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10Km squares

10Km square NY12

Abbey Gate, Blindbothel
Abbeygate Bridge, Blindbothel
Above Derwent parish
Aikbank Mill, Blindbothel
Aiken Beck
Armaside How, Lorton
Armaside, Lorton
Askill Knott, Loweswater
Askill, Loweswater
Back Hows, Buttermere
Bank Moss, Loweswater
Bargate, Loweswater
barn, Iredale Place
Barn, Lorton
barn, Miresyke
beacon, Grasmoor
Beck Bank, Wythop
Beckhead Moss, Loweswater
Beck House, Buttermere
Beckhouse, Embleton
Beckhouse Mill, Embleton
Beckside, Low Lorton
Beech Hill, Blindbothel
Bertie's Cave, Buttermere
bield, Buttermere
Birk Bank, Blindbothel
Birkett Cottage, Lorton
Black Beck (24)
Black Crag, Lorton
Bladder Keld, Wythop
Blakehill Wood, Loweswater
Blaze Beck
Blaze Bridge, Lorton
Blea Bank, Blindbothel
Blindbothel Common, Blindbothel
Blindbothel parish
Boat Crag, Buttermere
boat house, Crummock Water
Boonbeck Bridge, High Lorton
Boon Beck Farm, High Lorton
Boonbeck, Lorton
Bouch House, Embleton
boundary stone, Blindbothel/Loweswater (2)
boundary stone, Blindbothel/Loweswater
Brackenthwaite, Buttermere
Brackenthwaite Fell, Buttermere
Brackenthwaite Hows, Buttermere
Brackenthwaite Mill, Buttermere
Bramley, Blindbothel
Bramley Seat, Blindbothel
Brandlingill, Blindbothel
brewery, High Lorton
bridge, Buttermere (2)
bridge, Hobcarton Plantation
Bridge House, Wythop Mill
bridge, Loweswater (2)
bridge, Loweswater
Bridgend House, Low Lorton
bridge, Wythop Mill
Brigham parish
Broadmoor Hill, Blindbothel
Broom Fell, Lorton
Brow, Blindbothel
Brown How, Lorton
Brumston Bridge, Wythop
Burnbank Fell, Loweswater
Burthwaite Heights, Wythop
Burthwaite Wood, Wythop
Burthwaite, Wythop
Butter Bowl, Lorton
Buttermere parish
Byerstead, Embleton
Carling Knott, Loweswater
Cass How, Lorton
Casshow Wood, Lorton
Castle, Loweswater
Catgill Bridge, Blindbothel
Cat Gill
Chapel Wood, Wythop
Church Bridge, Loweswater
Cleaty Bank, Blindbothel
Cleaty Gill
Clint's Wood, Lorton
Cockermouth Moor, Cockermouth
Cockermouth parish
Cocker, River
Coldgill Beck
Cold Gill, Buttermere
Cold Gill
Cold Keld Wyke, Buttermere
Coledale Hause, Buttermere
Corner Cottage, High Lorton
Corner House, High Lorton
Cornhow, Buttermere
Cornhow Dubs, Loweswater
Crabtreebeck, Loweswater
Crabtree Beck
Crag End, Blindbothel
Cragged Head, Lorton
Crag Hill, Buttermere
Cringley Hill, Blindbothel
Cross Gates, Lorton
Crosshill, Blindbothel
dam, Coledale (2)
dam, Coledale
Darling Fell, Loweswater
Darling How, Lorton (2)
Darling How, Lorton
Darling How, Wythop
Dean parish
Derwent House, Workington
Dikey Hill, Blindbothel
Dodd, Buttermere
Dodd Crag, Wythop
Dodd Pass, Buttermere
Dodd Wood, Blindbothel
Double Mills, Cockermouth
Dove Crags, Buttermere
drain, Low Lorton
Dub Beck (2)
Dub Beck (3)
Dubbs Moss, Dean
Eaglesfield Moor, Dean
Eaglesfield Paddle CoE Primary Academy, Dean
Eel Crag, Above Derwent
Eller Beck (14)
Embleton High Common, Embleton
Embleton parish
Eskin, Wythop
Esps, Embleton
Fairfield, Lorton
Fangs Brow Farm, Loweswater
Fellbarrow, Loweswater
Fell Gate, Blindbothel
Fellside Farm, Blindbothel
fence, Blindbothel
fence, Lorton
fence, Loweswater (2)
fence, Loweswater
fence, Mosser
fingerpost, Blindbothel (2)
fingerpost, Blindbothel
fingerpost, Embleton
fingerpost, High Lorton
