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Underskiddaw parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY2627
10Km square:-   NY23
10Km square:-   NY33
10Km square:-   NY22
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 351 (1971)

NY26692566 Applethwaite Country House, Applethwaite 
NY26382563 Applethwaite Farm, Applethwaite L
NY2625 Applethwaite Gill 
NY270265 Applethwaite Gill Trial, Underskiddaw 
NY26402558 Applethwaite, Underskiddaw 
NY26232563 Applethwaite: Raven Lane 
NY24202607 Armatrigg Hill, Underskiddaw 
NY23012557 Back Lane, Underskiddaw 
NY26623073 Bakestall, Bassenthwaite 
NY26902520 barn, Ormathwaite 
NY26492572 Baxters, Applethwaite 
NY25632632 Benny Crag, Millbeck 
NY26992521 Birkett Wood Farm, Ormathwaite 
NY27822778 Black Crag, Underskiddaw 
NY271315 Black Nettle Hause, Underskiddaw 
NY26622973 Blake Hill, Underskiddaw 
NY23482820 boundary stone, Bassenthwaite/Underskiddaw 
NY26442531 bridge, Applethwaite 
NY29892475 bridge, Brundholme 
NY25602613 bridge, Millbeck 
NY23122708 Bridges Hole, Bassenthwaite Lake 
NY23312713 Bridges, Underskiddaw 
NY28572416 Briery, Keswick 
NY259280 Broad End, Underskiddaw 
NY2829 Broad Gill 
NY24122706 Brock Crag, Underskiddaw 
NY296275 Brundholme Mine, Underskiddaw 
NY28962473 Brundholme Wood, Underskiddaw 
NY29792497 Brundholme, Underskiddaw 
NY28902842 Burnt Horse, Underskiddaw 
NY2625 Burr Gill 
NY27833040 Candleseaves Bog, Underskiddaw 
NY25622611 Canons Cottage, Millbeck L
NY25602685 Carl Side Trial, Underskiddaw 
NY25502700 Carl Side, Underskiddaw 
NY25582822 Carlside Tarn, Underskiddaw 
NY25482810 Carlside, Underskiddaw 
NY258270 Carsleddam, Underskiddaw 
NY25332584 Crookelty Bridge, Underskiddaw 
NY25612616 dam, Millbeck 
NY24532642 Dancing Gate, Underskiddaw 
NY2830 Dead Beck 
NY23162738 Derwent Foot, Underskiddaw 
NY24142737 Dodd Wood, Underskiddaw 
NY24422735 Dodd, Underskiddaw 
NY25512666 Doups, Underskiddaw 
NY26012582 drain, Applethwaite 
NY2328 Dry Scale Gill 
NY27202483 Ewe How, Underskiddaw 
NY2729 Far Grain 
NY25822600 Fellside, Millbeck 
NY27992731 Flag Pots, Underskiddaw 
NY30103081 footbridge, Caldbeck 
NY28273037 footbridge, Underskiddaw 
NY27323125 footbridge, Underskiddaw (2) 
NY28272416 Forge Brow, Underskiddaw 
NY2427 Gable Gill 
NY2624 Gale Gill 
NY27332485 gate, Underskiddaw 
NY26592580 Ghyll, Applethwaite 
NY2926 Glenderaterra Beck 
NY29073119 Great Calva, Underskiddaw 
NY27252406 Greta Bank Farm, Underskiddaw 
NY27542397 Greta Bank, Underskiddaw 
NY264274 Grey Crags, Underskiddaw 
NY27722989 Hare Crag, Underskiddaw 
NY28252569 Hawell memorial, Underskiddaw 
NY22962793 Hexam Gill 
NY24342598 High Stock Bridge, Underskiddaw 
NY27802583 High, Underskiddaw gone
NY25112709 Hounslow Bank, Underskiddaw 
NY2726 How Gill (5) 
NY27162686 Howgill Tongue, Underskiddaw 
NY26692565 hydrant plate, Applethwaite 
NY2226 islands, Bassenthwaite Lake 
NY24302681 Ivy Crag, Underskiddaw 
NY27622816 Jackson's Fold, Underskiddaw 
NY27562744 Jenkin Hill, Underskiddaw 
NY2727 Kilbain Gill 
NY23452744 Kiln How, Little Crosthwaite 
NY2524 Lair Beck 
NY27392445 Latrigg Woods, Underskiddaw 
NY27842465 Latrigg, Underskiddaw 
NY28083146 Little Calva, Ireby 
NY23362783 Little Crosthwaite Cottages, Underskiddaw L
NY23462763 Little Crosthwaite, Underskiddaw 
NY26672779 Little Man, Underskiddaw 
NY273319 Little Nettle Hause, Underskiddaw 
NY24992606 lodge, Oakfield House 
NY24002668 Long Close Farm, Underskiddaw 
NY24842739 Long Doors, Underskiddaw 
NY24412837 Long Side, Underskiddaw 
NY24302802 Longside Wood, Underskiddaw 
NY29112668 Lonscale Crags, Underskiddaw 
NY28542716 Lonscale Fell, Underskiddaw 
NY29132546 Lonscale, Underskiddaw 
NY25822590 Low Grove, Underskiddaw L out of sight
NY23622682 Low Stock Bridge, Underskiddaw 
NY24882631 Lyzzick Hall, Underskiddaw 
NY25092692 Lyzzick Wood, Underskiddaw 
NY27642510 Mallen Dodd, Underskiddaw 
NY24082666 milestone, Underskiddaw 
NY25402577 milestone, Underskiddaw (2) 
NY26322460 milestone, Underskiddaw (3) gone?
