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Crook parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Westmorland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   SD4495
10Km square:-   SD49
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1675
placename:-  Crooke Underbarrow
source data:-   Records, hearth tax survey returns, Westmorland, 1674/75.
"Crooke Underbarrow"

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1670
placename:-  Crooke
source data:-   Records, hearth tax returns, exchequer duplicates, Westmorland, 1670.

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 387 (1971)

place:-   Crook Constablewick
place:-   Undermillbeck Constablewick (E part of)
place:-   Nether Staveley Constablewick (S part of)
place:-   Stricklandfield Constablewick (W part of)
place:-   Underbarrow Constablewick (tiny part of)

SD44679470 Back Lane, Crook 
SD46989583 Bank Wood, Crook 
SD40519450 Barker Knott Farm, Crook L
SD40499450 Barker Knott, Crook L
SD43159450 Bateman Fold, Crook 
SD46209370 Beckside, Crook 
SD43389474 Beckside, Crook (2) gone?
SD40549417 Bellman Houses, Crook L
SD46199489 Birch Mill, Crook 
SD43979384 Birk Moss, Crook 
SD44229515 Birksey Brow, Crook 
SD44739346 Bolton's Tarn, Crook 
SD42429469 boundary stone, Crook 
SD41219589 boundary stone, Crook/Windermere 
SD42789373 Bow Mabble Breast, Crook 
SD42669374 Bow Mabble Wood, Crook 
SD44759538 Boxtree, Crook 
SD43229407 Bridge House, Crook 
SD43559529 bridge, Crook 
SD43239404 bridge, Crook (2) 
SD43389432 bridge, Crook (3) 
SD44139453 Brow Head, Crook 
SD41849353 Brown Horse, Winster 
SD41639285 Bryan Houses Cottage, Crook L
SD41649282 Bryan Houses, Crook 
SD43389308 Bulman Strands, Crook 
SD42149574 Capple Barrow, Crook 
SD42419392 Cat Crag, Crook 
SD41699383 Charley Houses, Crook 
SD42399624 Cleabrrow Tarn, Crook 
SD44749374 Cock Hag, Crook 
SD44869306 Cockhag Plantation, Crook 
SD45659508 Cockpit Hill, Crook 
SD41449318 Corky Bridge, Winster 
SD435965 Crag House, Crook 
SD46369508 Crook 
SD45799516 Crook Brow, Crook 
SD44419603 Crook Common, Crook 
SD45499588 Crook End, Crook 
SD43189349 Crook Foot, Crook L
SD45209454 Crook Hall, Crook 
SD45439512 Crook Memorial Hall, Crook 
SD46129508 Crook Mill, Crook 
SD43789514 Crook School, Crook 
SD45659518 Crookbrow Head, Crook 
SD46949499 Dobby Lane, Crook 
SD46279479 Ellerbeck Farm, Crook 
SD46649577 Fell Gate, Crook 
SD45319639 Fell Plain, Crook 
SD44869483 fence, Crook 
SD44879548 Field Tenement, Crook 
SD43599528 fingerpost, Crook 
SD46509512 fingerpost, Crook (2) 
SD45729512 fingerpost, Crook (3) 
SD46519515 Gareth Cottage, Crook 
SD45999539 Gill House, Crook gone?
SD4395 Gilpin Beck 
SD43569532 Gilpin Bridge, Crook 
SD43609508 Gilpin Farm, Crook 
SD43349429 Gilpin Mill, Crook 
SD4490 Gilpin, River 
SD43379574 Gilpinpark Plantation, Crook 
SD46089550 Goldenrock Cottage, Crook 
SD41399497 Goose Mire, Crook 
SD43219730 Grandsire, Crook 
SD46579623 Great Wood, Crook 
SD44449404 Great Wood, Crook (2) 
SD46629552 Green Hill, Crook 
SD41719450 Green Lane, Crook 
SD41799332 Green Yew, Winster 
SD46389520 Greenbank, Crook 
SD46599531 Greenhills Farm, Crook 
SD41589229 Gurnal Wood, Crook 
SD43689368 Hart Howe, Crook 
SD43379370 Hartley Gate, Crook 
SD42029257 Hawk Earth, Crook gone?
SD41879232 Hawkearth Bank, Crook 
