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10Km squares

10Km square NY53

Abbots Bank, Penrith
Addingham, Glassonby
Advertiser Office, Penrith
Agricultural Hotel, Penrith
Aikton Castle, Great Salkeld
airfield, Maughanby
Airy Hill, Langwathby
Albert Court, Penrith
Alma Cottage, Penrith
Apar Plantation, Edenhall
Appleside Hill, Langwathby
Arches, Penrith
Arthursgill Wood, Langwathby
Arthur Villa, Penrith
Ashbank, Penrith
Ashby Hill, Langwathby
Ash Grove, Penrith
Ash Inn, Penrith
Bankfoot, Lazonby
Bank House, Penrith
Banktop Farm, Lazonby
Banktop House, Lazonby
Banty Beck
Banty Hill, Great Salkeld
Barbary Plains, Langwathby
Barco Hill, Penrith
barn, Great Salkeld (2)
barn, Great Salkeld
Bateman Lane, Lazonby
battle site, Great Salkeld
battle site, Penrith
Beacon Bank, Penrith
Beacon Hill, Penrith
Beacon Plantation, Penrith
Beaconside, Penrith
Beauhill, Penrith
Beckbank, Great Salkeld
Beck Mill, Culgaith
Bird House, Langwathby
Birks, Hunsonby
Bishop Yards Cottage, Penrith
Bleak House, Penrith
Board and Elbow, Penrith
boundary stone, Culgaith (4)
boundary stone, Culgaith
boundary stone, Glassonby
boundary stone, Great Salkeld/Lazonby (2)
boundary stone, Great Salkeld/Lazonby
boundary stone, Langwathby/Penrith (2)
boundary stone, Langwathby/Penrith
boundary stone, Langwathby
boundary stone, Lazonby
Bowerbank Hall, Penrith
Bowman's Houses, Great Salkeld
Bowscar Farm, Penrith
Bowscar, Penrith
Bowscar Quarries, Penrith
Bowscar Quarry, Bowscar
Bowscar Wood, Penrith
Boys National School, Penrith
Brackenbank, Lazonby
Bramery Bank, Langwathby
Brent House, Penrith
bridge, Culgaith
bridge, Great Salkeld (2)
bridge, Great Salkeld
bridge, Hunsonby
bridge, Langwathby (2)
bridge, Langwathby
bridge, Lazonby
bridge, Little Salkeld
bridge, Ousby (2)
bridge, Ousby
Briggle Beck (2)
Briggle Bridge, Langwathby
Briggle Hills, Hunsonby
Briggle, Hunsonby
Briggle Quarries, Hunsonby
British Legion, Penrith
Broadmeadows, Ousby
Brougham parish
Brown Rigg, Lazonby
Brownrigg Quarry, Lazonby
Brunswick School, Penrith
Brunswick Terrace, Penrith
Bulldog Hill, Langwathby
Burrellgreen, Great Salkeld
Butter Market, Penrith
cairn, Daleraven
canal, Penrith and Ullswater
Carletonhill, Penrith
Caroline Cottage, Penrith
Carwood Cottage, Langwathby
Castlegate Turnpike, Penrith
Castle, Penrith
Castletown Bridge, Penrith
Castletown, Penrith
Cave Wood, Glassonby
Chamber's Common, Great Salkeld
chapel, Glassonby (2)
chapel, Glassonby
chapel, Great Salkeld
chapel, Hunsonby
Chapel, Hunsonby
chapel, Langwathby
chapel, Lazonby (2)
chapel, Lazonby
chapel, Penrith (2)
chapel, Penrith (3)
chapel, Penrith (4)
chapel, Penrith (5)
chapel, Penrith (6)
chapel, Penrith
chapel, Salkeld Dykes
Christchurch Cottage, Penrith
Christ Church, Penrith
Church Wood, Edenhall
Claydubs Plantation, Glassonby
clock tower, Penrith
Coach and Horses, Penrith
Coatsgill Wood, Langwathby
Cockell House, Penrith
Cold Keld, Great Salkeld
Cold Springs, Penrith
Combe Pot, Langwathby
Coney Hill, Great Salkeld
