdale
Tarn Crag, Grasmere Common
Tarn Crag, Great Langdale
Tarn Crag, Longsleddale
Tarn Crags, Bowscale Fell
Tarn Crags, Saddleback
Tarn Crags, Wythburn Fells
Tarn Craigs (Tarn Crags, Bowscale Fell)
tarn, Crosthwaite and Lyth
Tarn Dimples, Black Combe
Tarne (Tarn, Windermere)
Tarne banke (Tarn Bank, Skelsmergh)
Tarn End, Brampton
Tarneside (Tarnside House, Whinfell)
Tarneybank Tarn, Killington
tarn, Fawcett Forest
Tarnflat Hall, St Bees Head
Tarn Foot, Loughrigg
Tarn Foot Cottages, Leece
Tarn Gill, Helbeck
Tarn Gill, Musgrave
Tarn gowe (Tarn Crag, Longsleddale)
Tarn Green, High (High Tarn Green, Upper Allithwaite)
Tarn Green, Low (Low Tarn Green, Upper Allithwaite)
Tarnhilcrag (Tarn Crag, Longsleddale)
Tarn Hill, Baugh Fell
Tarn Hill, Longstone Fell
Tarn House (Edge Bank, Skelsmergh)
Tarn House (Tarnhouse Barn, Sedbergh)
Tarn House, Geltsdale
Tarn House, Helbeck
Tarn House, Hunsonby
Tarn House, Ravenstonedale
Tarnhouse Barn, Sedbergh
Tarnhouse Rigg, Farlam
Tarn Houses (Tarn House, Helbeck)
Tarnhouse Tarn, Lupton
Tarn How, Gosforth
Tarn Howe, Grasmere lake
Tarn Hows (Tarns, The, Tarn Hows)
Tarn Hows, Coniston
Tarnhows (Tarn Hows, Coniston)
Tarn Hows Cottage, Tarn Hows
Tarn Hows Hotel, Tarn Hows
Tarn Hows Wood, Tarn Hows
Tarnished Blad, The, Yew Crag
tarn, Kirkby Lonsdale
Tarn, Little (Little Tarn, Ireby)
Tarn Lodge, Castle Carrock
tarn, Long Marton
tarn, Longsleddale
tarn, Loughrigg
tarn, Loughrigg (2)
Tarn, Low (Low Tarn, Nether Wasdale)
Tarnmonath Fell, King's Forest of Geltsdale
Tarn Moor, Askham
Tarn Moor, Orton S
Tarn Moor, Warcop
Tarn Moss, Killington
Tarn Nevin (Little Tarn, Ireby)
tarn, Ravenstonedale
Tarn Rigg Hill, Baugh Fell
Tarnriggmoor, Woodside
Tarn Riggs, Blawith and Subberthwaite
Tarns, Holme St Cuthbert
Tarns Dub, Tarns
tarn, Sedbergh
tarn, Selside
tarn, Shap Rural
Tarn Side (Tarnside House, Whinfell)
Tarn Side (Tarnside, Crosthwaite and Lyth)
Tarnside, Crosthwaite and Lyth
Tarnside, Whinfell
Tarnside, Woodside
Tarnside Farm, Leece
Tarnside Hall (Tearnside Hall, Kirkby Lonsdale)
Tarnside House (Tarnside Farm, Leece)
Tarnside House, Whinfell
Tarn Sike, Mungrisdale
Tarn Sike, Orton S
Tarns, Low (Low Tarns, Holme St Cuthbert)
Tarns of Buscoe (Three Tarns, Eskdale)
Tarns, The, Holme St Cuthbert
Tarns, The, Tarn Hows
tarn, Tenter Howe
Tarn, The (Kentmere Tarn, Kentmere)
Tarn, The, Arnside
Tarn, The, Bootle
Tarn, The, Culgaith
Tarn, The, Gamblesby
tarn, Thrimby
Tarn Wadling, Inglewood Forest
tarn, Witherslack
Tarn Wood, Muncaster
Tarraby, Stanwix Rural
Tarrabye (Tarraby, Stanwix Rural)
Tarraby House, Tarraby
Tarraby Township, Stanwix
Tarragon, Hawkshead
Tartar's Cracks, Red Crag
Taste of Cumbria (Ulverston: Market Street, 2, Ulverston)
Tatham Wife Hole, North Yorkshire
Tatham Wife Shakehole (Tatham Wife Hole, North Yorkshire)
Tatty Garth (King George IV, Eskdale Green)
Taukin (Talkin, Hayton)
Taw House, Eskdale
Taw House Copper Trials, Eskdale
Taylor Fold, Glencoyne Brow
Taylor Force (Taylorgill Force, Styhead Gill)
Taylor Gill, Stye, The
Taylorgill Force, Styhead Gill
Taylor Rigg, Kaber
Taylor's Farm, Great Strickland
Taylors Gill (Taylorgill Force, Styhead Gill)
Taythes, Sedbergh
Taythes Beck Wood, Sedbergh
Taythes Bridge, Taythes Gill
Taythes Farm (Taythes, Sedbergh)
Taythes Gill, Sedbergh
Teaby parish (Tebay parish)
Teabye parish (Tebay parish)
Tea Pottery, Keldside
Tearnside Cottage, Kirkby Lonsdale
Tearnside Fold, Tearnside
Tearnside Hall, Kirkby Lonsdale
Tea Rooms, Promenade, The
Tea Rose Cottage, Edenhall
Teas Bridge, Teas Sike
Teas Sike, Colby
Teathes, Lamplugh
Tea Tree House, Talkin
Tebaw (Tebay, Tebay)
Tebay parish (once Westmorland)
Tebay (Old Tebay, Tebay)
Tebay, Tebay
Tebay and Orton Station (Tebay Station, Lancaster and Carlisle Railway)
Tebay Bridge, River Lune
Tebay Church (St James's Church, Tebay)
Tebay Engine Shed (engine shed, Tebay (2), Lancaster and Carlisle Railway)
Tebay Engine Shed (engine shed, Tebay (3), South Durham and Lancashire Union Railway)
Tebay Fell, Tebay
Tebay Fells (Tebay Fell, Tebay)
Tebay Gill, Tebay
Tebaygill, Tebay
Tebaygill Beck (Tebay Gill, Tebay)
Tebay Gill Bridge, Tebay Gill
Tebay Junction (Tebay North Junction, Lancaster and Carlisle Railway)
Tebay Methodist Church, Tebay
Tebay North Junction, Lancaster and Carlisle Railway
Tebay, Old (Old Tebay, Tebay)
Tebay Police Station, Tebay
Tebay Primary School, Tebay
Tebay School (Old School, The, Tebay)
Tebay School (school, Tebay, Tebay)
Tebay South Junction, Lancaster and Carlisle Railway
Tebay Station, Lancaster and Carlisle Railway
Tebay to Brough, Cumbria
Tebay Township, Orton S
Tebay West, Orton S
Technical College (Nan Tait Centre, Barrow-in-Furness)
Technician, The, Long Crag
Ted Cheasby, Castle Rock
Tees fl. (Tees, River, Cumbria boundary)
Tees Flu. (Tees, River, Cumbria boundary)
Tees Head, River Tees
Tees River (Tees, River, Cumbria boundary)
Tees, River, Cumbria boundary
telephone box, Askham
telephone box, Barrow-in-Furness
telephone box, Borrowdale (4)
telephone box, Cartmel
telephone box, Dacre
telephone box, Dent
telephone box, Egremont
telephone box, Ennerdale and Kinniside
telephone box, Eskdale
telephone box, Great Salkeld
telephone box, Hartsop
telephone box, Hawkshead
telephone box, King's Meaburn
telephone box, Kirkoswald
telephone box, Knipe
telephone box, Langwathby
telephone box, Lea Yet
telephone box, Long Marton
telephone box, Loweswater
telephone box, Outgate
telephone box, Penrith
telephone box, Seathwaite
telephone box, Seatoller
telephone box, Sedbergh
telephone box, Sedbergh (2)
telephone box, Stonethwaite
telephone box, Temple Sowerby
telephone marker, Fawcett Forest
Temmon (Temon, Upper Denton)
Temon, Upper Denton
Temon Bridge, Temon
Temon Lodge, Upper Denton
Temperance Hall (Temperance Hall, The, Hesket Newmarket)
Temperance Hall, Kirkby Stephen
Temperance Hall, Orton
Temperance Hall, Warcop
Temperance Hall, The, Hesket Newmarket
Temperance Hotel, Keswick
Temperance Hotel, Kirkby Stephen
Temperance Institute (Temperance Hall, Warcop)
Tempest Tower, Little Orton
Tempest Tower Farm (Tempest Tower, Little Orton)
Templand, Allithwaite
Temple (Temple Sowerby, Temple Sowerby)
