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placename:- Dacre parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Cumberland
coordinates:- NY4728
10Km square:- NY43
10Km square:- NY42, NY52
parish code:- DCRE
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square NY4728

source:- Census 1971

population:- 963 -- 1971

Aldby, Dacre
Andrew House, Stainton
Ash Cottage, Stainton
Ash View, Stainton
Bank House, Newbiggin
barn, Stainton
Beacon View, Newbiggin
Belmount, Dacre
bench mark, NY47622597
Blencow Bridge, Little Blencow
Blencow Station, Dacre
Blencow, Greystoke
Blencowe and Laithes Village Hall, Great Blencow
boat house, Dacre
boundary stone, Dacre
boundary stone, Dacre (2)
boundary stone, Dacre/Greystoke
Brantwood Bar, Stainton
bridge, Dacre
bridge, Dacre (2)
bridge, Stainton
Brooklyn, Stainton
Bunkers Hill, Dacre
cairn, Stainton
Calley Bridge, Hutton
Carlsike Beck
Carthanet, Dacre
chapel, Dacre
Church View, Dacre
Clickham Inn, Dacre
Cockermouth, Keswick and Penrith Railway
Corner House, Stainton
Dacre Bears, Dacre
Dacre Beck
Dacre Bridge, Dacre
Dacre Castle, Dacre
Dacre Lodge, Dacre
Dacre: Lakeland Mouldings
Dacrebank, Dacre
Dalemain, Dacre
Dalemain's Greek Fir, Dacre
Division Moor, Dacre
dovecote, Stainton
Dunmallard Hill, Dacre
Eamont, River
earthwork, Dunmallard Hill
Ennim, Dacre
Fauldhead, Newbiggin
fingerpost, Dacre
fingerpost, Dacre (2)
fingerpost, Flusco
fingerpost, Stainton
fingerpost, Stainton (2)
Flosh Gate Landing, Dacre
Flosh Gate, Dacre
Flosh, Dacre
Flusco Bridge, Dacre
Flusco Lodge, Flusco
Flusco Pike, Dacre
Flusco Quarry, Dacre
Flusco, Dacre
Fort Putnam, Dacre
Ghyll Cottage, Dacre
Great Blencow, Dacre
Green Flat, Dacre
Greystoke Gill, Greystoke
Greystoke Pillar, Dacre
Greystone House, Stainton
Hallbank, Stainton
High Bridge, Dacre
Hill, Newbiggin
Hoghouse Hill, Dacre
Home Garth, Newbiggin
Hoplands, Stainton
Horse and Farrier, Dacre
house, Dacre
house, Newbiggin (2)
house, Newbiggin (3)
house, Stainton
Iron Bridge, Sockbridge and Tirril
Joiners Arms, Newbiggin
Keldhead, Stainton
Kings Arms, Stainton
Lancaster and Carlisle Railway
Little Acre, Newbiggin
Lodge Farm, Dacre
Low Bridge, Dacre
Mains House, Stainton
Manor Farm, Great Blencow
Manor House, Newbiggin
Mews, Stainton
Midtown, Stainton
milestone, Dacre
milestone, Dacre (2)
milestone, Dacre (3)
milestone, Dacre (4)
Millrigg, Dacre
monastery, Dacre
Moorthwaite Spring, Dacre
Mossthorn, Dacre
Mounsey Bank, Dacre
Mount Pleasant, Dacre
Newbiggin House, Newbiggin
Newbiggin Village Hall, Newbiggin
Newbiggin, Dacre
Oak Bank, Newbiggin
Old Chapel, Dacre
Old Post Office, Great Blencow
Old Post Office, Newbiggin
Old Riggs, Dacre
Old School, Newbiggin
Pallet Hill, Dacre
Park House, Dacre
Petteril, River
Pooley Bridge bridge, Barton
Pooley Bridge Pier, Dacre
Pooley Mill footbridge, Dacre
post box, Dacre
railway bridge, Dacre
railway bridge, Dacre (2)
railway bridge, Newbiggin (2)
Red Hills, Dacre
Redhill, Dacre
Redhills Limekilns, Dacre
Rheged, Dacre
ring of bells, Dacre
road, Patterdale to Penrith
road, Penrith to Keswick
road, Penrith to Penruddock
Rose Bank, Dacre
Rose Cottages, Dacre
Rose Farm, Dacre
Rose Hill, Dacre
Rose Walls, Stainton
School House, Dacre
school, Stainton
seat, Dacre
seat, Dacre (2)
Snuffmill, Dacre
Soulby Fell, Dacre
Soulby, Dacre
Soulbyfell, Dacre
Sourlandgate, Dacre
Southwaite, Dacre
Spire House, Dacre
St Andrew, Dacre
St John, Stainton
Stainton CofE Primary School, Stainton
Stainton Hill, Stainton
Stainton Shop and Post Office, Stainton
Stainton, Dacre
station, Dunmallard Hill
station, Ullswater
stocks, Dacre
Storch Bridge, Greystoke
summer house, Dacre
Sunbeam House, Newbiggin
sundial, Dacre
Sycamore Cottage, Newbiggin
Sycamore House, Stainton
Sycamore View, Newbiggin
telephone box, Dacre
Thorn Croft, Stainton
Todd Farm, Dacre
Town Head Farm, Dacre
Townhead, Great Blencow
track, Penrith to Cockermouth
trig point, NY4640828568
Tymparon Hall, Dacre
village hall, Stainton
Walnut House, Stainton
Waltons Place, Stainton
water trough, Stainton
water trough, Stainton (2)
Waterfoot Farm, Dacre
Waterfoot Lodge, Dacre
Waterfoot, Dacre
Wayside, Dacre
well, Newbiggin
well, Newbiggin (2)
White Bridge, Dacre
Woodlands, Stainton
Woodview, Dacre

Old Cumbria Gazetteer - JandMN: 2013

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