Corney House, Penrith
Corn Market, Penrith
Cote Ghyll Cottage, Langwathby
Cottage, Nunwick Hall
Cowraik Quarry, Penrith
Croft House, Great Salkeld
Croft House, Penrith
Croglin Toys: Lazonby
cross, Edenhall
Cross Keys Inn, Hunsonby
Crosspots Wood, Langwathby
Crostway, Edenhall
Crown Inn, Penrith
Crow Wood, Langwathby
Crozier Lodge, Penrith
Crudmire, Penrith
Culgaith parish
Cumberland Mineral Water Factory, Penrith
Daleraven Bridge, Glassonby
Daleraven, Kirkoswald
Devonshire Boot Stores, Penrith
Devonshire Chambers, Penrith
Dickybank Well, Penrith
Dog and Duck, Penrith
Dolphenby, Langwathby
Double Sike
dovecote, Eden Hall
drain, Hunsonby
drains, Lazonby (2)
drain, Lazonby (3)
drain, Lazonby
Drake How, Great Salkeld
Drove and Anchor Inn, Penrith
Drovergate, Penrith
Druids Arms, Penrith
Dry Slack, Hunsonby
Eamont, River
East Brownrigg, Lazonby
Easy Foot, Langwathby
Eden Bank, Langwathby
Edenbank, Lazonby
Edenhall Cottage, Langwathby
Eden Hall, Edenhall
Edenhall Farm, Edenhall
Edenhall Fell, Langwathby
Edenhall Grange, Langwathby
Edenhall, Langwathby
Eden Lacy, Great Salkeld
Edenlacy Plantation, Glassonby
Eden, River
Edenview, Langwathby
Ellercow Hill, Hunsonby
Ellercow, Hunsonby
Exchange, Penrith
Fair Hill, Penrith
Farmanby, Hunsonby
Faulder's Buildings, Great Salkeld
Fellside, Penrith
fence, Edenhall
fence, Great Salkeld
fence, Hunsonby
Fern Bank, Penrith
fingerpost, Glassonby (2)
fingerpost, Glassonby
fingerpost, Great Salkeld (2)
fingerpost, Great Salkeld (3)
fingerpost, Great Salkeld (4)
fingerpost, Great Salkeld
fingerpost, Hunsonby (2)
fingerpost, Hunsonby (3)
fingerpost, Hunsonby (4)
fingerpost, Hunsonby (5)
fingerpost, Hunsonby (6)
fingerpost, Hunsonby (7)
fingerpost, Hunsonby
fingerpost, Langwathby (2)
fingerpost, Langwathby (3)
fingerpost, Langwathby
fingerpost, Lazonby (2)
fingerpost, Maughanby
fingerpost, Penrith (2)
fingerpost, Penrith
Fir Spinney, Culgaith
Fish Cellar, Penrith
Fish Hotel, Langwathby
folly, Great Salkeld
footbridge, Hunsonby
Force Mill, Great Salkeld
Force Mill House, Great Salkeld
ford, Great Salkeld
Foresthill, Penrith
Fowlersike, Penrith
Friarage, Penrith
friary, Penrith
gaol, Penrith
Garden Cottage, Great Salkeld
Garland Lane, Great Salkeld
Garthfolds, Lazonby
Garthside, Edenhall
gate, Hunsonby
gate, Nunwick
Gawtreehouse, Hunsonby
George Hotel, Penrith
Giant's Caves, Langwathby
Giant's Grave, Penrith
Giant's Thumb, Penrith
Gibbet Hill, Langwathby
Gill Beck (5)
Gillwilly Lane, Penrith
Glassonbybeck, Glassonby
Glassonby Beck
Glassonby parish
Glassonby stone circle, Glassonby
Gloucester Arms, Penrith
gradient post, Hunsonby
Granary House, Penrith
Grapes, Penrith
Grayson House, Great Salkeld
Grayson House, Hunsonby
Great Salkeld parish
Great Salkeld
Great Wood, Edenhall
Greenfield House, Penrith
Green Ghyll, Great Salkeld
Greengillfoot, Penrith
Greengill Head, Penrith
Greengill House, Penrith
Greenlands, Langwathby
Green Lane, Great Salkeld
Greenways, Penrith
Grey Bull Inn, Penrith
Grey Goat, Penrith