Temple Garth, Farlam
Temple of Diana (Kirkstead, Levens Bridge)
Temple of Heroes (Storrs Temple, Storrs Hall)
Temple Sower (Temple Sowerby, Temple Sowerby)
Temple Sowerbie (Temple Sowerby, Temple Sowerby)
Temple Sowerby parish (once Westmorland)
Temple Sowerby, Temple Sowerby
Templesowerby (Temple Sowerby, Temple Sowerby)
Temple Sowerby Church (St James's Church, Temple Sowerby)
Temple Sowerby CofE School, Temple Sowerby
Temple Sowerbye parish (Temple Sowerby parish)
Temple Sowerbye (Temple Sowerby, Temple Sowerby)
Templesowerbye (Temple Sowerby, Temple Sowerby)
Temple Sowerby House, Temple Sowerby
Temple Sowerby School (school, Temple Sowerby (2), Temple Sowerby)
Temple Sowerby Station (Station House, The, Eden Valley Railway)
Temple Sowerby Township, Kirkby Thore
Temsend, Skelton
Tenderhow (Tenterhow, Glenridding)
Tendley Hill, Dean
Tendley Limekilns, Eaglesfield Quarry
Tenement Farm, Strickland Roger
Tenmoor (Endmoor, End Moor)
Tent Cottage, Coniston
Tenter Fell (Low Tenter Fell, Kendal)
Tenter Fell, High (High Tenter Fell, Kendal)
Tenter Fell, Low (Low Tenter Fell, Kendal)
tenter ground, Kendal
tenter ground, Millbeck
Tenter Hill, Hawkshead
Tenter How (Tenter Howe, Tenter Howe)
Tenterhow (Tenter Howe, Tenter Howe)
Tenterhow, Glenridding
Tenter Howe, Tenter Howe
Tenterhowe (Tenter Howe, Tenter Howe)
Tenterhowse (Tenter Howe, Tenter Howe)
Tenter Well, Stony Banks
Tent Lodge, Townson Ground
Tentor how (Tenter Howe, Tenter Howe)
Terchyn, Kirkandrews
Tercrosset, Kingwater
Terne House, The (Tarn House, Geltsdale)
Terne Howse, The (Tarn House, Geltsdale)
Ternewathelan (Tarn Wadling, Inglewood Forest)
Terrace Crack, Crinkle Crag
Terrace, The, Appleby-in-Westmorland
Terrace, The, Windermere
Terril meeting (Old Church House, Tirril)
Territorial Army Centre (West Street Social Club, Wigton)
Terry Bank, Mansergh
Terry Bank, Old Town
Terrybank Tarn, Kirkby Lonsdale
Tewet Tarn, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Tewfaitegreen, Westlinton
Tewfill Hill, Musgrave
Tewfit Moss, Bromfield
Tewfitt Mires, Brough Sowerby
Tewfoot Hill (Grassgill Rigg, Tewfill Hill)
Tewfoot Hill (Tewfill Hill, Musgrave)
Tewitfield, Lancashire
Tewitfield Bridge, Lancaster Canal
Tewitfield Locks, Lancaster Canal
Tewitfield Turnpike Bridge, Lancaster Canal
Tewitfield Wharf, Lancaster Canal
Tewit How, Ennerdale and Kinniside
T G Blackstock Family Butchers (Alston: Blackstock, Alston)
Thacka Beck, Penrith
Thackagate, Penrith
Thackmire, Castle Sowerby
Thack Moor, Kirkoswald
Thack Moor, Ousby
Thackmoor Fell (Thack Moor, Kirkoswald)
Thackmoorhead (Thatchmoor Head, Lambrigg)
Thackthwaite, Loweswater
Thackthwaite, Matterdale
Thackthwaite Beck
Thackthwaite Hall, Boltons
Thackwood, Dalston
Thackwood, Hesket
Thackwood Farm (Thackwood, Dalston)
Thackwood Farm (Thackwood, Hesket)
Thakthwate (Thackthwaite, Matterdale)
Thanetwell Cottage, Greystoke
Thatchman Houses (Thatchmoor Head, Lambrigg)
Thatchmoor Head, Lambrigg
Theakston's Carlisle Brewery, Carlisle
Theatre Royal, Workington
The Green Station, Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway
Therlewall Castle (Thirlwall Castle, Thirlwall)
Thery Farm, The, Greystoke
Theseus, Shepherds Crag
Theta, Greengable Crag
Thethwaite, Dalston
Thickholme Bridge, Thirlmere Aqueduct
Thief Fold Wood, Lakes
Thief Gills, Caldbeck
Thiefside Cottages, Hesket
Thimble Hall, Hawkshead
Thimble Hill, Cartmel
Thing Mound, Fell Foot
Third Gill, Buttermere
Thirdgill Head Man, Buttermere
Thirle Meer (Thirlmere, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Thirle Mere (Thirlmere, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Thirlemere (Thirlmere, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Thirlenay Hall, Middleton
Thirlewall Castle (Thirlwall Castle, Thirlwall)
Thirle Water (Thirlmere, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Thirl Mere (Thirlmere, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Thirlmere, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Thirlmere Aqueduct (Thickholme Bridge, Thirlmere Aqueduct)
Thirlmere Aqueduct, Manchester
Thirlmere Bridge (Wath Bridge, Thirlmere)
Thirlmere Eliminate, Castle Rock
Thirlmere Hall (Thirlmere Recreational Hall, Legburthwaite)
Thirlmere Lake (Thirlmere, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Thirlmere Recreational Hall, Legburthwaite
Thirlmere Reservoir (Thirlmere, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Thirlmere tramroad, St John's Castlerigg etc
Thirlspot, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Thirlspot Copper Mine, Thirlspot
Thirlspot Inn (King's Head, Thirlspot)
Thirlwall, Northumberland
Thirlwall Castle, Thirlwall
Thirteen Stones, Crosby Ravensworth
Thirwal Castle (Thirlwall Castle, Thirlwall)
Thistlebottom, Boltons
Thistleton, High (High Thistleton, Gosforth)
Thistleton, Low (Low Thistleton, Gosforth)
Thistle Viaduct, Border Union Railway
Thistlewood, Castle Sowerby
Thistlewood Farm (Thistlewood, Castle Sowerby)
Thistlewood House, Castle Sowerby
Thomas, Wallowbarrow Crag
Thomas Atkinson printer, Kendal
Thomas Bell Chemist, Ambleside
Thomas Bennett carrier, Windermere
Thomas Close, Skelton
Thomas Close Township, Hutton-in-the-Forest
Thomas Cook, Carlisle
Thomas Cook, Carlisle
Thomas Cook, Penrith
Thomas Cook, Ulverston
Thomas's Bakery (Ulverston: Thomas's, Ulverson)
Thomas's Bakery, Ulverston
Thomlinson Junior School, Wigton
Thompson Fold, Lupton
Thompson Fold Farm (Thompson Fold, Lupton)
Thompson Holm (Thompson's Holme, Windermere lake)
Thompson Memorial (water trough, Kirkby Stephen, Kirkby Stephen)
Thompsons Bridge, Lancaster Canal
Thompson's Bridge (Thompsons Bridge, Lancaster Canal)
Thompson's Folly (summer house, Dacre, Flusco Pike)
Thompson's Holm (Thompson's Holme, Windermere lake)
Thompson's Holme, Windermere lake
Thompson's Route, Scafell Crag
Thompson's Well, Aspatria
Thoms How (Toms Howe, Longsleddale)
Thomshow (Toms Howe, Longsleddale)
Thoms Howe (Toms Howe, Longsleddale)
Thomson Fould (Thompson Fold, Lupton)
Thomwhathill (Tomwat Hill, Cumbria)
Thor, Great Blake Rigg
Thorfor Bridge, Savinhill Drain
Thorgrim, Green Crag
thorn, Anthorn
Thornbank, Gosforth
