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Sedbergh parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Yorkshire
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   SD6794
10Km square:-   SD69
10Km square:-   SD79
10Km square:-   SD68
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 2741 (1971)

SD64899082 Abbot Holme Bridge, Abbot Holme L
SD64809083 Abbot Holme House, Abbot Holme L
SD64839084 Abbot Holme House, Abbot Holme (2) L
SD648908 Abbot Holme, Sedbergh 
SD62339106 Agnes Force Hole, Killington 
SD66189460 Arant Haw, Sedbergh 
SD65849111 Archers Hall, Sedbergh L
SD66669406 Ashbeck Fold, Sedbergh 
SD6693 Ashbeck Gill 
SD63909288 Ash-hining, Sedbergh 
SD712935 Askew Stones, Sedbergh 
SD63009934 Back Balk, Sedbergh 
SD65599232 barn, Sedbergh (4) 
SD727925 Baugh Fell Quarry, Sedbergh 
SD73789381 Baugh Fell, Garsdale 
SD63399669 Beck Farm, Sedbergh L
SD63069494 Beckside Farm, Howgill L
SD628908 Beckside, Sedbergh 
SD63479350 bee boles, Draw Well L
SD69529731 Ben End, Ravenstonedale 
SD65039576 Ben Fold, Sedbergh 
SD65089413 bield, Crosdale 
SD63229385 bield, Sedbergh 
SD63809470 Birkhaw, Sedbergh 
SD65129143 Birks Cottage, Birks L
SD69429467 Birks Farm, Sedbergh L
SD65249146 Birks House, Birks 
SD65069127 Birks Mill, Birks 
SD65149144 Birks, Sedbergh 
SD64419914 Black Force, Sedbergh 
SD70819300 Blake Mire, Sedbergh 
SD64789987 Blakethwaite Stone, Orton S 
SD65319511 Bland, Sedbergh 
SD63659508 Blands Gill Farm, Howgill L
SD7396 Blea Gill (2) 
SD73169651 Blea Gill Bridge, Sedbergh 
SD62508963 Blea Wheel, Killington 
SD69889602 Bluecaster Gate, Sedbergh 
SD70079631 Bluecaster Side, Sedbergh L
SD710966 Bluecaster, Sedbergh 
SD62209069 Bondsholme Hole, Killington 
SD64569157 Borrett, Sedbergh 
SD65429077 boundary stone, Dent/Sedbergh L
SD66149132 boundary stone, Millthrop 
SD67689202 boundary stone, Sedbergh 
SD71259787 boundary stone, Sedbergh (2) 
SD62049628 boundary stone, Sedbergh (3) 
SD62459964 boundary stone, Tebay/Sedbergh 
SD68179796 Bowderdale Head, Orton S 
SD62369543 Bowers Wheel, Firbank 
SD63079321 Brake Wheel, Sedbergh 
SD6595 Bram Rigg Beck 
SD66859646 Bram Rigg Top, Sedbergh 
SD63429364 Bramaskew, Sedbergh 
SD663957 Brant Fell, Sedbergh 
SD68449128 Branthwaites, Sedbergh 
SD633950 Brantyghyll, Howgill 
SD70209254 Breaskay Moss, Sedbergh 
SD62329102 bridge, Killington (3) gone
SD69109173 bridge, Sedbergh (2) 
SD62929798 bridge, Sedbergh (3) 
SD62939781 bridge, Sedbergh (4) 
SD66239248 bridge, Sedbergh (5) 
SD64059120 Brigflatts Burial Ground, Brigflatts 
SD63939112 Brigflatts Flow Measurement Station, Brigflatts 
SD63999105 Brigflatts Ford, Brigflatts 
SD64079113 Brigflatts, Sedbergh 
SD64489189 Brimhaw, Sedbergh 
SD68979506 Brow Side, Sedbergh 
SD64329686 Brown Moor, Sedbergh 
SD66159117 Browside Cottage, Millthrop L
SD62819702 Brunt Sike, Sedbergh 
SD67879287 Buckbank, Sedbergh 
SD69209333 building, Hebblethwaite 
SD67979258 Burnt Mill, Sedbergh 