Greyhound Inn, Penrith
Hackmoor Hills, Langwathby
Halfwaywell, Great Salkeld
Hallows, Penrith
Hall Well, Lazonby
Haresceugh Hole, Glassonby
Hawthorn, Penrith
Hazel Dub, Langwathby
Hesket parish
Highbarn Cottage, Langwathby
High Barn, Langwathby
High Farm, Langwathby
High Gate, Great Salkeld
Highland Drove Inn, Great Salkeld
Hill House, Penrith
Holmeleigh, Penrith
Home Farm, Langwathby
Honeypot, Langwathby
Hope Hill, Langwathby
Hopehill Wood, Langwathby
house, Glassonby
house, Great Salkeld
house, Hunsonby
house, Penrith (3)
house, Penrith (4)
house, Penrith (6)
Huffa Plantation, Great Salkeld
Hunsonby parish
Hunsonby Swimming Pool, Hunsonby
Hunter Hall, Great Salkeld
Hunter House, Penrith
Hunters Cottage, Hunsonby
Hutton Hall, Penrith
Hydepark, Langwathby
hydrant cover, Lazonby
hydrant plate, Edenhall (2)
hydrant plate, Edenhall (3)
hydrant plate, Edenhall
hydrant plate, Great Salkeld (2)
hydrant plate, Great Salkeld (3)
hydrant plate, Great Salkeld
hydrant plate, Hunsonby
hydrant plate, Langwathby
hydrant plate, Lazonby
hydrant plate, Penrith (2)
hydrant plate, Penrith (3)
icehouse, Eden Hall
Inglewoodbank Cottages, Penrith
Inglewood Bank, Great Salkeld
Inglewood Cottages, Lazonby (2)
Inglewood Inn Farm, Penrith
Ivy Cottage, Edenhall
Ivy Cottage, Hunsonby
Ivy Cottage, Penrith
Ivy House, Winskill
Jacksfell Wood, Langwathby
Joiners Arms, Lazonby
Judge's Plantation, Great Salkeld
Keeper's Cottage, Glassonby
Keld Farm, Great Salkeld
Keldhead Lane, Lazonby
Kirk Bank, Glassonby
Kirkhouses, Great Salkeld
Kirkoswald parish
Lacy's Caves, Glassonby
Lamley House, Penrith
Langley House, Langwathby
Langwathby Bridge, Langwathby
Langwathby CofE Primary School, Langwathby
Langwathby Hall, Langwathby
Langwathby Mill, Langwathby
Langwathby Moor, Langwathby
Langwathby parish
Langwathby Station, Langwathby
Lark Hall, Penrith
Laurels, Penrith
Law Close, Glassonby
Lawclose, Glassonby
Lawclose Sike
Lazonby CofE School, Lazonby
Lazonby Fell, Lazonby
Lazonby Fire Station, Lazonby
Lazonby: Kirk Neuk Gallery
Lazonby Mart, Lazonby
Lazonby parish
Lazonby Station, Lazonby
Lazonby Tunnel, Lazonby
Lazonby Village Hall, Lazonby
Limes, Edenhall
Linden Farm, Culgaith: joinery
Linden Farm, Culgaith
lineside hut, Hunsonby
lineside hut, Langwathby
Liquorice Sike
Little Briggle Beck
Little Gill, Hunsonby
Little Meg, Hunsonby
Little Salkeld, Hunsonby
Little Salkeld Station, Little Salkeld
Little Salkeld Viaduct, Hunsonby
Loam Cottage, Great Salkeld
Lodge Bank, Kirkoswald
lodge, Bowscar
lodge, Edenhall
lodge, Nunwick Hall
Longbank Wood, Hunsonby
Longflats Lane, Glassonby
Long Meg and Her Daughters, Hunsonby
Longmeg, Hunsonby
Longmeg Mine, Hunsonby
Long Meg Plaster Sidings, Hunsonby
Long Meg Sidings Signal Box, Hunsonby
Long Meg Viaduct, Great Salkeld
Long Moss, Penrith
Longrigg Sike
Lonsdale House, Penrith
Lowther Arms, Penrith
Lowther Gardens, Penrith
Lowther House, Penrith
Low Wath, Great Salkeld
Low Well, Winskill
Luham Lane, Great Salkeld
Luham, Langwathby
