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Dacre parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY4728
10Km square:-   NY43
10Km square:-   NY42
10Km square:-   NY52
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 963 (1971)

NY46242774 Aldby, Dacre L
NY48242779 Andrew House, Stainton L out of sight
NY48542817 Ash Cottage, Stainton L
NY48532816 Ash View, Stainton L
NY46682980 Bank House, Newbiggin 
NY47532834 Baron's Hill, Dacre 
NY46982926 Beacon View, Newbiggin 
NY44873057 Bellevue, Dacre 
NY49672925 Belmount, Dacre 
NY47622597 bench mark, NY47622597 
NY46452900 Birks, Dacre 
NY45373273 Blencow Bridge, Little Blencow L
NY46383040 Blencow Station, Dacre 
NY45583262 Blencow, Greystoke 
NY45833222 Blencowe and Laithes Village Hall, Great Blencow 
NY46182421 boat house, Dacre 
NY48712833 Bottoms, Stainton 
NY46322589 boundary stone, Dacre 
NY45362783 boundary stone, Dacre (2) L
NY44543115 boundary stone, Dacre/Greystoke 
NY48582812 Brantwood Bar, Stainton 
NY47772672 bridge, Dacre 
NY48752899 bridge, Dacre (2) 
NY48562827 bridge, Stainton 
NY48582803 Brooklyn, Stainton L
NY45843087 Bunkers Hill, Dacre L
NY49212819 cairn, Stainton 
NY43862652 Calley Bridge, Hutton L
NY4829 Carlsike Beck 
NY46512553 Carthanet, Dacre L
NY45942674 Church View, Dacre L
NY50182777 cist, Dacre gone
NY46653088 Clickham Inn, Dacre 
NY48492790 Corner House, Stainton 
NY45912658 Dacre 
NY4626 Dacre Beck 
NY47732675 Dacre Bridge, Dacre L
NY45712612 Dacre Lodge, Dacre 
NY46312528 Dacre: Lakeland Mouldings 
NY455271 Dacrebank, Dacre 
NY48212705 Dalemain Mill, Dacre 
NY47762693 Dalemain, Dacre L
NY478269 Dalemain's Greek Fir, Dacre 
NY45262847 Division Moor, Dacre 
NY456324 dovecote, Great Blencow 
NY48552829 dovecote, Stainton 
NY46762456 Dunmallard Hill, Dacre 
NY4624 Dunmalloght Castle, Dacre gone
NY50752836 Eamont Bridge Junction, Dacre 
NY46772463 earthwork, Dunmallard Hill 
 Eden Valley Railway 
NY459319 Ennim, Dacre 
NY48022734 Eveningbank Wood, Dacre 
NY4728 Fairybead Sike 
NY47182885 Fauldhead, Newbiggin 
NY46643087 fingerpost, Dacre 
NY45122987 fingerpost, Dacre (2) 
NY45502913 fingerpost, Flusco 
NY48572837 fingerpost, Stainton 
NY48492792 fingerpost, Stainton (2) 
NY45902386 Flosh Gate Landing, Dacre 
NY459238 Flosh, Dacre 
NY45892388 Floshgate, Dacre 
NY45642922 Flusco Bridge, Dacre gone
NY47172591 Flusco Hill, Dacre 
NY47322815 Flusco Lodge Quarry, Dacre 
NY47242803 Flusco Lodge, Dacre gone?
NY45832935 Flusco Lodge, Flusco 
NY46422857 Flusco Pike, Dacre 
NY46052904 Flusco Quarry, Dacre 
NY45702895 Flusco, Dacre 
NY45782929 Flusco, Dacre (2) 
NY45193094 Fort Putnam, Dacre L
NY45012977 Ghyll Cottage, Dacre 
NY45653240 Great Blencow, Dacre 
NY4425 Greaves Beck 
NY45982476 Green Flat, Dacre L
NY44572954 Greystoke Gill, Greystoke 
NY49262974 Greystoke Pillar, Dacre L
NY48542839 Greystone House, Stainton L
NY48692835 Hallbank, Stainton L
NY49162824 Hazel Bank, Stainton 
NY45222609 High Bridge, Dacre L
NY46842953 Hill, Newbiggin L
NY47952891 Hoghouse Hill, Dacre 
NY47922896 Hoghousehill, Dacre 
NY46942944 Home Garth, Newbiggin 
NY48532796 Hoplands, Stainton L
NY45882663 Horse and Farrier, Dacre L
NY45892652 house, Dacre 
NY47102904 house, Newbiggin (2) 
NY46882973 house, Newbiggin (3) 
NY48562833 house, Stainton 
NY47112897 Joiners Arms, Newbiggin 
NY48452834 Keld Head House, Stainton 
NY46533074 Kells Well, Dacre 
NY48542820 Kings Arms, Stainton 
NY4828 Kirk Sike 
NY45313079 Limekiln Wood, Dacre 
NY47242791 limekiln, Dacre 
NY47972816 limekiln, Stainton 
NY47252877 Little Acre, Newbiggin 
NY45652630 Lodge Farm, Dacre L
NY46972774 Lover's Walk Plantation, Dacre 
NY46032628 Low Bridge, Dacre 
NY48572805 Mains House, Stainton 
NY45563256 Manor Farm, Great Blencow L
NY46942968 Manor House, Newbiggin 
NY48532803 Mews, Stainton 
