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Dent parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Yorkshire
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   SD7285
10Km square:-   SD69
10Km square:-   SD68
10Km square:-   SD78
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 590 (1971)

SD74138681 Acre Farm, Dent L
SD77748797 Alick's Fold, Dent gone
SD74608678 Allen Haw, Dent L
SD69649086 Anthony Quarry, Dent 
SD76368775 aqueduct, Dent 
SD77698536 aqueduct, Dent (2) 
SD77858582 Arten Gill, Dent 
SD7885 Artengill Beck 
SD77658580 Artengill Viaduct, Dent L
SD72078863 Aye Gill Pike, Dent 
SD74138782 Aye Gill Wold, Dent 
SD71148723 Ayland Bridge, Dent 
SD7180 Back Gill 
SD71108141 Back Gill Head, Dent 
SD71558709 Backstone Gill Bridge, Dent 
SD71618714 Backstone Gill Cottage, Dent L
SD71618720 Backstonegill, Dent 
SD70538701 Bank House, Dent L
SD74728558 Bank Side, Dent 
SD70458581 Banks Brows, Dent 
SD66758520 Barkin, Dent 
SD72288375 barn, Deepdale 
SD72208668 barn, Dent (2) L
SD69268742 barn, Gawthrop 
SD66178990 barn, Rash L
SD69398726 Barras House, Gawthrop L
SD69478790 Barth Bridge, Dent L
SD69598808 Barth, Dent 
SD73178643 Basil Busk, Dent L
SD764883 Beald Fold, Dent gone
SD70578703 Beech Hill Cottage, Dent L
SD782841 Bess Intake House, Dent 
SD71378317 bield, Dent 
SD70018773 Biggerside Farm, Dent L
SD72628439 Bigholme Bridge, Deepdale 
SD7384 Bigholme Gill 
SD707835 Binks, Dent 
SD74368622 Birchen Tree, Dent L
NY65128930 Black Hill, Middleton 
NY65788886 Black Hill, Middleton (2) 
SD76688767 Blackmire, Dent 
SD76798544 Blake Beck Force, Dent 
SD72618474 Blake Rigg Wood, Deepdale 
SD72768478 Blake Rigg, Deepdale L
SD74088663 Blands, Dent L
SD6988 Blea Beck Gill 
SD69588854 Blea Beck, Dent L
SD77408461 Blea Gill Quarry, Dent 
SD7082 Blea Gills 
SD77928213 Blea Moor Moss, Dent 
SD771823 Blea Moor, Dent 
SD760891 Bleagill Fold, Dent gone
SD76158187 Bleamoor Tunnel, Dent 
SD72998698 Blue Bonnet Well, Dent 
SD77618893 Borran Fold, Dent 
SD68098518 Bouldershaw Well, Dent 
SD66868479 boundary stone, Barbon/Dent L
SD69258738 boundary stone, Dent 
SD70718715 boundary stone, Dent (3) 
SD71658094 boundary stone, Dent (4) 
SD75628691 boundary stone, Dent (5) 
SD77048592 boundary stone, Dent (6) 
SD79038349 boundary stone, Dent/Ingleton 
SD79668428 boundary stone, Dent/Ingleton (2) 
SD65429077 boundary stone, Dent/Sedbergh L
SD69268738 boundary stone, Gawthrop 
SD66618931 Brackensgill, Dent L
SD72348633 Bradley's Leap, Dent 
SD77648631 Brant Side, Dent 
SD69278740 Bridge Cottage, Gawthrop 
SD77538472 Bridge End Cottage, Dent 
SD72888466 bridge, Deepdale 
SD77748439 bridge, Dent Head 
