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Borrowdale parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY2613
10Km square:-   NY22
10Km square:-   NY21
10Km square:-   NY20
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 664 (1971)

NY23021042 Aaron Crags, Borrowdale 
NY217102 Aaron Slack, Borrowdale 
NY22481050 Aaron, Borrowdale 
NY22431045 Airey's Bridge, Borrowdale 
NY26661296 Alisongrass Crag, Borrowdale 
NY27031307 Alisongrass Hoghouse, Borrowdale 
NY23660854 Allen Crags, Borrowdale 
NY255162 Andersonband Crag, Borrowdale 
NY24430765 Angle Tarn, Borrowdale 
NY2408 Angletarn Gill 
NY26161035 ash trees, Borrowdale 
NY27021968 Ashness Bridge, Borrowdale L
NY27171928 Ashness Farm, Borrowdale L
NY276184 Ashness Fell, Borrowdale 
NY2818 Ashness Gill 
NY26981942 Ashness House, Borrowdale 
NY270186 Ashness Wood, Borrowdale 
NY27081923 Ashness, Borrowdale 
NY224090 Band, Borrowdale 
NY26762024 Barrow Bay, Derwent Water 
NY2719 Barrow Beck (2) 
NY26921995 Barrow Cascade, Borrowdale 
NY267199 Barrow Common, Borrowdale 
NY26852001 Barrow House, Borrowdale L
NY26611993 Barrow Point, Borrowdale 
NY2618 Barrow Side, Borrowdale 
NY268200 Barrow, Borrowdale 
NY2620 Barrowgate, Borrowdale 
NY22511146 Base Brown, Borrowdale 
NY26121553 Belt Knott, Borrowdale 
NY26781257 Belt Knott, Borrowdale (2) 
NY258125 Bessyboot, Borrowdale 
NY25541569 bield, Borrowdale 
NY2612 Big Stanger Gill 
NY26461563 Birkett's Leap, Borrowdale 
NY246186 Black Crag Trial, Borrowdale 
NY2412 Black Sike (2) 
NY23231070 Black Waugh, Borrowdale 
NY27371636 Black Waugh, Watendlath 
NY27571503 Black Waugh, Watendlath (2) 
NY26791064 Blea Crag, Borrowdale 
NY26921143 Blea Rock, Borrowdale 
NY29151408 Blea Tarn, Borrowdale 
NY28561957 Bleaberry Fell, St John's Castlerigg etc 
NY26481708 Bleacrag Moss, Borrowdale 
NY27361245 Bleak How, Borrowdale 
NY2715 Bleatarn Gill 
NY27371301 bloomery, Borrowdale 
NY25701415 Borrowdale 
NY25861397 Borrowdale CofE Primary School, Borrowdale 
NY25191202 Borrowdale Fells, Borrowdale 
NY252181 Borrowdale Freeholds, Borrowdale 
NY25101773 Borrowdale Gates Hotel, Grange 
NY25761484 Borrowdale Institute, Rosthwaite 
NY23641254 Borrowdale Yews, Borrowdale 
NY21491192 boundary post, Borrowdale/Ennerdale etc 
NY27112203 boundary stone, Borrowdale 
NY28811844 boundary stone, High Seat 
NY23231255 boundary stone, Seathwaite 
NY23351230 boundary stone, Seathwaite (2) 
NY25531648 Bowder Crag, Borrowdale 
NY25391638 Bowder Stone House, Borrowdale 
NY25391640 Bowder Stone, Borrowdale 
NY2715 Bowdergate Gill 
NY25661585 Bowdering End, Borrowdale 
NY27301606 Bracken Platt, Watendlath 
NY21481193 Brandreth, Ennerdale and Kinniside 
NY26772001 bridge, Borrowdale 
NY27641577 bridge, Borrowdale (2) 
NY25891496 bridge, Rosthwaite 
NY261132 Broad Haystack, Borrowdale 
NY2416 Broadslack Gill 
NY25921711 Brock Bield, Borrowdale 
NY2822 Brockle Beck 