Magistrate's Clerks Office, Penrith
Maidenhill Inn, Penrith
Maiden Hill, Penrith
Maidenhill, Penrith
Maidenhill Quarries, Penrith
Maiden's Step, Langwathby
Mains, Kirkoswald
Mansion House, Penrith
map, Hunsonby
Marian Lodge, Hunsonby
Masonic Hall, Penrith
Maughanby, Glassonby
meeting house, Penrith
Melbourne House, Penrith
Melmerby Mire, Ousby
memorial, Edenhall
Michael Grey's Well, Great Salkeld
Mickleton's Lane, Great Salkeld
Midland Hotel, Lazonby
Mid Town Farm, Great Salkeld
Milestone House Fold, Penrith
Milestone House, Penrith
milestone, Hunsonby
milestone, Langwathby (2)
milestone, Langwathby (3)
milestone, Langwathby (4)
milestone, Langwathby
milestone, Ousby (2)
milestone, Penrith (2)
milestone, Penrith (3)
milestone, Penrith (4)
Millbeck Lane, Lazonby
Millburn House, Penrith
mill, Edenhall
Mill Gate, Great Salkeld
mill, Glassonby
mill, Little Salkeld
Mill Pool, Great Salkeld
Millstone Cottage, Lazonby
Moor Cottage, Langwathby
Moorlands Plantation, Culgaith
Moorside, Culgaith
Morgan Wells, Kirkoswald
Mostyn Hall, Penrith
motte, Kirkcambeck
Mounseybank, Plumpton
Mounsey Gill
Mount Pleasant, Penrith
Mud Sike
Museum Hotel, Penrith
Nethermoor Plantation, Langwathby
New Brewery, Penrith
Newlands Lodge, Penrith
Newlands Terrace, Penrith
Newrough Wood, Hunsonby
Newtongate, Penrith
North Friarage, Penrith
Nunwick Hall, Great Salkeld
Nunwick Old Hall, Great Salkeld
Oddfellows Arms, Penrith
Old Brewery, Penrith
Old Coach House, Hunsonby
Old Crown Inn, Penrith
Olde Drugge Shoppe, Penrith
Old Hall Farm, Glassonby
Old Post Office, Great Salkeld
Old School House, Edenhall
Old School, Langwathby
Old Vicarage, Edenhall
Old Vicarage, Little Salkeld
Orchard Cottage, Little Salkeld
Ousby Moor, Ousby
Ousby parish
Outwood, Penrith
Page Hall, Penrith
paper mill, Little Salkeld
Peatmoor Tarn, Hunsonby
Pennyhill, Penrith
Penrith: ACE Fixings
Penrith: Albert Street, 12 and 13
Penrith: Albert Street, 26 to 29
Penrith: Albert Street, 30 to 32
Penrith: Albert Street, 9 to 11
Penrith: Albert Street
Penrith: Alexandra Road
Penrith: Angel Lane, 4
Penrith: Angel Lane
Penrith: Arcade, 11
Penrith: Arnison's
Penrith: Arthur Street, 19 and 20
Penrith: Arthur Street, 21
Penrith: Arthur Street, 30 and 31
Penrith: Arthur Street, 48 to 50
Penrith: Arthur Street, 51 to 52
Penrith: Arthur Street, 53 to 55
Penrith: Arthur Street, 60
Penrith: Arthur Street, 61 to 63
Penrith: Arthur Street, 65 to 68
Penrith: Arthur Street
Penrith: Banks Swinburn
Penrith: Barclay's Bank
Penrith Beacon, Penrith
Penrith: Beckside Books
Penrith: Bensons Row
Penrith: Bishop Yards, 1 to 3
Penrith: Bishop Yards
Penrith: Bluebell Lane
Penrith: Brook Street
Penrith: Brougham Street
Penrith: Brunswick Road
Penrith: Brunswick Square, 18
Penrith: Brunswick Square
Penrith: Burrowgate, 45 and 46
Penrith: Burrowgate, 54
Penrith: Burrowgate
Penrith: Burton's
Penrith: Castlegate
Penrith Cemetery, Penrith
Penrith: Corn Market, 24 and 25
Penrith: Corn Market, 25a
Penrith: Corn Market, 26
Penrith: Corn Market, 3 to 5
