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placename:- Keswick parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Cumberland
coordinates:- NY2623
10Km square:- NY22
10Km square:- NY21
parish code:- KSWC
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square NY2623

source:- Census 1971

population:- 5183 -- 1971

descriptive text:- Ford 1839 (3rd edn 1843)

Crosthwaite ecclesiastical parish is now within Keswick civil parish.
Description of Scenery in the Lake District, by William Ford, published by Charles Thurnham, London, et al, 1839; published 1839-52.
... For a long period, indeed, the population must either have been extremely small, or their religious interests neglect-
Page xi:-
[neglect]ed; perhaps both might be the case. As proof of this, we need only point to the large and extensive parishes of Kendal, Greystoke, Crosthwaite, Brigham, and Saint Bees, and the numerous dependent chapelries which have been erected within them since the time of the Reformation. These chapels present no architectural features worthy of notice, and the mother churches are for the most part extremely plain, partaking of the progressive alteration of style from Norman to early English.

placename:- Crosthwaite parish
date:- 1839
period:- 19th century, early; 1830s

Acorn House, Keswick
Albion Hotel, Keswick
Art Gallery, Keswick
Assembly Rooms, Keswick
Bank Tavern, Keswick
Bankes Memorial, Keswick
Bassenthwaite Lake: regatta 1780
Belle Vue, Keswick
Blencathra Hotel, Keswick
boat house, Keswick
boat house, Keswick (2)
boat house, Keswick (3)
boat house, Keswick (4)
boat house, Keswick (5)
Bond Museum, Keswick
boundary stone, Keswick
bridge, Keswick (2)
Briery Bobbin Mill Siding, Keswick
Briery Bobbin Mill, Keswick
Briery, Keswick
Brigham Forge Cottages, Keswick
Brigham Forge, Keswick
Brigham School, Keswick
Brigham, Keswick
Brockle Beck
Brow Top, Keswick
building, Keswick
Calvert's Bridge, Keswick
Cars of the Stars, Keswick
Castle Head Quarry, Keswick
Castle Head, Keswick
Castlehead Wood, Keswick
Castlerigg Brow, Keswick
Castlerigg House, Keswick
Castlerigg Manor Lodge, Keswick
Castlerigg Manor, Keswick
Cockermouth, Keswick and Penrith Railway
Cockshot Wood, Keswick
County Hotel, Keswick
Crossings Bridge, Great Crosthwaite
Crosthwaite Parish Room, Keswick
Crosthwaite's Museum, Keswick
Crow Park, Keswick
Cumberland Pencil Museum, Keswick
Denton's Well, Keswick
Derwent Bridge, Keswick
Derwent Isle House, Keswick
Derwent Isle, Derwent Water
Derwent Lake Hotel, Keswick
Derwent Water
Derwent Water: regatta 1781
Derwent Water: regatta 1782
Derwent Water: regatta 1784
Derwent Water: regatta 1786
Derwentwater Castle, Keswick
Derwentwater Hotel, Portinscale
Derwentwater Lake Hotel, Keswick
Dog and Gun, Keswick
Dovecote, Keswick
drain, Keswick
drain, Keswick (2)
drain, Keswick (3)
drain, Keswick (4)
drinking fountain, Keswick
engine shed, Keswick
Fisher's Temperance Hotel, Keswick
Fitz Parks, Keswick
floating island, Derwent Water
footbridge, Keswick
Forge Bridge, Keswick
Four in Hand, Keswick
Frances Rolleston Fountain, Keswick
Friar's Crag, Keswick
George Hotel, Keswick
Great Crosthwaite, Keswick
Greta Bridge pencil works, Keswick
Greta Bridge, Keswick
Greta Bridge, Keswick (2)
Greta Hall, Keswick
Greta Pencil Works, Keswick
Greta Side pencil works, Keswick
Greta, River
Grosvenor Boarding House, Keswick
Heads House, Keswick
High Hill, Keswick
house, Brigham
Hutton's Museum, Keswick
hydrant plate, Keswick
hydrant plate, Keswick Station
hydrant plate, Keswick (2)
hydrant plate, Keswick (3)
hydrant plate, Keswick (4)
hydrant plate, Keswick (5)
Isthmus Bay, Derwent Water
Isthmus Wood, Keswick
Isthmus, Keswick
Ivy Cottage, Keswick
Keswick Bowling Club, Keswick
Keswick Bridge, Keswick
Keswick Cycle Depot and Motor Garage, Keswick
Keswick Fire Station, Keswick
Keswick Hotel, Keswick
Keswick Industrial Arts, Keswick
Keswick Library, Keswick
Keswick Lodge, Keswick
Keswick Mining Museum, Keswick
Keswick Museum, Keswick