NY26702149 Broomhill Point, Borrowdale 
NY271102 Brown Crag, Borrowdale 
NY26591770 Brown Dodd, Borrowdale 
NY27491987 Brown Knotts, Borrowdale 
NY26261616 Brund Fell, Borrowdale 
NY26941384 building, Lingy End 
NY26661311 Bull Crag, Borrowdale 
NY271109 Bull Crag, Borrowdale (2) 
NY25451394 Burthwaite Bridge, Borrowdale 
NY25471759 Butts, Grange 
NY26951732 Caffell Crags, Borrowdale 
NY269173 Caffell Side, Borrowdale 
NY27581631 Caffle House, Watendlath L
NY26912135 Calfclose Bay, Derwent Water 
NY269213 Calfclose Reeds, Borrowdale 
NY260112 Cam Crag, Borrowdale 
NY26241890 Cannon Dub, Borrowdale 
NY242119 Capell Cove, Borrowdale 
NY242110 Capell Crag, Borrowdale 
NY24941587 Castle Crag Quarry, Borrowdale 
NY25161752 Castle Crag, Grange 
NY257147 Castle Lodge, Rosthwaite 
NY24401986 Cat Bells, Above Derwent 
NY26851950 Cat Crag, Borrowdale 
NY2620 Cat Gill (2) 
NY269195 Cat Gill, Borrowdale 
NY25531702 cave, Borrowdale 
NY25761394 Chapel House Farm, Borrowdale L
NY25091257 circle of stones, Borrowdale 
NY25031849 Cockelty, Borrowdale 
NY24221721 Cockley How, Borrowdale 
NY28870906 Codale Head, Lakes 
NY287131 Coldbarrow Fell, Borrowdale 
NY25551590 Colywife Dub, Borrowdale 
NY26401793 Comb Crags, Borrowdale 
NY2617 Comb Gill (4) 
NY252108 Combe Door, Borrowdale 
NY24931099 Combe Head, Borrowdale 
NY251124 Combe, Borrowdale 
NY26291369 Cottage, Stonethwaite L
NY26211374 Croft Cottage, Stonethwaite L
NY25551514 Crook, Rosthwaite 
NY25431716 Cummacatta Wood, Borrowdale 
NY24911652 Dalt Wood Quarry, Borrowdale 
NY24861656 Dalt Wood, Borrowdale 
NY27262181 Deerclose Cottage, Borrowdale 
NY25701778 Derwent Farm, Borrowdale L
NY25711778 Derwent House, Borrowdale 
NY268200 Derwentwater YHA Turbine, Borrowdale 
NY27371436 Dock Tarn, Borrowdale 
NY27771897 Dodd, Borrowdale 
NY25341162 Dovenest Crag, Borrowdale 
NY25081372 drain, Borrowdale 
NY247098 Driedly Gill Level, Borrowdale 
NY2512 Dry Gill (4) 
NY27581216 Eagle Crag, Borrowdale 
NY29001699 Eddy Grave Stake, St John's Castlerigg etc 
NY25571602 Eelstep Brow, Borrowdale 
NY2518 Ellers Beck 
NY24821792 Ellers, Borrowdale 
NY2717 Emblesteads Gill 
NY23260811 Esk Hause, Eskdale 
NY23660750 Esk Pike, Eskdale 
NY268172 Ether Knott, Borrowdale 
NY2719 Eve Crag, Borrowdale perhaps
NY27232058 Falcon Crag, Borrowdale 
NY26261371 Fellside Cottage, Stonethwaite L
NY22411358 fence, Borrowdale 
NY25931802 Field House, Borrowdale 
NY25761423 fingerpost, Borrowdale 
NY25671831 Fitts Turnhole, Borrowdale 
NY27591626 Fold Head Farm, Watendlath L
NY25061387 Folly Bridge, Borrowdale L
NY27421298 footbridge, Borrowdale 
NY22301024 footbridge, Borrowdale (2) 
NY26400998 footbridge, Borrowdale (3) 
NY24601473 footbridge, Borrowdale (4) 
NY24591551 footbridge, Borrowdale (5) 
NY27181265 footbridge, Langstrath 
NY23460995 footbridge, Ruddy Gill 
NY23341221 footbridge, Seathwaite 
NY27321561 ford, Borrowdale 
NY25341486 ford, Rosthwaite 