Thornbarrow, Hesket
Thornbarrow Farm (Thornbarrow, Hesket)
Thornborrow's, Penrith
Thornburgs, Dufton
Thornburrow (Kirkbarrow Hall, Barton)
Thornby, Aikton
Thornby End, Bromfield
Thornby Villa, Thornby
Thorn Cottage, Fawcett Forest
Thorn Croft, Stainton
Thorncroft (Thorney Croft, Newby)
Thornehwate (Thornthwaite Hall, Bampton)
Thornes (Thorns Villa, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield)
Thorney Bank, Shap Rural
Thorneybeck Quarry, Whitehaven
Thorney Croft, Newby
Thorneycroft, Kirkby Thore
Thorney Croft Farm (Thorney Croft, Newby)
Thorneyfields Farm, Crook
Thorney Fold, Garsdale
Thorney Fold Limekiln, Garsdale
Thorney Gale, Stainmore
Thorney How, Grasmere
Thorney Howe Youth Hostel (Thorney How, Grasmere)
Thorney Pot, Gragareth
Thorney Scale, Brough Sowerby
Thorney Slack (Thornyslack Farm, Skelsmergh)
Thorney Stone, Boltons
Thornflatt, Drigg and Carleton
Thorn, High (High Thorn, Watchgate)
Thornhill, St John Beckermet
Thorn Holm (Thornholme, St Bridget Beckermet)
Thornholme, St Bridget Beckermet
Thornhope, Northumberland
Thorn House, Hartsop
Thorn How (Thorney How, Grasmere)
Thornhow Crag, Grisedale
Thorn Moor, Middleton
Thornpot Well, Barbondale
Thorns Cottage, Sedbergh
Thornsgill Beck, Matterdale
Thorns Hall, Sedbergh
Thornship, Shap
Thornship Farm (Thornship, Shap)
Thornship Gill, Shap Rural
Thorns Villa, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield
Thorn, The, Stanwix Rural
Thornthwaite (Thornthwaite Hall, Bampton)
Thornthwaite, Above Derwent
Thornthwaite, Boltons
Thornthwaite, Helbeck
Thornthwaite, Troutbeck
Thornthwaite Beck, Boltons
Thornthwaite Chapel (St Mary's Church, Thornthwaite)
Thornthwaite Church (St Mary's Church, Thornthwaite)
Thornthwaite Crag, Kentmere
Thornthwaite Crag beacon, Thornthwaite Crag
Thornthwaite Force, Haweswater Beck
Thornthwaite Forest (Naddle Forest, Shap Rural)
Thornthwaite Forest, Blindcrake
Thornthwaite Forest, Lorton
Thornthwaite Forest, Wythop
Thornthwaite Hall, Bampton
Thornthwaite Mill (mill, Bampton (2), Thornthwaite)
Thornthwaite Mine, Thornthwaite
Thornthwaite Mines (Beckstones Mine, Beckstones)
Thornthwaite Mines (Ladstock Mine, Above Derwent)
Thornthwaite Mines (Rachel Wood Mine, Thornthwaite)
Thornthwaite Mines (Thornthwaite Mine, Thornthwaite)
Thornthwaite Township, Crosthwaite
Thornthwait Forest (Naddle Forest, Shap Rural)
Thornthwait Hall (Thornthwaite Hall, Bampton)
Thornthwate (Thornthwaite Hall, Bampton)
Thornthwate (Thornthwaite, Above Derwent)
Thornthwate Forrest (Naddle Forest, Shap Rural)
Thornton (Thornton in Lonsdale, Lancashire)
Thornton Church Stile (inn, Thornton-in-Lonsdale, Thornton-in-Lonsdale)
Thornton Force, Kingsdale Beck
Thornton Foss (Thornton Force, Kingsdale Beck)
Thornton in Lonsdale, Lancashire
Thorntwate Forrest (Naddle Forest, Shap Rural)
Thorntwate Hall (Thornthwaite Hall, Bampton)
Thornwhale, Ye (Thorniewhats, )
Thorn Wold, Rise Hill
Thorny Bank, Bretherdale
Thornybank, Skelsmergh
Thornyfields, Crook
Thorny Hills, Kendal
Thornyknowe, Nicholforest
Thornyland, Solport
Thornyland Meeting House (meeting house, Thornyland, Thornyland)
Thornyland Quaker Meeting (meeting house, Thornyland, Thornyland)
Thornyrigg Well, Kingwater
Thornyslack (Thornyslack Farm, Skelsmergh)
Thornyslack Farm, Skelsmergh
Thorny Stone (Thorney Stone, Boltons)
Thornythwaite, Matterdale
Thornythwaite Farm, Borrowdale
Thornythwaite Fell, Borrowdale
Thornythwaite School (Matterdale Centre, Thornythwaite)
Thorough Mea, Great Wold
Thorough Mea Springs, Thorough Mea
Thorp (Thorpe, Sockbridge and Tirril)
Thorpe, Sockbridge and Tirril
Thorpe Bridge, North Petteril
Thorpe Farm (Thorpe, Sockbridge and Tirril)
Thorpe Farm, Greystoke
Thorphinsty Hall, Cartmel Fell
Thor's Cave, Dow Crag
Thor's Entrance, Bowder Crag
Thor's Exit, Bowder Crag
Thorslack (Thornyslack Farm, Skelsmergh)
Thor's Ridge, Bowder Crag
Thortergill Force, Garrigill Burn
Thrang (Thrang Farm, Chapel Stile)
Thrang (Thrang, The, Chapel Stile)
Thrang Bridge, River Eden
Thrang Crag (Thrangcrag, Martindale Common)
Thrang Crag, Great Langdale
Thrang Crag, Martindale Common
Thrang Crag, Rydal
Thrang Crag, Thrang Crag Wood
Thrangcrag, Martindale Common
Thrang Crag Slate Quarry (Thrang Quarry, Great Langdale)
Thrang Crag Wood, Blawith and Subberthwaite
Thrang End Bridge, Leighton Beck
Thrang Farm, Chapel Stile
Thrang Force, Thrang Beck
Thrang Head, Martindale
Thrangholm Bridge, River Roe
Thrangholme Bridge (Thrangholm Bridge, River Roe)
Thrang Quarry, Great Langdale
Thrang Slab, Thrang Crag
Thrang, The, Chapel Stile
Thrang, The, Mallerstang
Threapland, Bothel and Threapland
Threapland, Bothel and parish (Bothel and Threapland parish)
Threapland Bridge, Bothel and Threapland
Threapland Gill, Threapland
Threapland Hall (Hall, Threapland)
Threapland Hall, Threapland
Threapland Lees, Threapland
Threapland Moss, Bothel and Threapland
Threapland Moss house, Bothel and Threapland
Threaplands, Crosby Ravensworth
Threapland Township, ... and (Bothel and Threapland Township, Torpenhow)
Threapthwaite, Arlecdon and Frizington
Three Brether Trees (Three Brother Tree, Whinfell Forest)
Three Brothers Oaks, Whinfell Forest
Three Brothers' Oaks (Three Brothers Oaks, Whinfell Forest)
Three Brothers Tree (Three Brother Tree, Whinfell Forest)
Three Brothers' Trees (Three Brother Tree, Whinfell Forest)
Three Brother Tree, Whinfell Forest
Three Dubs Crags, Claife Heights
Three Dubs Tarn, Claife Heights
Three Fathom Bank, Solway Firth
Three Foot Brander, Lakes
Three Foot Brandreth (Three Shire Stones, Wrynose Pass)
Threefoot Brandreth (Three Shire Stones, Wrynose Pass)
Threefooted Brandreth, Borrowdale
Three Foot Oak, Colton
Three Greyhounds, Great Asby
Three Mile House, Killington
Three Milestone Quarry, Kirkby Stephen
Three Oaks, Windermere
Three Pikes, Cumbria boundary
Three Pit Stone
Three Roods, Dentdale
Three Shires Inn, Little Langdale
Three Shire Stone (Three Shire Stones, Wrynose Pass)
Three Shire Stones, Wrynose Pass
Three Stakes
Three Tarns, Eskdale
Three Tuns, The, Cleator
Threlcot (Threlkeld, Threlkeld)
Threlkat (Threlkeld, Threlkeld)
Threlkeld parish (once Cumberland)
Threlkeld, Threlkeld
