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Kentmere parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Westmorland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY4505
10Km square:-   NY41
10Km square:-   NY40
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1675
placename:-  Kentmere
source data:-   Records, hearth tax survey returns, Westmorland, 1674/75.

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1670
placename:-  Kentmyre
source data:-   Records, hearth tax returns, exchequer duplicates, Westmorland, 1670.

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 111 (1971)

place:-   Kentmere Constablewick

NY45230448 Badger Rock, Kentmere 
NY45610828 Band Knotts, Kentmere 
NY45210257 Bank House, Kentmere 
NY46770488 barn, Kentmere 
NY4602 Black Beck (18) 
NY45630951 Black John Hole, Kentmere 
NY441100 Bleathwaite Crag, Kentmere 
NY4623309562 boundary stone, Longsleddale/Kentmere/etc 
NY46710736 Bowness Rakes, Kentmere 
NY45840399 Bridge End House, Kentmere 
NY44900663 bridge, Kentmere 
NY45910630 bridge, Kentmere (2) 
NY46110407 Bridgestone, Kentmere 
NY46650528 Brockstones, Kentmere L
NY45740431 Brow Top Farm, Kentmere L
NY462081 Brown Howe, Longsleddale 
NY4406 Bryant's Gill 
NY43940485 Buck Crag, Kentmere 
NY45800514 Calfhowe Crag, Kentmere 
NY45990313 Calflay Wood, Kentmere 
NY446050 Castle Crag, Kentmere 
NY44430701 Cauldron Quarry, Kentmere 
NY46230344 Cornclose Lane, Kentmere 
NY46160278 Cowrake Wood, Kentmere 
NY4504 Cowsty Beck 
NY45220494 Cowsty Knotts, Kentmere 
NY44550601 Crag Quarter, Kentmere 
NY45420442 Croft Head, Kentmere 
NY44800728 dam, Kentmere gone
NY45560872 Drygrove Gill, Kentmere 
NY446047 Ewe Crags, Kentmere 
NY45560222 fence, Kentmere 
NY45530246 fence, Kentmere (2) 
NY45620702 footbridge, Kentmere 
NY46030463 footbridge, Kentmere (2) 
NY47980320 footbridge, Skeggleswater Dike 
NY46040440 Force Jumb, Kentmere 
NY4505 Foulhouse, Kentmere once?
NY43520852 Froswick, Kentmere 
NY43400433 Garburn Nook, Kentmere 
NY437043 Garburn Pass, Kentmere 
NY43750466 Garburn, Kentmere 
NY46570502 gate, Kentmere 
NY46510423 gate, Kentmere (2) 
NY437097 Gavel Crag, Kentmere 
NY46020395 Grandy Barn, Kentmere 
NY454044 Green Head, Kentmere 
NY47210357 Green Quarter Fell, Kentmere 
NY46170407 Green Quarter, Kentmere 
NY44990901 Greengrove Folds, Kentmere 
NY45510438 Grove, Kentmere 
NY45490731 guide stone, Kentmere 
NY45280960 guide stone, Nan Bield Pass 
NY442097 Hall Cove, Kentmere 
NY4503 Hall Gill 
NY43490436 Hall Moss, Kentmere 
NY45160361 Hall Wood, Kentmere 
NY46510539 Hallow Bank, Kentmere 
NY45940711 Hallowbank Quarter, Kentmere 
NY45720604 Hartrigg, Kentmere 
NY45640428 Head, Kentmere 
NY45960410 Hellwell Lane, Kentmere 
NY46120412 High Bridge House, Kentmere 
NY46280470 High Lane, Kentmere 
NY45590429 Hodge Bow, Kentmere 
NY45450414 Hodgson Brow, Kentmere 
NY45560424 Hollin Lane, Kentmere 
NY45820383 Hollinrigg Lane, Kentmere 
NY46910398 Hollow Moor, Kentmere 
NY43650774 Ill Bell, Kentmere 
NY44930742 Jumb Quarry, Kentmere 
NY44600891 Kentmere Common, Kentmere 
NY45420241 Kentmere Hall Plantation, Kentmere 
NY45120423 Kentmere Hall, Kentmere L
NY45590413 Kentmere Institute, Kentmere 
NY43960368 Kentmere Park, Kentmere 
NY46530779 Kentmere Pike, Kentmere 
NY45420164 Kentmere Pottery, Kentmere 
NY444080 Kentmere Reservoir, Kentmere 
NY45510291 Kentmere Tarn 
NY4603 Kill Gill 
NY44380708 Lambfold Quarry, Kentmere 
NY47110578 Ling Grassing, Kentmere 
NY445092 Lingmell End, Kentmere 