fingerpost, Lorton (2)
fingerpost, Lorton (3)
fingerpost, Lorton
fingerpost, Loweswater (2)
fingerpost, Loweswater (3)
fingerpost, Loweswater
fingerpost, Low Lorton
fingerpost, Mosser
fingerpost, Wythop Mill
Flass Wood, Loweswater
Force Crag, Above Derwent
Force Crag Mine, Above Derwent
forest, Lorton
Foulsyke, Loweswater
Foulsyke Wood, Loweswater
Gasgale Crags, Buttermere
Gasgale Gill, Buttermere
Gasgale Gill Trial, Buttermere
gate, Embleton (2)
gate, Embleton
gate, High Lorton (2)
gate, High Lorton
gate, Loweswater (2)
Gill Brow, Blindbothel
Gillbrow, Blindbothel
Gill Brow Cottage, Blindbothel
Gillerthwaite, Loweswater
Ginners, Embleton
Globe, Wythop Mill
Godferhead, Loweswater
Grange Country House Hotel, Loweswater
Grange Lane, Loweswater
Grasmoor, Buttermere
Grasmoor End, Buttermere
Gray Beck
Grayson Side, Embleton
Graystones, Lorton
Graythwaite, Blindbothel
Graythwaite Wood, Blindbothel
Green Bank Farm, Cockermouth
Green Trees, Blindbothel
Greythwaite, Blindbothel
Grisedale Pike, Above Derwent
Harrot Hill, Brigham
Harrot, Lorton
Hatteringill, Blindbothel
Hatteringill Head, Blindbothel
hedge, Loweswater
High Abbey, Embleton
High Armaside, Lorton
High Bank, Blindbothel
Highcross, Loweswater
High Dyke, Blindbothel
High Force, Above Derwent
High Force Crag Mine, Coledale
Highgap Yeat, Loweswater
High Gilbrea, Lorton
High Hollins, Buttermere
High How, Lorton
High Kid Crag, Buttermere
High Latterhead, Loweswater
High Liza Bridge, Brackenthwaite
High Lorton, Lorton
High Mill, Lorton
High Nook Farm, Loweswater
Highpark, Loweswater
High Rogerscale, Blindbothel
High Side, Embleton (2)
High Side, Embleton
High Side, Lorton
High Swinside Farm, Lorton
High Thrushbank, Loweswater
High Whitbeck Bridge, Lorton
High Wood, Buttermere
Hill Farm, Blindbothel
Hill, Loweswater
Hobcarton Crag, Lorton
Hobcarton End, Lorton
Hobcarton Gill
Hobcarton, Lorton
Hobcarton Plantation, Lorton
Hole Mire, High Lorton
Holme Beck
Holme Cottage, Low Lorton
Holme Force, Loweswater
Holme Wood, Loweswater
Hopebeck Bridge, Lorton
Hopebeck, Buttermere
Hope Beck
Hope, Buttermere
Hope Gill, Buttermere
Hopegill Head, Buttermere
Horseshoe, High Lorton
house, High Lorton
How Farm, Blindbothel
Hudson Place, Loweswater
Hundith Hill, Embleton
Hundith Hill Hotel, Embleton
hydrant plate, High Lorton
inn, Scale Hill
Iredale Place Cottage, Loweswater
Iredale Place, Loweswater
Jacob's Well, Pardshaw Hall
Jenkin, Embleton
Jenkin Gap, Loweswater
Jenkinson Place, Loweswater
Kelswick, Wythop
Kirby Brow, Dean
Kirby, Pardshaw
Kirkfell House, High Lorton
Kirk Fell, Lorton
Kirkgate Brick and Tile Works, Cockermouth
Kirkhead, Loweswater
Kirkstile Inn, Loweswater
Ladyside Pike, Lorton
Lakeland Sheep and Wool Centre, Cockermouth
Lambfold, High Lorton
Lamplugh parish
Lanefoot Farm, Blindbothel
Lanthwaite, Buttermere
Lanthwaite Cottage, Lanthwaite
Lanthwaite Gate, Lanthwaite
Lanthwaite Green Farm, Lanthwaite
Lanthwaite Wood, Lanthwaite
Latterhead, Loweswater
Leady Moss, Blindbothel
Ling Fell, Wythop
Little Sandy Beck
Littlethwaite, Blindbothel
Littlethwaite Gill
Liza Beck Trial, Buttermere
Liza Beck
Lodge, Low Lorton
Loftbarrow, Blindbothel
Long Crag, Above Derwent
Long Fell, Embleton
Lorton Fells, Lorton
Lorton Hall, Low Lorton