SD77418902 Broad Mea Head, Dent 
SD77768918 Broad Mea Well, Dent 
SD74008660 Broadfield, Dent L
SD74628697 Broadmire, Dent 
SD75688782 Broken Gill Well, Dent 
SD69328731 Brookside, Gawthrop L
SD65838869 Brown Knott, Middleton 
SD70488588 Brow's Limekiln, Dent 
SD7184 Bursock Gill 
SD72068514 Butter Pots, Deepdale 
SD736819 Cable Rake, Dent 
SD71658627 Cage Farm, Dent L
SD66448563 Calf Top, Middleton 
SD77118579 Carlow Hill, Stone House L
SD70758716 Church Bridge, Dent L
SD739859 Clint, Dent 
SD72758276 Combe Bottom, Deepdale 
SD7282 Combe Gill (2) 
SD68148755 Combe House, Dent L
SD72878247 Combe, Dent 
SD70398683 Congregational Manse, Dent L
SD67438880 Corn Close, Dent 
SD71558604 Coventree, Deepdale L
SD76878630 Cow Dub Bridge, Dent 
SD76838629 Cow Dub Farm, Dent L
SD72718495 Cow Fold, Deepdale 
SD7587 Cowgill Beck 
SD75628693 Cowgill Bridge, Dent L
SD78658914 Cowgill Head Bridge, Dent 
SD783888 Cowgill Head Coal Pits, Dent 
SD77848854 Cowgill Wold Meas, Dent 
SD75688703 Cowgill, Dent 
SD692833 Crag Hill, Casterton 
SD69218331 Crag Hill, Dent 
SD773827 Crag of Blea Moor, Dent 
SD693839 Crag Side, Dent 
SD67608933 Craggs Hill, Dent L
SD78628626 Cross Coal Pits, Dent 
SD72738659 Cross House, Dent 
SD79278637 Cross Pits Colliery, Dent 
SD79418634 Cross upon Crossets, Dent 
SD66818960 Dairy Cottage, Dent L
SD703866 Dancing Flags, Dent 
SD78038935 Dawson's Rock, Dent 
SD75198683 Dee Cottage, Dent 
SD77368507 Dee Side Farm, Dent L
SD77398510 Dee Side House, Dent L
SD7186 Dee, River 
SD7286 Deepdale Beck (2) 
SD72608326 Deepdale Head, Deepdale L
SD72328410 Deepdale Lane, Deepdale 
SD72248591 Deepdale Methodist Chapel, Deepdale 
SD73298407 Deepdale Side, Deepdale 
SD72518427 Deepdale, Dent 
SD705871 Dent 
SD785862 Dent Fell, Dent 
SD65828995 Dent Foot Methodist Chapel, Rash 
SD70528707 Dent Grammar School, Dent L
SD77578427 Dent Head Farm, Dent 
SD77738426 Dent Head Signal Box, Dent 
SD77768433 Dent Head Viaduct, Dent L
SD771859 Dent Marble Mill, Stone House 
SD76438749 Dent Station, Dent L
SD70328710 Dent Village Heritage Centre, Dent 
SD71838673 Dentdale, Dent 
SD72708199 Dick's Fold, Dent 
SD68248836 Dillicar, Dent 
SD72328451 Dockle Sike, Deepdale L
SD75628721 Dockra Bridge, Dent L
SD69548590 Doctor's Spring, Dent 
SD770881 Dodderham Fold, Dent 
SD769882 Dodderham Moss, Dent 
SD69128510 Donald's Fold, Dent 
SD7384 Dry Gill (2) 
SD72898461 Dry Gill, Deepdale 
SD72428544 Dyke Hall Lane, Deepdale 
SD72418561 Dyke Hall, Deepdale 
SD71698715 East Backstone Gill, Dent 
SD70978634 East Banks Farm, Dent L
SD73908595 East Clint, Dent L
SD77198583 East Stone House, Stone House L
SD69248727 Eddy Wife Bank, Gawthrop 
SD70538699 Edmonsons, Dent L
