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Over Staveley parish
Over Staveley
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Westmorland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY4700
10Km square:-   NY40
10Km square:-   SD49
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

BTZ45.jpg  A heron on a little marshy area,
(taken 1.2.2011)  

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1675
placename:-  Upper Staveley
source data:-   Records, hearth tax survey returns, Westmorland, 1674/75.
"Upper Staveley"

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1670
placename:-  Upperstaveley
source data:-   Records, hearth tax returns, exchequer duplicates, Westmorland, 1670.

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 558 (1971)

place:-   Over Staveley Constablewick

SD46649984 Allotment Garden, Over Staveley 
SD47039873 Barley Bridge Fish Pass, Over Staveley 
SD47029873 Barley Bridge, Over Staveley L
SD48459906 Birk Field, Over Staveley 
NY47120258 Birk Rigg, Over Staveley 
SD47449879 Birkhag Wood, Over Staveley 
NY4900 Black Beck (8) 
NY4602 Black Beck (18) 
SD46759831 boundary stone, Staveley 
SD47159804 bowling green, Staveley gone?
SD47129872 Bridge House, Staveley 
SD46999835 bridge, Staveley 
NY47020097 bridge, Staveley (2) 
SD48229821 Brigham Orchard, Over Stavelely 
NY47810022 Brunt Knott Farm, Over Staveley 
NY4800 Brunt Knott Gill 
NY48440063 Brunt Knott, Over Staveley 
SD47219829 Chadwick's Mill, Staveley 
SD46969843 chapel, Staveley gone?
SD46999872 Craggside, Staveley 
SD47569852 Craggy Wood, Over Staveley 
SD47479841 Craggy, Over Staveley 
NY46910064 Dalton Head, Over Staveley gone?
SD46389851 Dan Hill, Staveley 
NY5001 Dockernook Gill 
NY4700 Dolends, Over Staveley once?
SD47129819 Duke William, Staveley L
SD47219800 Eagle and Child, Staveley 
NY46840012 Elf Howe, Over Staveley 
SD46729981 Elph Howe Lane, Over Staveley 
SD474982 Far Park, Over Staveley 
SD46209976 Fellfoot Cottages, Over Staveley 
SD46399984 Fellfoot Mill, Over Staveley 
SD47729851 fence, Over Staveley 
SD46699957 fence, Over Staveley (2) 
SD47269825 footbridge, Staveley 
SD48629891 Frost Hole, Over Staveley 
NY47580028 Ghyll Bank, Over Staveley 
NY47620176 Gibraltar, Over Staveley 
SD47139809 Gipsy Well, Staveley 
NY47700156 Glede Crag, Over Staveley 
SD4598 Gowan, River 
NY4601 Hall Beck 
SD47169918 Haw Wood, Over Staveley 
NY46940008 High Elfhowe, Over Staveley 
NY4700 High House Gill 
NY47480097 High House, Over Staveley 
NY47250179 Hollin Howe, Over Staveley 
SD46359886 Kemp Tarn, Over Staveley 
SD48059931 Littlewood Farm, Over Staveley 
SD46929855 lockup, Staveley gone
SD47959941 Longbank, Over Staveley gone?
SD46869983 Low Elfhowe, Over Staveley 
NY46860037 Low Fold, Over Staveley 
NY45650146 Low Millrigg, Over Staveley 
SD46889987 Middle Elfhowe, Over Staveley 
SD47069869 mill, Staveley 
NY46080137 Millrigg Knot, Hugill 
NY45780228 Millriggs, Over Staveley 
SD48709826 Old Hag, Over Stavelely 
NY46460048 Old Man's Chair, Over Staveley 
SD47049866 Old Mill, Staveley L
NY47040080 Park House, Over Staveley 
NY45890187 Philipson's Wood, Over Staveley 
SD48029891 Piked Howe, Over Staveley 
SD47049824 police station, Staveley gone
SD46719944 post box, Over Staveley 
SD47129815 post box, Staveley 
SD47219825 River Mill, Staveley 
SD46899861 school, Staveley 
SD46999934 Scroggs Farm, Over Staveley 
SD46789938 Scroggs Mill, Over Staveley 
SD46879953 Scroggs Wood, Over Staveley 
SD46249837 Seedhowe, Staveley 
NY46830156 sheepfold, Over Staveley 
SD47479854 siphon well, Over Staveley 
NY479032 Skeggleswater Dike 
SD48449829 Spring Hag, Over Staveley 
SD47539885 Spy Crag, Over Staveley 
SD46939859 St James, Staveley L
SD47139817 St Margaret, Staveley L
SD47199829 Staveley Brewery, Staveley 
SD470984 Staveley Fire Station, Staveley 
NY47170172 Staveley Head Fell, Over Staveley 
NY45760172 Staveley Mine, Over Staveley 
SD47379821 Staveley Park, Over Staveley L
SD46969836 Staveley Village Hall, Staveley 
SD47069824 Staveley, Over Staveley: Haytons 
SD47149812 Staveley, Over Staveley: Martin's Bank 
SD47199826 Staveley, Over Staveley: More, The Artisan Bakery 
SD47199826 Staveley, Over Staveley: Munx Lakeland Bakery 
SD47039828 Staveley, Over Staveley: Pharmacy 
SD47129815 Staveley, Over Staveley: Post Office 
SD47149827 Staveley, Over Staveley: Wheelbase 
SD47139825 Staveley, Over Staveley: Windermere Ice Cream Co 
SD46719830 Staveley, Over Staveley: World of Stone 
NY47450257 stepping stones, Over Staveley 
SD47149810 stepping stones, Staveley gone?
SD47339776 Stock Bridge Farm, Staveley 
SD46769850 Sunny Brow Farm, Staveley 
SD46739847 Sunny Brow House, Staveley 
SD46959838 toilet, Staveley 
SD47009854 war memorial, Staveley 
SD47059873 weir, Over Staveley 
NY48000198 White Moss, Over Staveley 
NY4702 Whitemoss Gill 
NY475021 Whitenose Gill 
SD47549799 Woodyhowe Coppice, Over Staveley 
SD47089824 Staveley, Over Staveley 
SD46689959 fulling mill, Over Staveley gone
SD47129921 smelt mill, Over Staveley 
SD47029835 Abbey Hotel, Staveley 
NY4506 Kent, River 
SD47679751 milestone, Over Staveley (2) gone
SD46549831 milestone, Over Staveley gone
SD47209805 Gowan Bridge, Over Staveley 
SD473982 icehouse, Staveley Park 
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