NY26942023 Fort, Borrowdale 
NY25621436 Foxwood Cottage, Borrowdale 
NY2515 Frith Gill 
NY25961555 Frith Wood, Borrowdale 
NY27281310 Galleny Force, Borrowdale 
NY25411736 Garthwaite Gate, Grange gone
NY27591628 gate, Watendlath 
NY25591420 geological site, Borrowdale 
NY223119 Gillercomb, Borrowdale 
NY221124 Gillercombe Crag, Borrowdale 
NY24741380 Glaramara house, Borrowdale 
NY24661052 Glaramara, Borrowdale 
NY24461631 Goat Crag, Borrowdale 
NY27651694 Goat Crags, Borrowdale 
NY2716 Goat Gill 
NY26581866 Gowder Crag, Borrowdale 
NY32501663 Gowder Dub, Borrowdale 
NY25101653 Gowder Stones, Borrowdale 
NY2310 Grains Gill 
NY235099 Grains Gill Level, Borrowdale 
NY25341746 Grange Bridge Cottage, Grange L
NY25371747 Grange Bridge, Grange L
NY25731762 Grange Crags, Borrowdale 
NY25311744 Grange Farm House, Grange L
NY26331636 Grange Fell, Borrowdale 
NY25281749 Grange, Borrowdale 
NY25761893 Great Bay, Derwent Water 
NY268146 Great Crag, Borrowdale 
NY22530830 Great End, Eskdale 
NY21101034 Great Gable, Nether Wasdale 
NY22670957 Great Slack, Borrowdale 
NY27572152 Great Wood, Borrowdale 
NY25891699 Greatend Crag, Borrowdale 
NY26131798 Green Bank, Borrowdale 
NY27581414 Green Combe, Borrowdale 
NY21461072 Green Gable, Ennerdale and Kinniside 
NY2816 Greenhow Gill 
NY26241378 Greenup Corner, Stonethwaite L
NY28551051 Greenup Edge, Borrowdale 
NY2712 Greenup Gill 
NY2417 Greenup Sikes 
NY27731266 Greenup, Borrowdale 
NY273221 Greenwich Barn, Borrowdale 
NY21721256 Grey Knotts, Borrowdale 
NY2618 Hallow Stone Crag, Borrowdale 
NY26421299 Hanging Haystack, Borrowdale 
NY244074 Hanging Knotts, Borrowdale 
NY25631917 Hardindale Knott, Borrowdale 
NY2313 Hause Gill 
NY26001503 Hazel Bank, Borrowdale 
NY25361748 Hen How, Grange 
NY27441213 Heron Crag, Borrowdale 
NY26461429 Heron Crag, Borrowdale (2) 
NY25661323 High Buck How, Borrowdale 
NY24791775 High Close, Borrowdale 
NY27331390 High Crag, Borrowdale 
NY26781911 High Crag, Borrowdale (2) 
NY24761440 High Doat, Borrowdale 
NY24120934 High House Tarn, Borrowdale 
NY25151599 High Hows Quarry, Borrowdale 
NY25181592 High Hows Wood, Borrowdale 
NY257129 High Knott, Borrowdale 
NY26191832 High Lodore, Borrowdale L
NY28070954 High Raise, Borrowdale 
NY25021781 High Rigg, Grange 
NY289129 High Saddle, Borrowdale 
NY23131474 High Scawdel Tarn, Above Derwent 
NY237150 High Scawdel, Borrowdale 
NY28701805 High Seat, Borrowdale 
NY24691636 High Steel Knott, Borrowdale 
NY24171356 High Stile Wood, Seatoller 
NY27161956 High Strutta, Borrowdale 
NY288165 High Tove, Borrowdale 
NY278095 High White Stones, Borrowdale 
NY26932005 Highclose Coppice, Borrowdale 
NY239111 Hind Crag, Borrowdale 
NY24051016 Hind Side, Borrowdale 
NY26701856 Hogs Earth, Borrowdale 
NY24651618 Hollow Stone, Borrowdale 
NY26101793 Hollow Stones, Borrowdale 
NY24731712 Hollows Farm, Borrowdale 
NY26751990 Holm, Borrowdale once?