Threlkeld Bridge, River Greta
Threlkeld Chapelry, Greystoke
Threlkeld Church (St Mary's Church, Threlkeld)
Threlkeld CofE Primary School, Threlkeld
Threlkeld Common, Threlkeld
Threlkeld Fell (Clough Head, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Threlkeld Hall, Threlkeld
Threlkeld Hall, Threlkeld
Threlkeld Hall Fell (Hall's Fell, Saddleback)
Threlkeld Knotts, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Threlkeld Leys, Blindbothel
Threlkeld Mine, Gategill
Threlkeld Mining Museum railway
Threlkeld Pike, Threlkeld
Threlkeld Place, Threlkeld
Threlkeld Public Room, Threlkeld
Threlkeld Quarry, Threlkeld
Threlkeld Quarry and Mining Museum, Threlkeld
Threlkeld Quarry Railway, Threlkeld Quarry
Threlkeld School (Threlkeld CofE Primary School, Threlkeld)
Threlkeld Side, Dufton
Threlkeld Station, Keswick and Penrith Railway Cockermouth
Threlkeld Tarn (Scales Tarn, Saddleback)
Threlkeld Township (Threlkeld Chapelry, Greystoke)
Threpland (Threapland, Bothel and Threapland)
Threshthwaite Cove, Patterdale
Threshthwaite Mouth, Patterdale
Threskeld (Threlkeld, Threlkeld)
Thrilmere (Thirlmere, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Thrimby parish (once Westmorland)
Thrimby parish (once Westmorland)
Thrimby, Little Strickland
Thrimby Bridge, Lancaster and Carlisle Railway
Thrimby Chapelry, Morland
Thrimby Church (St Mary's Church, Little Strickland)
Thrimbye parish (Thrimby parish)
Thrimby Farm, Thrimby
Thrimby Grange, Thrimby
Thrimby Hall, Thrimby
Thringill, Nateby
Thrispot (Thirlspot, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Throng (Thrang, The, Chapel Stile)
Throng Moss (Stable Harvey Moss, Blawith and Subberthwaite)
Throng Moss Reservoir, Stable Harvey Moss
Throp, Upper Denton
Throstle Garth, Eskdale
Throstlegarth Bridge (packhorse bridge, Throstle Garth, Lingcove Beck)
Throstle Hall, Caldbeck
Throstle Hall, Dent
Throstle Hall, Hunsonby
Throstles Nest, Wigton
Throstle's Nest, The (Wigton, Wigton)
Through Well, Storth
Thrumby (Thrimby, Little Strickland)
Thrusgill (Thursgill, Whinfell)
Thrush Bank (Thrushbank, Loweswater)
Thrushbank, Loweswater
Thrush Gill (Thursgill, Garsdale)
Thrushgill (Thursgill, Whinfell)
Thrushgill Beck (Thursgill Beck, Grayrigg)
Thunacar Knott, Lakes
Thunder Rib, Dow Crag
Thunder Slab, Little How Crags
Thunder Stone
Thunder Stone
Thunder Stone, Borrowdale
Thunder Stone, Bretherdale
Thunder Stone, Colby
Thunder Stone, Colby
Thunder Stone, Crosby Ravensworth
Thunder Stone, Hardendale Fell
Thunder Stone, High Buildings
Thunder Stone, Musgrave
Thunder Stone, Orton S
Thunder Stone, Orton S
Thunder Stone, Shap Rural
Thunder Stone, Shap Rural
Thunder Stone, Shap Rural
Thunder Stone, Shap
Thunder Stone, Shap
Thunderstone Fold, Shap Rural
Thuresby (Thursby, Thursby)
Thuresbye (Thursby, Thursby)
Thurhallgate (Mealsgate, Boltons)
Thurland Castle, Lancashire
Thurlande Castell (Thurland Castle, Lancashire)
Thurle Meer (Thirlmere, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Thurlemeer (Thirlmere, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Thurle Mere (Thirlmere, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Thurlemire Flu. (Greta, River, Keswick)
Thurlemire Fluvius (St John's Beck, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Thurle Myer Flu. (Thirlmere, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Thurlemyre Flud (Thirlmere, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Thurlemyre River (Thirlmere, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Thurl Meer (Thirlmere, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Thurlmillgate (Mealsgate, Boltons)
Thurlmire Fluvius (Greta, River, Keswick)
Thurlmire Fluvius (St John's Beck, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Thurls Mere (Thirlmere, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Thurlspot (Thirlspot Copper Mine, Thirlspot)
Thurlspot (Thirlspot, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Thurmilgate (Mealsgate, Boltons)
Thurnby (Thrimby, Little Strickland)
Thurnbye (Thrimby, Little Strickland)
Thursby parish (once Cumberland)
Thursby parish (once Cumberland)
Thursby, Thursby
Thursby Bridge (Wampool Bridge, River Wampool)
Thursby Church (St Andrew's Church, Thursby)
Thursby School (school, Thursby, Thursby)
Thursby Township, Thursby
Thursgill, Garsdale
Thursgill, Sedbergh
Thursgill, Whinfell
Thursgill Beck, Grayrigg
Thurstan mere (Coniston Water, Coniston)
Thurston, Coniston
Thurstonfield, Burgh by Sands
Thurstonfield Lough, Thurstonfield
Thurston Ville, Spark Bridge
Thurston Water (Coniston Water, Coniston)
Thwaite (Southwaite, Mallerstang)
Thwaite (Thwaite Cottage, Coniston)
Thwaite (Thwaite House, Coniston)
Thwaite, Glenridding
Thwaite, Measand
Thwaite, Newbiggin
Thwaite, Sedbergh
Thwaitebank, Whinfell
Thwaite Bridge, River Ure
Thwaite Cottage (Willow Cottage, Tirril)
Thwaite Cottage, Coniston
Thwaite End, Lancashire
Thwaite Fall (Forces, The, Measand Beck)
Thwaite Farm (Thwaite, Sedbergh)
Thwaite Flat, Barrow-in-Furness
Thwaite Flat Farm, Dalton Town with Newton
Thwaite Flat Junction, Furness Railway
Thwaite Force (Forces, The, Measand Beck)
Thwaite Hall, Mungrisdale
Thwaite Head, Colton
Thwaite Head Bridge, Ashes Beck
Thwaitehead Fell, Colton
Thwaite Hill (Thwaitehill, Barton)
Thwaitehill, Barton
Thwaitehill Bay, Ullswater
Thwaitehill Neb, Ullswater
Thwaite House, Coniston
Thwaite Moss, Colton
Thwaite Moss House, Colton
Thwaite Nook, Dalston
Thwaite Pit, Whitehaven Coalfield
Thwaites (Cautley Thwaite, Cautley)
Thwaites, Cumwhitton
Thwaites, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Thwaites Chapelry, Millom
Thwaites Church (St Anne's Church, Hallthwaites)
Thwaites Fell, Millom Without
Thwaites Force (Forces, The, Measand Beck)
Thwaites Head, Garsdale valley
Thwaites Mill, Millom Without
Thwaites School, Hallthwaites
Thwaites School, Murton
Thwaites Village Hall, Green, The
Thwaite, The (Thwaite, Newbiggin)
Thwaite Yeat, Thwaites Fell
Thwate (Greenthwaite Hall, Greystoke)
Thwate (Thwaite Hall, Mungrisdale)
Thwates (Greenthwaite Hall, Greystoke)
Thyrillmere (Thirlmere, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Tia Maria, East Buttress