SD67949256 Burntmill Bridge, Sedbergh 
SD65899808 Bush Howe, Sedbergh 
SD663957 Calders Rigg, Sedbergh 
SD67069601 Calders, Sedbergh 
SD6596 Calf Beck 
SD667970 Calf, Sedbergh 
SD710938 Caphill Moss, Sedbergh 
SD6399 Carlin Gill 
SD6399 Carlingill Beck 
SD66249247 Castlehaw Farm, Sedbergh L
SD66239230 Castleshaw Tower, Sedbergh 
SD643962 Castley Knotts, Sedbergh 
SD638958 Castley, Sedbergh 
SD65269076 Catholes, Sedbergh L
SD63099433 cattle trough, Sedbergh 
SD63599185 cattle trough, Sedbergh (2) 
SD69329664 Cautley Beck, Sedbergh 
SD67999691 Cautley Crag, Sedbergh 
SD6897 Cautley Holme Beck 
SD68939416 Cautley Methodist Chapel, Cautley L
SD68129754 Cautley Spout, Sedbergh 
SD69459640 Cautley Thwaite, Sedbergh L
SD692951 Cautley, Sedbergh 
SD6395 Chapel Beck (5) 
SD63439502 Chapel Bridge, Howgill L
SD6691 Clatter Beck 
SD66189119 Clatter Beck Bridge, Millthrop 
SD6594 Comb Gill (3) 
SD653945 Comb, Sedbergh 
SD64169372 Craggstone Wood, Sedbergh 
SD64229364 Craggstone, Sedbergh 
SD657919 cricket ground, Sedbergh School 
SD62188993 Cringles Dubs, Sedbergh 
SD69039490 Crook Holme, Sedbergh 
SD62049631 Crook of Lune Bridge, Sedbergh L
SD62149596 Crook of Lune, Sedbergh 
SD66469355 Crook, Sedbergh 
SD6493 Crosdale Beck 
SD64699380 Crosdale, Sedbergh 
SD64029377 Crosedale, Sedbergh 
SD687938 Cross Hall, Sedbergh L
SD68749385 Cross Haw Bridge, Sedbergh 
SD69789688 Cross Keys Temperance Inn, Cautley L
SD6994 Crosshaw Beck 
SD65699212 Dalesman, Sedbergh 
SD69819128 Danny Bridge, Sedbergh L
SD69779128 Danny Wheel, Sedbergh 
SD61869609 Davybank Wheel, Firbank 
SD7186 Dee, River 
SD674912 Dent Brewery, Frostrow 
SD66299130 Derry Hall, Milthrop 
SD682922 Dowbiggin Foot, Sedbergh 
SD69159183 Dowbiggin Ghyll Farm, Sedbergh 
SD693922 Dowbiggin, Sedbergh 
SD63789466 drain, Birkhaw 
SD65739217 drain, Sedbergh 
SD66009211 drain, Sedbergh (2) 
SD63489351 Draw Well Farm, Sedbergh L
SD69419017 Dry Tarn, Sedbergh 
SD74059525 Duckholmes, Sedbergh 
SD6995 Ecker Secker Beck 
SD69379543 Ecker Secker Bridge, Sedbergh 
SD6296 Ellergill Beck (2) 
SD65669210 Evans House, Sedbergh L
SD6397 Fairmile Beck 
SD62929776 Fairmile Gate, Sedbergh 
SD7193 Far Askew Gill 
SD7097 Far Gill 
SD63599181 farm buildings, Sedbergh L
SD68429488 Fawcett Bank Rigg, Sedbergh 
SD684940 Fawcett Bank, Sedbergh 
SD64659807 Fell Head, Sedbergh 
SD67709121 Fell Yeat Farm, Frostrow L
SD693923 Fellgate, Sedbergh 
SD674959 fence, Sedbergh 
SD62149016 ferry, Killington 
SD63029310 Firbank Viaduct, Sedbergh L
SD69829696 footbridge, Cautley 
SD69299682 footbridge, Cautley (2) 
SD69219321 footbridge, Hebblethwaite 
SD63219496 footbridge, Howgill 
SD72939686 footbridge, Ravenstonedale (3) 
SD62959455 footbridge, Sedbergh 
SD64449930 Force Brow, Sedbergh 
SD69539684 ford, Cautley 
SD64379499 ford, Eller Mire 
SD64369498 ford, Eller Mire (2) 
SD62288976 ford, Killington 
SD69549199 ford, Sedbergh 
SD69019485 ford, Sedbergh (2) 
SD62679020 Four Lane Ends Farm, Sedbergh 