Lorton Low Bridge, Low Lorton
Lorton Low Mill, Low Lorton
Lorton Methodist Church, High Lorton
Lorton parish
Lorton Park Cottage, High Lorton
Lorton Park, High Lorton
Lorton Primary School, High Lorton
Lorton Vale, Lorton
Lorton Village Shop, High Lorton
Lorton Yew, High Lorton
Low Abbey, Embleton
Low Bank Farm, Blindbothel
Low Burthwaite Wood, Wythop
Loweswater Fell, Loweswater
Loweswater Hall, Loweswater
Loweswater lake
Loweswater Mines, Loweswater
Loweswater parish
Loweswater School, Loweswater
Low Fell, Loweswater
Lowfield, Embleton
Low Force, Above Derwent
Low Hall, Blindbothel
Low Hollins, Buttermere
Low House, Buttermere
Low Kid Crag, Buttermere
Low Liza Bridge, Brackenthwaite
Low Lorton, Lorton
Lowpark, Loweswater
Low Rogerscale Farm, Blindbothel
Low Swinside, Lorton
Lund How, Wythop Mill
Maggie's Bridge, Loweswater
meeting house, Pardshaw Hall
Meregill Beck (2)
Meregill Beck
Meregill, Blindbothel
Midtown, High Lorton
milestone, Embleton (4)
milestone, Lorton (3)
milestone, Lorton
Milking, Embleton
Millbeck, Buttermere
Milldam, Blindbothel
Millennium Plaque, Loweswater
Miller Place, Buttermere
Mill Hill, Loweswater
Mill House, Wythop Mill
mill, Lorton
Minikin Memorial, Lorton
Miresyke, Loweswater
Mirk Lane, Blindbothel
moat, Embleton
Moorland Close, Dean
Moorside, Blindbothel
Mosser Beck
Mosser, Blindbothel
Mosser Common, Blindbothel
Mosser Fell, Blindbothel
Mosser Gate, Blindbothel
Mossergate, Blindbothel
Mosser Mains, Blindbothel
Muncaster House, Loweswater
Netherclose, Loweswater
New House, Lorton
Oakbank, Loweswater
Oak Hill, High Lorton
Oak Lodge, Low Lorton
Oaks, Wythop
Old Police House, High Lorton
Old Scales, Wythop
Owsen Fell, Lamplugh
Packhorse Cottage, Low Lorton
Paddle Beck
Paddle House, Dean
Paddle School Allotments, Blindbothel
Palace How, Blindbothel
Palacehow, Buttermere
Pardshaw Crag, Pardshaw Hall
Pardshaw Hall, Dean
Park Beck (2)
Park Bridge, Loweswater
Park Cottage, High Lorton
Peel, Loweswater
Peel Place, Lanthwaite
Penn, Buttermere
Picket How, Buttermere
Pickett Howe, Buttermere
pinfold, Blindbothel
pinfold, High Lorton
pinfold, Loweswater (2)
pinfold, Loweswater
Piper Dub, Buttermere
post box, Embleton
Pottergill, Loweswater
Pudding Beck cove, Coledale
Pudding Beck
quarry, Lorton
quarry, Loweswater
Rake, Embleton
Randle Cross, Blindbothel
Raven Crag, Loweswater
Redhow Crags, Loweswater
Redhow, Loweswater
Redhow Wood, Loweswater
Rising Sun, High Lorton
Rivings, Wythop
rock, Lorton
Rose Cottage, High Lorton
Rose Cottage Inn, Cockermouth
Rose Cottage, Loweswater (2)
Rose Cottage, Thackthwaite
Roundclose Hill, Embleton
Rubby Banks, Cockermouth
Sail, Above Derwent
Sale Fell, Wythop
Sand Hill, Buttermere
Sandybeck Bridge, Blindbothel
Sandy Beck
saw mill, High Lorton
Scalehill Bridge, Loweswater
Scale Hill, Buttermere
Scale Hill hill, Buttermere
Scales Farm Cottage, Lorton
Scales, Lorton
Scar, Buttermere
Scar Crag, Buttermere
Scarf Crag, Lorton
Scawgill Bridge, Lorton
Scaw Gill, Lorton
school, Lorton
school, Wythop Mill
Scott Crag, Above Derwent
Sharp Knott, Lamplugh
Shatton Hall, Embleton
Shatton Lodge, Embleton
Shatton Lodge Farm, Embleton
sheep feeder, Loweswater (2)
sheepfold, Above Derwent (19)
sheepfold, Above Derwent (20)
sheepfold, Above Derwent (21)