NY25111699 Holmcrag Wood, Borrowdale 
NY22541356 Honister Hause Youth Hostel, Borrowdale 
NY27362193 Horseclose Wood, Borrowdale 
NY252174 house, Grange 
NY26572191 house, Lord's Island 
NY25791469 How, Rosthwaite 
NY25281745 Howe Cottage, Grange 
NY25691474 Howe Cottages, Rosthwaite L
NY26651393 Huddleston's Shop, Borrowdale 
NY267221 Ings, Borrowdale 
NY25881818 Ingshead Hole, Borrowdale 
NY25741420 Ivy Cottage, Borrowdale 
NY27111257 Johnny House, Borrowdale 
NY25171426 Johnny Wood, Borrowdale 
NY26421630 Jopplety How, Borrowdale 
NY26631651 Joppletyhow Moss, Borrowdale 
NY26691952 Kettlewell, Borrowdale 
NY25301700 Kidham Dub, Borrowdale 
NY25811665 King's How, Borrowdale 
NY26701435 Knotts, Borrowdale 
NY26341830 Ladder Brow, Borrowdale 
NY27612125 Lady's Rake, Borrowdale 
NY26872041 landing stage, Borrowdale 
NY2611 Langstrath Beck 
NY263100 Langstrath, Borrowdale 
NY2416 Laver Gill 
NY2415 Lavery Gill 
NY25901805 Leathes Cottage, Borrowdale 
NY25651787 Leatheside Dub, Borrowdale 
NY246209 Leonard Memorial, Borrowdale 
NY241093 Lincomb Tarns, Borrowdale 
NY24841532 Lingy Bank, Borrowdale 
NY27001385 Lingy End, Borrowdale 
NY282112 Lining Crag, Borrowdale 
NY23381361 Little Gatesgarth Dale, Borrowdale 
NY2613 Little Stanger Gill 
NY24211608 Lobstone Band Door, Borrowdale 
NY26461896 Lodore Bridge, Lodore 
NY26701898 Lodore Wood, Borrowdale 
NY26391889 Lodore, Borrowdale 
NY281126 Long Band, Borrowdale 
NY25281743 Long Corner Cottage, Grange L
NY279104 Long Crag, Borrowdale 
NY25601706 Long Crag, Borrowdale (2) 
NY293145 Long Moss, Borrowdale 
NY25951668 Long Moss, Borrowdale (2) 
NY25571434 Longthwaite Bridge, Borrowdale 
NY25491425 Longthwaite Youth Hostel, Borrowdale 
NY25531438 Longthwaite, Borrowdale L
NY282139 Lord's How, Borrowdale 
NY26542189 Lord's Island, Derwent Water 
NY25651347 Low Buck How, Borrowdale 
NY26841954 Low Crag, Borrowdale 
NY25151637 Low Hows Wood, Borrowdale 
NY25281875 Low Manesty, Borrowdale 
NY28262052 Low Moss, Borrowdale 
NY287133 Low Saddle, Borrowdale 
NY24191629 Low Scawdel, Borrowdale 
NY24821641 Low Steel Knott, Borrowdale 
NY24301345 Low Stile Wood, Seatoller 
NY26931975 Low Strutta, Borrowdale 
NY24221695 Low White Rake, Above Derwent 
NY26911954 Lowcrag Wood, Borrowdale 
NY25031847 Manesty, Borrowdale 
NY25291742 Manor House, Grange L
NY26581915 Mary Mount, Borrowdale 
NY2516 memorial, King's How 
NY28021897 Mere Gill, Borrowdale 
NY287158 Middle Crag, Borrowdale 
NY25801456 Middle How, Rosthwaite 
NY25011575 Millican's Cave, Castle Crag 
NY26021340 Mirk Slack, Borrowdale 
NY25641432 Moraine, Borrowdale 
NY26811797 Moss Mire, Borrowdale 
NY26721823 Mossmire Coppice, Borrowdale 
NY25101372 Mountain View, Borrowdale 
NY25531923 Myrtle Bay, Derwent Water 
NY25191510 New Bridge, Borrowdale 
NY26061827 Newton Place, Borrowdale 
NY24551359 Nichol Dub, Seatoller 
NY24311681 Nitting Haws, Borrowdale 
NY25861488 Nokka, Rosthwaite 