SD62659022 Four Lane Ends, Sedbergh (2) 
SD69609548 Foxhole Rigg Wood, Sedbergh 
SD69729550 Foxhole Rigg, Sedbergh 
SD682905 Frostrow Fells, Sedbergh 
SD68399142 Frostrow Methodist Chapel, Frostrow 
SD67859091 Frostrow, Sedbergh 
SD69499117 Gait End Quarry, Sedbergh 
SD69769115 Garsdale Quarry, Sedbergh 
SD688914 Garsdale Rigg, Sedbergh 
SD63369244 Garths, Sedbergh L
SD63149665 Gate House, Sedbergh L
SD63429544 Gate Side, Sedbergh 
SD65239180 gate, Sedbergh 
SD68569219 Gateside House, Sedbergh L
SD669930 Ghyll Farm, Sedbergh 
SD68259276 Ghyllas, Sedbergh 
SD679963 Great Dummacks, Sedbergh 
SD67479728 Great Force Gill Rigg, Sedbergh 
SD648993 Great Ulgill, Sedbergh 
SD66909175 Green Farm, Sedbergh L
SD682922 Green Hollins, Sedbergh 
SD6895 Grimes Gill 
SD68149530 Grimes Gill Fold, Sedbergh 
SD681955 Grimes Gill Head, Sedbergh 
SD65109209 Guldrey, Sedbergh 
SD65259215 Gunrow, Sedbergh suggested
SD660914 Hall Garth, Sedbergh gone
SD72099724 Hall Intack Bridge, Sedbergh 
SD71749725 Hall Intake, Sedbergh 
SD68169171 Hallbank Ford, Hallbank 
SD68109173 Hallbank, Sedbergh 
SD70569764 Handley's Bridge, Sedbergh 
SD677978 Hare Shaw, Sedbergh 
SD62348972 Head of Blea Wheel, Killington 
SD69239333 Hebblethwaite Cottage, Hebblethwaite L
SD6892 Hebblethwaite Hall Gill 
SD69149321 Hebblethwaite Hall Wood, Hebblethwaite 
SD634912 Hebblethwaites, Sedbergh 
SD63969309 Height of Winder, Sedbergh 
SD69339560 High Beckside Farm, Sedbergh L
SD65129145 High Birks Farm, Birks L
SD63639338 High Branthwaite Farm, Sedbergh L
SD64069116 High Brigflatts, Brigflatts 
SD69769153 High Fawes, Sedbergh L
SD67489124 High Hollins, Frostrow 
SD62709107 High Oaks, Sedbergh L
SD69519599 High Wardses Bridge, Sedbergh L
SD69629604 High Wardses, Sedbergh 
SD672909 Highside, Frostrow 
SD66009294 Hill Scar, Sedbergh 
SD62589055 Hill, Sedbergh L
SD6894 Hobdale Beck 
SD68389384 Hobdale Bridge, Sedbergh 
SD67619464 Hobdale Fold, Sedbergh 
SD6794 Hobdale Gill 
SD67059486 Hobdale Scar, Sedbergh 
SD62819450 Hole Ford, Firbank 
SD68759344 Hole House, Sedbergh 
SD62969452 Hole House, Sedbergh (2) 
SD67459288 Hollin Hill, Sedbergh L
SD69739597 Hollow Lane, Sedbergh 
SD64529043 Holme Fell, Sedbergh 
SD744954 Holmes Moss, Sedbergh 
SD63369503 Holy Trinity, Howgill L
SD63099345 Holy Wood, Sedbergh 
SD66809775 Horse of Busha, Sedbergh 
SD64069117 house, Brigflatts 
SD68119175 house, Hallbank L
SD74189513 house, Uldale 
SD63359510 Howgill School, Howgill 
SD63329501 Howgill, Sedbergh 
SD63869364 Huds Bridge, Crosdale 
SD678904 Hunder Moor Hurrock, Frostrow 
SD65829214 hydrant plate, Sedbergh 
SD65789188 hydrant plate, Sedbergh (2) 
SD63819161 Ingmire Back Lane, Sedbergh 
SD63799187 Ingmire Gardens, Sedbergh L
SD63729183 Ingmire Hall, Sedbergh L
SD63489190 Ingmire Park, Sedbergh 
SD72219714 Intake House, Sedbergh 
SD62249080 Killington New Bridge, Killington L
SD68429231 Kilnbeck Farm, Sedbergh L
SD662921 King's Arms, Sedbergh 