SD42139257 Hawkearth Moss, Crook 
SD41629399 Head of Winster, Winster 
SD44029411 High House, Crook 
SD45619620 High House, Crook (2) 
SD45219388 High Leys, Crook 
SD41369413 High Mill House, Crook L
SD41339236 Hoadstock Wood, Crook 
SD41729386 Hollin Cottage, Winster 
SD46569602 Hollin Hall, Crook L
SD41969327 Howe Farm, Crook 
SD43969506 Howe, Crook 
SD46829596 Intake Wood, Crook 
SD46259547 Jenny Dam, Crook 
SD43669525 Jerry, Crook 
SD45969628 Kerris Hill, Crook 
SD42189415 Knipe Tarn Mine, Crook 
SD42659439 Knipe Tarn, Crook 
SD47549593 Knott Hill, Crook 
SD47339609 Knott Wood, Crook 
SD47349601 Knott, Crook gone?
SD43109398 Latterbarrow, Crook 
SD46289540 Light Howe, Crook 
SD41149551 Lindeth Lane, Windermere 
SD45009360 Low Fold, Crook L
SD41469559 Low Lindeth Wood, Crook 
SD41569533 Low Lindeth, Crook 
SD41469353 Middle of Winster Bridge, Winster 
SD41809353 Middle of Winster Cottage, Winster 
SD41799356 Middle of Winster, Winster 
SD43359555 milestone, Crook gone
SD44759509 milestone, Crook (2) gone
SD46309506 milestone, Crook (3) not found
SD41549383 Mill House, Crook 
SD44219458 Milldam, Crook 
SD41209397 Mirkslack Wood, Crook 
SD43059544 Mitchelland Plantation, Crook 
SD43369505 Mitchelland, Crook L
SD41419529 Moss Wood, Crook 
SD41549402 Nineveh, Winster 
SD47269543 Oakbank, Crook 
SD41319409 Old Mill, Crook 
SD41639397 Old Post Office, Winster L
SD41489269 Old Vicarage, Winster 
SD41259429 packhorse bridge, Crook L
SD43919506 Parsonage, Crook 
SD45809518 Pepper Yate, Crook suggested
SD45819530 Pepperbrow Wood, Crook 
SD46429511 pinfold, Crook 
SD43919510 post box, Crook 
SD47119526 Pound Farm, Crook 
SD43899509 quaker burial ground, Crook 
SD44519568 reservoir, Crook 
SD44559348 Rigg Moss, Crook 
SD43119407 Robin a Fields, Crook 
SD41479215 Roper Ford Cottage, Crook 
SD46089523 Rowanthwaite Pond, Crook 
SD41659381 Salkeld Tenement, Winster 
SD43309416 Sander Hill, Crook 
SD45369510 school, Crook 
SD46259511 school, Crook (2) 
SD42639285 Scott Howe, Crook 
SD40789390 Scout Hill, Crook 
SD45189573 Seeing Hill, Crook 
SD43559445 Shepherd Yeat, Crook 
SD43719492 Spigot House, Crook 
SD41819358 Springfield Cottage, Winster 
SD45009467 St Catherine tower, Crook L
SD45119506 St Catherine, Crook 
SD42049405 Stile Brow, Crook 
SD43319504 stone wall, Crook 
SD41759437 Stonehills Tarn, Crook 
SD42799611 Summer Grove Plantation, Crook 
SD46449512 Sun Inn, Crook L
SD44379525 Sunnybrow, Crook 
SD46219588 Tarn Close, Crook 
SD42399507 tarn, Crook 
SD43079388 Thornyfields, Crook L
SD41969561 Undermillbeck Common, Crook 
SD4195 Undermillbeck, Crook 
SD41849384 Vicarage, Winster 
SD45529626 Waingap, Crook 
SD45539503 Walkerbrow Wood, Crook 
SD41749305 war memorial, Winster 
SD40928575 Way Beck Bridge, Winster 
SD43539537 Wild Boar Hotel, Crook 
SD41439274 Winster Bridge, Crook L
SD41729305 Winster School, Winster L
SD41859352 Winster Valley Brewery, Winster 
SD45119559 Yew Tree Farm, Crook 
SD41809617 fingerpost, Windermere (2) 
SD41759302 Holy Trinity, Winster 
SD441947 Atkinson Tarn, Crook 
SD43579532 mill, Gilpin Bridge gone
SD4595 Eller Beck (8) 
SD45969545 Sever Mill, Crook gone
SD47859527 Bonning Gate Turnpike, Crook 
SD43919510 meeting house, Crook 
SD41849351 Winster, Crook 
SD47 Meathop and Bowness railway 
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