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Middleton parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Westmorland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   SD6486
10Km square:-   SD69
10Km square:-   SD68
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1675
placename:-  Middleton in Lonsdale ward
source data:-   Records, hearth tax survey returns, Westmorland, 1674/75.
"Middleton in Lonsdale ward"

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1670
placename:-  Midleton
source data:-   Records, hearth tax returns, exchequer duplicates, Westmorland, 1670.

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 131 (1971)

place:-   Middleton Constablewick

SD62068561 Abba Farm, Middleton 
SD6285 Abbey Beck 
SD62078555 Abbey Farm, Middleton 
SD62938516 accommodation bridge, Middleton 
SD62948519 accommodation crossing, Middleton 
SD62958587 accommodation crossing, Middleton (2) 
SD62628462 Applegarth, Middleton L
SD6384 Ashdale Gill 
SD61658465 Bainsbank Farm, Middleton 
SD62678495 Bald Busk, Middleton gone?
SD62788412 Bankcroft Plantation, Middleton 
SD64068340 Barbon Beacon, Middleton 
SD668864 Barkin Top, Middleton 
SD62928360 Barwick Hall, Middleton 
SD63348850 Beckside Hall, Middleton 
SD63968387 Berryby Fold Hill, Middleton 
SD6286 Bethom Croft Gill 
SD62228409 Betweengates Lane, Middleton 
SD6183 Black Beck (19) 
NY65128930 Black Hill, Middleton 
NY65788886 Black Hill, Middleton (2) 
SD62068361 Blackbeck Bridge, Middleton 
SD62708374 Borwens, Middleton L
NY64578980 Brigflatts Moss, Middleton 
SD61878361 Broom Field, Middleton 
SD61918371 Broomfield Barn, Middleton gone?
SD6386 Brow Gill 
SD6486 Brow, Middleton once?
SD65838869 Brown Knott, Middleton 
SD64458517 Calf Foot, Middleton 
SD66448563 Calf Top, Middleton 
SD65508521 Calf, Middleton 
SD64718730 Cartsaddle Hill, Middleton 
SD65668415 Castle Knott, Barbon 
NY63958865 Catkirk, Middleton gone?
SD61878316 Dawns, Middleton 
SD63838329 Devil's Crag, Middleton 
SD6282 Eller Beck (12) 
SD63158587 Ellers, Middleton L
SD63988330 Eskholme Pike, Middleton 
SD63378330 Eskholme, Middleton 
NY63759061 Fell Lane, Middleton 
SD63508373 Fell Lane, Middleton (2) 
SD63608888 Fellside, Middleton 
SD62918518 fence, Middleton 
SD61648363 ferry, Middleton 
SD62888529 footbridge, Middleton 
NY63519086 Ford Lane, Middleton 
SD62438825 ford, Killington (2) 
SD61508349 ford, Middleton 
SD63608355 Gawklands, Middleton 
NY65478897 Giants Knott, Middleton 
SD65368363 Gibbons Pots, Middleton 
SD6483 Glede Gill 
SD62078379 Goldencup Nursery, Middleton gone?
SD62078499 Green Lane, Middleton 
SD66998705 Green Maws, Middleton 
SD62218660 Grimes Hill, Middleton 
SD61898489 Hag Wood, Middleton 
SD61988572 Hawkin Hall, Middleton L
SD61888590 Hawking Ford, Middleton 
SD61988578 Hawking Hall, Middleton 
SD62918862 Head, Middleton 
SD61938410 Helm, Middleton 
SD62768687 High Green, Middleton 
SD63919072 High Holme, Middleton 
SD62588563 High Lane, Middleton 
SD62898437 High Sowermire, Middleton 
SD62678684 High Stockdale Bridge, Middleton 
SD62658865 High Waterside, Middleton gone?
SD63139050 Hodgehill Wood, Middleton 
SD63338856 Hollins, Middleton 
SD63459092 Holme Ford, Middleton 
SD64438949 Holme Knott, Middleton 
SD63629074 Holme, Middleton 
SD6484 Howe Gill (3) 
SD64668477 Howegill Head, Middleton 
SD63948407 Hurst, Middleton 
SD63588457 Intakes, Middleton 
NY63459014 Jordan Barn, Middleton gone
SD63208955 Jordan Lane, Middleton 
NY63649025 Jordan Moss, Middleton 
NY63738981 Jordan Wood, Middleton 
SD63448406 Kettlester Hill, Middleton 
SD6387 Larum Gill 
SD6484 Lead Gill 
