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placename:- Kendal parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Westmorland
coordinates:- SD5292
10Km square:- SD59
10Km square:- SD58
parish code:- KNDL
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square SD5292

source:- Census 1971

population:- 21596 -- 1971

descriptive text:- Ford 1839 (3rd edn 1843)

Ecclesiastical parish.
Description of Scenery in the Lake District, by William Ford, published by Charles Thurnham, London, et al, 1839; published 1839-52.
... For a long period, indeed, the population must either have been extremely small, or their religious interests neglect-
Page xi:-
[neglect]ed; perhaps both might be the case. As proof of this, we need only point to the large and extensive parishes of Kendal, Greystoke, Crosthwaite, Brigham, and Saint Bees, and the numerous dependent chapelries which have been erected within them since the time of the Reformation. These chapels present no architectural features worthy of notice, and the mother churches are for the most part extremely plain, partaking of the progressive alteration of style from Norman to early English.
date:- 1839
period:- 19th century, early; 1830s

Abbot Hall Art Gallery, Kendal
Allhallows, Kendal
Anchorite Well, Kendal
Anchorite's House, Kendal
Ann's Place, Kendal
Aynam Lodge, Kendal
Bank House, Kendal
Battery Well, Kendal
Beast Bank Post Office, Kendal
Beck Mills Farm, Kendal
Beezon Lodge, Kendal
bell house, Kendal
Birds Park Farm, Kendal
Birds Park Reservoir, Kendal
Birk Hag, Kendal
Black Hall, Kendal
Blind Beck Bridge, Kendal
Blind Beck (3)
boundary stone, Heversham/Kendal
Bowling Fell, Kendal
Bowling Green Tavern, Kendal
bowling green, Kendal
bowling green, Kendal (2)
Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal
Bridge Hotel, Kendal
Bridge House, Kendal
bridge, Kendal
bridge, Kendal (2)
bridge, Kendal (3)
Butcher's Arms, Kendal
Canal Head, Kendal
Canal Iron Works, Kendal
canal milestone, Kendal 1
Castle Dairy, Kendal
Castle Green, Kendal
Castle Hill, Kendal
Castle Howe, Kendal
Castle Inn, Kendal
Castle Meadows, Kendal
Castle Mills, Kendal
Castlegreen Farm, Kendal
Change Bridge, Lancaster Canal
chapel, Kendal
Cock Beck
Collin Field, Kendal
Collinfield Farm, Kendal
Commercial, Kendal
Common Garden, Kendal
Common Garden, Kendal (2)
Cropper Memorial, Kendal
croquet lawn, Kendal
Cross Bank, Kendal
Crossbank, Kendal
Crown, Kendal
Dockray Footbridge, Kendal
Dockray Hall Mill, Kendal
Dockray Hall, Kendal
Dr Manning's Yard, Kendal
drain, Kendal
drinking fountain, Kendal
drinking fountain, Kendal (2)
drinking fountain, Kendal (3)
Duke of Cumberland, Kendal
Dun Horse, Kendal
engine shed, Kendal
engine shed, Kendal (2)
engine shed, Kendal (3)
engine shed, Kendal (4)
Far Cross Bank, Kendal
fingerpost, Kendal
flood notice, Kendal
Fowl Ing, Kendal
Garden House, Kendal
Gas House Bridge, Lancaster Canal
George and Dragon, Kendal
Gill Well, Kendal
Gilling Grove Foundry, Kendal
Gilling Grove, Kendal
Gilling Reane House, Kendal
Gilthwaiterigg, Skelsmergh