NY48602809 Midtown, Stainton L
NY49782945 Mile Lane, Dacre 
NY47962691 milestone, Dacre 
NY46182813 milestone, Dacre (2) 
NY47752837 milestone, Dacre (3) 
NY49352826 milestone, Dacre (4) gone
NY44982999 Millrigg Farm, Dacre 
NY46002664 monastery, Dacre 
NY45622506 Moorthwaite Spring, Dacre 
NY47923058 Mossthorn, Dacre 
NY45872667 Mounsey Bank, Dacre 
NY46523161 Mount Pleasant, Dacre L
NY47803078 Newbiggin Moss, Dacre 
NY47062929 Newbiggin Village Hall, Newbiggin 
NY47012922 Newbiggin, Dacre 
NY46982922 Oak Bank, Newbiggin L not found
NY45782635 Old Chapel, Dacre 
NY45683238 Old Post Office, Great Blencow 
NY47052905 Old Post Office, Newbiggin 
NY48192984 Old Riggs, Dacre 
NY47052913 Old School, Newbiggin 
NY47433060 Pallet Hill, Dacre 
NY47403057 Pallethill, Dacre 
NY471271 Park House, Dacre 
NY45423270 Petteril Cottage, Little Blencow 
NY47092904 pinfold, Newbiggin (2) 
NY46712426 Pooley Bridge Pier, Dacre 
NY47672595 Pooley Mill footbridge, Dacre 
NY45922654 post box, Dacre 
NY46423014 quarry, Dacre 
NY48642883 railway bridge, Dacre 
NY48132924 railway bridge, Dacre (2) 
NY50602875 railway bridge, Dacre (3) 
NY46553035 railway bridge, Newbiggin (2) 
NY50522866 railway bridge, Skirsgill 
NY50652853 railway bridge, Skirsgill (2) 
NY45013043 Red Barn, Dacre 
NY50432853 Red Hills Farm, Dacre 
NY50462859 Red Hills, Dacre 
NY49652851 Redhills Junction, Dacre 
NY49752835 Redhills Limekilns, Dacre L
NY49742827 Rheged, Dacre 
NY45902651 Rose Bank, Dacre L
NY45912656 Rose Cottages, Dacre 
NY45872653 Rose Farm, Dacre L
NY46092489 Rose Hill, Dacre L
NY48532825 Rose Walls, Stainton 
NY45882661 School House, Dacre L
NY48512797 school, Stainton 
NY46372876 Silver Field, Dacre 
NY48982753 Snuffmill, Dacre 
NY46612570 Soulandsgate, Dacre L
NY454246 Soulby Fell, Dacre 
NY46202509 Soulby, Dacre 
NY45582512 Soulbyfell, Dacre 
NY44842585 Southwaite, Dacre 
NY46263128 Spire House, Dacre L
NY48322853 St John, Stainton gone
NY48272812 Stainton CofE Primary School, Stainton 
NY48542812 Stainton Hill, Stainton L
NY49532772 Stainton Island, Dacre 
NY48622838 Stainton Methodist Church, Stainton 
NY48542822 Stainton Shop and Post Office, Stainton 
NY48572837 Stainton, Dacre 
NY48372805 Stainton: Fairybead Lane 
NY459265 stocks, Dacre 
NY44543115 Storch Bridge, Greystoke L
NY46452857 summer house, Dacre L
NY47072888 Sunbeam House, Newbiggin L
NY47132894 Sycamore Cottage, Newbiggin 
NY48532818 Sycamore House, Stainton L
NY47062925 Sycamore View, Newbiggin 
NY45922656 telephone box, Dacre L
NY48322779 Thorn Croft, Stainton 
NY46222504 Todd Farm, Dacre L
NY47432629 tower, Dacre once
NY47052898 Town Head Farm, Dacre L
NY45643224 Townhead, Great Blencow L
NY46713008 Tymparon Hall, Dacre 
NY4624 viewpoint, Dunmallard Hill 
NY46672430 viewpoint, Ullswater 
NY45852637 village hall, Dacre 
NY48552822 village hall, Stainton 
NY48522789 Walnut House, Stainton L
NY48512826 Waltons Place, Stainton L out of sight
NY48542799 water trough, Stainton 
NY48392803 water trough, Stainton (2) 
NY46232509 Waterfoot Farm, Dacre L
NY46442462 Waterfoot Lodge, Dacre L
NY46052457 Waterfoot, Dacre L
NY45592627 Wayside, Dacre 
NY47162891 well, Newbiggin 
NY47132902 well, Newbiggin (2) 
NY47912668 White Bridge, Dacre 
NY48332765 Woodlands, Stainton L out of sight
NY45742634 Woodview, Dacre L
NY45992663 St Andrew, Dacre L
NY46052650 Dacre Castle, Dacre L
 Cockermouth, Keswick and Penrith Railway 
 Lancaster and Carlisle Railway 
NY4935 Petteril, River 
NY4624 Eamont, River 
NY46432542 seat, Dacre 
NY45912654 seat, Dacre (2) 
NY50042751 Iron Bridge, Sockbridge and Tirril 
NY47002442 Pooley Bridge, Pooley Bridge L
NY45992663 Dacre Bears, Dacre 
NY48562835 barn, Stainton 
NY47042911 Newbiggin House, Newbiggin 
NY42202020 Ullswater 
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