sheepfold, Buttermere (4)
sheepfold, Buttermere (6)
sheepfold, Buttermere (7)
sheepfold, Buttermere (8)
sheepfold, Buttermere (9)
sheepfold, Eaglesfield
sheepfold, Lorton (2)
sheepfold, Lorton (3)
sheepfold, Lorton
sheepfold, Loweswater (4)
sheepfold, Loweswater (7)
sheepfold, Loweswater (8)
sheepfold, Pardshaw
Shepherds Pile, Swinside
Simonscales Beck
Simon Scales, Cockermouth
Simonscales Lane, Cockermouth
Simonscales Mill, Cockermouth
Simonscales Wood, Cockermouth
Smithy Fell, Blindbothel
Smithy Fell, Loweswater
Smithy Green, Blindbothel
Sneckyeat, Blindbothel
Sosgill, Loweswater
Sosgill Trial, Blindbothel
Sourfoot Fell, Loweswater
Souter Sike
South Lodge, Cockermouth
Southwaite Bridge, Dean
Southwaite, Dean
Southwaite Farm, Blindbothel
Southwaite Green, Dean
Southwaite Mill, Dean
Spout Force, Lorton
Spout House, Loweswater
Stanger, Embleton
Stanger Farm, Stanger
Stanger House, Stanger
Stanger How, Embleton
Stanger Spa, Embleton
St Bartholomew, Loweswater
St Cuthbert, Embleton
St Cuthbert, Lorton
Steelbank, Loweswater
stile, Loweswater
St Ninian's Well, Blindbothel
stone wall, Blindbothel
stone wall, Buttermere
stone wall, Lorton (2)
stone wall, Lorton (3)
stone wall, Lorton
stone wall, Loweswater (2)
stone wall, Loweswater (4)
stone wall, Loweswater
St Philip, Eaglesfield
St Philip, Mosser
Strawberry How, Cockermouth
summer house, Dean
summer house, Eaglesfield
summer house, Low Lorton
Sun Scales, Cockermouth
Swan's Nest, Loweswater lake
Sware Gill
Swinerigg Mire, Lorton
Swinside, Buttermere
Swinside Plantation, Lorton
telephone box, Loweswater
Tenters, Lorton
Thackthwaite Beck (3)
Thackthwaite, Loweswater
Thackthwaite Wood, Loweswater
Threlkeld Leys, Blindbothel
Thrushbank, Loweswater
tile works, Blindbothel
Tindle Crag, Loweswater
Todal Pasture, Blindbothel
Toddell, Blindbothel
Toddell Bridge, Blindbothel
Toddell Cottage, Blindbothel
Todd Fell, Lorton
Toot Hill, Blindbothel
Toot Hill, Loweswater
Toot Well, Pardshaw
trig point, NY1321924247
trig point, NY1926620363
Turnerhow, Buttermere
Underwood, Blindbothel
vicarage, Embleton
Vicarage, Loweswater
viewpoint, Dob Ley Head
viewpoint, Flass Wood
viewpoint, Highgap Yeat
viewpoint, Loweswater
village hall, Loweswater
Wadcrag, Embleton
war memorial, Eaglesfield
war memorial, Embleton
Watching Crag, Loweswater
Watching Gill
Watching Howe, Buttermere
Waterend Farm, Loweswater
Waterend, Loweswater
Watergate Farm, Loweswater
Waterloo, Dean
water trough, Lorton (2)
water trough, Lorton
Wellington, Brigham
Wheatsheaf Inn, Low Lorton
Whin Ben, Buttermere
Whin Fell, Blindbothel
Whinfell Hall, Blindbothel
Whinlatter Crags, Lorton
Whinlatter Gill
Whinlatter, Lorton
Whinlatter Pass, Lorton
Whinlatter Top, Lorton
Whinnah, Blindbothel
Whinny Ridding, Loweswater
Whinny Rigg, Lorton
Whitbeck Bridge, Lorton
Whit Beck
White Causeway, Dean
Whiteside, Buttermere
Whiteside End, Buttermere
Whittern Gill
Widow Hause, Wythop
Wilderness Wood, Loweswater
Wilkes How, Blindbothel
Willybrag Gill
Wood Farm, Blindbothel
Wood Mill, Cockermouth
Wunore Crane, Buttermere
Wythe Gill, Buttermere
Wythe Gill
Wythop Beck
Wythop Mill Cottage, Wythop Mill
Wythop Mill, Embleton
Wythop Mill, Wythop Mill
Wythop Moss, Wythop
Wythop Old Church, Wythop
Wythop parish
Yew Tree Hall, High Lorton