Globe Inn, Kendal
Goose Holme, Kendal
Gooseholme Bridge, Kendal
Grandy Nook, Kendal
Greyhound House, Kendal
Grosvenor House, Kendal
Hallgarth, Kendal
Helm End hill, Stainton
Helsington Laithes, Kendal
High Jenkincrag, Kendal
High Park, Kendal
High School House, Kendal
High Tenter Fell, Kendal
High Wells, Kendal
Highgate Bridge, Lancaster Canal
Highgate Hotel, Kendal
Hill Cote, Kendal
Holy Trinity and St George, Kendal
Holy Trinity, Kendal
hydrant plate, Kendal
hydrant plate, Kendal (2)
hydrant plate, Kendal (3)
hydrant plate, Kendal (4)
hydrant plate, Kendal (5)
hydrant plate, Kendal (6)
hydrant plate, Kendal (7)
icehouse, Natland
inn, Kendal
Iron Bridge, Kendal
Jenkincrag, Kendal
Jenning's Yard Bridge, Kendal
Kendal and Ulverstone Junction Railway
Kendal and Windermere Railway
Kendal Auction Mart, Kendal
Kendal Auction Mart, Kendal: Rough Fell Tup Sale 2007
Kendal Bowman, Kendal
Kendal Castle Bridge, Lancaster Canal
Kendal Castle, Kendal
Kendal Fell, Kendal
Kendal Fire Station, Kendal
Kendal goods branch, Kendal
Kendal Green, Kendal
Kendal Junction, Kendal
Kendal Library, Kendal
Kendal Museum, Kendal
Kendal Parish Hall, Kendal
Kendal Park, Kendal
Kendal Police Station, Kendal
Kendal Station, Kendal
Kendal: A F Kelly
Kendal: Able Memorials
Kendal: Allhallows Lane
Kendal: Appleby Road
Kendal: Appleby Road, 46 and 48
Kendal: Atkinson, Thomas
Kendal: Beast Banks
Kendal: Beast Banks, 33
Kendal: Bliss
Kendal: Bowling Fell
Kendal: Branthwaite Brow
Kendal: Breaks garage
Kendal: Brigsteer Road
Kendal: Brucie's
Kendal: Burneside Road
Kendal: Burneside Road, 109
Kendal: Burton Road
Kendal: Cannon's Coalyard
Kendal: Captain French Lane
Kendal: Carlsons
Kendal: Castle Street
Kendal: Castle Street, 65
Kendal: Chapel Lane
Kendal: Chapel Lane (2)
Kendal: Church Walk, 9 and 11
Kendal: Collin Croft
Kendal: Collin Croft, 12
Kendal: Collin Croft, 16
Kendal: Collinfield Lane
Kendal: Crock Lane
Kendal: Dobson's
Kendal: Doctors Gate
Kendal: Entry Lane
Kendal: Finkle Street
Kendal: Finkle Street, 7
Kendal: Finkle Street, 28
Kendal: Finkle Street, 32 to 36
Kendal: Fish Market
Kendal: Gawith, Hoggarth and Co
Kendal: Gillinggate
Kendal: Gillinggate, 56 to 62
Kendal: Greenside
Kendal: Halls Pet Store
Kendal: Henry Robert's
Kendal: Highgate
Kendal: Highgate, 7
Kendal: Highgate, 8 and 10
Kendal: Highgate, 21
Kendal: Highgate, 26 and 28
Kendal: Highgate, 30
Kendal: Highgate, 41
Kendal: Highgate, 60
Kendal: Highgate, 69
Kendal: Highgate, 71 to 75
Kendal: Highgate, 96
Kendal: Highgate, 99
Kendal: Highgate, 100
Kendal: Highgate, 117
Kendal: Highgate, 130
Kendal: Highgate, 134 and 136
Kendal: Highgate, 138
Kendal: Highgate, 147
Kendal: Highgate, 148
Kendal: Highgate, 150
Kendal: Highgate, 151
Kendal: Highgate, 163
Kendal: HSBC
Kendal: Indigo
Kendal: Kendal Fisheries
Kendal: Kendal Gas Company
Kendal: Kendal Goldsmiths
Kendal: Kent Street
Kendal: Kirkland
Kendal: Kirkland, 28
Kendal: Kirkland, 30
Kendal: Kirkland, 32
Kendal: Kirkland, 34
Kendal: Kirkland, 52 and 54
Kendal: Kirkland, 74
Kendal: Longpool