NY25701475 Nook Farm, Rosthwaite L
NY26782151 NT memorial, Borrowdale 
NY25731476 Oak Cottage, Rosthwaite L
NY24070719 Ore Gap Mine, Borrowdale perhaps once
NY24070719 Ore Gap, Borrowdale 
NY27531633 packhorse bridge, Watendlath L
NY25921358 Paper Crag, Borrowdale 
NY25651883 Park Neb, Borrowdale 
NY22241027 Pattersons Fold, Borrowdale 
NY24911760 Peace Howe, Borrowdale 
NY25651436 Peat Howe, Borrowdale 
NY25351560 Pennybridge Dub, Borrowdale 
NY25251748 Pennybrig, Grange 
NY288171 Pewits, Borrowdale 
NY249098 Pinnacle Bield, Borrowdale 
NY25751421 post box, Borrowdale 
NY25791397 privy, Borrowdale 
NY25771484 privy, Rosthwaite 
NY25701473 privy, Rosthwaite (2) 
NY25711473 privy, Rosthwaite (3) 
NY26661588 Puddingstone Bank, Borrowdale 
NY25531704 quarry, Borrowdale 
NY24611581 quarry, Borrowdale (3) 
NY25071565 quarry, Borrowdale (4) 
NY27231161 quarry, Langstrath 
NY23041074 rain gauge, Seathwaite Fell 
NY23571214 Raingauge Cottage, Seathwaite 
NY2816 Raise Gill 
NY2718 Rampshaw Beck 
NY26392136 Rampsholme Island, Derwent Water 
NY24801150 Raven Crag, Borrowdale 
NY22211248 Raven Crag, Borrowdale (2) 
NY2310 Red Beck (3) 
NY25571793 Red Brow, Borrowdale 
NY27341759 Reecastle Crag, Borrowdale 
NY26381558 Resting Stone, Borrowdale 
NY2509 Ribby Gills 
NY25121754 Rigg Side, Grange 
NY23671526 Rigghead Quarries, Borrowdale 
NY23771583 Robin Fold Edge, Borrowdale 
NY23911566 Robin's Fold, Borrowdale 
NY25371748 roche moutonee, Grange 
NY23661209 rock exposure, Seathwaite 
NY23231218 rock exposure, Seathwaite (2) 
NY22650914 rock, Seathwaite Fell 
NY25841489 Rose Cottage, Rosthwaite 
NY24680755 Rossett Pass, Lakes 
NY245090755 Rossett Pike, Lakes 
NY25691511 Rosthwaite Bridge, Rosthwaite L
NY25581183 Rosthwaite Cam, Borrowdale 
NY257119 Rosthwaite Fell, Borrowdale 
NY25851490 Rosthwaite, Borrowdale 
NY2816 Roughknott Gill 
NY25861486 Royal Oak, Rosthwaite 
NY2308 Ruddy Gill 
NY25171847 salt spring, Borrowdale 
NY255189 Salt Well Mines, Borrowdale 
NY25841490 Salving House, Rosthwaite 
NY24701490 Scaleclose Coppice, Borrowdale 
NY24611475 Scaleclose Force, Borrowdale 
NY2414 Scaleclose Gill 
NY24831701 Scarbrow Wood, Borrowdale 
NY26352106 Scarf Stones, Derwent Water 
NY251175 Scarthwaite, Grange 
NY25841404 school, Borrowdale gone
NY25091752 school, Grange 
NY26912015 Scragga Coppice, Borrowdale 
NY26881915 Screes Coppice, Borrowdale 
NY25201600 sculpture, Borrowdale 
NY24851583 seat, Borrowdale 
NY25611767 seat, Borrowdale (2) 
NY23951278 Seathwaite Bridge, Borrowdale 
NY23531214 Seathwaite Cottage, Seathwaite L
NY23531215 Seathwaite Farm Cottage, Borrowdale L
NY23541216 Seathwaite Farm, Seathwaite L
NY22901018 Seathwaite Fell, Borrowdale 
NY23531217 Seathwaite, Borrowdale 
NY24571367 Seatoller Bridge, Seatoller 
NY24511378 Seatoller Farm, Seatoller 
NY230134 Seatoller Fell, Buttermere 
NY24491378 Seatoller, Borrowdale 
NY273114 Sergeant's Crag, Borrowdale 