SD66748779 Long Bank, Middleton 
SD67138751 Longbank Peat Moss, Middleton 
SD63308502 Low Fellside, Middleton 
 Low Gill and Ingleton branch railway 
SD62568676 Low Green, Middleton 
SD63469085 Low Holme, Middleton suggested
SD61748523 Low House, Middleton gone?
SD61958539 Low Lane, Middleton 
SD62298677 Low Stockdale Bridge, Middleton 
SD62528816 Low Waterside, Middleton 
SD6487 Luge Gill 
SD642866 Middleton 
SD63018975 Middleton Bridge, Middleton L
SD65258631 Middleton Fell, Middleton 
NY6387 Middleton Hall Beck 
SD62468740 Middleton Hall Bridge, Middleton 
SD62688744 Middleton Hall, Middleton L
SD62828864 Middleton Head, Middleton 
SD62628702 Middleton Mill, Middleton 
SD62708823 Middleton Station, Middleton 
SD62098480 milestone, Middleton L
SD62588793 milestone, Middleton (2) L
SD62938943 milestone, Middleton (3) L
SD62278637 milestone, Middleton (4) 
SD62108322 milestone, Middleton (5) 
SD63448548 Mill House, Middleton 
SD62658526 Millbeck, Middleton 
SD6385 Millhouse Beck 
SD6485 Millhouse Gill 
SD6485 Millhouse Gill, Middleton 
SD61988342 Milmers, Middleton 
NY63688966 Newclose Wood, Middleton 
SD6485 Northdale Gill 
SD66498687 Noughtberry Moor, Middleton 
SD62598539 Old Smithy, Middleton 
NY63018943 Park Wood, Middleton 
SD62528732 pinfold, Middleton 
SD63169021 pinfold, Middleton (2) suggested
NY63538871 Pond Gill 
SD62668800 railway bridge, Middleton 
SD62868862 railway bridge, Middleton (2) 
SD63449016 railway bridge, Middleton (3) 
SD63188981 railway bridge, Middleton (4) 
SD62888311 railway bridge, Middleton (5) 
SD62948533 railway bridge, Middleton (6) 
SD62938427 railway bridge, Middleton (7) 
SD62738753 railway bridge, Middleton (8) 
SD63248990 railway embankment, Middleton 
SD63258995 railway milepost, Middleton 
NY63568845 Raismire, Middleton gone?
NY6388 Raismoor Beck 
SD63618824 Raismoor Side, Middleton suggested
SD645881 Raismoor, Middleton 
SD62618693 Ratten Row, Middleton 
SD6894 Rawthey, River 
NY6388 Ridding Beck 
SD61688486 Rigmaden Bridge, Mansergh L
SD66258827 Robin Hurrock Pike, Middleton 
SD62278588 roman milestone, Middleton L
SD65758584 Sammy's Pike, Middleton 
SD62238364 Scalesteads, Middleton 
SD62498596 School House, Middleton 
SD62338614 school, Middleton 
SD62918960 shed, Middleton 
SD63468894 sheepfold, Middleton 
SD63868887 sheepfold, Middleton (2) 
SD65518405 sheepfold, Middleton (3) 
SD64978653 shooting box, Middleton 
SD63278497 Smailthorn, Middleton 
SD6286 Smithy Beck (4) 
SD62378458 Sorrowsike Lane, Middleton 
SD6485 Southdale Gill 
SD6284 Sowermire Beck 
SD62878433 Sowermire Farm, Middleton 
SD63298453 Sowermire Wood, Middleton 
SD6286 Stockdale Beck (2) 
SD67368690 stone wall, Middleton 
SD66348817 structure, Middleton 
SD61688388 Sucky Ford, Middleton 
SD62248665 Swan Inn, Middleton L
SD6486 Thirlenay Hall, Middleton once?
SD6486 Thirnbeck Gill 
SD64418366 Thorn Moor, Middleton 
NY64798958 Thorny Pike Hill, Middleton 
SD64478394 Three Little Boys, Middleton 
SD63198510 Todd Walls, Middleton gone?
SD62898861 toll gate, Middleton gone
SD62918597 Tossbeck, Middleton L
SD63418386 Towerybank Hill, Middleton 
SD61718331 Treasonfield, Middleton 
SD6644685634 trig point, SD6644685634 
SD64798385 Turney Bank, Middleton 
SD64998348 Turneybank Well, Middleton 
SD62868636 Ullathorns, Middleton 
SD64778353 Wadeson's Slack, Middleton 
NY62848959 Waters Meeting, Middleton 
SD6283 Whams Dike 
SD6587 Wrestle Gill 
SD6487 Wygraft Gill 
SD63358349 Yewtree, Middleton 
 North Western Railway 
NY6205 Lune, River 
SD62318619 Holy Ghost, Middleton L
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