SD65759215 Kings Court, Sedbergh 
SD676941 Knott, Sedbergh 
SD635987 Knowles, Sedbergh 
SD66959157 Lane Ends, Sedbergh 
SD69729580 limekiln, Cautley 
SD69449184 limekiln, Sedbergh 
SD72359695 limekiln, Sedbergh (2) 
SD70329450 limekiln, Sedbergh (3) 
SD69819315 limekiln, Sedbergh (4) 
SD70149395 limekiln, Sedbergh (5) 
SD69469209 limekiln, Sedbergh (6) 
SD69739263 limekiln, Sedbergh (7) 
SD69449192 limekiln, Sedbergh (8) 
SD63179227 Lincolns Inn Bridge, Firbank L
SD637985 Linghaw, Sedbergh 
SD6793 Little Ashbeck 
SD67289620 Little Dummacks, Sedbergh 
SD67269674 Little Force Gill Rigg, Sedbergh 
SD6498 Little Ulgill Beck 
SD65109245 Lockbank Farm, Sedbergh 
SD62659828 Long Dub, Grayrigg 
SD6496 Long Rigg Beck 
SD65059705 Long Rigg Fold, Sedbergh 
SD670903 Long Rigg, Dent 
SD650977 Long Rigg, Sedbergh 
SD691907 Longstone Fell, Sedbergh 
SD63919111 Lords' Dub Loups, Brigflatts 
SD63769116 Lords' Dub, Sedbergh 
SD62709173 Loups, Sedbergh 
SD69289556 Low Beckside Farm, Sedbergh L
SD65159143 Low Birks, Birks L
SD63359324 Low Branthwaite, Sedbergh 
SD68419117 Low Branthwaites, Sedbergh L
SD64079108 Low Brigflatts, Brigflatts L
 Low Gill and Ingleton branch railway 
SD69669675 Low Haygarth, Sedbergh L
SD67379123 Low Hollins Farm, Frostrow L
SD68369323 Low Ridding, Cautley L
SD62329947 Lummers Gill 
SD629917 Luneside, Sedbergh 
SD68409308 Mackereth Hill, Sedbergh L
SD65749212 market cross, Sedbergh gone
SD69459432 Marsh Gate, Sedbergh 
SD65829213 Marshall House, Sedbergh L
SD64379202 Marthwaite, Sedbergh 
SD63439199 Martinhill Plantation, Sedbergh 
 meeting house, Sedbergh possibly once
SD65569209 Memories Cottage, Sedbergh 
SD7097 Middle Gill (2) 
SD677951 Middle Tongue, Sedbergh 
SD63018975 Middleton Bridge, Middleton L
SD62329077 milestone, Sedbergh L
SD62949778 milestone, Sedbergh (2) L
SD62989083 milestone, Sedbergh (3) 
SD64239188 milestone, Sedbergh (4) L
SD64359142 milestone, Sedbergh (5) 
SD69639606 milestone, Sedbergh (6) L
SD68689134 milestone, Sedbergh (7) L
SD70439731 milestone, Sedbergh (8) L
SD65729108 milestone, Sedbergh (10) L
SD68429317 milestone, Sedbergh (11) L
SD63849324 milestone, Sedbergh (12) L not found
SD67319230 milestone, Sedbergh (14) 
SD69179474 milestone, Sedbergh (15) L
SD67219175 milestone, Sedbergh (16) L
SD67099174 milestone, Sedbergh (17) L
SD63209492 Mill Cottage, Howgill L
SD63219493 Mill House, Howgill L
SD68089176 Mill Top Cottage, Hallbank 
SD63239497 mill, Howgill 
SD63229494 Millers Cottage, Howgill L
SD66139138 Millthrop Bridge, Millthrop L
SD66209120 Millthrop Methodist Chapel, Millthrop 
SD66199122 Millthrop, Sedbergh 
SD62739729 Mire Head, Sedbergh 
SD69159427 Mire House, Sedbergh L out of sight
SD66349201 monument, Sedbergh 
SD67019188 Moss Farm, Sedbergh L
SD648945 Nab, Sedbergh 
SD7097 Near Gill 
SD7192 Near Gill Laids 
SD63219420 Nether Bainbridge, Sedbergh L
SD66519194 New Bridge, Sedbergh L
SD68939412 New House, Cautley 