SD69078809 Elam Monument, Dent L
SD75578687 Ewegales Bridge, Dent L
SD7586 Ewegales Gill 
SD70438756 Fairy Hole Cave, Dent 
SD69388730 Far End Cottage, Gawthrop L
SD7884 Fell End Gill 
SD704860 Fell Garth, Dent 
SD76068692 fingerpost, Cowgill (2) 
SD75068436 Fish Sike Spring, Dent 
SD71768684 Flats Barn, Dent 
SD76228664 Fletchers Farm, Dent L
SD707872 Flinter Gill 
SD70028530 Flinter Gill High Scout, Dent 
SD69858560 Flinter Gill Low Scouts, Dent 
SD71148778 Foal Barn, Dent 
SD75238420 Fold Gill Spring, Dent 
SD72498490 footbridge, Deepdale 
SD66718938 ford, Dent 
SD77448503 ford, Dent (2) 
SD711818 Foul Moss, Dent 
SD69158767 Foul Syke Barn, Dent 
SD69068765 Foulsyke Farm, Dent 
SD66508943 Gale Garth, Dent L
SD66709004 Gap, Dent L
SD7183 Gastack Beck 
SD72058372 Gastack Beck Bottom, Deepdale 
SD68778869 gate, Dent 
SD66728967 Gate, Dent 
SD77678742 gate, Dent (2) 
SD69338689 Gawthrop Cave, Dent 
SD69348728 Gawthrop Hall, Gawthrop L
SD69308728 Gawthrop Villa, Gawthrop L
SD692873 Gawthrop, Dent 
SD70528698 George and Dragon, Dent L
SD70708645 Geslings, Dent L
NY65478897 Giants Knott, Middleton 
SD73518638 Gibbs Hall Farm, Dent L
SD691853 Gill Head, Dent 
SD72318333 Governor's Lathe, Deepdale 
SD69638745 Gowlands Cross, Dent 
SD7685 Great Blake Beck 
SD70138352 Great Coum, Dent 
SD788871 Great Knoutberry Hill, Dent 
SD74918435 Great Wold, Dent 
SD66868833 Green Edges, Dent 
SD687864 Green Hill, Dent 
SD700815 Green Hill, Dent (2) 
SD76838422 Greenbank's Limekiln, Dent 
SD71428629 Greenwell, Dent L
SD67188950 Greenwood Haw, Dent 
SD740874 Guilmire Stones, Dent 
SD740875 Guilmire, Dent 
SD7485 Hacker Gill 
SD74278616 Hackergill Farm, Dent L
SD69528842 Hacra, Dent L
SD72458508 Hagg's Nursery, Deepdale 
SD71228735 Hall Bank Cottage, Dent L
SD71238736 Hall Bank, Dent L
SD73998774 Handley Quarry, Dent 
SD66378505 Hanging Stones, Barbon 
SD76388670 Harber Gill Bridge, Dent 
SD76448677 Harber Gill Farm, Dent L
SD764867 Harbourgill, Dent 
SD74958770 Hare Stone Quarry, Dent 
SD74928579 Harker Gill Fold, Dent 
SD7683 Hazel Bottom Gill 
SD694845 Hazle Gill Combe, Dent 
SD68788863 hedge, Dent 
SD68768872 hedge, Helmside 
SD73618617 Hell's Cauldron Waterfall, Dent 
SD7687 Helm Sike Gutter 
SD683895 Helms Knott, Dent 
SD68528894 Helmside, Dent 
SD77038590 hen house, Stone House 
SD66928995 Hewthwaite, Dent L
SD69668808 High Barth, Dent L
SD72308679 High Chapel, Dent 
SD75128557 High Force, Dent 
SD68978760 High Foul Syke, Dent L
SD69358690 High Gill Caves, Dent 
SD70378761 High Hall, Dent L
SD69268685 High House, Dent L
SD70318704 High Laning Farm, Dent L
SD69018587 High Lathe Gill Fold, Dent 
SD68938600 High Lathe Gill Quarry, Dent 