Penrith: Corn Market, 8
Penrith: Corn Market, 9 to 12
Penrith: Corn Market
Penrith: Costas Tapas Bar
Penrith: Cowper's
Penrith: Cromwell Road
Penrith: Cross Street
Penrith: Devonshire Street, 11
Penrith: Devonshire Street, 12
Penrith: Devonshire Street, 13
Penrith: Devonshire Street, 14
Penrith: Devonshire Street, 23
Penrith: Devonshire Street, 2
Penrith: Devonshire Street, 3 and 4
Penrith: Devonshire Street, 5 and 6
Penrith: Devonshire Street, 7
Penrith: Devonshire Street
Penrith: De Whelpdale's Lane
Penrith: Drovers Lane
Penrith: Duke Street
Penrith: Fell Lane
Penrith: Folly Lane
Penrith: Foster Street
Penrith: Friargate
Penrith: Glendinning, W J
Penrith Golf Club, Penrith
Penrith: Graham Street
Penrith: Graham's
Penrith: Great Dockray, 23
Penrith: Great Dockray, 24 to 25
Penrith: Great Dockray, 26
Penrith: Great Dockray, 36
Penrith: Great Dockray, 37 to 39
Penrith: Great Dockray, 4
Penrith: Great Dockray, 5 to 7
Penrith: Great Dockray
Penrith: Greenfields Heat and Power
Penrith: Herd Bros
Penrith: Hetherington Bros
Penrith: Howard Street
Penrith: HSBC Bank
Penrith: Hunter's Lane
Penrith: King Street, 11
Penrith: King Street, 12
Penrith: King Street, 18
Penrith: King Street, 19 to 21
Penrith: King Street, 2
Penrith: King Street, 40
Penrith: King Street, 41 and 42
Penrith: King Street, 43 and 44
Penrith: King Street, 46
Penrith: King Street, 47
Penrith: King Street, 48 to 52
Penrith: King Street, 4
Penrith: King Street, 9 and 10
Penrith: King Street
Penrith: Lark Lane
Penrith: Little Dockray, 11 and 12
Penrith: Little Dockray, 19 to 21
Penrith: Little Dockray, 3
Penrith: Little Dockray, 8
Penrith: Little Dockray, 9 and 10
Penrith: Little Dockray
Penrith: Lloyds Bank
Penrith: Lowther Street
Penrith: Maggie's Bakery
Penrith: Market Square, 4
Penrith: Market Square
Penrith: Meeting House Lane, 14 to 17
Penrith: Meeting House Lane
Penrith: Metcalfe and Bainbridge
Penrith Methodist Church, Penrith
Penrith: Middlegate, 11 and 12
Penrith: Middlegate, 13 and 14
Penrith: Middlegate, 1 and 2
Penrith: Middlegate, 3 to 5
Penrith: Middlegate, 6 and 7
Penrith: Middlegate, 8
Penrith: Middlegate
Penrith: Mill Street
Penrith: Milton Street
Penrith Museum, Penrith
Penrith: Nichol Hill
Penrith Parish Centre, Penrith
Penrith parish
Penrith: Pattinson and Winter
Penrith: Penrith Building Society
Penrith Police Station, Penrith
Penrith: Princes Street
Penrith: Queen Street, 11 and 14
Penrith: Queen Street, 17
Penrith: Queen Street, 19 to 22
Penrith: Queen Street, 24 and 25
Penrith: Queen Street, 7
Penrith: Queen Street
Penrith: Robinson Street
Penrith: Royal Thai Restaurant
Penrith: Saddlery
Penrith: Sandgate, 13 to 15
Penrith: Sandgate, 16 to 19
Penrith: Sandgate
Penrith: Sands
Penrith: Scotland Road, 6-7
Penrith: Scotland Road
Penrith: Sinclair's
Penrith: Skinner Street
Penrith: St Andrew's Churchyard, 11 and 12
Penrith: St Andrew's Churchyard, 2 to 4
Penrith: St Andrew's Churchyard, 8
Penrith: St Andrew's Churchyard, 9 and 10
Penrith: St Andrew's Place, 1