Tibay (Tebay, Tebay)
Tickhill Scar, Holme St Cuthbert
tide gauge, Holme Island
tide gauge, Workington
Tiding Well, unlocated
Tiercel Wall, Gillercombe Crag
Tiffinthwaite, Woodside
Tighnacoille, Blackbank
Tilberthwaite, Coniston
Tilberthwaite Copper Mine and Slate Quarry (Tilberthwaite Mine, Tilberthwaite Fells)
Tilberthwaite Copper Mines (Tilberthwaite Mine, Tilberthwaite Fells)
Tilberthwaite Deep Adit (Penny Rigg Mill, Tilberthwaite)
Tilberthwaite Fell (Tilberthwaite Fells, Coniston)
Tilberthwaite Fells, Coniston
Tilberthwaite Fold, Tilberthwaite
Tilberthwaite Gill, Yewdale Beck
Tilberthwaite, High (High Tilberthwaite, Tilberthwaite)
Tilberthwaite High Fells, Coniston
Tilberthwaite, Low (Low Tilberthwaite, Tilberthwaite)
Tilberthwaite Mine, Tilberthwaite Fells
Tilekiln Cott, Hayton and Mealo
Tile Tower, City Walls
tile works, Askerton
Tills Hall (Tills Hole, Longsleddale)
Till's Hall (Tills Hole, Longsleddale)
Tills Hole, Longsleddale
Tillshole (Tills Hole, Longsleddale)
Till's Hole (Tills Hole, Longsleddale)
Tills Hole beck (Tills Hole beck, Longsleddale)
Tilly's, Penrith
Tillzhole (Tills Hole, Longsleddale)
Tils Hall (Tills Hole, Longsleddale)
Tils Hole (Tills Hole, Longsleddale)
Tils hole (Tills Hole, Longsleddale)
Tilshole (Tills Hole, Longsleddale)
Tinbridge (Tinbridge Hill, Brough)
Tinbridge Hill, Brough
Tinclar's Library (Bampton Grammar School, Bampton Grange)
Tindale, Farlam
Tindale Fells, Midgeholme
Tindalefell Spelter Works, Tindale
Tindale School (school, Tindale, Tindale)
Tindale Tarn, Geltsdale
Tindale Wesleyan Chapel, Tindale
Tindal Tarn (Tindale Tarn, Geltsdale)
Ting Mound (Thing Mound, Fell Foot)
Tinker's Ford, River Leven
Tinners' Rabbit, Ulverston
Tinnis Burn,
Tinsburne (Tinnis Burn, )
Tinside Rigg, Warcop Fell
Tio Pepe, East Buttress
Tipalt Burn, Northumberland
Tip Hill, Spadeadam Forest
Tippall Flu. (Tipalt Burn, Northumberland)
Tippins Bridge, Askam and Ireleth
Tirebank Spring, Warcop
Tirling Dub, Castle Carrock
Tirrel (Tirril, Sockbridge and Tirril)
Tirril, Sockbridge and Tirril
Tirril Brewery, Red House
Tirril Hall, Tirril
Tirril Meeting House (Old Church House, Tirril)
Tirril, Sockbridge and parish (Sockbridge and Tirril parish)
Titeup Hall (Tytup Hall, Dalton Town with Newton)
Tithebarn, Laversdale
tithe barn, Carlisle
Tithe Barn Farm, Wetheral
Tithe Barn, The, Cockermouth
Titup (Tytup Hall, Dalton Town with Newton)
Titus Wilson printer, Kendal
Tivoli, Moresby
T M Ewbank, butcher (Appleby-in-Westmorland: Ewbank, Appleby-in-Westmorland)
Toadhowe Well, Kentmere
Toad Pool (Toadpool, Strickland Ketel)
Toadpool, Strickland Ketel
Toathmain, Shap Rural
Toby's Fold, Thornton in Lonsdale
Tock How Farm, Claife
Todal Bridge (Toddell Bridge, Sandy Beck)
Tod Bank (Todbank, Kirkoswald)
Todbank, Kirkoswald
Tod Crag, Bewcastle Fells
Todcrag Loch, Whitelyne Common
Todcrags, Shap Rural
Todcroft (Todcrofts, Toothill)
Todcroft, Waverton
Todcrofts, Toothill
Todd Crag, Clappersgate
Todd Crag, Longsleddale
Toddell, Blindbothel
Toddell Bridge, Sandy Beck
Toddell Cottage, Toddell
Toddell Farm (Toddell, Blindbothel)
Todd Farm, Soulby
Todd Fell, Longsleddale
Toddleriggs, Arthuret
Toddle Well, Kirkbampton
Todd's House, Stainmore
Todds the Saddlers (Kendal: Todds the Saddlers, Kendal)
Toddygill Hall, Warcop
Tod Fell (Todd Fell, Longsleddale)
Todgill, Matterdale
Todhills, Ousby
Todhills, Rockcliffe
Todhole, Lamplugh
Todhole Beck, Lamplugh
Todhole Farm (Todhole, Lamplugh)
Todholes, Low (Low Todholes, Bewcastle)
Todholes, Mid (Mid Todholes, Bewcastle)
Todholes Pit, Cleator Moor
Todholes Quarries, Cleator Moor
Todhunter's Museum (Kendal Museum, Kendal)
Todrigg, Low (Low Todrigg, Hutton)
Tod Thorn (Topthorn, Whinfell)
Tod Thorn, Lambrigg
Toes (Taw House, Eskdale)
Toes (Teathes, Lamplugh)
Toft Memorial (Toft Memorial, Westward, Westward)
Tofts, Dent
Tofts Farm (Tofts, Dent)
Toft Well, Brough Sowerby
Togus, Great How Crags
toilet, Staveley
Toll Bar, Cowbrow
Toll Bar, Hesket
Toll Bar, Sedbergh to Kendal road
Toll Bar Cottage (Wythburn Turnpike, Ambleside to Keswick road)
Toll Bar Cottage, Brough to Appleby road
Toll Bar Cottage, Dunmail Raise
Toll Bar Cottage, High Casterton
Toll Bar Cottage, Kendal to Appleby road
Toll Bar Cottage, Kendal to Sedbergh road
Toll Bar Cottage, Keswick to Cockermouth road
Toll Bar Cottage, Kirkandrews
Toll Bar Cottage, Lyth
Toll Bar Cottage, Penrith to Keswick road
Toll Bar Cottage, Sark Bridge
Toll Bar Cottage, Scales Green
Toll Bar Cottage, Shap to Penrith road
Toll Bar Cottage, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield
Toll Bar Cottage, Wigton to Workington road
Tollbar Cottage, Ambleside to Keswick road
Tollbar Cottage, Cockermouth to Maryport road
Toll Bar Farm (Toll Bar, Hesket)
Toll Bar House (toll gate, Egremont, Egremont to Whitehaven road)
Toll Bar, The, Colton
Tollbar Wood, Aspatria
Tollbar Wood, Hesket
Tollery Gate (St Helen's Toll Gate, Cockermouth)
toll gate, Allonby
toll gate, Blennerhasset and Torpenhow
toll gate, Burton-in-Kendal
toll gate, Carlisle
toll gate, Clifton
Tollgate Cottage, Kirkby Lonsdale
toll gate, Distington
toll gate, Egremont
toll gate, Egremont (2)
toll gate, Ellen Bridge
toll gate, Ellen Grove
toll gate, Gilpin Bridge
toll gate, Heversham
toll gate, Kendal
toll gate, Keswick
toll gate, Kingmoor
toll gate, Kirkby Lonsdale
toll gate, Langwathby
toll gate, Levens
toll gate, Longtown
toll gate, Mark Close
toll gate, Middleton
toll gate, Milnthorpe
toll gate, Nether Staveley
toll gate, Penny Bridge
toll gate, Penrith
toll gate, Penrith (2)
toll gate, Scotsdike
toll gate, Tebay
toll gate, Temple Sowerby
toll gate, Ulverston
toll gate, Waterhead
toll gate, Westnewton
toll gate, Whitehaven
toll gate, Wigton
toll gate, Woodside
toll gate, Yearngill
Toll House, Kendal to Tebay
toll house, Fawcett Forest
toll house, Plumgarths
Tollund House, Carlisle
Tolson Hall, Burneside
Tom Bank Well, Tom Bank
Tom Bridge, Little Orton
Tom Crag, Colton
Tom Croft Cave, Clough River
Tom Fold, Ambleside
Tom Fool's Tree, Muncaster Castle
Tom Fox's Crag, Sca Fell
Tom Gill, Tom Heights
Tom Heights, Coniston
Tom Hurd Rock, Whitehaven
Tomlin, St Bees