Kendal: Lound Road
Kendal: Low Fellside
Kendal: Lowther Street
Kendal: Lowther Street, 9
Kendal: Lowther Street, 15 to 17
Kendal: Lowther Street, 19
Kendal: Lowther Street, 20
Kendal: Lowther Street, 24 and 26
Kendal: Lowther Street, 28
Kendal: Lowther Street, 29
Kendal: Lowther Street, 30
Kendal: Lowther Street, 34
Kendal: Market Place
Kendal: Market Place, 2
Kendal: Market Place, 4
Kendal: Market Place, 10
Kendal: Market Place, 11
Kendal: Market Place, 18 and 20
Kendal: Market Place, 23 and 25
Kendal: Market Place, 27 and 29
Kendal: Market Place, 32
Kendal: Market Place, 34
Kendal: Market Place, 35 and 37
Kendal: Market Place, 36
Kendal: Market Place, 39 and 43
Kendal: Market Place, 40
Kendal: Market Place, 44
Kendal: Market Place, 47 and 49
Kendal: Market Place, 50
Kendal: Market Place, 54 and 56
Kendal: Martindale
Kendal: Mercers Lane
Kendal: Miller Close
Kendal: Milnthorpe Road
Kendal: Milnthorpe Road, 28 to 30
Kendal: Natland Road
Kendal: New Shambles
Kendal: Old Shambles
Kendal: Oxenholme Road
Kendal: Parkin and Jackson
Kendal: Peppercorn Lane
Kendal: Quiggin's
Kendal: Romney's
Kendal: Sedbergh Road
Kendal: Sepulchre Lane
Kendal: Shap Road
Kendal: Stramongate
Kendal: Stramongate, 2
Kendal: Stramongate, 7 to 11
Kendal: Stramongate, 25
Kendal: Stramongate, 29
Kendal: Stramongate, 31 to 37
Kendal: Stramongate, 36
Kendal: Stramongate, 42 to 46
Kendal: Stramongate, 48 to 50
Kendal: Stramongate, 53
Kendal: Stramongate, 54
Kendal: Stramongate, 56
Kendal: Stricklandgate
Kendal: Stricklandgate, 13 to 19
Kendal: Stricklandgate, 26
Kendal: Stricklandgate, 27
Kendal: Stricklandgate, 69
Kendal: Stricklandgate, 90
Kendal: Stricklandgate, 95
Kendal: Stricklandgate, 98
Kendal: Stricklandgate, 108
Kendal: Stricklandgate, 156 to 164
Kendal: Stricklandgate, 157
Kendal: Stricklandgate, 162
Kendal: Syke
Kendal: Tailor's Workshop
Kendal: Thorny Hills
Kendal: Thorny Hills, 3
Kendal: Thorny Hills, 4
Kendal: Thorny Hills, 5
Kendal: Thorny Hills, 6
Kendal: Thorny Hills, 7
Kendal: Thorny Hills, 8
Kendal: Thorny Hills, 9
Kendal: Thorny Hills, 10 and 11
Kendal: Titus Wilson
Kendal: Todds the Saddlers
Kendal: Underbarrow Road
Kendal: Watson and Woollard
Kendal: Webster's Marble Works
Kendal: Wildman Street
Kendal: Wilson's
Kendal: Windermere Road
Kendal: Wiper's
Kendal: Woodbridge and Mounsey
Kent, River
Kentrigg, Kendal
Kettle Well, Kendal
Kings Arms, Kendal
Kirkbarrow, Kendal
Kirkland Hall, Kendal
Kirkland, Kendal
Lancaster and Carlisle Railway
Lancaster Canal
Lane House, Kendal
Leaden Hall, Kendal
Littleholme, Kendal
Lound Foundry, Kendal
Lound Wharf, Lancaster Canal
Low Fellside, Kendal
Low Mills, Kendal
Low Sparrowmire Farm, Kendal
Low Tenter Fell, Kendal
Lynnside House, Kendal
market cross, Kendal
Market Hall, Kendal
Market House, Kendal
Masons Arms, Kendal
meeting house, Gillingate
meeting house, Kendal
memorial, Kendal
Middle Sparrowmire, Kendal
Miles Thompson, Kendal
milestone, Barrow Green
milestone, Kendal
milestone, Kendal (2)
milestone, Kendal (3)
milestone, Kendal (4)
milestone, Kendal (5)
milestone, Kendal (6)