Penrith: St Andrew's Place
Penrith: St Andrew's Square, 1 and 2
Penrith: St Andrew's View, 1
Penrith Steam Museum, Penrith
Penrith: Stricklandgate, 21
Penrith: Stricklandgate, 46
Penrith: Stricklandgate, 60 to 62
Penrith: Stricklandgate, 85 to 87
Penrith: Stricklandgate
Penrith: Thacka Lane
Penrith: Thornborrow
Penrith: White Hart Yard
Penrith: Wilson, Jespers and Co
Penrith: Wordsworth Terrace
Petterill Terrace, Penrith
Pheasantries, Edenhall
Pheasantries, Langwathby
pillbox, Langwathby
pinfold, Edenhall
pinfold, Hunsonby
pinfold, Lazonby
Pinglemoor Plantation, Culgaith
Plumpton Head, Plumpton (2)
Plumpton Head, Plumpton
police station, Lazonby
post box, Edenhall
post box, Hunsonby (2)
post box, Hunsonby
post box, Penrith (2)
post box, Penrith (4)
Potters Lodge, Penrith
Presbyterian Manse, Penrith
quarry, Great Salkeld
race course, Langwathby Moor
race course, Penrith
railway bridge, Hunsonby
railway bridge, Langwathby (2)
railway bridge, Langwathby (3)
railway bridge, Langwathby (4)
railway bridge, Langwathby (5)
railway bridge, Langwathby
railway bridge, Lazonby
railway bridge, Little Salkeld (2)
railway bridge, Little Salkeld
railway bridge, Penrith (2)
railway bridge, Penrith (3)
railway bridge, Penrith
railway cutting, Lazonby
Railway Inn, Penrith
railway milepost, Langwathby
Raiselands, Penrith
Rectory, Great Salkeld
Red Rock Quarry, Bowscar
Red Stone Inn, Penrith
Ridding Quarry, Glassonby
Rigghead Plantation, Lazonby
Robberby, Hunsonby
Robberby Water
Robin Hood Inn, Penrith
roman camp, Plumpton Head
roman road, Penrith
Rookery Hill, Brougham
Rosebank, Penrith
Rose Cottage, Lazonby
Rosehill Cottage, Edenhall
Roundthorn Cottage, Penrith
Roundthorn Hotel, Penrith
Rowan Cottage, Hunsonby
Row Bank, Glassonby
Royal, Penrith
Rutherford House, Penrith
Salkeld Dyke, Great Salkeld
Salkeld Dykes, Great Salkeld
Salkeld Hall, Little Salkeld
Salkeld Haugh, Great Salkeld
Salkeld House, Great Salkeld
Salkeld Loam, Great Salkeld
Sandwath Beck (2)
Sandwath Farm, Glassonby
Sawyers Well, Lazonby
Scalehill, Lazonby
Scarfoot, Hesket
Scar, Langwathby
Scar Loaning, Lazonby
Scarrows, Lazonby
Scatterbeck Mill, Lazonby
Scatter Beck
Scaws Brow, Glassonby
Scaws, Penrith
school, Hunsonby
school, Maughanby (2)
school, Maughanby
school, Penrith (2)
school, Penrith (3)
school, Penrith (4)
school, Penrith (5)
school, Penrith (6)
school, Penrith
Scratchmere Scar, Lazonby
Scratchmill Scar, Lazonby
Scumscaw Farm, Penrith
seat, Glassonby (2)
seat, Glassonby
Seathill, Lazonby
seat, Lazonby
seat, Little Salkeld
seat, Penrith
Shadow Burgh, Langwathby
Shambles, Penrith
Shepherd's Hill, Penrith
Shepherds Inn, Langwathby
Shepherd's View, Penrith
Skirsgill Wood, Culgaith
Skirwith Low Moor, Culgaith
Slatequarry Wood, Langwathby
Smither Gill
South Rising, Langwathby
South View Farm, Hunsonby
South View, Hunsonby
Sowyers Beck
Sowyersteps Bridge, Langwathby
Sowyersteps Wood, Langwathby
Sportsman Inn, Penrith
Stagstones Farm, Penrith
Staingills, Culgaith
St Andrew, Penrith