SD63809393 New House, Sedbergh L
SD63039296 Newby's Dub, Sedbergh 
SD62589158 Nib Stile Hole, Firbank 
SD7094 Nor Gill 
SD62269089 Old Bridge Hole, Killington 
SD66099244 Old House at the Hill, Sedbergh L
SD65849227 Old School, Sedbergh 
SD65619214 Palmers Hill, Sedbergh L
SD66659215 Pedge Croft, Sedbergh L
SD69709328 Penny Farm Bridge, Sedbergh 
SD66679196 pinfold, Sedbergh 
SD69099456 post box, Cautley 
SD63439505 post box, Howgill 
SD66019285 quarry, Sedbergh 
SD64999179 Queen's Garden, Sedbergh 
SD63679250 railway bridge, Sedbergh 
SD63729243 railway bridge, Sedbergh (2) 
SD63559258 railway bridge, Sedbergh (3) 
SD63439269 railway bridge, Sedbergh (4) 
SD63459266 railway milepost, Sedbergh 
SD66489481 rain gauge, Sedbergh 
SD721958 Raven Thorn, Sedbergh 
SD7197 Rawthey Bridge stone circle, Ravenstonedale 
SD71349786 Rawthey Bridge, Sedbergh L
SD64309089 Rawthey Bridge, Sedbergh (2) L
SD7493 Rawthey Gill 
SD73299611 Rawthey Gill Quarry, Sedbergh 
SD6894 Rawthey, River 
SD65729211 Reading Room, Sedbergh 
SD6797 Red Gill Beck 
SD67709713 Red Gill Washfold, Sedbergh 
SD65759211 Red Lion, Sedbergh 
SD627962 Riddings, Sedbergh 
SD69219469 Ridge House, Cautley 
SD7192 Ringing Keld Gutter 
SD63849931 Robins Sheepfold, Sedbergh gone
SD7197 Roger Gill (2) 
SD67649201 Row, Sedbergh 
SD66879530 Rowantree Grains Fold, Sedbergh 
SD669953 Rowantree Grains, Sedbergh 
SD63609298 Ruecrofts, Sedbergh L
SD62129045 Sand Hole, Killington 
SD69109283 Sarthwaite, Sedbergh 
SD66108971 Scar Wood, Sedbergh 
SD68959412 School House, Cautley gone
SD65769203 school, Sedbergh (2) L
SD68779805 Screes Tarn, Ravenstonedale 
SD67569233 Scrogg House, Sedbergh 
SD64609531 Seat Knott, Sedbergh 
SD707966 Seat Quarry, Sedbergh 
SD65049170 Sedbergh Bowling Club, Sedbergh 
SD66219213 Sedbergh Fire Station, Sedbergh 
SD66009217 Sedbergh Methodist Church, Sedbergh 
SD65599224 Sedbergh Peoples Hall, Sedbergh 
SD662921 Sedbergh Police Station, Sedbergh 
SD65799177 Sedbergh School Chapel, Sedbergh 
SD64319189 Sedbergh Station, Sedbergh 
SD64319189 Sedbergh Station, Sedbergh: Dawson and Son 
SD65879208 Sedbergh: Back Lane 
SD65769205 Sedbergh: Back Lane, 1 L
SD65919210 Sedbergh: Back Lane, 15 to 17 L
SD65939210 Sedbergh: Back Lane, 18 and 19 L
SD65949210 Sedbergh: Back Lane, 20 L
SD65729211 Sedbergh: Barclays Bank 
SD65889214 Sedbergh: Bookseller 
SD66139233 Sedbergh: Castlehaw Lane 
SD65959213 Sedbergh: Chair Workshop 
SD65869222 Sedbergh: Ellie's 
SD65929212 Sedbergh: Folly 
SD65929212 Sedbergh: Folly, 7 L
SD65929211 Sedbergh: Folly, 9 and 11 L
SD65839220 Sedbergh: Forster 
SD65619219 Sedbergh: Howgill Lane, 3 and 4 
SD65659216 Sedbergh: Howgill Lane, 9 and 11 L
SD65799185 Sedbergh: Loftus Hill 
SD65789188 Sedbergh: Loftus Hill, 10 and 12 
SD65839178 Sedbergh: Loftus Hill, 27 and 28 L
SD65879175 Sedbergh: Loftus Hill, 33 L
SD65869174 Sedbergh: Loftus Hill, 34 and 35 L
SD65869173 Sedbergh: Loftus Hill, 36 and 37 L
SD662921 Sedbergh: Long Lane 