milestone, Kendal (7)
milestone, Kendal (8)
milestone, Kendal (9)
Millcrest, Kendal
Miller Bridge, Kendal
Mint Bridge, Kendal
mint cake, Cumbria
Mint Cottage, Kendal
Mint House, Kendal
Mint, River
Mintsfeet, Kendal
Monument Place, Kendal
motte, Kendal
motte, Kendal (2)
Mount Pleasant, Kendal
Mount Pleasant, Kendal (2)
mountain rescue, Kendal
Murley Moss, Kendal
Museum of Lakeland Life, Kendal
Natland Beck
Nether Bridge Turn Pike, Kendal
Nether Bridge, Kendal
Nether Hall, Kendal
New Biggin, Kendal
New Inn, Kendal
Oddfellows Arms, Kendal
Old Brewery, Kendal
Old Post Office, Kendal
Olde Fleece Inn, Kendal
Oxenholme Farm, Kendal
Oxenholme Station, Kendal
Oxenholme, Kendal
Park House, Kendal
Parkside House, Kendal
pinfold, Kendal
post box, Kendal
post box, Kendal (2)
Potts Green, Kendal
Prince of Wales Feathers, Kendal
quaker burial ground, Kendal
Queen's Club, Kendal
railings, Kendal
railway bridge, Kendal
railway bridge, Kendal (2)
railway bridge, Kendal (3)
railway bridge, Kendal (4)
railway milepost, Kendal
Rainbow Hotel, Kendal
Riflemans Arms, Kendal
ring of bells, Kendal
Ring o' Bells, Kendal
road, Kendal to Cockermouth
road, Kendal to Hawkshead
road, Kendal to Kirkby Lonsdale
road, Kendal to Kirkby Stephen
road, Kendal to Newby Bridge
road, Kendal to Sedbergh
road, Kendal to Shap
road, Kendal to Tebay
road, Kendal to Ulverston
road, Kendal to Windermere
road, Lancaster to Kendal
road, Milnthorpe to Kendal
road, through Brigsteer
road, through Burneside
road, through Natland
road, through Patton
roman fort, New Hutton
Romney House, Kendal
Sand Aires House, Kendal
Sandes Hospital, Kendal
Sawyers Arms, Kendal
school, Kendal
school, Kendal (2)
school, Kendal (3)
school, Kendal (4)
Shakespeare Theatre, Kendal
Shakespeare, Kendal
Shakespeare's Oak, Kendal
Singleton Park, Kendal
Sleddale Hall, Kendal (2)
smoke house, Kendal
Spital, Kendal
St George, Kendal
St George's School, Kendal
St Thomas, Kendal
St Thomas's Sunday School, Kendal
Stainbank Green, Kendal
stop cock, Kendal
Stramongate Bridge, Kendal
Strickland House, Kendal
Stricklandgate House, Kendal
Stricklandgate Methodist Church, Kendal
summer house, Kendal (1)
summer house, Kendal (2)
summer house, Kendal (3)
summer house, Kendal (4)
summer house, Kendal (5)
summer house, Kendal (6)
summer house, Kendal (7)
summer house, Kendal (8)
summer house, Kendal (9)
summer house, Kendal (10)
summer house, Kendal (11)
summer house, Kendal (12)
summer house, Kendal (13)
summer house, Kendal (14)
sundial, Kendal
tenter ground, Kendal
toll gate, Kendal
Town Hall, Kendal
Town View, Kendal
trig point, SD5151492939
turnpike, Kendal to Dixies
Vicarage, Kendal
Victoria Bridge, Kendal
Victoria Tavern, Kendal
war memorial, Kendal
warehouse, Kendal
wash house, Kendal
Watchfield, Kendal
Wattsfield, Kendal
weir, Kendal
Wheatsheaf, Kendal
White Hart, Kendal
Woolpack Inn, Kendal
workhouse, Kendal
Working Mens Institute, Kendal
Zion United Reform Church, Kendal

Old Cumbria Gazetteer - JandMN: 2013

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