Tommy Bayles Spring, Dufton Fell
Tommy Bridge, River Dee
Tommy Gill, Papcastle
Tommy Holme (Thompson's Holme, Windermere lake)
Tommy's Fell, Kershope Forest
Tommy Tack (Tommy Tack Saline Spring, Gilcrux)
Tommy Tack Saline Spring, Gilcrux
Tommy Well, Row
Toms Cottage, Waitby
Tom's Fold, Gatesgarth
Tom Shaw's Stone, Kershope Forest
Tom's Ho (Toms Howe, Longsleddale)
Toms How (Middale, Longsleddale)
Toms How (Toms Howe, Longsleddale)
Toms how (Toms Howe, Longsleddale)
Tomshow (Toms Howe, Longsleddale)
Tom's how (Toms Howe, Longsleddale)
Toms Howe, Longsleddale
Tom's Howe (Toms Howe, Longsleddale)
Tom Smith's Leap, Chalk Beck
Tom Smith's Stone
Tomwat Hill, Cumbria
Tom Winder's Loom, River Lowther
Tonany Bayles Spring (Tommy Bayles Spring, Dufton Fell)
Tongue, Eskdale
Tongue, Matterdale
Tongue Beck, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Tongue Beck, Ulpha
Tongue Beck, Middle (Middle Tongue Beck, Great Dun Fell)
Tongue Gill, Borrowdale
Tongue Gill, Lakes
Tongue Gill, Far (Far Tongue Gill, Above Derwent)
Tongue Gill, Little (Little Tongue Gill, Lakes)
Tongue Gill, Near (Near Tongue Gill, Above Derwent)
Tongue, Great (Great Tongue, Lakes)
Tongue Head, Borrowdale
Tongue, High (High Tongue, Ulpha)
Tongue House, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Tongue House, Kentmere
Tongue House, Matterdale
Tongue House High Close, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Tongue How, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Tongue, Middle (Middle Tongue, Brant Fell)
Tongue, Middle (Middle Tongue, Milburn)
Tongue, Middle (Middle Tongue, Murton Fell)
Tongue, Middle (Middle Tongue, Saddleback)
Tongue Moor, Eskdale
Tongue Pier, Maryport Harbour
Tongue Quarry, Tongue Crag
Tongue Rigg, Shap Fells
Tongue Scar, Kentmere
Tongues Gills, Nether Wasdale
Tongue, The, Dollywagon Pike
Tongue, The, Mungrisdale
Tongue, The, Troutbeck Park
Tooly Thwaite (Tullythwaite Hall, Tullythwaite)
Tooset (Towcett, Newby)
Toot Hill, Loweswater
Toothill, Caldbeck
Toot Well, Pardshaw
Top Drift (Crag Fell Iron Mines, Ennerdale Fells)
Tophet Bastion, The Napes
Tophet Girdle, The Napes
Tophet Grooves, The Napes
Tophet Ridge, The Napes
Tophet Wall, The Napes
Top, Middle (Middle Top, King's Forest of Geltsdale)
topograph, Great Crosthwaite
topograph, High Pike
topograph, Nine Standards Rigg
topograph, Silloth
topograph, Winder
Top o' Selside, Colton
Toppin Castle, Hayton
Toppinhill, Southwaite
Toppin Rays, Egton with Newland
Top Tap, Maryport
Topthorn, Whinfell
Topthorne Farm (Topthorn, Whinfell)
Tordof (Torduff, Torduff Point)
Tordoff (Torduff, Torduff Point)
Torduff, Torduff Point
Toreador Gully, Striddle Crag
Torkin Hill, Thursby
Tornbank, Cumwhitton
Tornbeck River (Gair Burn, Cumbria boundary)
Torpenhow parish (once Cumberland)
Torpenhow, Blennerhasset and Torpenhow
Torpenhow and Whitrigg Township, Torpenhow
Torpenhow, Blennerhasset and parish (Blennerhasset and Torpenhow parish)
Torpenhow Chapel (Country Towns Mission Hall, Torpenhow, Torpenhow)
Torpenhow Church (St Michael and All Angels Church, Torpenhow)
Torpenhow Hall, Torpenhow
Torpenhow School (Inkwell Cottage, Torpenhow)
Torpenhow Village Hall (village hall, Torpenhow, Torpenhow)
Torpenny (Torpenhow, Blennerhasset and Torpenhow)
Torpeny (Torpenhow, Blennerhasset and Torpenhow)
Torraby (Tarraby, Stanwix Rural)
Torrisholm (Torrisholme, Lancashire)
Torrisholme, Lancashire
Tortie, Midgeholme
Tortie, Naworth
Torties, Kingwater
Tortolocate, Haile
Torver parish (once Lancashire)
Torver, Torver
Torver Back Common, Torver
Torver Beck, Torver
Torver Bridge, Torver Beck
Torver Church (St Luke's Church, Torver)
Torver Common (Torver Back Common, Torver)
Torver Common Wood, Torver
Torver High Common, Torver
Torver Low Common, Torver
Torver Mill, Torver Beck
Torver School (Torver Village Hall, Torver)
Torver Station (Station House, Coniston Railway)
Torver Village Hall, Torver
Tory Bridge, Kirk Burn
Tosbecke (Tossbeck, Middleton)
Tosca, Kirkby Lonsdale
Tosh Tarn, Nether Wasdale
Tossbeck, Middleton
Tossbeck Farm (Tossbeck, Middleton)
To Stone or To'ther, Shap Fells
Totalitarian, Raven Crag
Tothman (Toathmain, Shap Rural)
Tottergill, Castle Carrock
Tottlebank, Blawith and Subberthwaite
Tottlebank, Colton
Tottlebank Baptist Chapel (chapel, Tottlebank, Tottlebank)
Tottlebank Church (chapel, Tottlebank, Tottlebank)
Tottlebank Farm (Tottlebank, Blawith and Subberthwaite)
Toughmoss Pike (Bonscale Pike, Swarth Fell)
Toup Hill (Tip Hill, Spadeadam Forest)
Tove, High (High Tove, Borrowdale)
Towards the Sea, Carlisle Castle
Towcett, Newby
Towcett Farm (Towcett, Newby)
Towcett House, Newby
Towd Yak (Jacks Yak, Lowther Park)
Towecett House (Towcett House, Newby)
tower, Arnside
Tower Bank Arms, Near Sawrey
Tower Bank House, Claife
tower, Bardsea
tower, Bewcastle
Tower Brae, Askerton
Towerbrae Cairn, Tower Brae
Tower Buttress, Black Crag
Tower Buttress, The, Scafell Crag
tower, Colby
tower, Coniston
tower, Hermitage Hill
Tower House, Barrow-in-Furness
Tower House, Brownber
Tower House, Cartmel
Tower of Dalton (Dalton Castle, Dalton-in-Furness)
Tower of Flints, Wallowbarrow Crag
Tower of Sark,
Tower Plantation, Great (Great Tower Plantation, Cartmel Fell)
Towers, The (Millbeck Towers, Underskiddaw)
Tower Tarn, Broughton West
Tower Tye (Tortie, Naworth)
Tower View, Cartmel
Tower Wood (Windermere lake, Windermere)
Tower Wood, Cartmel Fell
Tower Wood Cottage, Cartmel Fell
Town Angle (Ravenstonedale, Ravenstonedale)
Town Angle, Ravenstonedale
Town Bank, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Town Bank Grammar School, Town Bank
Town Cass, Keswick
Town Cemetery (Grasmere Cemetery, Grasmere)
Town End (Low Bank Ground, Bank Ground)
Town End (Townend, Town End)
Town End, Barbon
Town End, Colthouse
Town End, Colton
Town End, Crosthwaite and Lyth
Town End, Far Sawrey
Town End, Grasmere
Town End, Great Strickland
Town End, Haile
Town End, Kirkby Thore
Town End, Town End
Town End, Town End
Town End, Troutbeck
Town End, Witherslack
Townend (Town End, Grasmere)
Townend (Townend Farm, Little Strickland)
Townend (Townhead, Uldale)
Townend, Caldbeck
Townend, Greysouthen
Townend, Laithes