SD657921 Sedbergh: Main Street 
SD65609212 Sedbergh: Main Street, 2 
SD65599211 Sedbergh: Main Street, 3 L
SD65629212 Sedbergh: Main Street, 4 L
SD65759213 Sedbergh: Main Street, 33 L
SD65769213 Sedbergh: Main Street, 35 L
SD65769213 Sedbergh: Main Street, 37 and 39 L
SD65819214 Sedbergh: Main Street, 48 and 50 L
SD65839213 Sedbergh: Main Street, 57 L
SD65889215 Sedbergh: Main Street, 73 to 77 
SD65899214 Sedbergh: Main Street, 79 and 81 L
SD65959214 Sedbergh: Main Street, 80 to 84 L
SD65949213 Sedbergh: Main Street, 95 L
SD65839215 Sedbergh: NatWest Bank 
SD65999217 Sedbergh: New Street 
SD65979214 Sedbergh: New Street, 1 L
SD65979215 Sedbergh: New Street, 3 and 5 L
SD65979216 Sedbergh: New Street, 7 and 9 L
SD65669213 Sedbergh: Pedi-Care House 
SD65829210 Sedbergh: Railton Yard 
SD65819211 Sedbergh: Railton Yard, 1-4 L
SD65819213 Sedbergh: Railton Yard, 6 L
SD65939213 Sedbergh: Rycroft 
SD65779215 Sedbergh: Sedbergh Office Services 
SD66329206 Sedbergh: Settlebeck 
SD66309206 Sedbergh: Settlebeck, 1 to 3 L
SD66309206 Sedbergh: Settlebeck, 4 and 5 L
SD66319205 Sedbergh: Settlebeck, 6 and 7 L
SD65799210 Sedbergh: Weavers Yard 
SD65789211 Sedbergh: Weavers Yard, 2-3 L
SD65809211 Sedbergh: Weavers Yard, 5-7 L
SD65799213 Sedbergh: Webster's Pharmacy L
SD66319208 Settlebeck Bridge, Sedbergh 
SD6693 Settlebeck Gill 
SD666925 Settlebeck, Sedbergh 
SD63999308 sheep feeder, Sedbergh 
SD65839623 sheepfold, Brant Fell 
SD64169595 sheepfold, Brant Fell (2) 
SD66079581 sheepfold, Brant Fell (3) 
SD64389374 sheepfold, Crosdale 
SD63709799 sheepfold, Sedbergh 
SD67239488 sheepfold, Sedbergh (2) 
SD67319372 sheepfold, Sedbergh (3) 
SD69499204 sheepfold, Sedbergh (4) 
SD74089540 sheepfold, Sedbergh (5) 
SD73739584 sheepfold, Sedbergh (6) 
SD73529615 sheepfold, Sedbergh (7) 
SD72929631 sheepfold, Sedbergh (8) 
SD64839534 sheepfold, Sedbergh (10) 
SD66199662 sheepfold, Sedbergh (11) 
SD68829712 sheepfold, Sedbergh (12) 
SD69859601 sheepfold, Sedbergh (13) 
SD69879599 sheepfold, Sedbergh (14) 
SD74439472 sheepfold, Uldale 
SD74979420 sheepfold, Uldale (2) 
SD66469360 shelter, Sedbergh 
SD669940 Sickers Fell, Sedbergh 
SD7395 Slate Gill 
SD6398 Small Gill 
SD6394 Smithy Beck (3) 
SD63559489 Smithy Cottage, Howgill 
SD69149163 Sparrow Ford, Sedbergh 
SD66189117 Spedding House, Millthrop L
SD688921 Spout, Sedbergh 
SD64579945 Spout, Tebay 
SD63429219 St Gregory, Vale of Lune L
SD69119457 St Mark, Cautley L
SD69039481 Steps End, Cautley 
SD71969733 Stone Bridge, Ravenstonedale 
SD64289367 stone wall, Crosdale 
SD67699201 stone wall, Sedbergh 
SD63359785 stone wall, Sedbergh (2) 
SD67649277 stone wall, Sedbergh (3) 
SD67749235 Straight Bridge, Sedbergh L
SD63039335 Straits, Sedbergh 
SD6597 Stranger Gill 
SD671939 structure, Sedbergh 
SD64889524 Swang Head, Sedbergh 
SD6595 Swarth Greaves Beck 
SD649954 Swarth Greaves, Sedbergh 
SD6694 Swere Gill (2) 
SD66429456 Swere Gill Well, Sedbergh 
SD63509426 Syke, Sedbergh 