SD71888538 High Nun House, Deepdale 
SD71468248 High Pike Quarry, Dent 
SD716823 High Pike, Dent 
SD72268405 Hill Top, Deepdale 
SD76038699 Hill, Dent L
SD7384 Hingabank Gill 
SD72898456 Hingabank, Deepdale 
SD69458862 Hinning Hill, Dent 
SD69288733 Hobstones, Gawthrop L
SD70578702 Hodgsons Cottage, Dent L
SD694884 Hole House, Dent 
SD72748511 Hollins Hill, Deepdale 
SD72218493 Holly Bush, Deepdale 
SD78458392 House Steads Fold, Dent 
SD69398742 house, Gawthrop 
SD7185 How Gill (2) 
SD746851 How Gill Moss, Dent 
SD71458628 Howgill Bridge, Dent 
SD71478629 Howgill House, Dent L
SD75348684 Hud's Force, Dent 
SD75198685 Hud's House, Dent L
SD70568701 hydrant plate, Dent 
SD74128645 Ibbeth Peril, Dent 
SD70528701 Ivy Cottage, Dent L
SD72638352 Johnston's Lathe, Deepdale 
SD696850 Karl's Folds, Dent 
SD7786 Kelbeck 
SD6886 Keldishaw Gutter 
SD74218645 Kelly Bridge, Dent 
SD727870 Kirk Bank Quarry, Dent 
SD730871 Kirk Bank, Dent 
SD69148819 Kitty Barn, Dent 
SD76088687 Lea Yeat Bridge, Lea Yeat L
SD76098693 Lea Yeat, Dent 
SD67608957 Leakses, Dent 
SD671892 Lenacre, Dent 
SD73248618 Lenny's Leap, Dent 
SD69068792 Lileholme Barn, Dent 
SD65329074 limekiln, Catholes 
SD72158569 limekiln, Deepdale 
SD71938596 limekiln, Deepdale (2) 
SD71968545 limekiln, Deepdale (3) 
SD77628706 limekiln, Dent 
SD71208642 limekiln, Dent (2) L
SD68338640 limekiln, Dent (3) L
SD78198923 limekiln, Dent (4) 
SD68988888 limekiln, Dent (5) 
SD69518876 limekiln, Dent (6) 
SD69448823 limekiln, Dent (7) 
SD69408808 limekiln, Dent (8) 
SD71848772 limekiln, Dent (9) 
SD72478735 limekiln, Dent (10) 
SD74758751 limekiln, Dent (11) 
SD75168747 limekiln, Dent (12) 
SD68768682 limekiln, Dent (13) 
SD70228645 limekiln, Dent (14) 
SD71398618 limekiln, Dent (15) 
SD72368630 limekiln, Dent (16) 
SD73688627 limekiln, Dent (17) 
SD73888682 limekiln, Dent (18) 
SD74018641 limekiln, Dent (19) 
SD75408646 limekiln, Dent (20) 
SD75548682 limekiln, Dent (21) 
SD76288644 limekiln, Dent (22) 
SD71718580 limekiln, Dent (23) 
SD71888567 limekiln, Dent (24) 
SD72248564 limekiln, Dent (25) 
SD72348548 limekiln, Dent (26) 
SD73648542 limekiln, Dent (27) 
SD77668594 limekiln, Dent (28) 
SD79148565 limekiln, Dent (29) 
SD71678408 limekiln, Dent (30) 
SD72618467 limekiln, Dent (31) 
SD74118465 limekiln, Dent (32) 
SD77548436 limekiln, Dent (33) 
SD72418669 limekiln, Dentdale L
SD72958640 limekiln, Dentdale (2) L out of sight
SD73508640 limekiln, Dentdale (3) L
SD77098585 limekiln, Stone House L
SD75278682 Little Hud's Force, Dent 
SD74718646 Little Town, Dent L
SD72268380 Lockin Garth Bridge, Deepdale 
SD682846 Loftshaw Brow, Dent 
SD7181 Long Gill (3) 
SD690899 Long Moor, Dent 