St Andrew's Churchyard, Penrith
Station Hotel, Penrith
Station Signal Box, Langwathby
Station Signal Box, Little Salkeld
Station View House, Penrith
St Catherine's Chapel, Penrith
St Cuthbert, Edenhall
St Cuthbert, Great Salkeld
St Cuthbert's CofE Primary School, Great Salkeld
St Cuthbert's Well, Edenhall
St George's School, Penrith
St Michael, Addingham
St Michael's Well, Lazonby
St Nicholas, Lazonby
stocks, Lazonby
Stone Raise, Great Salkeld
stone, Stagstones
stone wall, Brownrigg
stone wall, Great Salkeld
stone wall, Langwathby
stone wall, Ousby
stone wall, Penrith (2)
stone wall, Penrith
Stoneybeck Inn, Penrith
Stonybeck Bridge, Penrith
Stonybeck Turnpike, Penrith
Stony Beck
St Peter, Langwathby
Stratheden, Langwathby
Strickland House, Penrith
Strickland Terrace, Penrith
summer house, Edenhall
summer house, Langwathby
sundial, Glassonby
sundial, Great Salkeld (2)
sundial, Great Salkeld
sundial, Hunsonby
sundial, Lazonby
sundial, Penrith (2)
sundial, Penrith (3)
sundial, Penrith
tanyard, Penrith
Tarn House, Hunsonby
Tea Rose Cottage, Edenhall
telephone box, Great Salkeld
telephone box, Langwathby
Temperance Hotel, Penrith
Thackagate, Penrith
Thacka Lane Bridge, Penrith
Thorn Bank, Great Salkeld
Thorntree House, Lazonby
Throstle Hall, Hunsonby
Tib Wood, Glassonby
toll gate, Langwathby
toll gate, Penrith (2)
toll gate, Penrith (3)
toll gate, Penrith
Tor Pen, Great Salkeld
Tower Plantation, Penrith
Town End Farm, Great Salkeld
Townfoot Farm, Lazonby
Townfoot, Lazonby
Town Hall, Penrith
Townhead, Edenhall
Town Head Farm, Great Salkeld
Townhead, Lazonby
Townhead Wood, Edenhall
town house, Penrith
TPO apparatus, Penrith
Tudor Cottage, Penrith
Turfley Sike
Turk's Head Inn, Penrith
Udford Crags, Langwathby
Udford House, Brougham
Ud Ford, Langwathby
Udford, Langwathby
Udford Wood, Brougham
Union Mills, Penrith
Union Terrace, Penrith
Vicarage, Lazonby
Victoria Foundry, Penrith
viewpoint, Beacon Hill
viewpoint, Penrith
Villa Bianca, Penrith
Village Farm, Great Salkeld
village hall, Glassonby
village hall, Great Salkeld
village hall, Langwathby
Virginia, Penrith
Wain Gate, Great Salkeld
Wan Fell, Great Salkeld
Warehouse, Penrith
war memorial, Edenhall
war memorial, Great Salkeld
war memorial, Hunsonby
war memorial, Langwathby
war memorial, Lazonby
war memorial, Penrith
Wastebank Tunnel, Culgaith
water trough, Great Salkeld
water trough, Penrith
water trough, Scatterbeck
waterworks sign, Edenhall
waterworks sign, Lazonby
weir, Great Salkeld
West Brownrigg, Lazonby
West Lane, Great Salkeld
West Lodge, Edenhall
Westview, Penrith
Whelpdale Hill, Penrith
Whinsfield, Langwathby
Whins Pond, Langwathby
White Hart Hotel, Penrith
White House Farm, Glassonby
White House, Langwathby
White Keld, Culgaith
White Mires, Melmerby
Williekeld Sike
Willow Grove, Penrith
Will Pool, Lazonby
Winskill, Hunsonby
Winskillmoor, Hunsonby
Wolfa, Great Salkeld
Wolfe, Penrith
Wood, Glassonby
Woodhead, Langwathby
Woolhead Quarries, Glassonby
Woolpack Inn, Penrith