SD694905 Tarn Hill, Sedbergh 
SD66809707 tarn, Sedbergh 
SD63049524 Tarnhouse Barn, Sedbergh 
SD706956 Taythes Beck Wood, Sedbergh 
SD70579584 Taythes Bridge, Sedbergh L
SD7195 Taythes Gill 
SD70489586 Taythes, Sedbergh L
SD63399502 telephone box, Howgill L
SD65729211 telephone box, Sedbergh L
SD66389225 Thorns Cottage, Sedbergh L
NY64798958 Thorny Pike Hill, Middleton 
SD68079336 Thursgill, Sedbergh L
SD62909478 Thwaite, Sedbergh L
SD64789177 Toll Bar house, Sedbergh 
SD65519334 topograph, Winder 
SD6539393272 trig point, SD6539393272 
SD6673297054 trig point, SD6673297054 
SD72779674 Uldale Bridge, Sedbergh 
SD73629575 Uldale Force, Sedbergh 
SD7497 Uldale Gill 
SD73089660 Uldale House, Sedbergh L
SD741962 Uldale, Sedbergh 
SD64979923 Ulgill Fold, Sedbergh 
SD648989 Ulgill Rigg, Sedbergh 
SD66769255 Underbank, Sedbergh 
SD64029248 Underwinder, Sedbergh 
SD65849217 United Reformed Church, Sedbergh 
SD69409126 viewpoint, Sedbergh 
SD69119456 war memorial, Cautley 
SD63349502 war memorial, Howgill 
SD65749204 war memorial, Sedbergh 
SD65529191 war memorial, Sedbergh (2) 
SD65859169 war memorial, Sedbergh (3) 
SD71499761 Ward's Intake Bridge, Ravenstonedale 
NY62848959 Waters Meeting, Middleton 
SD65349196 weather station, Sedbergh (3) 
SD64169089 weir, Brigflatts 
SD66299179 weir, Sedbergh 
SD747960 Well Bands, Sedbergh 
SD730937 West Baugh Fell Tarn, Sedbergh 
SD72189481 West Baugh Fell, Sedbergh 
SD7495 Whin Stone Gill 
SD73589612 Whin Stone Gill Bridge, Sedbergh 
SD6994 Whinny Gill 
SD641974 Whins End, Sedbergh 
SD63209745 Whin's, Sedbergh 
SD660973 White Fell Head, Sedbergh 
SD656969 White Fell, Sedbergh 
SD65739212 White Hart, Sedbergh 
SD656988 Wind Scarth, Sedbergh 
SD65409320 Winder, Sedbergh 
SD657983 Windscarth Wyke, Sedbergh 
SD62819184 Winsters Hole, Firbank 
SD65899166 workhouse, Sedbergh 
SD63249586 fingerpost, Sedbergh 
 North Western Railway 
SD65719208 St Andrew, Sedbergh L
SD658917 Sedbergh School, Sedbergh L
SD691978 Westmorland: threapland 12 
SD62419664 mill, Fleet Holme suggested
SD62439943 Gibbet Hill, Sedbergh 
SD67669201 Garsdale Bridge, Sedbergh L
SD6992 Great Dovecote Gill 
SD69259330 Hebblethwaite Hall, Hebblethwaite L
SD63909112 Lords' Dub, Brigflatts 
SD66169192 Old Vicarage, Sedbergh L
SD67179278 Stone Hall, Sedbergh L
SD66369215 Thorns Hall, Sedbergh L
SD657922 Bull Hotel, Sedbergh 
SD65749210 drinking fountain, Sedbergh L
NY6205 Lune, River 
SD653923 Sedbergh: Howgill Lane 
SD64089115 meeting house, Brigflatts L
SD65849214 Sedbergh 
SD69639569 hedge, Cautley 
SD68669394 Cross Haw Farm, Sedbergh L out of sight
SD62418997 sheepfold, Sedbergh (9) 
SD68809218 barn, Sedbergh (2) 
SD69129418 barn, Sedbergh (6) 
SD65759212 Sedbergh: HSBC Bank 
SD69339528 barn, Sedbergh 
SD65589230 barn, Sedbergh (3) 
SD66099246 barn, Sedbergh (5) 
SD64739604 Bram Rigg, Sedbergh 
SD67769193 Farfield Mill, Sedbergh L
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