SD670903 Long Rigg, Dent 
SD68508421 Lords Well, Dent 
SD68508492 Lords Well, Dent (2) 
SD78358915 Lousegill Pits, Dent 
SD68968867 Low Barn, Dent 
SD69568808 Low Barth, Dent 
SD72218690 Low Chapel Farm, Dent L
SD75098568 Low Force, Dent 
SD71788617 Low Ground, Dent L
SD70498750 Low Hall, Dent 
SD69168744 Low Haycote, Gawthrop L
SD759856 Low Langshaw Moss, Dent 
SD71948552 Low Nun House, Deepdale L
SD69468876 Lunds Farm, Dent L
SD72528590 Manor Farm, Deepdale L
SD675851 Marl Well, Dent 
SD74348742 Mary's Well, Dent 
SD703851 Megger Stones, Dent 
SD70388682 Methodist Manse, Dent L
SD70508697 Middleton Cottage, Dent L
SD67558937 milestone, Dent L
SD68848854 milestone, Dent (2) L
SD69768740 milestone, Dent (3) L
SD69618746 milestone, Dent (4) not found
SD74078645 milestone, Dentdale L
SD76908626 milestone, Dentdale (2) L
SD77518483 milestone, Dentdale (3) L
SD71158724 milestone, Dentdale (4) L
SD72558656 milestone, Dentdale (5) L
SD78498377 milestone, Dentdale (6) L gone
SD69948703 Mill Beck, Dent L
SD72048605 Mill Bridge, Dent 
SD69338740 Mill Dam House, Gawthrop L
SD72718384 Mire Garth, Deepdale 
SD67848922 Mire House, Dent L
SD7787 Monkeybeck Grains 
SD764875 Monkeybeck Quarry, Dent gone
SD65979015 Moser Hill, Dent L out of sight
SD7783 Mossy Bottom Gill 
SD777837 Mossy Bottom, Dent 
SD77378497 Mount Pleasant, Dent 
SD6987 Nettle Pot Gill 
SD69438741 Nettle Pot, Gawthrop L
SD70548853 North Lord's Land, Dent 
SD71838529 Nun House Outrake, Deepdale 
SD70548699 Old Cobblers Shop, Dent L
SD70498693 Old Parsonage, Dent L
SD70418707 Old Post Office, Dent L
SD70428704 Old School, Dent L
SD69258738 Oliver Bridge, Gawthrop L
SD6987 Oliver Gill 
SD69238743 Olmonds, Gawthrop 
SD72318463 Outrake Foot, Deepdale 
SD77808437 packhorse bridge, Dent Head L
SD72258491 Parkers, Deepdale L
SD68658685 Peas Gill House, Dent 
SD71658093 Peat Gate, Dent 
SD65639051 Peggleside, Dent L
SD72598675 Peggleswright, Dent L
SD692858 Pickering, Dent 
SD780874 Pikes Edge, Dent 
SD71898474 pinfold, Deepdale 
SD74998664 pinfold, Dent gone
SD71628328 pinfold, Gastack 
SD72278438 Platt, Deepdale L
SD66798964 post box, Dent 
SD74268635 post box, Dent (2) 
SD77938693 post box, Dent (3) 
SD71468629 post box, Greenwell (2) 
SD70518695 Post Office, Dent L
SD74638783 Pry Hill Sheepfold, Dent 
SD78648654 Race Fold, Dent 
SD77748427 railway bridge, Dent 
SD77588391 railway bridge, Dent (2) 
SD77618396 railway bridge, Dent (3) 
SD77798463 railway bridge, Dent (4) 
SD76398759 railway bridge, Dent (5) 
SD77748513 railway bridge, Dent (6) 
SD77608395 railway culvert, Dent 
SD76388768 railway milepost, Dent 
SD71788241 rain gauge, Dent 
SD65908990 Rash Bridge, Rash L
