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placename:- Nicholforest parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Cumberland
coordinates:- NY4577
10Km square:- NY48
10Km square:- NY47
parish code:- NCHL
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square NY4577

source:- Census 1971

population:- 318 -- 1971

hearsay Part of the West March, one of the three border march areas on the english side.

Back Burn
Baxton Gill, Nicholforest
Beyond the Moss, Nicholforest
Beyond the Wood, Nicholforest
Birchtimber Hill, Nicholforest
Border Union Railway
boundary sign, Kershopefoot
boundary sign, Nicholforest
Bridge Inn, Nicholforest
bridge, Holywell
bridge, Kershopefoot
bridge, Nicholforest
Carwinley Burn
Catlowdy, Nicholforest
Chapel Hill, Nicholforest
chapel, Nicholforest
Craigburn, Nicholforest
Croftangry Tree, Catlowdy
Croftangry, Catlowdy
Crook, Nicholforest
Dikehead, Nicholforest
Doctor's Well, Nicholforest
Drakemire, Nicholforest
fingerpost, Nicholforest
Forster Monument, Nicholforest
Francis Ford, Nicholforest
Glendinningrigg, Nicholforest
Green Rigg, Nicholforest
Green, Nicholforest
Haithwaite Cottage, Nicholforest
Haithwaite, Nicholforest
Hazel Cottage, Nicholforest
Hilbre, Nicholforest
Hilltop, Nicholforest
Hollands, Nicholforest
Holy Well, Nicholforest
Homestead Moat, Kershopefoot
Huddshole Ford, Nicholforest
Huntsman Inn, Nicholforest
Jerrys Knowe, Catlowdy
Jerry's Well, Catlowdy
Kershope Burn
Kershope Forest, Bewcastle
Kershope House, Nicholforest
Kershopefoot Bridge, Kershopefoot
Kershopefoot Station, Nicholforest
Kershopefoot, Nicholforest
Kingfield House, Nicholforest
Kingfield, Nicholforest
Lads Lodge, Nicholforest
Leabrae Well, Nicholforest
Leagair Quarry, Nicholforest
Liddel Lodge, Nicholforest
Liddel Park, Nicholforest
Liddel Tower, Nicholforest
Liddel Water
Liddel, Nicholforest
lime depot, Nicholforest
Longcleughside, Nicholforest
Meadowspots Well, Nicholforest
Meggie's Ford, Nicholforest
milestone, Nicholforest
milestone, Nicholforest (2)
milestone, Nicholforest (4)
milestone, Nicholforest (5)
Nichol Forest, Nicholforest
Nicholforest Village Hall, Nicholforest
Nook Pasture Station, Nicholforest
Nook, Nicholforest
Nookfoot, Nicholforest
NY47: earthquake 19800124 2349
NY47: earthquake 19810428 2135
NY47: earthquake 19810805 1906
Old Hall, Nicholforest
Park House, Nicholforest
Pasture Well, Nicholforest
Penton Bridge, Nicholforest
Penton House, Nicholforest
Penton Station, Nicholforest
Peppermoss, Nicholforest
Pike, Nicholforest
Pinfold Knowe, Nicholforest
Piperdeanrigg, Nicholforest
Priest's Well, Catlowdy
Rae Burn
Rae Stocks, Nicholforest
Raeburn, Nicholforest
railway bridge, Kershopefoot
railway bridge, Nicholforest
railway bridge, Nicholforest (2)
railway bridge, Nicholforest (3)
Railway Cottages, Nicholforest
Redgatehead, Nicholforest
Riggcroft, Nicholforest
Road End Villa, Moat Common
road, Carlisle to Jedburgh
road, Greenhead to Langholm
Roan, Catlowdy
school, Nicholforest (2)
school, Nicholforest (3)
Scugg, Nicholforest
Scuggate, Nicholforest
St Nicholas, Nicholforest
Stonegarthside Hall, Nicholforest
Stonegarthside, Nicholforest
Stonehouse Tower, Nicholforest
Stonygate, Nicholforest
Sunnythwaite, Nicholforest
Thornyknowe, Nicholforest
trig point, NY4925481497
war memorial, Nicholforest
Warwicksland, Nicholforest
Watleyhirst, Nicholforest
weather station, Penton
Well Thorn, Nicholforest
Westmains Farm, Nicholforest
Whiteknowe, Nicholforest

Old Cumbria Gazetteer - JandMN: 2013

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