NY2525 Mill Beck (5) 
NY25482606 mill, Millbeck 
NY25662621 mill, Millbeck (2) gone
NY26922518 mill, Ormathwaite 
NY25582610 Millbeck Hall, Millbeck L
NY25702612 Millbeck Place, Millbeck L
NY25682623 Millbeck Towers Cottages, Millbeck L out of sight
NY25652616 Millbeck Towers, Millbeck L
NY25612612 Millbeck, Underskiddaw 
NY29632717 mine, Underskiddaw 
NY23352782 Mire House Cottage, Little Crosthwaite 
NY27942396 Myrtle Grove, Underskiddaw 
NY26412561 Old Post Office, Applethwaite L
NY27672403 Old Windebrowe, Underskiddaw L
NY25632613 Orchard Cottage, Millbeck L
NY26822531 Ormathwaite Hall, Ormathwaite L
NY26892522 Ormathwaite, Underskiddaw 
NY2728 Pike Sike 
NY25622615 pinfold, Millbeck gone
NY25612610 post box, Millbeck 
NY29182759 quarry, Lonscale Fell 
NY28872444 railway bridge, Brundholme 
NY29302472 railway bridge, Brundholme (2) 
NY29872473 railway bridge, Brundholme (3) 
NY2824 Rams Beck 
NY25182626 Red House, Underskiddaw 
NY29963096 Red Scar, Underskiddaw 
NY22992683 Redness Point, Underskiddaw 
NY23152676 Redness, Underskiddaw 
NY26592567 Rose Cottage, Applethwaite 
NY27232511 Round How, Underskiddaw 
NY27612862 Sale How, Underskiddaw 
NY2928 Salehow Beck 
NY24702640 Scalebeck Cottage, Underskiddaw 
NY2426 Scalebeck Gill 
NY26462565 Scaur Cottage, Applethwaite L
NY26472567 Scaur House, Applethwaite L
NY30083081 sheepfold, Underskiddaw 
NY27502950 Skiddaw Forest, Underskiddaw 
NY28712910 Skiddaw House, Underskiddaw 
NY26032909 Skiddaw Man, Skiddaw 
NY2328 Skill Beck 
NY2828 Slat Gill 
NY23462814 South Lodge, Mirehouse 
NY26992434 Spoonygreen Lane, Underskiddaw 
NY29612880 Stake, Underskiddaw 
NY2728 Stile Gill 
NY26432562 stocks, Applethwaite 
NY26422539 Stoneacre Lane, Underskiddaw 
NY26882565 summer house, Underscar 
NY26972556 summer house, Underscar (2) 
NY27512452 Terrace Walk, Latrigg 
NY27002438 Thorny Plats, Underskiddaw 
NY23792711 Throstle Shaw, Underskiddaw 
NY26142477 Thrushwood, Underskiddaw 
NY2730 Tod Gill (2) 
NY24392884 Ullock Pike, Bassenthwaite 
NY27022562 Underscar, Underskiddaw L
NY2627 Underskiddaw 
NY26042582 Underskiddaw Church Room, Underskiddaw 
NY25612614 Underskiddaw Village Hall, Millbeck L
NY25982583 viewpoint, Applethwaite 
NY278246 viewpoint, Latrigg 
NY2426 viewpoint, Long Close 
NY2824 viewpoint, River Greta 
NY26032907 viewpoint, Skiddaw 
NY23472788 Watch Crag, Underskiddaw 
NY2425 Wath Beck (2) 
NY28412440 Weightman's Wood, Underskiddaw 
NY25292583 Westward, Underskiddaw once
NY27412445 Whinny Brow, Underskiddaw 
NY2825 Whit Beck (2) 
NY271323 White Hause, Underskiddaw 
NY253272 White Stones, Underskiddaw 
NY2931 Wiley Gill 
NY27292422 Windy Brow, Underskiddaw 
NY26502565 Yew Tree Cottage, Applethwaite L
NY25572614 Millbeck Farm, Millbeck 
NY26832528 Ormathwaite Hall Farm, Ormathwaite L
NY2629 Adam's Observatory, Skiddaw gone
NY264255 building, Applethwaite 
 Cockermouth, Keswick and Penrith Railway 
NY2528 beacon, Skiddaw 
NY21432975 Bassenthwaite Lake 
NY2924 Greta, River 
NY3851 Caldew, River 
NY23422800 milestone, Underskiddaw (4) 
NY26032909 Skiddaw, Underskiddaw 
NY2724 viewpoint, Latrigg side 
 Skiddaw: bonfire 1815 
NY28882729 Littledale Pike, Underskiddaw 
NY2515 Derwent, River 
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