SD66188993 Rash House, Rash L
SD65938983 Rash Mill Cottage, Rash L
SD65818996 Rash Mill, Rash L
SD66148994 Rash, Dent 
SD69278878 Rawridding, Dent L
SD70578720 Rhumes Barn, Dent 
SD72718522 Rigg End, Dent 
SD76518865 Rise Hill Tunnel, Dent 
SD73448839 Rise Hill, Garsdale 
SD75088659 Rivling, Dent 
SD69858896 Roantree, Dent L
SD66258827 Robin Hurrock Pike, Middleton 
SD72378381 Robin's Dub Cave, Deepdale 
SD67118920 Rotten Butts Wood Barn, Dent 
SD666890 Rottenbutts Wood, Dent 
SD758833 Rough Gill Brows, Dent 
SD696853 Sappy Moss, Dent 
SD77438508 Scale Gill Bridge, Dent 
SD769846 Scale Gill Foot Moss, Dent 
SD74948714 Scales, Dent 
SD69328732 Scar View, Gawthrop L
SD71698686 Scotchergill Bridge, Dent 
SD71998707 Scotchergill, Dent L
SD709827 Scouts, Dent 
SD77468522 Scow Force, Dent 
SD72188548 Scow, Deepdale 
SD77408528 Scow, Dent 
SD70508701 Sedgwick Cottage, Dent L
SD70508700 Sedgwick Memorial, Dent L
SD7087 Seeds Gill 
SD70628706 Seedsgill Bridge, Dent 
SD792893 Shaking Moss, Dent 
SD68539025 sheep feeder, Dent 
SD72698302 sheepfold, Deepdale (2) 
SD67298547 sheepfold, Dent 
SD66888485 sheepfold, Dent (2) 
SD72058140 sheepfold, Dent (3) 
SD71228288 sheepfold, Dent (4) 
SD75708748 sheepfold, Dent (5) 
SD79228614 sheepfold, Dent (6) 
SD77698743 sheepfold, Dent (7) 
SD66308959 sheepfold, Dent (8) 
SD65499037 sheepfold, Dent (9) 
SD69558608 Shivery Fold, Dent 
SD6684 Short Gill 
SD66878479 Shortgill Bridge, Barbondale 
SD70538692 Siege Ghyll, Dent L
SD66108994 Silverdale Cottage, Rash L
SD71708584 Slack Farm, Deepdale L
SD71688580 Slack Well, Deepdale 
SD71668592 Slack, Deepdale 
SD69378797 Smithy Beck Bridge, Dent 
SD76478736 Snowhuts, Dent 
SD68658593 South Lord's Land, Dent 
SD7486 Spice Gill 
SD74848683 Spice Gill Farm, Dent L
SD76818633 Sportsmans, Dent L
SD70518704 St Andrew, Dent L
SD75608695 St John, Cowgill L
SD764875 Station Signal Box, Dent 
SD70458706 Stone Close, Dent L
SD75428687 Stone Croft, Cowgill 
SD77078589 Stone House Bridge, Stone House L
SD77168587 Stone House, Dent 
SD77278590 Stone House: Sticks and Bits 
SD68228659 Stone Rigg Cave, Dent 
SD67188530 stone wall, Barbondale 
SD67278544 stone wall, Barbondale (2) 
SD71718100 stone wall, Dent 
SD73178163 stone wall, Dent (2) 
SD74108240 stone wall, Dent (3) 
SD74928266 stone wall, Dent (4) 
SD75578759 stone wall, Dent (5) 
SD78868606 stone wall, Dent (6) 
SD67368690 stone wall, Middleton 
SD77188589 Stonehouse, Stone House L
SD74188518 Stones of the Mea, Dent 
SD787831 Stoops Moss, Dent 
SD70548697 Strait End, Dent L
SD69318735 summer house, Gawthrop 
SD70478701 Sun Inn, Dent L
SD7181 Swere Gill 
SD72618590 Syke Fold, Dent 