NY249158 settlement, Borrowdale 
NY23451137 sheep wash, Borrowdale 
NY25121273 sheepfold, Borrowdale 
NY25111171 sheepfold, Borrowdale (2) 
NY27121327 sheepfold, Borrowdale (3) 
NY27401304 sheepfold, Borrowdale (4) 
NY23491103 sheepfold, Borrowdale (5) 
NY25600944 sheepfold, Borrowdale (7) 
NY26380982 sheepfold, Borrowdale (8) 
NY26411091 sheepfold, Borrowdale (9) 
NY25981651 sheepfold, Borrowdale (10) 
NY25181289 sheepfold, Borrowdale (11) 
NY22571389 sheepfold, Borrowdale (13) 
NY24791483 sheepfold, Borrowdale (14) 
NY24721569 sheepfold, Borrowdale (15) 
NY27191547 sheepfold, Borrowdale (16) 
NY23131109 sheepfold, Borrowdale (17) 
NY21930965 sheepfold, Borrowdale (18) 
NY26771178 sheepfold, Borrowdale (19) 
NY27211306 sheepfold, Borrowdale (20) 
NY23341223 sheepfold, Seathwaite 
NY23471189 sheepfold, Seathwaite (2) 
NY26551369 sheepfold, Stonethwaite 
NY27671635 sheepfold, Watendlath 
NY26752001 Shepherd's Close, Borrowdale 
NY26331854 Shepherds Crag, Borrowdale 
NY288153 Shivery Knott, Borrowdale 
NY28841556 Shivery Man, Borrowdale 
NY26981891 Skelly Close, Borrowdale 
NY27111852 Skelly Crag, Borrowdale 
NY27371300 Smithymire Island, Borrowdale 
NY2212 Sour Milk Gill (2) 
NY257102 South Crag, Borrowdale 
NY22940963 Sprinkling Crags, Borrowdale 
NY2209 Sprinkling Gill 
NY22800912 Sprinkling Tarn, Borrowdale 
NY26752188 Stable Hills Farm, Borrowdale 
NY26802170 Stable Hills, Borrowdale 
NY2609 Stake Beck (2) 
NY26530869 Stake Pass, Borrowdale 
NY25161520 Stang Dub, Borrowdale 
NY24530778 stepping stones, Borrowdale 
NY259148 stepping stones, Rosthwaite 
NY27571639 Steps End Farm, Watendlath L
NY26982089 stone wall, Borrowdale 
NY27431667 stone wall, Borrowdale (2) 
NY26611632 stone wall, Borrowdale (3) 
NY24911583 stone wall, Borrowdale (4) 
NY26711169 stone wall, Borrowdale (5) 
NY23331220 stone wall, Seathwaite 
NY24801338 stone wall, Seathwaite (2) 
NY26121429 stone wall, Stonethwaite 
NY2614 Stonethwaite Beck 
NY26301371 Stonethwaite Farm, Stonethwaite L
NY260105 Stonethwaite Fell, Borrowdale 
NY272134 Stonethwaite Fell, Borrowdale (2) 
NY25061371 Strands Bridge, Borrowdale 
NY26612209 Strandshag Bay, Derwent Water 
NY26821970 Strutta Wood, Borrowdale 
NY21910951 Sty Head, Nether Wasdale 
NY2210 Styhead Gill 
NY22170986 Styhead Tarn, Borrowdale 
NY26941993 summer house, Borrowdale 
NY25781484 summer house, Rosthwaite 
NY24701747 Swanesty How, Borrowdale 
NY25011788 Swanesty, Grange 
NY2611 Tansy Gill 
NY25841224 Tarn at Leaves, Borrowdale 
NY242096 tarn, Borrowdale 
NY22790948 tarn, Seathwaite Fell 
NY22821104 Taylor Gill, Borrowdale 
NY229109 Taylorgill Force, Borrowdale 
NY32411363 telephone box, Borrowdale (4) L
NY23551215 telephone box, Seathwaite L
NY24501376 telephone box, Seatoller L
NY26251376 telephone box, Stonethwaite L
NY24601339 Thorneythwaite, Borrowdale 
NY247121 Thornythwaite Fell, Borrowdale 
NY28811844 Threefooted Brandreth, Borrowdale 