NY450091 Lingmell Gill (2) 
NY44170360 Long Crag, Kentmere 
NY45900310 Long Houses, Kentmere 
NY45900305 Longhouses Farm, Kentmere L
NY45790402 Low Bridge Inn, Kentmere 
NY45800399 Low Bridge, Kentmere 
NY46030399 Low Fold, Kentmere 
NY45850410 Low Holme, Kentmere 
NY46130473 Low Lane, Kentmere 
NY45970387 Lowfield Lane, Kentmere 
NY45320364 Lunsty Howe, Kentmere 
NY44751012 Mardale Ill Bell, Kentmere 
NY44720331 Mould Rigg, Kentmere 
NY452096 Nan Bield Pass, Shap Rural 
NY45420445 Nook House, Kentmere 
NY45300441 Nook, Kentmere 
NY4602 Nuttera Beck 
NY436080 Over Cove, Kentmere 
NY46380575 Overend, Kentmere L
NY4402 Park Beck 
NY45090379 Parkbrow Quarry, Kentmere 
NY45640422 Parsonage, Kentmere 
NY47590497 pass, Kentmere 
NY45300506 Pengennett, Kentmere 
NY446049 Piked Howes, Kentmere 
NY45800408 pinfold, Kentmere 
NY46460541 Pouthowe, Kentmere 
NY45720803 quarry, Kentmere 
NY43440381 quarry, Kentmere (2) 
NY44080691 quarry, Kentmere (3) 
NY44250700 quarry, Kentmere (4) 
NY45850776 quarry, Kentmere (5) 
NY438090 rain gauge, Kentmere 
NY44120731 Rainsborrow Cove, Kentmere 
NY44310680 Rainsborrow Crag, Kentmere 
NY46720338 Rasp Howe, Kentmere 
NY45840431 Rawe Cottage, Kentmere 
NY44570725 Reservoir Cottage, Kentmere 
NY43350294 Rock Marked X, Windermere 
NY45910448 Rookhowe Farm, Kentmere L
NY444054 Saletarn Knotts, Kentmere 
NY43640397 Sallows, Kentmere 
NY45420166 Sawmill Cottage, Kentmere 
NY454056 Scale Knotts, Kentmere 
NY45920543 Scales, Kentmere L
NY45570409 School Cottage, Kentmere 
NY45620407 school, Kentmere gone
NY44640365 Scour Rigg, Kentmere 
NY45610408 seat, Kentmere 
NY45170688 settlement, Kentmere 
NY46070251 settlement, Kentmere (2) 
NY4703 Shaw Beck 
NY47080078 shed, Kentmere 
NY45380633 sheep feeder, Kentmere 
NY45620714 sheepfold, Kentmere 
NY43780533 sheepfold, Kentmere (2) 
NY44620611 sheepfold, Kentmere (3) 
NY44640654 sheepfold, Kentmere (4) 
NY46600158 sheepfold, Kentmere (5) 
NY44010897 sheepfold, Kentmere Common 
NY45230959 shelter, Nan Bield Pass 
NY47260621 Shipman Knotts, Longsleddale 
NY44230621 Skeel Crags, Kentmere 
NY4406 Skeel Gill 
NY479032 Skeggleswater Dike 
NY45180810 Smallthwaite Knott, Kentmere 
NY4505 Soul, Kentmere once?
NY43930703 Star Crag, Kentmere 
NY44360728 Steel Rigg, Kentmere 
NY44480733 Steelrigg Quarry, Kentmere 
NY46770486 Stile End, Kentmere 
NY43600602 stone wall, Kentmere 
NY44360808 stone wall, Kentmere (2) 
NY45400634 stone wall, Kentmere (3) 
NY44110433 Stunfell Howe, Kentmere 
NY43151000 Thornthwaite Beacon, Kentmere 
NY43030989 Thornthwaite Crag, Kentmere 
NY45050839 Toadhowe Well, Kentmere 
NY45230686 Tongue House, Kentmere 
NY45090724 Tongue Quarry, Kentmere 
NY45310709 Tongue Scar, Kentmere 
NY4655307790 trig point, NY4655307790 
NY45450811 Ull Stone, Kentmere 
NY4507 Ullstone Gill 
NY44020889 Upper Kentmere Falls, Kentmere 
NY43480322 Wardless, Kentmere 
NY45630196 Waterfoot Bridge, Kentmere 
NY44570389 West Wreay Quarter, Kentmere 
NY44780758 Wether Fold, Kentmere 
NY44960302 Whiteside End, Kentmere 
NY465061 Withered Howe, Kentmere 
NY46070368 Wood Lane, Kentmere 
NY4505 Wrack Knowles, Kentmere once?
NY47320531 Wray Crag, Kentmere 
NY43750671 Yoke, Windermere 
NY45810402 Low Bridge Mill, Kentmere 
NY4501 fulling mill, Kentmere 
NY479034 Skeggles Water 
NY4506 Kent, River 
NY45630411 St Cuthbert, Kentmere L
NY47180321 barn, Kentmere (2) 
NY45040432 limekiln, Kentmere L
NY45760407 Kentmere 
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