Townend, Longtown
Townend, Town End
Town End Boathouse (boat house, Grasmere, Grasmere lake)
Townend Bridge (Townend Bridge, Watermillock, Castlehow Beck)
Town End Cottage, Claife
Town End Cottage, Ravenstonedale
Town End Cottages, Far Sawrey
Town End Dairy Farm (Town End Farm, Colthouse)
Town End Farm (Town End, Great Strickland)
Town End Farm (Town End, Town End)
Town End Farm, Bampton Grange
Town End Farm, Broughton West
Town End Farm, Colthouse
Town End Farm, Gamblesby
Town End Farm, Great Salkeld
Town End Farm, Long Marton
Town End Farm, Sleagill
Town End Farm, Troutbeck
Townend Farm, Farleton
Townend Farm, Little Strickland
Townend Farm, Lowther
Townend Hall, Whitbeck
Town End House, Helton
Town End House, Kirkby Lonsdale
Town End House, Troutbeck
Townend Road Bridge, Lancaster and Carlisle Railway
Town Fields, Sebergham
Town Foot, Flatt, The
Town Foot, Gamblesby
Town Foot, Long Marton
Townfoot, Cumwhitton
Town Foot Farm, Town End
Townfoot Farm (Townfoot Farmhouse, Lazonby)
Townfoot Farm, Cumrew
Townfoot Farmhouse, Lazonby
Towngate, Ainstable
Town Hall (Alston Town Hall, Alston)
Town Hall (Town Hall, Kendal, Kendal)
Town Hall, Barrow-in-Furness
Town Hall, Carlisle
Town Hall, Cockermouth
Town Hall, Penrith
Town Hall, Whitehaven
Town Hall, Egremont
Town head (Middleton Head, Middleton)
Town Head (Town Head Farm, Ireby)
Town Head (Town Head Farm, Lakes)
Town Head (Townhead Farm, Keisley)
Town Head (Townhead, Rockcliffe)
Town Head, Cliburn
Town Head, Crosby Ravensworth
Town Head, Dufton
Town Head, Great Asby
Town Head, Kirkby Thore
Town Head, Long Marton
Town Head, Staveley-in-Cartmel
Town Head, Troutbeck
Townhead (Town Head Farm, Lakes)
Townhead (Town Head, Staveley-in-Cartmel)
Townhead, Ainstable
Townhead, Dalston
Townhead, Dearham
Townhead, Great Blencow
Townhead, Hayton
Townhead, Lamonby
Townhead, Lazonby
Townhead, Martindale
Townhead, Newbiggin
Townhead, Ousby
Townhead, Rockcliffe
Townhead, Uldale
Townhead, Upton
Townhead, West Curthwaite
Town Head Bridge, Morland Beck
Town Head Cottage (Townhead Cottages, Town Head Farm)
Town Head Cottage, Town Head
Townhead Cottages, Town Head Farm
Townhead division, Netherend and (Netherend and Townhead division, Penrith)
Town Head Farm, Croglin
Town Head Farm, Dacre
Town Head Farm, Great Salkeld
Town Head Farm, Great Strickland
Town Head Farm, Ireby
Town Head Farm, Lakes
Town Head Farm, Newbiggin
Town Head Farm, Raisbeck
Town Head Farm, St Cuthbert Without
Town Head Farm, Stanwix Rural
Town Head Farm, Tebay
Townhead Farm, Drybeck
Townhead Farm, Keisley
Townhead Farm House (Town Head Farm, Great Salkeld)
Town Head House, Orton
Town House, Old Hutton and Holmescales
Town House, Ulverston
Townhouse (Hallhouse, Brampton)
Town House, Low (Low Town House, Farlam)
Town How (Toms Howe, Longsleddale)
Town, Little (Little Town, Above Derwent)
Town, Old (Old Town, High Hesket)
Town, Old (Old Town, Mansergh)
Town Quarry, The (Kirkby Slate Quarries, Furness Railway)
Town Quay, Workington
Townsend (Low Bank Ground, Bank Ground)
Towns Fell, Dent
Townson Hall (Tolson Hall, Burneside)
Town's Stones, Dent
Townthwaite Beck, Westward
Town View, Kendal
Town Wood, Morland
Town Yale (Town Yeat, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield)
Town Yate (High Town Yeat, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield)
Town Yate (Town Yeat, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield)
Town Yeat, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield
Town Yeat, High (High Town Yeat, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield)
Towtop Kirk, Cawdale
Tow Top Plantation, Upper Allithwaite
Toymaster, Penrith
Tracentree, Westward
Tracentree Low House, Tracentree
Track of the Ironmasters (Cleator and Workington Junction Railway, Cleator Moor)
track, Stone House
Trad, Goat Crag
Tradermayne Castle (Triermain Castle, Triermain)
Trades' Guilds, The (Guildhall Museum, Carlisle)
Trades Hall, Workington
Trainlands, Crosby Ravensworth
Trainlands Farm (Trainlands, Crosby Ravensworth)
Trainriggs, Kirkby Stephen
Trainriggs, Shap Rural
Trainrigg Sike
tramroad, Kirkby Ireleth
Tranby Lodge, Ambleside
Tranearth, Torver
Tranearth, Fleming (Fleming Tranearth, Torver)
Tranearth, Frank (Frank Tranearth, Torver)
Tranearth, Matthew (Matthew Tranearth, Torver)
Tranmoor, Ravenstonedale
Tranmoor Beck, Ravenstonedale
Transhag End (Strandshag Bay, Derwent Water)
Tranthwaite (Tranthwaite Hall, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield)
Tranthwaite Hall, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield
Tranthwaite Hall Farm (Tranthwaite Hall, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield)
Trapeze, Eagle Crag
Travellers Rest (Kirkstone Pass Inn, Kirkstone Pass)
Travellers Rest (Traveller's Rest, Grasmere)
Travellers Rest, Glenridding
Traveller's Rest, Grasmere
Travellers Rest, The (Kirkstone Pass Inn, Kirkstone Pass)
Traverse and Slab Climb, Striddle Crag
Treasonfield, Middleton
Tree House, Brampton
Trees, Newton Arlosh
Tree Surgeon, Town Head Farm
Trenmire Ferry, River Leven
Trenouth of Grange (Grange-over-Sands: Trenouth's, Grange-over-Sands)
Trepanna (Torpenhow, Blennerhasset and Torpenhow)
Trepena (Torpenhow, Blennerhasset and Torpenhow)
Treshwood Scar, Barrow-in-Furness
Trespasser Groove, Dow Crag
Trespett (Thirlspot, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Trester Mount (Cross Dormont, Barton)
Tretermane (Triermain, Waterhead)
Trettermane (Triermain, Waterhead)
Treuermane (Triermain Castle, Triermain)
Trevermane castle (Triermain Castle, Triermain)
Tricouni Rib, The Napes
Tricouni Slab, Scafell Crag
Triddle, Low Wether Crag
Trident Route, Dow Crag
Tridermaine castle (Triermain Castle, Triermain)
Triermain, Waterhead
Triermain Castle, Triermain
Triermain Eliminate, Castle Rock
Triesmont (earthwork, Barton, Hodgson Hill)
Trilogy, Raven Crag
Trinity, East Buttress
Trinity Church (Holy Trinity Church, Carlisle)
Trinity Church (Holy Trinity Church, Chapel Stile)
Trinity Church Centre, Barrow-in-Furness
Trinity Church National and Sunday School, Whitehaven
Trinity Crack, Long Crag
Trinity House, Holme
Trinity House, Ulverston