NY27900810 Thunacar Knott, Lakes 
NY27161805 Thwaite Bank, Borrowdale 
NY27021804 Thwaite House, Borrowdale 
NY2717 Thwaitehouse Beck 
NY2415 Tongue Gill (2) 
NY243081 Tongue Head, Borrowdale 
NY25861458 Tram Dub, Rosthwaite 
NY2870918045 trig point, NY2870918045 
NY25981772 Troutdale Bungalow, Borrowdale 
NY26021770 Troutdale Cottages, Borrowdale 
NY262176 Troutdale fishery, Borrowdale 
NY26151738 Troutdale, Borrowdale 
NY29141217 Ullscarf, Borrowdale 
NY25701406 Vicarage, Borrowdale 
NY26841954 viewpoint, Ashness 
NY26981970 viewpoint, Ashness Bridge 
NY24961596 viewpoint, Castle Crag 
NY25631917 viewpoint, Hardindale Knott 
NY2720 viewpoint, Walla Crag 
NY25671768 Wall Gate, Grange gone
NY25601768 Wallgate Green, Grange 
NY249195 Walpole memorial, Borrowdale 
NY24931594 war memorial, Borrowdale (2) 
NY25251751 war memorial, Grange 
NY2211 Wastdale Forest, Borowdale perhaps
NY2717 Watendlath Beck 
NY28191486 Watendlath Fell, Borrowdale 
NY27531613 Watendlath Tarn, Watendlath 
NY27601633 Watendlath, Borrowdale 
NY27781930 waterfall, Barrow Beck 
NY280122 waterfall, Greenup Gill 
NY230122 waterfall, Seathwaite Slabs 
NY27542201 Watson's Park, Borrowdale 
NY23571216 weather station, Seathwaite 
NY24471380 weather station, Seatoller 
NY25341750 Wesleyan Church, Grange 
NY26851401 White Crag, Borrowdale 
NY25381619 Wilkinson's Dub, Borrowdale 
NY2714 Willygrass Gill 
NY214105 Windy Gap, Borrowdale 
NY2611 Woof Gill 
NY26271112 Woof Stones, Borrowdale 
NY26371516 Yew Crag, Borrowdale 
NY25671512 Yew Craggs, Rosthwaite 
NY24471377 Yew Tree Coffee House, Seatoller L
NY25731480 Yew Tree Cottage, Rosthwaite 
NY25701478 Yew Tree Farm, Rosthwaite L
NY26251372 Yew Tree Farmhouse, Stonethwaite L
NY22351434 Yewcrag Quarries, Borrowdale 
NY24761812 Yewdel Knott, Borrowdale 
NY25011837 Youdale Knot, Borrowdale 
NY25311785 Field Lane, Borrowdale 
NY21 Braithwaite and Buttermere Railway 
NY2716 pinfold, Watendlath once
NY2618 quarry, Borrowdale (5) 
NY25361678 Quayfoot Quarry, Borrowdale 
NY22481354 Honister Slate Quarry, Borrowdale 
NY2512 Combe Gill 
NY25331343 Old Mill Cottage, Borrowdale 
NY26331383 Stonethwaite Bridge, Stonethwaite 
NY26101821 Borrowdale Hotel, Borrowdale 
NY22341369 Honister Pass, Buttermere 
NY26511873 Lodore Falls, Borrowdale 
NY264188 Lodore Hotel, Borrowdale 
NY25881483 Scafell Hotel, Rosthwaite 
NY24931592 Castle Crag, Borrowdale 
NY26272113 Derwent Water 
NY25381704 water trough, Borrowdale 
NY246178 Copper Plate Mines, Borrowdale 
NY25251751 Holy Trinity, Grange 
NY25791399 St Andrew, Borrowdale 
NY23461090 Stockley Bridge, Borrowdale L
NY26241374 Stonethwaite, Borrowdale 
NY25951473 gate, Borrowdale 
NY27551635 barn, Watendlath (2) 
NY25691479 barn, Rosthwaite 
NY27561633 barn, Watendlath 
NY231127 black lead mine, Seathwaite 
NY2515 Derwent, River 
NY26041818 guide stone, Lodore 
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