SD73518637 telephone box, Dent L
SD76088691 telephone box, Lea Yet L
SD754880 Thorn Wold, Dent 
SD74818450 Thorough Mea Springs, Dent 
SD750847 Thorough Mea, Dent 
SD71748622 Three Roods, Dent L
SD70398663 Throstle Hall, Dent 
SD68228788 Tofts, Dent L
SD72568627 Tommy Bridge, Dent 
SD68758514 Towns Fell, Dent 
SD69618487 Town's Stones, Dent 
SD77948589 track, Stone House 
SD6644685634 trig point, SD6644685634 
SD7384981414 trig point, SD7384981414 
SD73238614 Tub Hole, Dent 
SD73258598 Tubhole, Dent L
SD68888773 Underwood, Dent L
SD72318446 Waller's Bridge, Deepdale 
SD75608695 war memorial, Cowgill 
SD70528703 war memorial, Dent 
SD77518596 water gate, Stone House 
SD72238378 waterfall, Gastack Beck 
SD71078277 waterfall, Gastack Beck (2) 
SD677867 Weather Ling Hill, Dent 
SD71468731 Well Head, Dent 
SD77648592 well, Stone House 
SD70688653 West Banks, Dent 
SD73838592 West Clint Farm, Dent L
SD75688714 West Cowgill Farm, Dent L
SD77168592 West Stonehouse, Stone House L
SD70498705 West View and Cobble Cottage, Dent L
SD70558493 Whaley's Quarry, DEnt 
SD72578586 Whernside Manor, Dent L out of sight
SD73848141 Whernside Millennium Viewpoint, Dent 
SD740833 Whernside Tarns, Dent 
SD73858142 Whernside, Dent 
SD72678363 White Acre, Deepdale 
SD70498701 White Hart House, Dent L
SD722818 White Shaw Moss, Dent 
SD72218270 Whiteshaw Well, Dent 
SD792877 Widdale Great Tarn, Dent 
SD793880 Widdale Little Tarn, Dent 
SD69398584 Wideron Limekiln, Dent 
SD69358585 Wideron Quarry, Dent 
SD72338423 Willans, Deepdale 
SD68418527 William a Trays, Dent 
SD77668461 Will's Gill Bridge, Dent 
SD70318669 Wishing Tree, Dent 
SD72468307 Witton Lathe, Deepdale 
SD687855 Wold End Moss, Dent 
SD74158463 Wold End Quarry, Dent 
SD797844 Wold Fell Bents, Dent 
SD785854 Wold Fell, Dent 
SD72868593 Womans Land, Dent L
SD70528799 Wood Head Lathe, Dent 
SD67958859 Woodbridge, Dent L
SD72758412 Woods, Deepdale L
SD70518696 Wool Shop, Dent L
SD70418685 Zion Chapel, Dent L
SD72728650 Sundial Cottage, Dent L
SD67248985 Burton Hill, Dent L
SD66718975 Gate Manor, Dent L
SD74108645 Ibbeth Peril Cave, Dent 
SD73538639 Gibbs Hall, Dent L
 Settle and Carlisle Railway 
SD75618690 milestone, Dent (5) L
SD66098996 milestone, Dent (6) L
SD76108690 meeting house, Leyeat 
SD72718648 sheep pens, Dentdale 
SD70338708 Dentdale Methodist Church, Dent L
SD75628732 barn, Dent (3) 
SD67958859 Brackensgill, Dent (2) 
SD69638808 High Barth Barn, Dent L
SD68718710 barn, Dent 
SD71488633 barn, Greenwell 
SD67948860 Ellers, Dent L
SD75878696 school, Cowgill 
SD70408705 Dent CofE Primary School, Dent 
SD77828661 Driving Road, Dent 
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