Keswick Police Station, Keswick
Keswick School, Great Crosthwaite
Keswick Smelting House, Brigham
Keswick Station, Keswick
Keswick Youth Hostel, Keswick
Keswick: A Furnace
Keswick: Alhambra Cinema
Keswick: Barclays Bank
Keswick: Blencathra Stone Craft
Keswick: Blencathra Street
Keswick: Borrowdale Road, 10 to 15
Keswick: Derwent Street
Keswick: Derwent Street, 3
Keswick: Derwent Street, 4 and 6
Keswick: Derwentwater Record
Keswick: Eskin Street, 2
Keswick: Eskin Street, 4 and 6
Keswick: Eskin Street, 8 and 10
Keswick: Gallery 26 at 27
Keswick: George Fisher
Keswick: High Hill
Keswick: High Hill, 2 to 6
Keswick: High Hill, 18
Keswick: J Johnston
Keswick: Jonathan Otley's
Keswick: Keswick Bikes
Keswick: Lake Road
Keswick: Lakeland Photo Gallery
Keswick: Lakeland Sandwich Shop
Keswick: Lakeland Slate Co
Keswick: Luchini's
Keswick: Main Street
Keswick: Main Street, 21 to 25
Keswick: Main Street, 38
Keswick: Main Street, 81 to 83
Keswick: Main Street, 85 to 91
Keswick: Main Street, 115 to 121
Keswick: Main Street, 123 and 125
Keswick: Market Place
Keswick: Maysons
Keswick: Mayson's Auctioneering
Keswick: Miss Hawell
Keswick: Mrs Mayo
Keswick: Open All Hours
Keswick: Penrith Road
Keswick: Penrith Road, 3
Keswick: Price Walker
Keswick: Shepherd Jewellery
Keswick: St John's Street
Keswick: St John's Street, 17 to 23
Keswick: St John's Street, 25
Keswick: St John's Street, 36 to 50
Keswick: Station Road
Keswick: Station Street
Keswick: Sweet Temptation
Keswick: W H Smiths
Keswick: Wild Strawberry
Keswick: Ye Olde Friars
King's Arms, Keswick
Lake Road Inn, Keswick
landing stage, Keswick
Long Bridge, Keswick
Low Howray, Keswick
meeting house, Keswick
meeting house, Keswick (2)
Methodist Chapel, Keswick
Mikado Cafe, Keswick
milestone, Keswick
Monk Hall, Keswick
Monk's Hall, Keswick
Moot Hall, Keswick
Oak Cottage, Keswick
Oddfellows Arms, Keswick
Old Brewery, Keswick
Olde Golden Lion Inn, Keswick
Otley's Well, Keswick
Pack Horse Inn, Keswick
Plosh, Keswick
post box, Great Crosthwaite
post box, Keswick
Priorholm Hotel, Keswick
Quaker Cottage, Keswick
Queen's Hotel, Keswick
railway bridge, Briery
railway bridge, Briery (2)
railway bridge, Brundholme
railway bridge, Keswick
railway bridge, Keswick (2)
railway bridge, Keswick (3)
railway bridge, Keswick (4)
railway milepost, Keswick
railway tunnel, Keswick
Rawnsley Memorial, Keswick
ring of bells, Great Crosthwaite
road, Ambleside to Keswick
road, Borrowdale and Buttermere
road, Derwent Water
road, Keswick to Carlisle
road, Keswick to Cockermouth
road, Keswick to Grange
road, Keswick to Wigton
road, Penrith to Keswick
roadsign, Keswick
roman fort, Keswick
Royal Oak, Keswick
Ruskin Memorial, Keswick
seat, Great Crosthwaite
seat, Keswick
Shelley Cottage, Keswick
Shorley Croft, Keswick
Skiddaw Cottage, Keswick
Skiddaw Temperance Hotel, Keswick
Skinburness to Keswick Canal
smithy, Great Crosthwaite
Southey Works, Keswick
St Herbert Social Centre, Keswick
St John, Keswick
St John's School, Keswick
St John's Street Hall, Keswick
St Kentigern, Great Crosthwaite
Station Hotel, Keswick
station, Castle Head
station, Cockshot Wood
station, Crosthwaite Vicarage
station, Crow Park
station, Derwent Water by moonlight
station, Friar's Crag
station, Low Howray
stone circle, Castle Head
Strandshag Bay, Keswick
sundial, Great Crosthwaite
sundial, Great Crosthwaite (2)
sundial, Keswick
Swang Bridge, Keswick
Temperance Hotel, Keswick
Toll Bar Cottage, Keswick
Toll Bar Cottage, Keswick (2)
toll gate, Keswick
topograph, Great Crosthwaite
Town Cass, Keswick
trig point, NY2677423173
Tripetholm, Derwent Water
Upper Fitz Park pencil works, Keswick
Vicarage, Great Crosthwaite
war memorial, Keswick
Water Edge, Keswick
water trough, Keswick
water trough, Keswick (2)
weather station, Great Crosthwaite
Windebrowe, Keswick
Windermere and Keswick Railway
workhouse, Keswick
Younghusband's Hotel, Keswick

Old Cumbria Gazetteer - JandMN: 2013

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