Trinity Methodist Church, Silloth
Trinity Methodist Church, Workington
Trinity School, Carlisle
Trinity Slabs, Wallowbarrow Crag
Trinkeld Farm, Ulverston
Trio, Great How Crags
Tripall Flud (Tipalt Burn, Northumberland)
Tripall flud (Tipalt Burn, Northumberland)
Tripall River (Tipalt Burn, Northumberland)
Tripetholm, Derwent Water
Trippett Holm (Otterbield Island, Derwent Water)
Tristermont (Cross Dormont, Barton)
Trivermain castle (Triermain Castle, Triermain)
Trod Dovera, Combe Gill
Trod Hovera, Combe Gill
Trogtbeck Park (Troutbeck Park, Lakes)
Troll's Corner, Pavey Ark
Trostermont (Cross Dormont, Barton)
Trostermont (earthwork, Barton, Hodgson Hill)
Trostermont on Ullswater (Cross Dormont, Barton)
Trostermosit (earthwork, Barton, Hodgson Hill)
Trostormont (earthwork, Barton, Hodgson Hill)
Trough, Solport
Troughead (Trough Head, Solport)
Troughfoot, Hesket
Troughfoot, Solport
Trough Head, Solport
Trough House, Bridekirk
Trough House Bridge, River Esk
Trough Keld, Murton
Trough School, Solport
Troughton Beck, Langdale
Troughton Hall, Broughton West
Troughton House, Cleator Moor
Trough Township, Stapleton
Troutal, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Troutal Farm (Troutal, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite)
Troutal Fell, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Trout Beck (Gair Burn, Cumbria boundary)
Trout Beck, Hayton
Trout Beck, Kingwater
Trout Beck, Long Marton
Trout Beck, Matterdale
Trout Beck, Milburn
Trout Beck, Troutbeck
Troutbeck (Trout Beck, Long Marton)
Troutbeck (Trout Beck, Troutbeck)
Troutbeck (Troutbeck Bridge, Windermere)
Troutbeck, Hayton
Troutbeck, Hutton Moor
Troutbeck, Lakes
Trout Beck Bridge (Troutbeck Bridge, Windermere)
Troutbeck Bridge, Trout Beck
Troutbeck Bridge, Windermere
Troutbeck Bridge: Ambleside Road, 3 to 7
Troutbeck Chapelry, Windermere
Troutbeck Church (Jesus Church, Troutbeck)
Troutbecke (Troutbeck, Lakes)
Troutbeck Hotel (Troutbeck Inn, Troutbeck)
Troutbeck Hundred (Troutbeck, Lakes)
Troutbeck Hundreds (Hundreds, The, Troutbeck)
Troutbeck Inn, Troutbeck
Troutbeck Institute (Troutbeck Post Office, Town End)
Troutbeck, Little (Troutbeck, Hutton Moor)
Troutbeck Park, Lakes
Troutbeck Park, Lakes
Troutbeck Post Office, Town End
Trout Beck River (Gair Burn, Cumbria boundary)
Troutbeck School (school, Troutbeck, Troutbeck)
Troutbeck Station, Keswick and Penrith Railway Cockermouth
Troutbeck Township (Troutbeck Chapelry, Windermere)
Trout Bek (Gair Burn, Cumbria boundary)
Trout Bek (Murton Beck, Murton)
Trout Bek (Trout Beck, Long Marton)
Troutbek (Troutbeck, Lakes)
Troutdale Cottages, Troutdale
Troutdale fishery, Borrowdale
Troutdale Pinnacle, Black Crag
Troutdale Pinnacle Direct, Black Crag
Troutdale Pinnacle Superdirect, Black Crag
Troutdale Ridge, Black Crag
Troute Beck (Gair Burn, Cumbria boundary)
Trout Hotel, Cockermouth
Trowtbeck flu. (Trout Beck, Long Marton)
Trumpet Beck, Cleator Moor
Trumpet Bridge, Cleator Moor
Trundale Gill, Murton
Trundle Beck, Crosby Ravensworth
Trusmadoor, Uldale Fells
Truss Buttress, Gouther Crag
Truss Gap, Swindale
Trustee Savings Bank (Kirkby Lonsdale: Market Square, 6, Kirkby Lonsdale)
Trustee Savings Bank, Brampton
Trustee Savings Bank, Carlisle
Trustee Savings Bank, Ulverston
Tub Hole, Dent
Tudor Restaurant (school, Penrith (3), Penrith)
Tuethur, Carlisle
Tufton Arms Hotel, Appleby-in-Westmorland
Tufton Lodge, Stainmore
Tuft Rock, Windermere lake
Tullie House (Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery, Carlisle)
Tullie House and Extensions (Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery, Carlisle)
Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery, Carlisle
Tullythwaite Hall, Tullythwaite
Tullythwaite House, Tullythwaite
Tumble, Dow Crag
Tummer Hill Marsh, Walney Island
Tummer Hill Scar, Walney Island
Tummer How (Turnerhow, Buttermere)
tumulus, Orton S
tumulus, Rayseat
tumulus, Skellaw Hill
tumulus, Warcop
Tunnel Bridge, Longfell Gill
Tunnel Quarry, Coniston
Tunnel Quarry, Lindal and Marton
Tunnel, The (Tunnel Bridge, Longfell Gill)
Tunnocellum, Eden, River
Tunnocelum (Concavata, Hadrian's Wall)
Tunnocelum (Maia, Hadrian's Wall)
Tunstall, Lancashire
Turf Hotel (race course, Carlisle, Swifts, The)
Turf Inn, Carlisle
Turkin Hill (Torkin Hill, Thursby)
Turkish Suite, Carlisle
Turks Head, Musgrave
Turk's Head (Turks Head, Musgrave)
Turks Head Inn, Alston
Turnbank, Crosby Ravensworth
Turnberry House, Cumrew
Turner Hall, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Turner Hall Farm (Turner Hall, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite)
Turner Hill, Cumbria boundary
Turnerhow, Buttermere
Turners Farm, Hutton Roof
Turneybank Well, Turney Bank
Turn How (Tarn Howe, Grasmere lake)
Turnings, Alston Moor
Turning the North, Shepherds Crag
Turnpost Stones
Turnshaw, Wetheral
turret 49B, Waterhead
Tusted Yate (Fusethwaite Yeat, Windermere)
Tute Hill, Cockermouth
Tutehill Farm, Arlecdon and Frizington
Twa Hummocks North, Combe Gill
Twa Hummocks South, Combe Gill
Tweedy Hill, Kingwater
Twelve Ashes, Cartmel Fell
Twentyman Court, Keswick
Twigg Shoe Services, Carlisle
Twinkle House (Swinkle House, High Swinklebank)
Twisleton Dale, River Doe
Twiss (Twiss, River, North Yorkshire)
Twiss, River, North Yorkshire
Two by Two, Ulverston
Two Feet Bank, Solway Firth
Twolads Crag, Bewcastle Fells
Two Lillys of the Valley (Lilies of the Valley, Windermere lake)
Two Lions (Two Lions Inn, Penrith)
Two Lions Inn, Penrith
Two Oak Treet Cottages (Oak Tree Cottages, Kirkby Thore)
Twothorn, Nether Staveley
Twothorne (Twothorn, Nether Staveley)
Twotop Hill, Glassonby
Tybay (Tebay, Tebay)
Tymparon Hall, Dacre
Tynefield House, Penrith
Tyne flu. (North Tyne, River, Northumberland)
Tyne Head (Tynehead, Alston Moor)
Tyne Head, Alston Moor
Tynehead, Alston Moor
Tynehead Fell, Alston Moor
Tynehead School, West Ashgill
Tynehead Smelting Mill, Alston Moor
Tynemouth, Northumberland
Tyne River (South Tyne, River, Cumbria boundary)
Tyne Solway Canal, Solway Firth
Tyro's Gully, Raven Crag
Tyson's Hotel (Old King's Head, Broughton in Furness)
Tyths (Taythes, Sedbergh)
Tytup Hall, Dalton Town with Newton